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Found 153 results

  1. For example the small projects like Balmoral Gardens, which has only 40 units and mixed studio and normal condo units. Since such condo is so small, does the resident must go to the AGMs? Or do they have to participate in the affiars of the condo? I like a quiet life with no disturbances from others, like neighbours, or management offices, etc, just like my corner HDB unit, besides signing up electricity with PUB when I got the key I never had any interaction with any strangers and my only neighbor never comes home more than 10 days a year.
  2. hello anyone has this very small tiny bug crawling on walls & ceiling? you have to go near to see them. anyone know how to get rid of them? thanks.
  3. https://youtu.be/-VmrDqFNvxs A group meet up among group of Subaru owners. Enjoy
  4. Neutrino

    Small electric porridge pot.

    I'm looking for a small porridge maker for my mil who just eats a very small amount of porridge due to dysphagia. Small one on Qoo100 but instructions etc in Japanese. Seen a 0.5l one in Courts but wonder if there is anything smaller anywhere here.
  5. Do you use your car as a mini storage space? Since your car is your second personal home, would you use it to store things you need to use or to hide some things like unauthorised purchases, or avoid all the clutter inside your car? Like using your car to hide your "unauthorised" purchases from your wife, like golf clubs, electronic gadgets, etc. Use it to store your kid's toys which they can play during journeys. Use it to store your work related stuff. Use it to keep additional clothes and shoes just in case. Keep all the name cards in the glove box.
  6. Throttle2

    Small car suggestion

    Fellas, am thinking of getting small daily car for wife to run errants , to school and grocery shopping with expected mileage of 200km to 300km per month I am looking at reg yr 2007-2008, auto, under $40k Any suggestions , ideas and experience sharing? Thanks
  7. Hi: For safety, anyone know how to set the "small light" to auto-on each time when we switch on the engine? Fyi, this car did not have the light auto-on function. Any setting we can set to the car? Thanks.
  8. Phluvcat

    Honda's Small RS Concept

    Mod please help delete this thread. Din realise its in the forum already. Solly!!!
  9. Singapore - There were reasons to cheer for those looking to buy a 1,600cc car or a motorcycle, as the Certificates of Entitlement (COE) supply for the August to January period was released yesterday. The monthly quota of COEs in these categories will be increased for the six-month period: There will be 1,096 COEs each month in the small car category, or 76 more per month compared with the previous six-month period. For motorcycles, there will be 775 COEs each month, or 124 more COEs each month. However, buyers of larger cars, goods vehicles and buses are likely to face stiffer competition over the next six months, due to a fall in the COE supply. There will be 706 COEs for cars larger than 1,600cc, 141 fewer than the previous allocated quota. The goods vehicle and buses category will see 68 fewer COEs over the next six months. Overall, COE supply for the next six months remained relatively stable with 3,721 COEs available each month. The COE quota comprises three components: Provision for 1.5 per cent vehicle growth based on the vehicle population as at end December last year; replacement COEs for vehicles deregistered between January and June this year, and adjustment for over-projections of vehicle de-registrations between 2008 and 2009. Motor dealers Today spoke to said they do not expect COE prices to cool off anytime soon. Mr Ron Lim, general manager for Nissan agent Tan Chong Motor, noted that the 7-per-cent increase in the smaller car category is "marginal" compared with the "drastic" 16-per-cent fall seen in the larger car category. "We expect the continental car dealers to enter the smaller cars category and add pressure to the bidding," Mr Lim said. For the larger cars, Singapore Vehicle Traders' Association's honorary secretary Raymond Tang noted that the demand for luxury continental brands is still strong and expects premiums to breach the S$70,000 mark in next week's bidding. "COE prices will keep going up as there aren't enough COEs to go around," Mr Tang said. The next COE quota announcement - for the COE bidding period from February to July next year - will be made in January. The Land Transport Authority said the 1.5 per cent vehicle growth rate, which is valid for three years from 2009 to this year, is under review. It will announce the growth rate from next year once the review is completed. source http://www.todayonline.com/Singapore/EDC11...rs,-motorcycles
  10. ins1dious

    Audi Q2 SUV

    Didn't know Audi had a smaller than Q3 SUV planned. Those front DRL look suspiciously like the "Thor" hammer design of Volvo. And that large C-pillar? nah.... not good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uw62NGnvlA
  11. bought this stuff last week and yesterday forgot to turn off my vehicle room light and left it on the whole night couldn't start in the morning lucky to have this thing to save my time and effort if not i'll be late for my appointment . http://singapore.gumtree.sg/c-Stuff-for-Sale-Mobile-Phones-Power-Cables-Worlds-First-Whopping-14000-mAh-Jump-Starter-Power-Bank-Charger-W0QQAdIdZ526889107
  12. Hishercar

    Small claim tribunal

    Anybody got any idea what do you if you are out of the country and cannot attend the 1st meeting what to do advice needed thanks
  13. letter from writer http://www.todayonline.com/voices/hougang-nursing-home-needs-more-sensitive-chinese-name response from THK http://www.todayonline.com/voices/hougang-nursing-homes-chinese-name-changed-over-feedback
  14. To those driving the small cc models with turbo like Ford's Ecoboost or VW's TSI, do you agree with their report? http://pressroom.consumerreports.org/press...my-entry-2.html
  15. Throttle2

    Small car for swirl removal and wax

    Hello Fellas, I got a very small car which i would like to get the swirl marks and birdsh!t marks removed from specific areas like the front bonnet of car and the roof. Interior of car requires no grooming as it was done not long ago. Can someone advise or recommend a good place to do? If really necessary, I dont mind doing the whole car. As the car is very small and i may not have that much time. 3hrs is all I can afford. Any indication of price and examples of work done would be helpful. Thank you very much.
  16. hi Reverse from small road to main road wanted to find out whats the penalty for such an offence? thanks
  17. cocobay

    Small car for a lady

    Hi, I posted for advice at the Jazz and Mazda thread, but no good response, thought of starting this thread for some advice. I am going into sales early next year, so will need a form of own transportation. This is the first time I am buying a car, and I am looking at resale rather than new. Can I request for some advice and help here? what I need is a Automatic compact car(saloon or hatchback ), easy to drive, easy to maintain, and easy to park ( very bad at parking). haha I will have $1000 transport allowance, $500 petrol allowance, parking and ERP is claim as use. I want to keep the car expenses within this budget,is it possible? I have in mind Honda Jazz and Mazda2, any other recommendations welcome. Thank you all.
  18. Hi Software Experts, Asking on behalf of a friend who runs a SME and is looking for such software: "we are looking for an integrated software solution comprises of POS, Retail Management system, Wholesales distribution(Sales Order entry and Inventory management) and Manufacturing (Production tracking, WIP and delivery tracking) components. All these mentioned components must share a common Financial Accounting software platform. The solution is expected to be cost effective coupled with prompt and reliable support from the vendor. We need to first find out the pricing structure and the vendor's interest in conducting a product demonstration at our premises without obligation." If you have lobang, let me have the contact info and I will pass it to my friend. Thank you very much Regards,
  19. An irresponsible driver scratched her car and walked away without even a word of apology or any compensation made. Tough luck. Just helping my friend to share this, and for general awareness for all fellow drivers.
  20. Below is the link in Straits Times Some people said that it was a Kelisa. Any opinion? ST link
  21. BoneStock

    Small Tyres

    Hi folks, I just bought a small car recently and it came with Falken ZE322. These are relatively new with date code Dec 2011 and thread is still very thick. When pumping air, I noticed that the rubber on the tyre valves for all 4 tyres have cracked. So I plan to change out all four tyres ASAP. Need advice from bros here as I am not familiar with 14" tyres. This size seems to be very rare and there are not many choices available. btw, my ride's size is 185 60/R14 Went to check out SgCarstore and found the following tyres 1) Goodyear Assurance 2) Goodyear Duraplus 3) Nexen CP672 4) Pirelli P6 5) Dunlop EC201 6) Kumho Solus KH17 My last 3 sets of tyres are Hankook V8RS and K415, and Kumho KU37. I don't need sporty tyres, just reasonable grip on dry and wet will do. Something similar to K415 standard... Budget below 100 per tyre. Avoid MIC if possible. Thanks very much!
  22. Was searching YouTube and came across these videos. Not sure about you but it came across quite strongly the need to consider safety. This is reinforced by pictures of accidents of some cars here in Singapore. Thought I share these the links to these videos and, hopefully, if a change in purchase decision can save a life or two, it would have been worth it. Search string in YouTube "IIHS Small Overlap Crash Test" In no particular order: Toyota Camry / Rating - Poor Subaru Legacy / Rating - Acceptable Audi A4 / Rating - Poor BMW 3-Series / Rating - Marginal Mazda 6 / Rating - Acceptable Toyota Prius / Rating - Poor Mercedes C-Class / Rating - Poor Volvo S60 / Rating - Good Hyundai Sonata / Rating - Marginal