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  1. Noelleon69

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    I see so the deciding factor lies in the camera's exposure to hot weather. In my case most of the time my car is parked indoors. Guess that's why I do not have any memory card failures after so many years.
  2. Noelleon69

    Iottie Easy Touch 4 Car Mount

    Possible but I believe any marks left behind can be cleaned away easily.
  3. Noelleon69

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    Don't like that say ma... not like you had confirmed otherwise right. Anyway I checked with the SE and yes C&C allows owners to go other workshops so long as the workshop is "qualified specialist" workshop and they use original parts etc.
  4. Noelleon69

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    Ok cool... I also been using "regular" memory card (i.e. not the premium range) for years on my iroad AEV and haven't had any problems or had to occassionally do any reformatting. But seeing that there are high endurance memory cards now, makes me wonder if it is all gimmick.
  5. Noelleon69

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    Well... the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore said they have already obtained cooperation and agreement from major car dealers. CCCS is a statutory board which administers and enforces the Competition Act, I would on face value give it some weight there. Do you have some bad experience that you are sore about? https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/car-dealers-independent-workshops-warranty-void-9488024 http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/restrictions-on-car-servicing-repairs-and-parts-to-be-lifted-competition-watchdog https://www.cccs.gov.sg/media-and-publications/media-releases/major-car-dealers-amend-warranty-terms
  6. Noelleon69

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    So what are the items that you did end up modding? For those warranty over, any workshops in the West to intro? With the removal of warranty restrictions now, there's no real must to go back agent for normal oil change servicings at the least. Agents cannot anyhow void this and that with no basis.
  7. Noelleon69

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    Hello everyone, placed order for the C180 Coupe in Dec and the car should be delivering soon (was told likely before mid-May). Was wondering if anyone is able to advise on some questions I have: 1) Any C205 coupe owners here, what's the stock 17" tyres that came with the car and is it a noisy tyre? 2) Any "must do" or recommended or common mods to do? E.g. I read that the stock wiper blades is a common issue on juttering. 3) If I choose not to trade in my existing car, does it mean that C&C will not be able to offer any discount (e.g. encash service credits, additional discount from SE) if it means that they are unable to incorporate these discounts under the trade in value field? 4) What's the grade of Huper Optik solar films that C&C gives? 5) Any recommended/reputable merc workshops in the West? 6) Do you guys bring your preferred engine oil for servicing or just use whatever C&C uses? Thanks.
  8. Noelleon69

    Iottie Easy Touch 4 Car Mount

    Iottie is worth the purchase. I used to be cheapo and just keep buying those cheap few bucks kind of phone mounts, but they always fall off and the moving part (which lets you adjust the angle) becomes loose after short while. Its irritating and so much hassle of having to buy new mounts again and again. I bought the iottie one touch 2 about 3 years ago from Amazon and never regretted the purchase, later upgraded to the version 3 and still using till date. I also like it for its ability to let you adjust the distance towards you and the flexibility of the angles. I've seen rebranded copycats on Taobao (cheaper of course) but I've no clue on the quality. I've also seen on qoo10 before, can also consider buying from there when there is discount coupon available.
  9. Noelleon69

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    I recently bought the X9 model as an upgrade and I like to seek some opinions on memory cards. With parking mode, is the Sandisk Ultra/Samsung Evo good enough to use without issues?
  10. Noelleon69

    Recommend under seat active sub

    Yeah the Alpine SWE-1000 does look fat... probably might not fit under the seat. SWD-1600 is quite an old model right. Keep the feedback coming :)
  11. Hi guys, Am thinking of getting an active sub to put under the car seat. Did a search in the forum and results are topics that were some time back, so thought I ask again to see if there are new developments :) I'm not an audiophile so I don't need high end one, but same time don't want to get very cheap brandless/china ones that might not last. Just looking for one roughly that is value for money for its performance. My Scirocco is due to arrive soon, so since I don't have the car yet I don't have the under seat space measurements but would like to shortlist some options first. I have read some discussion on Pioneer TS-WX11A. Also saw 3 models from Steelmate SW826, SW826V & SW833V2. Any thoughts?
  12. Noelleon69

    Any recommendations for slim under seat sub?

    So whatever prices they mention still can try to bargain lah? Hehehe ok... What brands to look out for? I don't want some ulu brand kind nobody buy or use, I am not necessary looking for cheapest also.
  13. Not much of an audiophile nor much into ICE... Just looking for a slim sub woofer to put under my seat to improve the bass (which I find lacking and to save space). I don't intend to get any amp so I believe what I need is an active sub right? I don't need high end, as long it does its job good enough for the average user will do. Any recommendations on the brand, where to get and rough price range? Thanks!
  14. Noelleon69

    Got caught for holding chewing gum

    From my understanding, only not allowed to sell here. Consuming gum is not against the law.
  15. Noelleon69

    HUD Speedometer

    Pm sent Wha your virgin post in almost 3 years, used to ask about the HUD... hope you enjoy it if you end up installing