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Found 98 results

  1. Dear all, I saw a notice pasted immgration counter at malaysia First link CIQ. i ask the counter officer what is it about as it is all written in malay. She say from 14 Aug they are closing the counter top up at immgration. Meaning to say no touch and go no entry There is two thing that will happen. the jam will be damn bad as a lot of people don't have sufficent credit. Please use second link as there is automated machine. I may be wrong as i rely on the officer rely of message, please becareful and factor more jam time. Rustyz
  2. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/indonesia-to-start-building-7km-bridge-linking-bintan-and-batam-11711862 Interesting that Indonesia is doing so to maximise transport connectivity to Bintan offered by Changi Terminal 5, currently under construction. Just sharing. Safe ride Cheers
  3. This caught my attention. I prefer a lighter wallet. If I can pay for my MRT rides using my credit card, even better. So this caught my attention. LTA starting a pilot. There are a few steps to follow, and the website brings you through. Basically you have to register and link to your Mastercard. After I did everything and set up, decided to try out. It works! Here is a video of my experience. Overall very smooth but a few points to take note. 1. Mastercard, not VISA. Mine is UOB, but all other Singapore issued Mastercards should work. 2. The MRT gate says 'Bank Card Usage' when you enter and exit. The gate doesn't show you how much was the cost of the ride. 3. You have to check your portal to see what was incurred, and it may take up to 3 days for the charges to be reflected. Overall, easy to use and I will be using my Mastercard to pay for my MRT and Bus rides from now on.
  4. Hyundai Avante & Kia Cerato Forte, both are using the same platform, same engine, and same steering system. If I am not wrong the suspension system is the same too with macpherson struts in front and telescopic with springs at the rear. However, the Avante is using multi-link as a rear axle whereas the Forte is torsion beam. We know that torsion beam are a cheaper way to manufacture cars and wishbone or multilink is better in terms of performance and ride comfort. Can the pros and gurus here shed some light on axle designs, which is better and in what terms are they better? Torsion beam rear axle: Toyota Altis, Vios, Estima Chevrolet Aveo Kia Cerato Forte Mazda 2 Mitsubishi Lancer EX Multi-Link/Independant wishbone: Honda Civic FD, CRV Hyundai Avante Mazda 3, 6 Mitsubishi Lancer CS3
  5. Dear all, I was having a minor collision with this Causeway Link bus(yellow ones) on the causeway bridge towards Singapore custom (just came out from JB custom), I was trying to merge into lane 1 with signal on and the bus refuse to give way and hit the right side of my car near the rear wheel and rear right door while I already stopped (not sure whether he purposely hit me or not). So this bus driver said we both report to insurance and refused to provide me his particulars stating the company name and plate number sufficed. I filed online accident report with my insurer (AIG) and made police report also when I came back to Singapore. I would like to know that if I don't claim my insurance company (new car excess $800 and lost my NCD) and go outside workshop to do the job(around $850), will there be any problem? If the bus company insurer claim against mine, do I still have to fork out another $800 excess for this case? Have been calling AIG hotline for the whole morning but couldn't get through, so would like to hear dear bro's opinion on this. Thanks and happy new year to all!
  6. Seriously?! Where are we, or rather, Singapore heading to now? The problem exist because of poor planning (it may even be a cost saving effort by HDB when they are developing the estate), and now resident have to come up with their own money to overcome the issue they faced daily? What is next? Resident to build their own community / recreational center, install additional lifts, street lights, bus stops? Where is the $$$ with our MND / HDB / TCs??? Are the residents required to folk out additional money to have the bridge maintain periodically too? And if there are any legal issues with the bridge (say structural issue, someone claiming damage for the use of link bridge, etc.), shall the residents be made liable for it, since MND, HDB and AMKTC can wash their hands off as the bridge was not built by them? PM Lee opens new linkway at Sengkang tree-planting event PM Lee opened a new sheltered linkway that will allow residents of the Fern Spring and Fern View estates bounded by Fernvale Lane and Fernvale Road to access the nearby bus stop along Yio Chu Kang Road. It links the third storey of the multi-storey carpark at Block 404 Fernvale Lane to the bus stop. Mr Gan, who oversees the Sengkang South division, said the linkway project was a community initiative mooted last year by grassroots leaders, who raised about $388,000 to build it. The linkway was completed just last week. As most of the housing blocks are built on a slope, residents in the past would have to walk up a 40-step staircase from the ground floor of the carpark to reach the top of the slope, where the bus stop is located . With the linkway, they can just take the lift to the third storey of the adjacent carpark and get to the bus stop without climbing the stairs. "This is part of plans to make the neighbourhood more accessible for elderly residents and families with young children in prams," said Mr Gan. There are about 1,600 households in the Fern Spring and Fern View estates. Former garment factory worker Teng Mei Foong, 65, is glad to see the new linkway. "Walking up the stairs is very tiring for older people like us and residents have been complaining about this for the past four years or so. Now it'll be easier to get to the bus stop when I go to Chinatown to do some errands, or when I visit my relatives," she said. 每天爬40级梯级出入不便 盛港南基层与居民自发筹钱建衔接桥 负责盛港南区事务的宏茂桥集选区议员颜添宝受访时说,基层人员根据居民反馈和实地考察,去年提出要造桥的提议。建筑工程约两个月前展开,如今顺利完工,那一带的约1600户家庭将从中受惠。 “我们在现有基础设施上建造桥梁,让居民可以直接步行到巴士站……居民们每一次出行,爬上爬下都要经过40个梯级。现在有了桥梁,能造福他们,他们也一直很期待这个项目落成。” 颜添宝透露,当局也曾研究其他选项,如建造电梯,但考虑到电梯的维修费用等因素,最后决定采用衔接桥这个“成本最小化,利益最大化”的方案。 不申请建造资金让居民自发参与 造桥费用约为38万8000元。颜添宝指出,造桥费用全数由基层人员、居民和其他私人捐款筹集而得。 一般情况下,市镇理事会可就社区改进项目向国家发展部属下的社区设施改进委员会(简称CIPC)申请资金。颜添宝说,基层人员在考虑到这座桥更深层的意义时,认为可借这项工程促进社区凝聚力。 “造桥是一种对社会的善举……我们在展开工程时就决定不向CIPC申请资金,让居民自发参与。这是个有意义的项目,可以让大家有参与感和归属感。” Translate (the portion highlighted in RED) for non-Chinese reader: The total fee for constructing the link bridge, valued at $388K, was fully funded by grassroot members, residents and other form of donations. Under normal circumstances, town council can apply to MND (CIPC) for such project to be funded. But when grassroot review the meaningfulness of the link bridge, they felt that the project can strengthen the cohesiveness of the community. "Building the bridge is a kind act to the community... As such, when we started the project, we have decided NOT to apply for funding from CIPC, so that residents can contribute to it voluntary. This is a meaningful project, it allows all to have a sense of participation and belonging." For those who did not know who is Gan Thiam Poh...
  7. This is a little tardy but we still got 6mths to go. For those planning to go in, it would be good to check out the following to plan your travel dates. http://www.fmm.org.my/p_ne_it.asp?NewsID=1231
  8. LPPL

    Free World Cup link!

    I was given this link to watch free world cup: https://myklik.rtm.gov.my/live/TV1 Those that want donate money to singtel, it is your choice.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101...e=1&theater BREAKING: Singapore and Malaysia to build high-speed rail link between S'pore and KL to enhance business and cultural ties. PM Lee says new KL-SG rail link will be "gamechanger" & transform the way people from both countries interact.
  10. Hi, Have any of the Volvo owners installed the HD Link IW03V-N23? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDoizlKbT7c https://car-solutions.com/nfs/product/863470/file/HDLINK-VOLVO-manual.pdf Would like to know your feedback (pros and cons) from all Volvo owners, though particularly for S60 owners. Thank you and appreciate your feedback.
  11. Finally manage to take the highway yesterday.................took it ard 2pm from custom...........mayb it was not the late afternoon busy traffic yet.......or few ppl are using it.................traffic really really good.................so smooth and fast.................in 6 min i was at pandan city and another 5 min i was at jusco..............seem like there are exits to sentosa and permas jaya as well along the way.......... the return was just as fast................took entry from pandan city and again in 6 min was at MY custom..............but the return trip has more traffic tho...............timing was about 7pm.......... really a good alternative to join the NSHW from MY custom.............but for those who want to try............take note that it leads right into the custom..........so fill up before you enter the highway back................ enjoy enjoy............. :D
  12. CNA : Recent spike in bacterial infection cases: Authorities probing link to raw fish SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health and various agencies are investigating the increase in cases of Group B streptococcus (GBS) infection, which have been linked with the consumption of raw fish, the ministry said on Monday (Jul 13). One of the larger hospitals in Singapore saw an average of about 53 cases of GBS infection each year in the past five years, with a range of 31 to 73 cases a year. However, it has treated about 76 cases so far this year and in 10 of these cases, recent consumption of raw fish was reported, MOH said in reply to queries by Channel NewsAsia. "Investigations are ongoing as to the reason(s) for the increase in cases," the ministry added. Earlier on Monday, MOH said it was aware of a message circulating claiming there has been an outbreak of GBS due to consumption of contaminated raw fish. The message said all the people who had taken ill had consumed "yusheng", a popular dish at hawker centres, where raw fish is marinated in sesame oil and garnished with red chilli and ginger. link : http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/recent-spike-in-bacterial/1982524.html
  13. Is there any Msian website or twitter update that shows traffic at Msian side of the second link custom, I'm and out of Msia? The traffic we seen from LTA website is only accurate at SG side. The jam into and out of Msia could be worst.
  14. The new road to CTE via Seletar West Link opened a few days ago. Seems like the black Odyssey and City Cab got confused. But hey it was dangerous and I almost got into an accident. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyBUm0oPvkA
  15. Anyone knows the link to check traffic offence in Malaysia?
  16. Hi all Helping my wife/daughter look for them. Anyone have one or a set of 4 to sell, just PM me please with your price :) Thanks!
  17. To the black car with the McDonald's decal traveling along above 2 roads on right lane this morning around 8.15 to 8.25.. I am the silver civic in front of u. For your info I was stuck behind a champagne altis that was traveling around 30 to 50 km/h even at stretches when road was fairly clear. With that kind of speed and heavy traffic, and considering I was going to keep to this lane 2 traffic light down, I decide not to overtake on the left. I share your frustration of being stuck. This hogger was an idiot but u are an even bigger idiot for tailgating me and blaring your horn at me twice. I think the 2nd time u choose to stick too close to me and almost hit me when I had to stop due to this slow pok altis suddenly braking and you decided to vent your frustration unaware I am not the hogger. I would have stopped over and asked you what you want if my wife was not into her 1st week of work and cannot be late. You should have realized your stupidity when I subsequently made my u-turn and you can see the altis. Nonetheless screw you for your earlier actions.
  18. Hi, how much is cash card charges n Msia side toll charge with touch n go .??
  19. Land-abundant Malaysia, which is approximately 500 times the size of Singapore, is planning on reclaiming land by creating a 2,000ha island in the Strait of Johor below the Second Link. This is approximately three times the size of Ang Mo Kio estate and will take 30 years to complete. Part of the man-made island will be under the Second Link, which connects Tuas in Singapore to Johor. This proposal for a massive land reclamation project has prompted Singapore to request for more information from Malaysia to study the possible impact it has on our sovereignty environment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed. The original report of this project came to light in the Malaysian daily, The Star, on June 16, 2014. The reclamation project is tentatively called Forest City. China property developer Country Garden Holdings and a Johor government company, Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor, were planning it for luxury homes. The Edge Review online magazine reported last month that Johor’s Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Sultan Iskandar is behind it and it is being actively promoted by powerful politicians. China property developer Country Garden Holdings and four other mainland companies have bought land in the state of Johor with plans to launch more than 39,000 residential units, including on land to be reclaimed off Singapore’s Tuas.
  20. Sunnyday76

    Car Wash 2nd Link

    Hi bros, just wondering any of you know if the petrol stations just before reach back SG customs at 2nd Link at the last R&R stop provide car wash? Been quite a few years since I last used 2nd link, but I remember there are some petrol stations (I think is petronas, shell and caltex) which we can pump as the last pumping stop, just before we continue back to SG customs. Thanks for your help!!
  21. Not sure if many of us are aware of this link. this link is very useful in giving reviews, and they even include the noise emission level. www.mytyres.co.uk Assuming that the test reports are as real as it gets, then we are able to make informed decisions on tyre purchases.
  22. i wan to watch video from iphone 3 on LCD TV. i know i need to buy some kind of cable to link both. saw the original Apple cable, its almost $80. any one knows whether i can get cheaper kind? thanks
  23. Joemit7850

    TP link range extender good?

    hello, i just bought a TP Link WR941ND wireless router but one of my bedroom signal still only 3 bar (same as before when i using wireless g) should i buy a range extender? will it help to increase the coverage but not reducing any speed at the same time? i had heard that they will help to increase coverage but as they are sharing the speed will decrease, what is the solution? Thks
  24. Hello bros and sis, anyone recently travel to Msia via 2nd link during the long weekend (on Puasa holiday and during national day week), is there heavy jam on the morning of 1st day of holiday? I am planning to go via 2nd link on Haji day about 8am... want to anticipate how long will the jam be. thanks in advance
  25. Gee

    Blue Link

    Telematics, infotainment at your finger tips. Apparently a more complete package of connectivity, security between owner and car. Navigation, voice recognition, phone connectivity, online servicing, etc. --- Hyundai offers a Blue Link mobile application for iOS and Android phones to control certain features of its vehicles. We tested the Android-based version of the app, since that's our primary mobile operating environment. Pleasantly, Hyundai's Blue Link app for Android officially works on Android 2.2 and newer devices. We had no major issues running it on our Samsung Galaxy Nexus equipped with the AOKP Milestone 6 ROM. The application is fairly simple, giving you access to remote start, the door locks, the car's horn and headlights, and a vehicle report feature. Everything worked the way it was advertised, but we do lament that it takes so long to actually execute a command sent through the Blue Link mobile app. a standard feature on Genesis Coupe 3.8 --- http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/hyunda...-2013,3275.html autoguide