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Found 21 results

  1. I was at Expo last Wednesday (6/1) and left at 6:20pm. This Camry (attached) tailgate my back at the exit gantry and gotten his free parking. To test if the parking mgt really chap about these act, I wrote to the Expo mgt. Below is the extract of their repy: Thank you for sending us the details of the tailgating incident at Singapore Expo. We regret that we are unable to pursue this with the errant driver as our system needs his IU number to check if he had paid or not paid carpark charges. It is also not in our jurisdiction to pursue charges against this deliberate act. We are glad that this incident did not cause you any harm and we hope this will not deter you from visiting Singapore Expo in the future. So my question is, are those ERP carpark exit signs saying tailgater will be handed over to the police for real?
  2. Vratenza

    Carpark Gantry Cheats

    https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/1643962532526501/ https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/1697427000513387/
  3. bambind

    Auto Tailgate/boot

    anyone know where to install off market auto tailgate,like those on BMW or Merc?
  4. Is there anyone out there who can install power/electical tailgate for my Grandis & Harrier ?
  5. Kind of curious, how closely do you follow the car in front on the expressway? EVERYDAY I see people following so closely. EVERY SINGLE day on a crowded expressway during peak hours. I am sure there are some of them here in MCF? The big question I have is WHY WHY? I know this has been discussed previously but I just had an accident on my new car a few weeks back so I thought to raise the awareness again. Driving during peak hour on the ECP. The guy in front of me was braking so I started braking too... then all of a sudden he probably slam his brakes because I see he came to a complete stop really fast. As his brake light was already on, there is no visual cues other than his car coming close really fast of a sudden. So I hit my brakes much harder and I managed to come to a stop. the car B behind me just kissed my bumper. Slight damage... The car C further behind slammed his brakes and avoided hitting car B but I think there was car D and E which all slammed together into car C..... There was injuries on C D E. Car B ask to settle privately as damage was minor..... the point of this story is PLEASE claim these tail gatters as much as you legally can. let this be a deterrent... if you want to follow closely... please pay the price when accidents happen. Because there is no way you can stop in time during an emergency brake.
  6. I just bought a IS250 (year 2010) and boot feels hard to open / close. Feels like a lot of resistance. Wondering if it's like that by design? Anyone tried installing a power / electric tailgate or boot for IS250 before? This will make it much easier for my wife to open/close the boot.
  7. To the black car with the McDonald's decal traveling along above 2 roads on right lane this morning around 8.15 to 8.25.. I am the silver civic in front of u. For your info I was stuck behind a champagne altis that was traveling around 30 to 50 km/h even at stretches when road was fairly clear. With that kind of speed and heavy traffic, and considering I was going to keep to this lane 2 traffic light down, I decide not to overtake on the left. I share your frustration of being stuck. This hogger was an idiot but u are an even bigger idiot for tailgating me and blaring your horn at me twice. I think the 2nd time u choose to stick too close to me and almost hit me when I had to stop due to this slow pok altis suddenly braking and you decided to vent your frustration unaware I am not the hogger. I would have stopped over and asked you what you want if my wife was not into her 1st week of work and cannot be late. You should have realized your stupidity when I subsequently made my u-turn and you can see the altis. Nonetheless screw you for your earlier actions.
  8. Hi all: Currently I see a tailgate light intermittenly light up during driving even though it is lock properly . And when I lock the car sometimes it can be lock but sometimes cannot. Even after I manage to lock successfully the car alarm will sound after some time. May I know what is spoilt? Pls advise
  9. I always see "Do not tailgate" sign along our E-ways.... but where is the "Do not hog the road" sign??? Does that means road hogging is acceptable ??
  10. don speed, don tailgate and hoggers please stay at lane 2
  11. Mockngbrd

    Dunch tailgate me!

    http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_589313.html Home > ST Forum > Online Story Oct 12, 2010 Do more to prevent tailgating I APPLAUD the Traffic Police for issuing summonses to tailgaters for they are the cause of many accidents ("13,000 tickets for errant driving"; Oct 4). I have on several occasions been tailgated while driving in the right lane of expressways at the maximum speed limit of 90kmh. Even when I accelerate, the drivers would persist in their tailgating. I usually have to give way and move to the left lane as it would be foolhardy to compete with them. My life would be in danger and the lives of other road users as well. Besides, I would be violating the law. I wish we could have anti-tailgating stickers distributed to drivers to promote a safer driving experience on the roads. Soh Swee Kiat can someone write into ST. "Do more to prevent roadhogging" I PLEAD that the Traffic Police will isssue summonses to roadhoggers for they are the cause of many accidents I have on several occasions been roadhogged while trying to overtake in the right lane of expressways. Even when I accelerate, the drivers would persist in their roadhogging. I usually have to move to the left lane to overtake as it would be foolhardy to compete with them. My life would be in danger and the lives of other road users as well. Besides, I would be violating the law. I wish we could have anti-roadhogging stickers distributed to drivers to promote a safer driving experience on the roads. Hwa Kin Kin
  12. I always meet drivers on the road who usually drive like 2 cars length behind but at the moment they see you signal to cut lane, they will speed up to cut you off.... So much so that it makes me don't want to signal, which is dangerous. What I do now is signal and then 1-2 sec later cut before the other driver can react. Any such drivers around? why do people do such things? Another kind of driver I REALLY hate is those illegal stopping cars which causes jams. They think by just turning on hazard lights they can park anywhere....
  13. Had a weird encounter with an angmoh biker this morn at chancery. was going up chancery hill and to make a right turn to chancery lane when the biker appeared on my left, there was a Q to turn so i let him go 1st. i was in easy mode tdy and cruised along at 50, keeping 2 cars away from him and he was also 2 cars away from e car in front of him... some 200m later he put his hand behind himself asking me to back off? i was like wth/wtf? i wasnt even tailgating! anyway, jus as i was about to make a left to jln pasiran, he opened his visor, prob wanting to F me verbally, but i turned anyway and he went along straight... duh? jus wan to get it off my chest...
  14. Hey folks, anyone saw tha accident along PIE (towards Changi) before Eunous exit last night aroung 1030pm? 3 car chain... I was very blessed not to be the 4th car, just managed to e-brake (ABS activated) and stop just about 2m behind the 3rd car. am so so glad i wasn't speeding and was about 2-3 car length away, anything less i think kena liao and thank God it didn't rain last night cos if the road was wet, most likely cannot brake in time. anyways i know no amount of advice will discourage people from speeding and tailgating, only through personal experience then will realise the danger/risk behind it. anyways just sharing from a personal experience.
  15. Picnic06-Biante15

    Tailgate By 'White Sportage' ..............

    Was driving toward Jurong along PIE at about 4.50pm on the outer lane (1st Lane) at a speed of 100km/h. When reaching the overhead bridge off Jurong Town Hall Road (PIE), spotted on my rear view mirror a "White Sportage" travelling very fast toward me. In no time, it caught up with me and was tailgating me for about 600 meters and I decided to pull to the centre lane to let it overtake. What do you know, he wave thanks .... A very kilat Sportage indeed with number SJH 6*** and it turn left to the direction of Coperation Road from PIE. Till we meet again along PIE ...........
  16. Hanhao

    Why ppl Tailgate?

    why ppl Tailgate? Tailgating is no good, when the person in front jam brake, the tailgater might knock onto him and he got to pay the repairs if so, why do ppl tailgate? is there any advantage to it?
  17. I was on my way home today around 11pus in the night along KJE towards Tuas. Was traveling on the 3rd slowest lane going at 80km/hr cause running in my new bike, then out of sudden saw a jazz/fit through my mickey mouse mirror with very bright white light or i can say is a hid lamp coming towards me at a very fast speed and tailgateing my bike which force me to ride on the road shoulder. To this mr jazz/fit driver i dont really know what u wan to prove but maybe u want to prove that your car is very fast, very sporty or what. But PLEASE spare a thought for another road user Esc bikers. If u do really wan to race or wan to fly at a high speed pls bring your that sporty fast car of urs to NSHW. Regards Rich PS: thanks for the time going throught my nagging to the driver of this fit/jazz: Please spare a thought for other road user
  18. Green_carnation

    Why would a picanto push (tailgate) me?

    11 October 2007, 1910 hrs, CTE entering tunnel to TPE... A picanto, came on fast.. real close to my arse! I was already at 20kmh above speed limit and there are 2 bends to negotiate.. and he came on sooo fast! Dunno what's he trying to prove.. that he's picanto is no pushover? I didnt offend him in any way.. I'm not hogging the lane.. I didnt push him, honk him, nor did i race him.. Or was he just testing out his newly installed LSD? I picked up speed when entering TPE.. he dropped speed.. or he didnt pick up.. or couldnt catch up.. Mayb he's really testing his negotiating bends skills, and his lsd.. Not really a complaint.. just hope he drives safe.. keep a safety distance and dun have to hurry to hell..
  19. Ed2win2

    Police tailgate car

    I was travelling on CTE to orchard fm Ang Mo Kio, just past the PIE exit at 7.50am on 26 May, saw this policeman (in uniform) in a white sedan QX48xxx (unmark police car) coming up fast & very close on the Getz in front (probably moving at 75km/hr), moving on the 2nd lane of the 4-lane road. Even though no car on 1st & 3rd lane, instead of switching lane to overtake, he tailgated the Getz for 20 sec+. When he finally overtake on the 1st lane, he give a good stare at the Getz driver uncle. Then he spotted my friend looking at him & he stared back, giving a "what at u looking at?!" annoying look. What is this?? Tailgate vehicle, stare at Getz driver, stare my friend , think wear uniform & drive police car can do anything. Even if on urgent duty, can overtake on either lane instead of tailgating, still want to stare
  20. Saw this in stomp http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/viewPost2348.aspx
  21. Scene: Lornie Rd towards Adam Road (03 lanes) Weather: Heavy Downpour Time: abt. Noon Was travelling 55-60km/h on 2nd lane behind a convoy of vans & lorries (later found out the 'leader' was a bike upfront). Decides to filter out & overtake as 1st lane is clear of vehicles. From mirrors, noticed a dark color alfa approaching from far. I filtered right into 1st lane & accelerates. Alfa approaches 'fast & furious' & in seconds, was tailgating me. I checked my speed (am travelling @ 75km/h already). I accelerate more to reach 80km/h but the alfa still does not give up (bugger on his high beam & tailgates me even closer - telling me to f**** off). There was no way for me to filter out due to the convoy of vans & lorries to my left. I only managed to filter back in after abt. 15 secs. The alfa immediately sped off (hitting 100km/h, I supposed) I was mad... veli mad!!!! On such a lousy weather, travelling @80km/h is already my limit (or rather, above normal road limit). What if I decide to jam hard on my brake suddenly??? I don't think the bugger behind can response in time.... Therefore, my advice to the alfa stylo who tailgates me today: BU YAO XIA WO... WHEN I'M AFRAID, I WILL PANIC & CAN'T REFRAIN MY LEG FROM JAMMING HARD ON THE BRAKE SUDDENLY, DON'T FORCE ME..IT'S DANGEROUS.......FOR U, I MEAN... Does any of u guys practice what the alfa stylo did