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Found 30 results

  1. StreetFight3r

    Marina Bay Sands will build a 4th tower

    The three-tower Marina Bay Sands will become four towers in the future. Erecting another On April 3, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) announced that MBS will be adding a fourth tower as part of a S$9 billion project to build world-class attractions to breathe new life into existing ones in Singapore. The fourth tower will feature approximately 1,000 all-suite rooms, a sky roof with a swimming pool as well as a signature restaurant. The new project will be located right next to MBS. A timeline for the completion of the resort’s expansion is not yet available. https://mothership.sg/2019/04/mbs-4-towers/?fbclid=IwAR1TwrPE0wwFz53rvCzt7twUXD_zqAxMGU41fAJWx4_Ac0SWdHEs0bbv-OE
  2. Yellowrx8

    Orchard tower fight!

    Look like the owner of the ferrari got screwed in the ass
  3. StreetFight3r

    Sydney tower concrete cracked on xmas day

    Any engineers here? Is this still structurally safe to stay? Say if suay suay happens in SG, government declare HDB building still safe for 3/4 of residents to stay, but the other 1/4 got some works need to be carried out to be declared safe again.. will you sell or stay put?? https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/dec/26/opal-tower-cracks-nsw-government-urgent-investigation
  4. Rainbow

    Is tower electric fan good?

    I am using the box-type fans in my house as they are very cheap. However, their angle they can reach is quite narrow, and the wind can't quite reach the taller places (e.g. baby cot). I thinking of either the old-style floor standing fan, or the more modern tower fan. The latter is more modern looking, and seems safer with kids. But I wonder if they are worth the extra $. Grateful for your advice. Any good place to get fan cheaply?
  5. Also, any app or place to check ERP pricing?
  6. Photoshop Power!! It was a seemingly harmless request. Like so many tourists before him, Sid Frisjes took a photo near the Eiffel Tower. His attempt to place his finger atop the iconic structure fell short but he posted the photo to Instagram anyway. For reasons unknown he put forth a request to the Internet’s ultimate pranksters—4chan—asking for their help. The anonymous collective gladly obliged, and Internet artists the world over have been getting in on the action ever since. There’s a huge archive of the doctored responses on a Facebook page called mott.pe and a number of sites that have already picked up some of the best. As with so many Internet jokes, the replies get more abstract and bizarre the longer it continues, and ‘Eiffel Tower finger guy’ is no exception. Below you will find 40 images that made me chuckle. [via Mashable, DIY Photography, PetaPixel, Mott.pe on Facebook] 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.
  7. Icebrush79

    Tan Tong Meng Tower

    Any bros out there knows anything about the history of this red and white "Tan Tong Meng" tower ? I'll be shifting into my matrimonial home in about a month's time. Home is right next to this Tan Tong Meng tower. Have been hearing rumours about this building being haunted, I'm absolutely fine, I love the location and my new place. Problem is, due to my long hours at work, I normally reach home quite late, wifey is getting the jitters because of this. Thus would appreciate anyone who knows any history of this place so that I can calm my wifey lol. Thanks in advance   PS: Radx, not sure if I should post this under the property segment or Lite & Easy, so pls move my thread if you think its unsuitable here. cheers Have attached the picture of Tan Tong Meng Tower for easy reference
  8. Since 4pm till now. Not sure the speed limit over there but the TP is on the side towards Tuas but seemingly pointing the direction towards changi.
  9. Where is the most economical around the above region?
  10. this is probably the most dangerous job in the world. I will never wan this job for any amount of $$
  11. W13ng

    Telok Blangah Tower

    Hi..... Any one can advise.....worth to get the 4 rm flat @ 400K plus
  12. MacDuck

    Transmission tower worker

    Balls of steel! :blink: Respect!
  13. Billcoke

    Cellphone tower for Android

    Any bro tried this apps, OpenSignalMap? I can get the location for the cellphone towers but not the triangulation towers that my phone is connected too, even I enable the GPS, it didn't work too. The triangulation map only works in US??? Triangulation Map Singapore Map https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...3BlbnNpZ25hbCJd
  14. Hi all, Have went to sim Lim Tower, gotten below quotation for: Pioneer 4350 @ $510 to $530 Jvc Avx846 @ $530 Soundstream component speaker @ $120 They can install for me too if I want to. Only cash If I look at the sale posted in mycarforum, seller quoted $600, believed inclusive of installation.
  15. Hi guys, KL tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world. Heard there's a restaurant at the top. Is the worth a try? Has anyone been there before?
  16. Hey guys, pls take note that no more per entry charges from 10Sept2011 at Shaw Tower Beach Rd on weekend and PH. Charges $1.07/hr
  17. Hello everyone, i starting my new job at millenia tower at end of the mth. Original plan is to park at Shaw Tower, but i just check with them, there are 50+ ppl in the waiting list liao. So any advise on where to park? And also the ERP charges as i stay in tamp. TIA!!!
  18. Sci10213

    Food at Temaek Tower

    Hi Anyone tried before this restaurant called Chilli Kong or something like that? Portion seems good but pricing??? Any contact no.? Can't find any info in internet leh...
  19. Cootie-Monster

    Liat Tower's optimistic flood defence

    Thanks to the flood, we now have this wildly optimistic and unsightly dike along Orchard Rd. Me thinks they should also lay some concertina and put in a GPMG.
  20. Nyuu

    Anyone plays tower defense?

    got play or played before? can try this one haha its a cuter version of those WC3 TDs http://www.breathe.sg/jimbodefence/ if u pass lvl 12 tell me how to build zz i keep dying there
  21. Work at Singapore Land Tower should park car where?
  22. Kelpie

    A small scene at Hitachi Tower

    Recently, was at Hitachi building, queuing for Chwee Kueh at this food stall. In front, an office lady was trying to pay the cashier $1.50 in coins. 1stly, the cashier commented that one of the ten cent is dirty, doesn't want to accept . Nevermind, the OL gave her 2 x 5 cent coins. Guess what the cashier said : "we don't accept 5 cents" . I could understand why that OL was furious and told the cashier off :"If you don't want to sell me the chwee kueh, give back my money!" . Later, the boss intercepted and apologized to the OL. 10 cent coin not money meh? 2 x 5 cents also not legal tender meh . I walked away and went for Burger King instead. No wonder people been saying Singaporean has very poor customer service standard. Time is bad now and people still have this type of behaviour . Regards,
  23. Going to be attending 3 days of training there...scratching my head where is the best place to park without burning a hole in my pocket! Anyone any idea? Dont frequent that area so not familiar. Tks
  24. Malaysia's capital shows cracks On a hillside overlooking the grandiose administrative capital that Malaysia has built at vast expense, vacant lots marked with the names of dozens of countries lie empty. It's a diplomatic enclave without diplomats, embassies or limousines - and one of the most visible failures of Putrajaya, a multi-billion-dollar extravaganza of monumental avenues, lakes and dome-topped buildings. Putrajaya was the brainchild of former premier Mahathir Mohamad who ordered construction to begin on the site of an palm oil plantation in 1996, despite the economic firestorm that swept the region the following year. Mahathir, who turned Malaysia from a tropical backwater into one of Southeast Asia's biggest economies, was a fan of mega-projects including the Petronas Twin Towers, which was for a time the world's tallest building. The massive scale, cost and ambition of Putrajaya sets it apart as perhaps his biggest achievement, but less than a decade after it was unveiled, the cracks are beginning to show and Mahathir has joined the ranks of detractors. "At night it is deserted, because all it has are government offices. We want to see a living town," he said earlier this year, accusing his successor Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of losing interest. "When I see broken tiles and broken pavements, I feel saddened," said Mahathir, who envisioned Putrajaya as a triumph of Islamic development, as well as relieving congestion in the overcrowded capital Kuala Lumpur. "If leaders don't take an interest, neither will minor officials." Kuala Lumpur lies 25 kilometres (15 miles) north, and clogged highways and poor public transport links make Putrajaya an often unpopular destination for those compelled to visit for business or bureaucracy. Most government ministries have relocated there, despite the grumbles of employees, but private business has been slow to follow despite government incentives and encouragement. Mahathir said that not enough has been done to attract the private sector, or the foreign missions that were supposed to occupy the diplomatic enclave that has already been established with access roads, shops and landscaping. Many countries have bought plots, but so far only the Iraqis have broken ground, and most diplomats have no intention of giving up their missions in central Kuala Lumpur, and their elegant colonial-era residences nearby. While those in Kuala Lumpur may sneer, Putrajaya's 60,000 residents are generally full of praise for their purpose-built town, with its clean air, wide boulevards and lush parks. Most are public servants who have been won over by subsidised housing, and facilities like shopping centres and cinemas that have gradually sprung up. "Initially everyone complained but now they are more comfortable as there are no traffic jams, not like in Kuala Lumpur," said education ministry employee Robiah Kamal, 33. "The facilities are very good - schools, nurseries and clinics - and you don't have to rush for everything," she said at the gleaming Alamanda shopping complex where office workers converge at lunchtime. Despite the pleasant surroundings and the topiary along the highways, critics of Putrajaya say it was a massive waste of money and that its architecture is grandiose and culturally inappropriate. The overwhelmingly Islamic-style buildings are out of place in a country which is dominated by Muslim Malays, but also home to large ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities, says architectural academic Mohamad Tajuddin. He criticises the magnificent lakeside mosque as being designed more for tourists than the faithful, and says the prime minister's office, a giant edifice topped with a green 'onion dome,' is downright arrogant. "Palatial is alright if you're a king who owns the country, but we are a democracy and we're supposed to be ruled by the people," he said. "If you want to go and see your leader, it should be easy to do so. If you want to pray, it should be easy to do so -- instead of creating a fortress-like atmosphere." A spate of problems at the grand Putrajaya ministries last year, including collapsing ceilings and a burst water pipe that inundated the immigration department, raised more questions. "I feel ashamed. These are new buildings and there are problems. There must be something wrong," Abdullah said at the time. Tajuddin argues Putrajaya should have been designed in sympathy with Malaysia's harsh sun and tropical storms, with shaded path and breezy verandas instead of baking hot avenues and expanses of paved plazas. "If you're going to have a kingdom designed to show opulence, it's going to be maintenance-intensive. Things are going to get broken very fast. Landscaping and flowers are all very expensive," he said. Samusudin Osman, president of the Putrajaya Corporation which runs the town, has heard all the complaints before and good-naturedly urges critics to be realistic. http://www.business24-7.ae/articles/...eaacefdfc.aspx
  25. Garlic

    Another tower defense game

    This is pretty addictive. http://www.towerdefence.net/games-115-Elit...ces_Defense.php