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Found 9 results

  1. Speedz76

    $8.30 nasi lemak

    I haven't gone there for 2 years... food is ok.. didn't know they have increased the price so much.. i def would not buy at this price.. but people actually still queue up to buy http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporesc...-072001302.html Is this nasi lemak worth S$8.30? This plate of nasi lemak had a drumstick, two kuning fish, an egg, some peanuts and anchovies. Its price: S$8.30. The local fare was served at a nasi lemak stall along Upper Serangoon Road with a long queue of hungry customers at 10:30 pm. While the food was delicious, does it warrant a price tag of S$8.30? A plate of nasi lemak usually costs between S$3 to S$6, depending on the dishes picked. Many Yahoo! Singapore readers debated on Facebook on whether the price was reasonable. Some justified that this is a sign of Singapore's rising inflation. Teo Buay Hiang said, "Inflation!!! Rental and cost of food and oil are rocket high therefore high price. Hope our new Minister for MND will help to bring rental down and AVA which is under his wing too, to bring the cost of food down." "Inflation aside, some of these hawkers have been over-hyped and glorified to the extend that they can slap obscene prices on the customers. Blame it on the ever-popular food blogs," commented Holly Zhang. Felix Yeo likened the nasi lemak stall to a podcast about a bah chor mee stall by popular blogger mrbrown. "The hawker is trying to set the benchmark. This price increase must be pegged to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)," Yeo said. Another user Amos Poh put things into perspective and said, "Wah.. 30cts more than a heart bypass." However, some users reasoned that the quality of the nasi lemak justifies its price. Cindy Peck said "it's this kinda price at Ponggol Nasi Lemak. It's very expensive but it's very yummy!"
  2. $14.10 for these 2 plates... omg... i've eaten at this place and ta pau many times... also at katong there that one... my average packet or plate is like $3-$4 since years ago... but that day my friend lost me in darts and suggested to eat there... he couldnt believe his ears/eyes when told of the price for the 2plates we had...... is this normal sia? bloody expensive nasi lemak... yes i admit its nice, but nothing out of this world... and i hate Qs... so i only eat once in a blue moon when not so crowded or someone else is lining up...
  3. Fattychubby

    Chong Pang nasi lemak

    I have been following them for years since the sembawang market days.. but lately i feel the food is getting worse lately .. chix wings are over cooked.. rice not as before.. not sure if this is becus of the PRC workers they have hired .. obviously the standard is getting from bad to worse ..:( any one with similar thoughts?
  4. VellfireS

    Nasi Lemak @ Esso Gelang Patah

    Dear Distinguished bros and Sis of MCF..., I always notice that when I buy the Nasi Lemak after pumping petrol at Shell , quite a lot of it is sold out.. I dont really like the taste.. I buy it for my dad who loves it... What do you think? Is it nice? Most of them who buy it are drivers of S and E plate vehicles.. [rolleyes] The price.. No joke in terms of Malaysian context.. RM3 for the chicken one and RM2 for the egg , fish or mee hoon...
  5. Gdspd08

    Nasi Lemak 2.0 辣死你媽

    Movie Trailer by Namewee 黃明志
  6. STOMPer sagiko paid $9 for a plate of nasi lemak at Food Republic (Vivo City) and thinks it may win the title for 'the most expensive nasi lemak of the year'. The STOMPer said: "I was at the Chong Pang Nasi Lemak stall at Food Republic Vivo City. "I knew that nasi lemak here would be expensive so I was prepared to pay $6 or $7 for my 3 dish meal. "It turned out to be $9. The vegetable cost $1.20, a small curry chicken for $3 and a few pieces of sotong for $4. "A total rip off! It can definitely win the title for the most expensive nasi lemak of the year!" http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...e_it_costs.html
  7. Every single day long queue is seen lingering at one particular corner of changi village hawker centre so out of curiosity , I joined in the queue and finally gotten my first taste of the so-called power nasi lemak. The first thing that comes to my mind was , "what the...." My friend gotten charged 6 bucks for adding some miserable fish cake and fillet. Maybe you can share with me your views on the nasi lemak stall???? I have tried other stall's and no only thnere is no queue, the quality is roughly the same and cheaper too. Im not trying to be fussy about what I eat but to me, in order for one to queue ..wasting precious time , I expect the best lor. Share with me your encounter or views lor....
  8. I used to study at toh tuck that side so along jalan jurong kechil theres this bus stop beside the bukit timah cc. beside the bus stop theres this small coffeeshop at the corner with an open air HDB carpark. there used to be a chinese lady running a nasi lemak stall there! does anyone know where she is right now?? her stall moved off after i left the school too. this was 2yrs ago