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  1. Nicholas

    Merc lady driver driving against traffic

    With so many people staring at her mistake, taking photos and videoing her, I think she was just very stressed in that situation and in her anxiety made the wrong move. A very bad move... Not that I condone what she's done, just kinda sympathize as I used to have anxiety attacks.
  2. Nicholas

    Recommend under seat active sub

    No difference. Woofer is omni directional. If you want just request to try both sides, cables should be long enough.
  3. Because it's doable. If 20 years ago when LTA implemented ERP, hundreds of thousands cars and bikes no ERP device, and we managed it, how hard would it be to implement license plates on bicycles?
  4. Feel some wrath from you as well. Encountered these people before? I still think try better than don't try. 多一事不如少一事。Many people would think twice before doing something stupid in front of a camera. I proposed to having license plates for bicycles around 10 years ago when I started driving. Many dismissed it as it's hard to implement which I think is bs. If we can do to cars and bikes, we can do to bicycles.
  5. When meet this kind of people and you have car camera, just point to it to make them go away.
  6. Nicholas

    Correct way of driving

    Got people use left foot to brake? The position of the brake doesn't make sense to do that, isn't it? I imagine that would be one of our many causes of accidents here; kanchiong then anyhow step.
  7. Nicholas

    Are there any blue cars on the road?

    I don't really understand the topic. Even if buy paint for house also don't have just "blue". Same goes for any other colors. Unless maybe you use children's poster color.
  8. Nicholas

    Kpe @ airport road

    Put a small gantry for them, express pass like Universal studios.
  9. Nicholas

    Kpe @ airport road

    Definitely needs to improve some of the expressway entrances where it always jam, but I think if people complain they will just put 1 more ERP gantry there. Also, by right if everyone queue up properly, the queue may seem longer but it should be faster to get in, no?
  10. Nicholas

    [Help] Less than 3 month new car got hit and run by van

    Off the top of my head ... Move on like what @mrlancergtx said, self repair and forget about it. Only cost $140+- to get it repainted like new. One day he will get what he deserved. Second route, die die make him pay. Get a phone recorder and call him again. Although I read that it's not illegal to record conversations in SG, I not sure how it will work for insurance claim if he admits over the phone but don't want to pay. I don't want to hai you, so please check it's legality and if your insurance will allow you to use it.
  11. Nicholas

    To Honda SCP6123U Video Requested

    Yes that was my experience when I went there during Sept holidays weekdays. Sometimes I drive, sometimes I book Grab.
  12. Nicholas

    To Honda SCP6123U Video Requested

    OP worry too much. In Singapore where many drivers are impatient, just drive properly and don't worry too much. I miss driving in Penang where everyone just drive relaxed; no honking other than bikers who wants to alert drivers and cars would just stop for you to cross the road while waiting in the middle.
  13. Nicholas

    Touch up paint marker or bottle for Lexus

    Not Singapore but still would like to share: last time I bought online from colorndrive as I couldn't find my paint colour as well. A bit ex. US$40 includes very fast shipping like 3-4 days but it was an exact match and comes with a bunch of useful stuffs. The solution included was useful for removing excess paint. https://colorndrive.com/en/touch-up-paint/lexus-is-c-tyrian-grey-mica-met-9al,74219/details By the way, if your scratch can't see metal, then maybe you can just compound/polish it away.
  14. Nicholas

    One Litre of Petrol Idle for How Long?

    It's not good... for your wallet cause NEA will fine you. I don't think it will do AC or engine much harm while idling.
  15. Nicholas

    One Litre of Petrol Idle for How Long?

    Approximately 1.5 hours for 1500cc car, according to this: