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Found 66 results

  1. This makes me quite sad. Removing one of the most iconic Merlion in Singapore to boost tourism at a budget of $90 million dollars? Shouldn't the Merlion be incorporated into future plans instead? Bring your kids to see the Merlion one last time because in SG, nothing lasts forever. Sentosa is just another tourist trap now.
  2. chitchatboy

    Did this driver underestimate his package?

    A driver who seems to have underestimated the size of his package has gotten himself stuck under an overhead bridge along the West Coast Highway. Published on SG Road Vigilante, the accident happened last night (9 June 2020), causing traffic heading towards Pasir Panjang some inconvenience at the junction of West Coast Highway and Alexandra Road. Judging from the photos shared online, we can't be sure whose fault it was. It could be the transporter's/driver's fault or the escort service's fault (if there were hired in the first place). We hope the bridge remains open and unhurt! Check out what netizens have to say!
  3. Mum films heartbreaking final seconds before toddler falls 5 storeys through gap in Sabah bridge Tragedy struck over the weekend in Sabah, Malaysia. Local media report that two young siblings were crossing a bridge on Dec. 1 with their mother filming them when the unthinkable happened. The younger sibling tottered ahead as they neared the door. Unfortunately the bridge was incomplete, leading to the young girl tragically falling five storeys to her death. The girl reportedly had not even turned two. However, initial reports of the tragedy appeared to place some responsibility for the fall on the child’s mother not being diligent enough. According to The Daily Express, a police report sent to a Chinese media outlet used the word “membiar” — which, according to local media, means the children were allowed to do as they liked — seemingly implying negligence. Family members of the toddler were shocked and told The Daily Express what really happened. According to them, the mother was right behind her girls, filming them walking across the bridge. Here is a screenshot from a security camera that shows just how close the mother was to them, and how there don’t appear to be any demarcations, signs or alerts of danger anywhere in sight. And here is the video showing the moment before the toddler falling through the gap...
  4. Jajoba123

    3rd JB-Singapore bridge?

    media quoted saying that only need to clear custom once only. where is it ar?
  5. Xefera

    Taiwan bridge collapse

    https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/taiwan-bridge-collapse-crushes-fishing-boats-some-crew-feared-trapped&utm_source=STSmartphone&utm_medium=share&utm_term=2019-10-01+14%3A26%3A32 TAIPEI (REUTERS, AFP) - Rescuers were scrambling on Tuesday (Oct 1) to reach six people feared trapped after a bridge collapsed in Taiwan, smashing onto a group of fishing boats moored underneath. Dramatic CCTV images captured the moment the 140-metre long single-arch bridge came crashing down in Nanfangao, on Taiwan’s east coast. In the images, the road gives way and tumbles down onto at least three fishing boats as a petrol tanker that was crossing also plunges into the water. The National Fire Agency said it believed six people were unaccounted for and could be trapped in the boats underneath the collapsed structure. “The rescue operation is ongoing,” the agency said in a statement, adding at least 12 people were injured, including six Philippine and three Indonesian fishing workers as well as the Taiwanese driver of the petrol tanker. “We hope to safely rescue all in the shortest time to minimise the damage,” Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen told reporters. Divers were searching for those feared trapped in a couple of fishing boats, two government officials from the port township of Suao told Reuters earlier in the day. Get exclusive insights into Asia from our network of correspondents Keep up with the latest in the region with the ST Asian Insider newsletter, delivered to your inbox every weekday Sign up "The bridge collapsed at around 9.30am while an oil tanker vehicle was on it, setting the vehicle on fire," said Shih I-chun, the secretary of the town's mayor. "We feared that some fishermen might be trapped in the boats." The authorities have set up an emergency centre and the military said marines and the navy were helping with the rescue efforts. It is not clear what caused the bridge, which was built in 1998 and spanned a small fishing port, to collapse. Watson Shen@KamiliaHaraQoo Apparently a bridge collapsed in Yilan, Taiwan after being ravaged by a typhoon. 22 11:41 AM - Oct 1, 2019 Twitter Ads info and privacy 42 people are talking about this Taiwan was skirted by a typhoon on Monday night, which brought heavy rains and strong winds to parts of the east coast. But at the time of the bridge collapse the weather was fine. Taiwan has a huge fishing industry and many of those who work on its boats are low-paid migrant workers from countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Prosecutors have launched an investigation into the cause of incident, said transport minister Lin Chia-lung, adding that the bridge was still within its expected 50 year lifespan. “Recent weather conditions, earthquakes and past assessments of the bridge will be taken into considerations. We will fully cooperate with the investigation,” he told reporters. Previous serious bridge incidents in Taiwan have mostly been related to typhoons. In 2009, two bridges were badly damaged by Typhoon Morakot, which left more than 400 people dead. Taiwan, which lies near the junction of two tectonic plates, is also frequently jolted by earthquakes. The island’s worst tremor in recent decades was a 7.6-magnitude quake in 1999 that killed around 2,400 people and destroyed tens of thousands of buildings. Although the devastating quake had ushered in stricter safety codes, several fatal incidents in recent years have triggered probes into shoddy construction. In 2018, a developer, an architect and a civil engineer were indicted over the partial collapse of a building that killed 14 people during an earthquake earlier that year. It followed a similar incident in 2016 when another quake killed 117 people – most in a single apartment block that collapsed.
  6. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/indonesia-to-start-building-7km-bridge-linking-bintan-and-batam-11711862 Interesting that Indonesia is doing so to maximise transport connectivity to Bintan offered by Changi Terminal 5, currently under construction. Just sharing. Safe ride Cheers
  7. Cheesey74

    Another no horse run kindness act.

    Viral: Son praises SGH staff for helping his elderly father who was stranded on overhead bridge for 3 hours. https://coconuts.co/singapore/news/viral-son-praises-sgh-staff-helping-elderly-father-stranded-overhead-bridge-3-hours/ If i encounter such situation, i will just call police/hospital n wait till they come to help the old man but this lady and the old man daughters take the risk of moving him down the bridge, really salute her heart of gold and of course the man's filial daughters too ...
  8. Darryn

    Turning a Router into a Bridge

    Hey guys - this is probably more appropriate for HWZ - but you're all cleverer and I prefer to talk here, so will try first... Recently got our fiber Broadband with Starhub. So got a nice spanking new D-Link router... Decided to turn my old TP-Link into a bridge to boost the signal to the bedroom....but CANNOT!!! I have changed the settings, turned of DHCP, given it a new IP address so that it connects to the D-Link BUT....it refuses to let me up to the internet.. No doubt some here have got the same D-Link router from Starhub - anybody got any ideas on how I can do the bridge?
  9. Seriously?! Where are we, or rather, Singapore heading to now? The problem exist because of poor planning (it may even be a cost saving effort by HDB when they are developing the estate), and now resident have to come up with their own money to overcome the issue they faced daily? What is next? Resident to build their own community / recreational center, install additional lifts, street lights, bus stops? Where is the $$$ with our MND / HDB / TCs??? Are the residents required to folk out additional money to have the bridge maintain periodically too? And if there are any legal issues with the bridge (say structural issue, someone claiming damage for the use of link bridge, etc.), shall the residents be made liable for it, since MND, HDB and AMKTC can wash their hands off as the bridge was not built by them? PM Lee opens new linkway at Sengkang tree-planting event PM Lee opened a new sheltered linkway that will allow residents of the Fern Spring and Fern View estates bounded by Fernvale Lane and Fernvale Road to access the nearby bus stop along Yio Chu Kang Road. It links the third storey of the multi-storey carpark at Block 404 Fernvale Lane to the bus stop. Mr Gan, who oversees the Sengkang South division, said the linkway project was a community initiative mooted last year by grassroots leaders, who raised about $388,000 to build it. The linkway was completed just last week. As most of the housing blocks are built on a slope, residents in the past would have to walk up a 40-step staircase from the ground floor of the carpark to reach the top of the slope, where the bus stop is located . With the linkway, they can just take the lift to the third storey of the adjacent carpark and get to the bus stop without climbing the stairs. "This is part of plans to make the neighbourhood more accessible for elderly residents and families with young children in prams," said Mr Gan. There are about 1,600 households in the Fern Spring and Fern View estates. Former garment factory worker Teng Mei Foong, 65, is glad to see the new linkway. "Walking up the stairs is very tiring for older people like us and residents have been complaining about this for the past four years or so. Now it'll be easier to get to the bus stop when I go to Chinatown to do some errands, or when I visit my relatives," she said. 每天爬40级梯级出入不便 盛港南基层与居民自发筹钱建衔接桥 负责盛港南区事务的宏茂桥集选区议员颜添宝受访时说,基层人员根据居民反馈和实地考察,去年提出要造桥的提议。建筑工程约两个月前展开,如今顺利完工,那一带的约1600户家庭将从中受惠。 “我们在现有基础设施上建造桥梁,让居民可以直接步行到巴士站……居民们每一次出行,爬上爬下都要经过40个梯级。现在有了桥梁,能造福他们,他们也一直很期待这个项目落成。” 颜添宝透露,当局也曾研究其他选项,如建造电梯,但考虑到电梯的维修费用等因素,最后决定采用衔接桥这个“成本最小化,利益最大化”的方案。 不申请建造资金让居民自发参与 造桥费用约为38万8000元。颜添宝指出,造桥费用全数由基层人员、居民和其他私人捐款筹集而得。 一般情况下,市镇理事会可就社区改进项目向国家发展部属下的社区设施改进委员会(简称CIPC)申请资金。颜添宝说,基层人员在考虑到这座桥更深层的意义时,认为可借这项工程促进社区凝聚力。 “造桥是一种对社会的善举……我们在展开工程时就决定不向CIPC申请资金,让居民自发参与。这是个有意义的项目,可以让大家有参与感和归属感。” Translate (the portion highlighted in RED) for non-Chinese reader: The total fee for constructing the link bridge, valued at $388K, was fully funded by grassroot members, residents and other form of donations. Under normal circumstances, town council can apply to MND (CIPC) for such project to be funded. But when grassroot review the meaningfulness of the link bridge, they felt that the project can strengthen the cohesiveness of the community. "Building the bridge is a kind act to the community... As such, when we started the project, we have decided NOT to apply for funding from CIPC, so that residents can contribute to it voluntary. This is a meaningful project, it allows all to have a sense of participation and belonging." For those who did not know who is Gan Thiam Poh...
  10. MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota : At least seven people were killed after a freeway bridge over the Mississippi river collapsed on Wednesday, plunging cars and trucks together with massive chunks of concrete into the rushing waters, officials said. Several cars were flung into the river and others crushed as parts of the bridge were sheared off. A semi-truck caught fire after it was sliced in half, while a busload of children was stranded on a collapsed section of the roadway. Some estimates said dozens of vehicles fell into the river, but that could not be confirmed. "At this point we have seven confirmed fatalities, and we expect that number to go up as well," said Minneapolis Fire Chief Jim Clack. He said that more than 60 people were sent to hospitals, and added that rescue operations in the river had been halted due to darkness. "There's too much debris in the river to continue in the river tonight," he said in a press conference. In Washington, Department of Homeland Security officials said there was no sign that the eight-lane bridge's collapse was the result of terrorism, adding that it appeared to be linked to engineering issues. Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty said the 40-year-old bridge was last inspected in 2006 and no significant structural problems were found. "They notified us from an engineering standpoint the deck may have to be rehabilitated or replaced in 2020 or beyond," he said. There was, however, construction taking place on the bridge "relating to concrete repair and rehabilitation and replacement, guard rail replacement, righting replacement and work on the joints," he said. Images shot by local television showed a disastrous scene of people crouching on bent and crumpled concrete with parts of the bridge submerged in the brown river as smoke and flames drifted from the wreckage. Rescue workers tied with yellow rope waded through the water and used boats to reach people stranded in the middle of the river. A school bus loaded with 60 children with a church group could be seen on the bridge but did not fall into the river as it collapsed. The children were all rescued, although ten of them were taken to hospital, the Red Cross said. At the time of the accident, only one lane of the bridge was open in either direction when it collapsed shortly after 6pm (2300 GMT), right in the middle of the local rush hour. Ramon Houge was driving on the bridge when he heard a rumbling noise, saw the ground collapse in front of him and watched cars go down into the water. Traffic was bumper-to-bumper at the time, and he estimated hundreds of people must have been involved. "It didn't seem like it was real," he said. Those still on solid ground backed up as best they could and he saw kids on a yellow school bus with blood on their faces. Sarah Fahnhorst, who lives in an apartment a block away from the bridge, heard a huge thud and then "the entire building shook. It shook the ground," she said. Russ Knocke, spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security, told AFP that there was no suggestion of terrorism involved in the disaster. "There are no indications of a nexus to terrorism at this time," Knocke said. "We continue to monitor the situation. State and local officials have the lead in rescue and response efforts." The 40-year-old arch bridge which rises 64 feet (20 metres) over the river was undergoing repairs at the time of the accident, and there were reports that construction workers were using a jackhammer at the time of the collapse, AFP has learned. - AFP/ch http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp.../291784/1/.html
  11. It is only me who felt this ? The new bridge across from Toa Payoh to Bishan looks kind of dangerous without the supporting column. Every morning when I drove under it, I will quietly murmured "那摩阿弥陀佛 “。
  12. keep away from lane 1 if you not confident of keeping you vehicle in lane. I know there is a concrete barrier on the right side. Stop driving in between lane 1 and 2, you are hogging 2 lanes at the same time!
  13. Anyone noticed today island wide like alot of men in black camp on bridge at major expressways? cte from sle towards city, 4 men stationed with tripod stand camera Just now along nicole highway, bridge before suntec city at beach road.. Also 3 mib on bridge.. Today they desperate for $$$$ issit
  14. http://therakyatpost.tumblr.com/post/99804394381/new-post-has-been-published-on-the-rakyat-post Twitter was abuzz this evening with reports that said the overhead pedestrian bridge near Taman Kobena, Pasir Gudang, Johor had collapsed. The bridge, which is along the Pasir Gudang highway, had reportedly collapsed between 4pm and 5pm today. Netizens shared pictures of the incident on Twitter, showing the entire stretch of the pedestrian bridge having fallen onto the road below. No fatalities were reported as yet, however several vehicles were said to have been damaged in the incident. Work is currently ongoing to clear the area as traffic is not able to go through that portion of the highway. Johors Road Works Department twitted via their account @JKRJohor asking for motorists to opt for alternative roads after they were informed of the incident. - MORE TO COME - Photo from Facebook
  15. Jman888

    World's highest railway bridge

    seriously ?? with this on that bridge?
  16. He was driving behind a lorry crane when he noticed that its boom (the lifting arm of a crane) was extended. Then he heard a loud bang. The boom had smashed into an overhead bridge, dislodging two large pieces. But Mr Tonny Neo, 37, did not see them. Before he could react, one piece plunged towards his car and pierced the windscreen on the front passenger side. The 3m-long metal rod brushed against the left side of his body and - to his horror - continued towards his wife and baby in the rear. Miraculously, the rod went between mother and son and stopped a mere 2cm from the six-month-old baby in a car seat. The baby's left knee was bruised while Mr Neo suffered fractures to his ribs and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. The family's close shave happened around 10.30am on Oct 29, 2011, after the exit at Paya Lebar Road on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) in the direction of Tuas. Mr Neo, who is self-employed, was driving back to his office at Bukit Batok. While driving along the PIE, he saw the lorry crane with the extended boom in front of his silver Toyota Allion. "Suddenly, I heard a loud bang. My instinct told me something might fall. I tried to avoid it but it happened too fast," Mr Neo said. A part of the boom that had been dislodged landed beside his car, while the other piece came hurtling towards him and smashed into the windscreen. "I thought I was going to die. I never expected it to hit me. I thought I could avoid it, but it came right into my car." Source: http://ride.asiaone.com/news/general/story/crane-hit-bridge-pierced-car-boom
  17. Since 4pm till now. Not sure the speed limit over there but the TP is on the side towards Tuas but seemingly pointing the direction towards changi.
  18. A video showing cameras and what seems to be flashing LED lights on an overhead bridge at Geylang Lorong 16 has caught the attention of netizens online. Some have speculated that the cameras are a new ERP system, while others thought it was a speed camera. The authorities have clarified that the cameras are actually one of the initiatives under the Safe City Test Bed Project announced in May. The project is a partnership between the government and the industry to develop technology that will allow urban cities to optimise resources and better coordinate responses to safety and security threats, urban management concerns and major crises. In this case, the system attempts to integrate existing and new sensors to help agencies have a better understanding of what is happening on the ground. For example, authorities would be able to detect an impending flash flood and decide on possible counter measures, while emergency vehicles could monitor traffic conditions on the road to identify the best route to take should there be traffic congestion. The prototypes, once developed, will be showcased as a model to manage the increasingly complex challenges faced by developed urban cities in a resource-efficient manner. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/cameras-at-geylang/857498.html
  19. After picking my wife, turned up to ECP and sheares bridge. Then i saw quite a lot of smoke in my rear view mirror and within seconds i saw a car burst into flames. Couldnt see properly as I was blocked by other cars and also had to mind my driving. Wife turned around and she said it looked like a maroon and old car. Hope everyone in the car is fine. This was on Sheares bridge towards airport, on the downslope toward KPE area, about 6.30pm.
  20. Found these picture on FB. Really true TP used these camera to catch speeding??
  21. Looks like a 3rd bridge is on the table with Msia naming their potential site. SG is still deciding where the 3rd link should be.... http://news.asiaone.com/news/malaysia/mala...r-and-singapore
  22. Just wanted to share with others I hope we can come app with an app to remind users and drivers like the summon aunts Nowadays he can sit down as the equipment is more high tech He is more invisible so just be careful
  23. Just now pass by the site at 6pm, the broken glasses seem to be part of the cargo dropped from a truck. the debris was pretty huge, covering most of the exit lane + chevron. Hope no one got stuck in that jam