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Found 158 results

  1. this one not expatriates or what. this one is general cost of living http://www.thrillist.com/travel/nation/the-most-expensive-city-in-the-world-is-singapore-worldwide-cost-of-living-2014-report?ref=facebook-869
  2. Running Shoes - Are expensive running shoes a waste of money? 57 yr old Tarahumara runner ran the 100 km race with a pair of sandals made from old rubber tyres and came in first - so much for expensive high end running shoes :-) Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2010, 9:35 PM The painful truth about trainers: Are running shoes a waste of money? Thrust enhancers, roll bars, mic rochips ... the $20 billion running - shoe industry wants us to believe that the latest technologies will cushion every stride. Yet in this extract from his controversial new book, Christopher McDougall claims that injury rates for runners are actually on the rise, that everything we've been told about running shoes is wrong - and that it might even be better to go barefoot. By CHRISTOPHER McDOUGALL Last updated at 8:01 PM on 19th April 2009 Every year, anywhere from 65 to 80 per cent of all runners suffer an injury. No matter who you are, no matter how much you run, your odds of getting hurt are the same At Stanford University , California , two sales representatives from Nike were watching the athletics team practise. Part of their job was to gather feedback from the company's sponsored runners about which shoes they preferred. Unfortunately, it was proving difficult that day as the runners all seemed to prefer... nothing.
  3. Routine dental work 'I was shocked when I was billed $94 nett.' MS NGIAM SENG MIN: 'I was shocked when I was billed $94 nett recently at NTUC Denticare for a routine check, scaling, polishing and fluoride application, all of which lasted only 12 minutes. And this was at membership rates too. How many people can afford this? NTUC Denticare's charges are as pricey as neighbourhood clinics.' would it be cheaper to go to neighbour friendly dental clinic or NTUC denticare? I am covered by insurance therefore not sure if Ms Ngiam issue is reflective of rising cost of dental care.
  4. Asking out of curiosity only. Does anyone know what is the record for a private house sold in Singapore? I am talking about houses for private residence so please don't tell me Istana
  5. Hey guys, We all agree and concluded that Cars and running cost of Cars in Sg is expensive. So what's cheap and a good deal in Sg that we can do? I am sure there are some goodies in Singapore that we are cheaper than other countries right.. Instead of keep thinking of negative things can we enjoy the goodness or those "good deals" in sg. Property, liquor and cigs is also expensive.. So perhaps like TVs or Gadget is "good deals"?
  6. Price of wedding tables hits new high http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/price-of-wedding-tables-hits-new-high Wooohooooo! Most Expensive City rocks! I'm really worried for our future generations.
  7. i have seen most things go up...taxi fares, food and even tou sa pau. (actually food they quite smart, just give less, la) but that day ultimate... i went bowling... after me and my gf bowled 5 games, we were charged $41! so expensive!!! i didnt even have any skimply dressed gals serving me leh! can someone enlighten me is this the new pricing scheme? last time i remember i bowl only charge like $4.10 per game, now they charge me $4.10 per game for each person! so 1 game will cost us $8! if 1 game can put 10 people then is $42 per game?
  8. Carbon82

    Car of Politician

    I think our politician here would not have considered such a cheap car (it is cheaper than a cat D COE!) for even for their servant... Even if that happen, the dealer might be praying hard that the buyer would not come back to sue him under lemon law... David Cameron buys used Nissan Micra for wife Samantha – in blue Car dealer Iain Harris says he thought ‘I’ve just sold a car to the prime minister’ after he bought secondhand car for £1,495. When car dealership boss Iain Harris got the call from David Cameron’s security team that the prime minister was about to call in to buy a used blue Nissan Micra, he thought it was his mates winding him up. Harris, owner of Witney Used Car Centre, said he was asked if he would mind staying open for an extra half an hour on Friday night so the prime minister could look over the secondhand car, which cost £1,495. He was in two minds, he told the Guardian, in case his friends turned up instead and thought he was gullible. “I thought, well I’ll stay here just in case, because the security guard said they’d arrive at 17.32 and I thought, well, that’s a bit precise,” he said. “Next thing I know, Mr Cameron and his security guards turned up, and I thought, this is actually happening.” The car dealership, based in Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire, specialises in “quality pre-owned cars at affordable prices”. Harris said he believed Cameron was buying the blue Nissan Micra, which had 92,000 on the clock, for his wife Samantha. “He looked it over just like any bloke off the street, but not someone with mechanical knowledge,” he said. “I think he must have seen it on the internet, a British-made car, five-door hatchback, not too expensive, within 10 miles of his constituency. And he found this one.” Harris said he had even joked that the colour of the car was right for Cameron and said he was lucky it was not red, but that was as political as the conversation went. “I wouldn’t have asked him about politics,” he said. “You wouldn’t want to start a political argument with a customer asking them about their political beliefs and they say: ‘Hold on, I’d rather not buy the car from you’.” Cameron told Harris he would return the next morning to buy the car, and returned to pay just after 10am. “I didn’t give him a discount, he paid the screen price, got the log book, went to the post office to pay the tax and off he went,” he said. “And then I thought, I’ve just sold a car to the prime minister.” Harris said he did not give Cameron any special treatment. “I think his security team thought it was odd I was just treating him like a normal customer,” he said. “But it’s not like he was buying a £20,000 car, then it might have been different.”
  9. Guan87

    Most expensive GTR?

    http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...084&DL=2318 418k for a used GT-R.. can anyone explain why 200k difference?
  10. WC is over so I'm quite boliao.. Recently see around my neighbourhood and on the roads got quite a few bmw / mercs or SUVs with P-plate. Just wondering if this is unique in SG given our car prices. In US and UK new drivers can easily get an old beat up used car for <$1k to practise with. For mcfers who started out with b&b cars and have upgraded to contis/SUVs or performance cars over the years, do you feel that driving b&b at the start made you a better and more confident driver in your bigger/faster car today? If you could go back in time with unlimited money, would you have jumped straight into a performance car once you got your licence? For those who have been lucky enough to drive a 'big' or 'powerful' car once you got your licence, upon reflection, would you have preferred to gain more experience first with something smaller and less powerful? Just for discussion..
  11. Judging from the numerous threads of durian threads, I can see that most people like MSW. However, I do not prefer MSW as I think normal durians are enough for me. The main aim of the post is to see if anybody is like me(ie. likes to find budget durians) and if my statement of most people like MSW . PS.T his is not a thread for academic purposes.For general discussion only. Thanks with regards, Brass. There is apparently no poll on this kind of question, so I created this thread. If moderators feel that this thread is similar to other threads, please merge them to other durian related threads. Thanks
  12. My friend just sent his car for servicing at S**R. They changed Denso Iridium for him FXE20 HE11. Cost $220 for four pcs. So expensive ? Can Lation use other types of plug ?
  13. Was quite surprised that 2 small portion of vege and a small pc of fish, coz..4.20
  14. Sign taken from Sydney NSW. I think its a lot cheaper in our town.
  15. Do you all find more and more couples holding their wedding dinner at posh hotels ? I have 3 invitations to wedding dinners coming up, in Marriot Hotel, Grand Hyatt Hotel and Oriental Mandarin Hotel. First half of the year already went to one in Sentosa and another in M Hotel. Goodness me these hotels dont charge cheap hor, per table easily $1300 nett. Why nowadays couples tying the knot are so well off, or do they not mind if they cannot break even ? Is wedding dinner so important in determining how blissful a marriage is ?
  16. ROLLS-ROYCE ‘SWEPTAIL’ – THE REALISATION OF ONE CUSTOMER’S COACHBUILT DREAM https://www.press.rolls-roycemotorcars.com/rolls-royce-motor-cars-pressclub/article/detail/T0271286EN/rolls-royce-sweptail%E2%80%99-%E2%80%93-the-realisation-of-one-customer%E2%80%99s-coachbuilt-dream $12.8 million!!! When, approximately one year ago, Rolls-Royce presented 103EX to the world, it invoked its coachbuilding heritage to inspire its future clientele. This Vision Vehicle envisaged a world of completely personal luxury mobility where new technologies would allow every Rolls-Royce to be designed in their owners’ image, should they wish.When, approximately one year ago, Rolls-Royce presented 103EX to the world, it invoked its coachbuilding heritage to inspire its future clientele. This Vision Vehicle envisaged a world of completely personal luxury mobility where new technologies would allow every Rolls-Royce to be designed in their owners’ image, should they wish. Such a Rolls-Royce would represent the truest meaning of luxury – a personal, Bespoke motor car like no other for each individual commissioning patron. The mere idea of a modern coachbuilt Rolls-Royce was not enough for one Rolls-Royce connoisseur however. This individual approached the marque with his own idea of a two-seat Rolls-Royce that he wanted to be created in the here and now. That motor car is here, now and is christened ‘Sweptail’. In a nod to the swept-tail of certain Rolls-Royces from the 1920s, admired by the client so much, he asked Rolls-Royce to reimagine this feature on his one-off motor car. Presenting the car to the media at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este on Saturday 27th May 2017, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars said, “Sweptail is a truly magnificent car. It exudes the romance of travel for its own sake, and immediately places ‘Sweptail’ in the pantheon of the world’s great intercontinental tourers. Rolls-Royce’s history as the world’s leading coachbuilder is at the very core of its identity as the world’s leading luxury brand. The arrival of 103EX shone a light on the future of Rolls-Royce in this field, and ‘Sweptail’ is proof, today, that Rolls-Royce is at the pinnacle of coachbuilding. We are listening carefully to our most special customers and assessing their interest in investing in similar, completely exclusive coachbuilt masterpieces. At the same time we are looking into the resources which will allow us to offer this unique service to these discerning patrons of luxury.” Through this commission, Rolls-Royce has proven once again to be the world’s leading luxury goods provider. ‘Sweptail’ – how the vision became the reality “Sweptail is the automotive equivalent of Haute Couture,” comments Giles Taylor, Director of Design at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “It is a Rolls-Royce designed and hand-tailored to fit a specific customer. This customer came to the House of Rolls-Royce with an idea, shared in the creative process where we advised him on his cloth, and then we tailored that cloth to him. You might say we cut the cloth for the suit of clothes that he will be judged by.” In 2013, Rolls-Royce was approached by one of its most valued customers with a very particular request. A connoisseur and collector of distinctive, one-off items including super-yachts and private aircraft, this gentleman came to Rolls-Royce to realise his vision of a one-off luxury motor car like no other. The client immediately established a close rapport with the design department led by Taylor, who set about bringing the idea to life. Inspired by the beautiful coachbuilt Rolls-Royces of the 1920s and 1930s, the client’s desire was for a coachbuilt two seater coupé featuring a large panoramic glass roof. As a connoisseur of Rolls-Royces, he was inspired by many of his favourite cars from the marque’s golden era of the early 20th Century, as well as many classic and modern yachts. The grandeur, scale, flamboyance and drama of the 1925 Phantom I Round Door built by Jonckheere; the svelte tapering glasshouse, dramatic dash to axle proportion and up-sweep of the rear departure angle of the 1934 Phantom II Streamline Saloon by Park Ward; the elegantly falling waist-rail, swept tail coachwork of the 1934 Gurney Nutting Phantom II Two Door Light Saloon, and the flowing roofline, rising departure angle, and again the swept tail coachwork of the 1934 Park Ward 20/25 Limousine Coupé were all considered by today’s Rolls-Royce designers in the creation of this very distinctive motor car. Over the course of a number of years, Taylor and his team of designers engaged with the client in a wonderfully intellectual journey as they worked together to realise the customer’s distinct vision and bring it to life. “Our job was to guide, edit and finely hone the lines that would ultimately give our client this most perfect of Rolls-Royces,” comments Taylor. The result of this one-off coachbuild project is the completely unique Rolls-Royce ‘Sweptail’. ‘Sweptail’ – A distinct vision The ‘Sweptail’ is without question a Rolls-Royce that fits to the marque’s DNA. Its initial formality when seen from the front signals that this is one very different and distinct Rolls-Royce. One’s attention is first attracted by the confident and solid character of the front profile, centred on a new treatment of the iconic Rolls-Royce Pantheon grille. The largest of any modern era Rolls-Royce, the grille is milled from solid aluminium before being painstakingly polished by hand to a mirror finish. The periphery of the front face of ‘Sweptail’ is framed in brushed aluminium. As one moves around to the side of ‘Sweptail’ one finds that it is the striking silhouette that defines its unique character. Flowing as they do from upright and formal frontal aspect, the lines of ‘Sweptail’ resolve into a sveltely elegant form. The scale and grandeur of this regal looking coupé is evident. From the leading edge of the windscreen, the roofline accelerates as it fires backwards towards the rear of the motor car, overshooting the boot lid edge to emphasise its length. The longer side window graphic and wide C-pillar finisher underscore the length and proportions of this more wondrous of conveyances. The coup de gras of the rear is the ultimate homage to the world of racing yachts that inspired the client, with its raked stern. Seen directly from behind, the rear taper contrasts strongly with the front of the motor car, shaping a completely new perception of a dramatic Rolls-Royce Coupé. Both the roof line as it tapers towards the centre line of the car, concluding in a ‘bullet-tip’ that houses the centre brake light, and the sweeping lower bumper area of the motor car, combine to create a greater feeling of elegance in motion. The cleanliness of the surface of ‘Sweptail’ is maintained as the bodywork wraps under the car with no visible boundary to the surfaces, a treatment that is akin to the hull of a yacht. The underside of the motor car was designed to deliver the visual of a progressive upward sweep at the rear departure angle of the car, culminating in the swept-tail that gives ‘Sweptail’ it name. And finishing off the uncluttered rear of this one-off motor car, is its identifier and registration number, 08. Two individual digits milled from ingots of aluminium and hand polished. The panoramic glass roof invites one into the magnificent interior, along with the natural light The highlight feature of ‘Sweptail’ however is that specifically asked for by the client. An uninterrupted glass roof, one of the largest and most complex ever seen on a motor car of any marque, allows the cabin to be flooded with natural light, animating a host of beautifully handcrafted materials and componentry. The size, scale and complexity of the glass roof’s curvature is a marvel to behold, and from above again accentuates the speed and elegance of ‘Sweptail’. Creating the ambience of the interior of the motor car, the glass of the roof is framed by polished aluminium rails that channel it into a vanishing point at the rearmost extremity of the cabin. Regal but modern interior The cleanliness and grandeur of the bodywork from the side view, the lengthened side windows and the panoramic glass roof combine to illuminate the two singular occupants of this most singular Rolls-Royce and its modern, minimalistic handcrafted interior. The provision of only two seats in a motor car of this size exudes the romance of travel for its own sake, and immediately places ‘Sweptail’ in the pantheon of the world’s great intercontinental tourers. This is furthered by the overall design of the interior, which has been conceived in a classic two-seat GT configuration, echoing the touring nature of its exterior body lines. And what a place to be as one watches the world slip by through the vast windows and roof, detached from the outside world in a cocoon of luxury whilst feeling one is part of that passing landscape. The interior is ruled by a philosophy of simplicity and minimalism leading to a distillation of componentry and a purification of clutter. The value of beautiful materials takes precedence here, resulting in a fastidious suppression of switchgear to the absolute minimum to make way for the richest of materials applied in the most honest of fashions. An uninterrupted and harmonious visual experience of every surface inside the cabin is ensured. Generous quantities of polished Macassar Ebony and open-pore Paldao adorn the interior, creating visual and tactile contrasts for the owner, both classical and contemporary. All their forms however are thoroughly modern as they echo the exterior lines of ‘Sweptail’, hand-formed to encircle the occupants with some of the most beautiful natural materials in the world. This choice of dark and light, Ebony and Paldao, is set off by contrasting light Moccasin and Dark Spice leathers that adorn the seats, armrests and dashboard top. But it is what those materials have been made to do that is the most fascinating aspect of this one-off cabin. True to the spirit of a transcontinental GT that Rolls-Royce established in the 20s and 30s, in place of the rear seats is a vast expanse of wood creating a mid-shelf with an illuminated glass lip, and a hat shelf which flows to the outer limits of the interior volume. Sitting under the rear opening backlight through which it can be accessed, the hat shelf is in itself a thing of beauty, highly polished and inset with luggage rails. Behind the occupants, a feature named the Passarelle flows from the rear edge of the windscreen to resolve in a teardrop as it connects to the hat shelf to join all interior volumes. This element also includes the only visible presence of this singular motor car’s name as ‘Sweptail’ is discreetly debossed into the surface, exactly on the centre line. Other modern materials and modern uses of those materials feature. The Macassar Ebony veneer seen around the cabin has been handcrafted to adorn the dashboard in the most modern way. The cleanest Rolls-Royce dashboard to date, the minimalist ethic not only dictates that only one control now appears on it whilst all other switchgear is discreetly relocated, but that the clock blends seamlessly too. In a world first, the face of this singular Rolls-Royce clock is also handmade of the thinnest Macassar veneer, visually embedding the clock into the fascia. The delicacy of this particular piece of veneer allows for its rear illumination to pass through to show the hour marks, meaning the only physical elements on the clock are its hands that are precision machined from titanium. This use of titanium then extends to the faces, numbers and hands on all three hand-assembled instrument dials. Two final surprise and delight features have been secreted inside ‘Sweptail’ to the stringent standards of the client. Concealed in the outboard walls on either side of the motor car, behind the opening of the coach doors, are two identical panniers. Each pannier, when activated, deploys forward to present the owner’s bespoke made attaché case which has been carefully packaged to exactly house his personal laptop device. The cases themselves have been hand-constructed from lightweight carbon fibre, wrapped in the finest leather that matches the interior of ‘Sweptail’ and detailed with machined aluminium and titanium clasps and locks. These attaché cases are twinned with the full set of luggage also developed by Rolls-Royce Bespoke for ‘Sweptail’. The luggage resides in the trunk of the motor car, a trunk beautifully clad in the same wood as the hat shelf and inset with polished aluminium luggage rails. The coup de gras of this one-off masterpiece is as personal to the owner as every other feature of ‘Sweptail’. The entire centre console now houses a one-off hand-built mechanism that, at the touch of a button, will deploy a bottle of the client’s favourite vintage champagne – the year of his birth – and two crystal champagne flutes. As the lid of the chiller opens, the mechanical action articulates the bottle to the perfect position for the owner to pick up. A most personal, coachbuilt Rolls-Royce for a specific customer, every aspect of the material treatment of ‘Sweptail’ exudes handcrafted quality and exacting attention to detail. In short, it is a Rolls-Royce – but like no other before.
  17. Spot some super cars in my HDB carpark, these Cars are confirmed more expensive than car owners' HDB flat, don't understand as a sane person why to stay HDB flat but buy this redicules expensive car ? Audi RS5, list price $500K Maserati, list price $530k
  18. Only median income households in 25 largest US cities can afford a new car. http://www.autoblog.com/2013/03/03/househo...rage-new-car-p/ To quote "The rule states that a buyer should be able to offer a down payment of at least 20 percent, incur financing for no more than four years and endure a principal, interest and insurance totaling up to no more than 10 percent of household income. " Where does applying that rule on Singaporean households put us?
  19. Hey all daddies can share info on your child's k2 graduation concert. Understand that all schools different policies, thus charging differently. But just want to get a feel of the supposedly "atas branded" preschool vs the normal ones. Quite buay song that after new management took over this year, my girl concert will b held at atas place (somewhere sentosa) and costs $180 per child (regardless of age..those playgroup kids same price) Parents are charged $70 per head. siblings @$45 Too godam hiong for my taste..haiz
  20. why the hell is used car still so expensive ?
  21. My first time starting thread. Lets talk about new car in the market. Why COE so expensive..? I did abit of brain storming, this might be 1 of the reason why its forever so high.. AD bidding up high.. as they are earning base on commission. how much to earn from 110k & a 40k with 0.2% - 0.5% ++ SO maybe they bid up high as well as to easily secure a ticket for their own payroll. *if we stop AD to bidding behalf for us, this might improve alittle bit more.. instead AD keep calling us & told us to top up abit more to get the COE. & second solution is, not to allow AD to keep the COE bidding. I heard that AD are able to keep it for some grace period. AD
  22. 6 years old japanese car selling for 30k++ is simply too expensive... am i the only one who feel so? am i missing something here? think my pay didnt go up as much as i think i should be....
  23. SGCMsmallcar

    Most expensive Alfa $1.2m

    Wow, saw on SGcarmart a 1.2m Alfa. Dun know I mountain Tortoise or owner dreaming. At this price range, can get a brand new Ferrari / Lambo. Why a used Alfa? http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=475458&DL=1000
  24. missmarigold

    World's Top 10 Most Expensive fruit!

    #10 – Buddha Shaped Pears ($9.00/Each) We visit the country of China for our first fruit, and it is perhaps the most bizarre in all of the world. When we say Buddha shaped pears, we are not messing around at all. These pears look exactly like a Buddha statue, even down to the facial details. A mold was made by Chinese farmer Xianzhang Hao of the Hebei province. Hao would then grow the pears into these molds and they would resemble Buddha to a T. For the amount of work that goes into these pears and the fact that immortality is offered by eating one (as foretold by the Chinese myth of a magical Buddha shaped fruit), I guess $9 isn’t asking too much. Still, we have to know. Average pear cost at your local market? Around $0.50 each (minus immortality). #9 – Sekai Ichi Apples ($21.00 Each) The name Sekai Ichi translates into English as “World’s Number One”. That’s a pretty bold statement, but these apples have backed it up. After celebrating the 40th birthday of the apples in 2014, they are still the most expensive in the entire world. The average fruit has a circumference of 15 inches, so their waist lines are almost bigger than some supermodels. They also weigh around two pounds each, so you can do some damage with them. Average apple cost at your local market? Around $0.85 each. #8 – Dekopon Citrus ($80.00/Pack Of Six) Mandarin oranges are nothing new, but the Dekopon version of the fruit (that first started growing in 1972) is particularly fresh. Dekopon is the brand name for the fruit, and only the top of the line oranges make it through. These oranges look much different than others due to the fact that they are the size of softballs and have a huge hump on the very top. They are also lauded as the most delicious and sweet oranges in all of the world. Average orange cost at your local market? Around $4 for a pack of six. #7 – Sembikiya Queen Strawberries ($85.00/Pack Of 12) The Senbikiya Queen Strawberry package is perhaps the fanciest of all arrangements on this list. You have seen the perfect strawberry at your local market, the one that is red all the way through with a dark green leaf at the top and has the seeds of pure white popping out from the skin. It’s mouthwatering just thinking about it. What makes these strawberries so special is that they all look like that. The ones that don’t get tossed out, never to be seen again and disrupt the brand. In one package, you get 12 absolutely gorgeous strawberries, but you might not even want to eat them due to their beauty. Average strawberry cost at your local market? Around $2.75 per pound. #6 – Square Watermelon ($800.00/Each) Guess where these square watermelons are grown each year? If you guess the obvious choice of Japan, you would be right. In 2014, these square watermelons were finally shipped to countries outside of Japan, but they come at a high price. They are grown in a box, which forces them to take the square shape. That only works with fruit, so don’t try to make a square person. At around 13 pounds each, these watermelons are sold at department stores across Japan. Most people don’t even eat them, and instead opt to use them as decorations. It’s a great conversation starter, like “How the hell did you get a square watermelon, Linda?” Average watermelon cost at your local market? Around $5. #5 – Pineapples From The Lost Gardens of Heligan ($1,600/Each) The Lost Gardens of Heligan is one of the most well known botanical spots in all of the United Kingdom. Pineapple pits aren’t quite common in Europe, as Heligan has the only one left in the entire continent. To keep the pit going, two giant mud structures are based in rotting manure to help the pineapples grow and stay ripe. That’s right, people are willing to pay $1,600 for one pineapple that was grown in mud and rotting poop. The most expensive one to ever be sold out of this pit went for over $15,000. The poo grown pineapple must have been juicy. Average pineapple cost at your local market? Around $3. #4 – Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes ($3,000/Per Pair) Taiyo no Tamago translates into English as “Egg of the Sun”. You don’t want to eat mangos that taste like eggs, but they are just shaped that way. The Egg of the Sun is a brand of fruit that you see in Japan, much like the Dole brand that you see in North America. Dole fruits cost a considerably less amount than these ones, though. For their mangos, the Egg of the Sun company refuses to sell any single one that is over 350 grams and isn’t packed with a high sugar content. Each year, the auction for the first harvested juicy mangos nets a high price, but $3,000 per pair is the tops. Average mango cost at your local market? Around $1.50…per pound. #3 – Ruby Roman Grapes ($4,000/Per Bunch) Are you surprised to see that these grapes come out of the country of Japan? No, alright then. These grapes are known as table grapes, and they are about the size of a table. That’s not actually true, but they are the size of ping pong balls. The Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan is the only spot where you can find the mighty Ruby Roman grapes, and they weren’t produced until the year 2008. It was there that interested buyers offered $910 for just one small sampling ($26 per grape!) of a bunch. Average grape cost at your local market? Around $3…per pound. #2 – Densuke Watermelon ($6,100/Each) What makes the Densuke watermelon that much rarer than any other watermelon in the world? It’s quite a bit larger at around 24 pounds and has a black rind, but that’s about it. What in the world could possibly make it so expensive? The ludicrously high price tag comes as a result of its rarity. You can only find the Densuke watermelon in the island region of Hokkaido Japan, and around 10,000 are grown each year. Rich people love the taste of rarity, so the first one of each harvesting season is put up for auction. The top one in 2008 netted this amazing price to sneak into the list of most expensive fruits. Average watermelon cost at your local market? Around $4. #1 – Yubari Melon ($23,000/Per Pair)Cantaloupe is one of those things that you either really love, or just absolutely detest. For those that do love the taste, then the Yubari King is the top of the line in the family of orange melons. You can only find these bad boys on the Hokkaido island near Sapporo, and the Yubari is a result of a hybrid between two other sweet cantaloupes. In Japan, the Yubari melons are given as a gift since they are so expensive. While you might send your wife a fruit basket, some guy in Japan spent thousands for a pair of melons. Get your mind out of the gutter. Average cantaloupe cost at your local market? Around $3.
  25. I have been monitoring the used car price since 2013 for a particular model. Based on all same specification (OMV avg to be about 35k) In 2014 October, I saw a 2008 Aug model going for $59,800 Just when I intend to buy the car when it was April 2015 (because I wanted to drive my car till 10 years), the same model 2008 Aug model was going for $68,800. I had to settle for a older model as I felt the asking price was too high. My yearly depreciation calculated to be 11k which is consider a good deal now. Now July 2015, same model Nov 2008 registered going for $69,800. All 3 time zone based on Cat B COE of 70k to 75k. Is it because of the new CEVs regulation that make used cars to be more "valuable"? For people who in need a car, like my father, might not even able to afford to buy a basic proper car now. FYI, my father bought a used 2.0 Korean car in 2013 Nov, paid 40% deposit and monthly of $474.00 instalment for 29 months. I find that the car price in used car market is rubbish. I know, take it or leave it. No cheap cars at all in the next 3 years at least.