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Found 238 results

  1. Hope this is helpful and drive safely... for the guys do try to come back with 3 legs
  2. While waiting at the traffic to turn green, do you have the habit to blow your exos like every few seconds?
  3. any feedback? as i look ard n all costs 150++ thks all bros
  4. Good thing for CAR forums, it's not so lonely hahaha https://www.ricemedia.co/culture-life-singaporean-men-50s-non-existent-social-circles/ Why Do Singaporean Men in Their 50s Have Non-Existent Social Circles? Culture Life 5 Jul 2019 Photos: RICE/Zachary Tang David Attenborough would have a field day with the male homo sapiens. They may be a strange species, but—I will give them this—they are consistently fascinating across the board. From broader subspecies (Alpha Males, Ah Bengs, Christian Boys) to more niche ones, such as Men Who Blue-Tick Or Selectively Reply Your Texts But Continue To Watch All Your IG Stories, each one leaves me with more unanswered questions than watching a certain minister talk about POFMA with Michelle Chong. But there is one subspecies I had never given much thought until now: Men In Their 50s Who Appear To Have Zero Friends. This subspecies is typically middle-class with their own family. Their lives follow a familiar routine: after work, they go home, have dinner, and spend the rest of the night watching TV or videos on their phones. Rinse and repeat—every day. In their spare time or on weekends, they do grocery shopping at their neighbourhood NTUC FairPrice, sit at mall food courts scrolling their phones, or just … I don’t know … exist? If you are in your early to mid-20s, chances are you live with one such specimen in your own home: your dad. A man in his 50s... Probably. “Aside from work and family, my dad doesn’t seem to have friends. I think this is a thing, you know,” a colleague enthuses one day. Let’s call her X. When I ask X to elaborate on her observation, she sends me a WhatsApp message that’s essentially an 800-word essay (!!). “I feel bad for him because my mom has quite a few friends, and so do my sister and I. When we’re not around, he’s kinda alone. Surely this will get worse when my sis and I eventually get married and move out,” she begins. “At his job, he’s the boss so he doesn’t really socialise with his colleagues. He eats a lot of his meals alone. And if something bad happens at work or at home who can he talk to right? He complains a lot to my mom about work and life already, but I don’t think it’s healthy to heap all of this onto one person. I don’t quite comprehend how someone can go through life with family being their only support system.” While X’s dad doesn’t hate socialising, he doesn’t actively build or maintain strong friendships either, probably because “he’s not looking for anything long term, just some social interaction every now and then”. Other friends reveal a similar pattern: their dads return home after work, then spend the evening with family and/or alone. Sometimes, they while away time by drifting in and out of their children’s rooms after dinner to make conversation, or park themselves on the corner of a couch watching Youtube. If they have regular ‘hobbies’, they’re mostly solitary ones, such as reading, exercising, taking walks, going to the museum, tending to potted plants, commenting on car forums, scrolling through Facebook, playing golf, and so on. Outside work, their social interactions are usually limited to their children or wife’s friends (although the latter is extremely rare). A few mention their dads “keeping in touch with friends” via WhatsApp, but rarely see their dads actually spend time with said friends. One friend says his dad attends the occasional school reunion, but otherwise doesn’t have friends whom he meets often. Their dads’ reasons for a relatively solitary lifestyle include “no time”, “no reason to [hang out with friends]”, “prefer spending time at home”, or simply that they just prefer life this way. A man in his 50s? Could be. Almost everyone intuitively understands how the exact demographic in question operates, but it’s trickier to pinpoint the root of the phenomena. And as a Single Female Millennial, I am the furthest possible subspecies from Men In Their 50s. But I get it. For starters, it’s common knowledge that friendships tend to dwindle significantly once you become a parent, and this is no one’s fault. Parenting is simply the most life-changing and all-consuming job in the world. When you’re not changing diapers, you’re thinking of the next time you have to change diapers. Or find a Good School for your child to attend. Or deal with conflicting in-law parenting techniques. Or basically just ensure your kid doesn’t die on your watch. Thus most parents would be familiar with the inevitable gravitation towards their child becoming the fulcrum upon which their universe hinges. This unconscious decision usually entails solely focusing on work outside of family, so they can provide for said family, and often results in the culling of many ‘frivolous pursuits’. Drinking with your buddies till 1 AM: No go. Sleeping in till 11 AM on weekends and spending the rest of the day in bed poring over Netflix: Not anymore. Spontaneously arranging to meet a friend in town for brunch just a few hours before: Are you shitting me? Absolutely not. Life becomes a succession of precise and predictable plans. With ‘adventure’ nuked from a parent’s vocabulary, every routine is meant to minimise any chance of mess ups, which might be a mere headache for regular folk but could actually cause a ruptured blood vessel for parents. Apparently though, this ‘affliction’ doesn’t quite befall their female counterparts (i.e. Women/Moms In Their 50s). Perhaps women, in general, appear to more readily engage in idle gossip and chit-chat, therefore giving themselves more opportunities to socialise with new friends or acquaintances in their later years. The same friends whose dads have little/no friends report their moms being more likely to turn colleagues into friends, develop interests and hobbies that grant them access to a whole new community, or become friends with other moms. So they don’t worry as much about what their moms would do or how they’d occupy their time after retirement. A man in his 50s. Or 60s? Sorry uncle, I can't tell. Dads In Their 50s, however, grew up in a time when men were usually the sole breadwinner in the family. They were taught to prioritise putting in hard work and doing everything to provide for their families. As a result, friendships were seen as secondary to their mental and emotional wellbeing. If there was time to cultivate thriving friendships, that was simply a bonus. Friendships were never a necessity for a ‘good life’. And so, in their early/mid-30s to 50s, Dads In Their 50s gave up friendships to raise us. Unfortunately, these years are crucial for building sustainable lifelong adult friendships, which are already tedious to maintain even if one were single. Once their children are grown adults, Dads In Their 50s realise they no longer have the social circles they used to have in their 20s. At this stage, their friends are either married and/or with their own families, or they’ve stayed single and led a starkly different life that it would be near impossible to reunite based on common interests. Unless they were intentional enough to rekindle friendships or court new friends, Dads In Their 50s can hardly make “friends” who aren’t other Dads In Their 50s. That said, fading friendships have been a thing since time immemorial, and seem to plague Men Of All Ages. As it is, a male friend once mentioned feeling like he’d lost all his friends after becoming a parent. He now struggles to bridge the chasm between his old life and his present reality as a parent. Though no man is an island, many eventually learn to be self-reliant, although not reclusive. A man on his 50s. I mean, who knows anymore, really? Many of us are eons away from retirement, so the prospect of how or with whom we’re going to spend our old age might be a mere abstraction. But, if our Dads In Their 50s are anything to go by, those of us who plan to get married and start families should pay heed to the seemingly inevitable death of our social circles. Even though pop culture rarely accords as much weight to friendships as romantic relationships, the significance of having close friends throughout life cannot be understated. After all, it is only healthy to have our own priorities that aren’t tied to familial obligations. If we don’t want to turn out like Men In Their 50s Who Appear To Have Zero Friends, then cultivating friendships should be an intentional and lifelong endeavour. But therein lies another issue: while our concerns that our Dads In Their 50s don’t get lonely in old age stem from a good place, we might also unwittingly be perpetuating the idea that solitude or being alone is a ‘bad thing’, and that extroversion or socialisation is the ‘norm’. There seem to be few people who are as comfortable taking walks alone, eating alone, going shopping alone, travelling alone, spending time alone, as Men In Their 50s Who Appear To Have Zero Friends. It might often be an inadvertent consequence of marriage and starting a family, but let’s not presume they aren’t perfectly content. It is often said that all you need is one person. Men In Their 50s Who Appear To Have Zero Friends remind us this person should, first and foremost, be ourselves. I LOL at this one hahaha...sounds like @davidtch If they have regular ‘hobbies’, they’re mostly solitary ones, such as reading, exercising, taking walks, going to the museum, tending to potted plants, commenting on car forums, scrolling through Facebook, playing golf, and so on. Outside work, their social interactions are usually limited to their children or wife’s friends (although the latter is extremely rare). A few mention their dads “keeping in touch with friends” via WhatsApp, but rarely see their dads actually spend time with said friends. One friend says his dad attends the occasional school reunion, but o
  5. Hi all. I just went my regular ws (Autobac) in JB for a service n 4 wheel computerised alignment. Seems now they only do the Side-Slip(Toe-in/Toe-out) adjustment for the usual RM30-45. If u wan to adjust the camber they charge extra. Looks like those JB WS r thinking of ways to increase the charges to us. If they wan to charge extra for the camber adjustment just walk away. :angry: There r still many places that do the side-slip n camber adjustments for RM30-45 as b4. Anyway I wil not b going to Autobac anymore cos their charges n prices seem to have increased since they shifted to their new place further down the road.
  6. Nf0rc3r

    Those considering China Cars

    Just sharing a post from vrz which I found to be very true as my dad also has this same model. For those who looking to buy china cars (Hopefully used as now its not worth it to buy new). and for those who still have impression of Chinese cars from 2000. Its already 2012
  7. During 2013, COE was around 70-80k. Few times went over 90k. Have you decided to scrap current car and buy new one??
  8. Why all those who quit are normally good employees? Here’s 8 reasons why! It is not all difficult to retain a good, hard-working employee in Singapore. The Lion City has an excellent working environment, salary packages are attractive and rank high up in Asia. But just why big companies will often force employees out of the door? Just why good employees leave? Well, because they simply know their talent can be realized somewhere else. If companies can’t provide a harmonious workplace, it won’t be hard to see why they can’t hold on to the talented employees. A consultancy report from CEB said that usually 33% of top-ranked employees normally have this conflict with their employers and would have started seeking for greener pastures just few weeks into their job! Once a company loses the heart of their top-ranked employees, the group will not just choose to say I QUIT! They will also lose interest in their job. Mr Michael E. Kibler from Corporate Balance Concepts INC, an employee coaching firm, has been researching why employees quit their companies. He attributes this to “executive brownout”. To put it simply, no battery already! Staff affected by this phenomenon become disengaged, demotivated and lose interest in their jobs. The more usual symptoms will be disengagement, discontent and lethargy. On the surface, their job performance is not bad, but they are secretly going downhill, and the exit door is where they are headed. Companies who want to avoid this from happening can try to avoid these 8 workplace practices, which normally get under the skin of top-rated employees. #1. Don’t put up too much rules Yes. Simple as that. Don’t make it like a school, where there are even restrictions on meal times and toilet breaks. Employees feel restrained simply by that and the doubts will start to creep in. All are working professionals, not little children! #2. All are equal In the eyes of the law, all are equal. But it shouldn’t be the same at a workplace. The elite will feel left out should the boss treat all equally. They will think that all the rewards and benefits they deserve aren’t any different from those who have poor work performance. #3. Enduring poor work performance If a company doesn’t act in helping an employee snap out from poor performance, such as sending him for courses, he will soon drag down the whole organization. The company got to solve this problem fast and not act blur. #4. Non acknowledgment of the talented ones Who doesn’t like to be recognized for the hard work put in? It is just like the Employee of the Month plaque you see in fast food restaurants. Seriously, this is the best thing a company can do if they are already not handing out 13th month bonus! #5. Show some love, lah! A relationship between company and employee is like watering a plant. If you don’t give it TLC (Tender, Love, Care), how do you expect it to grow. You must show care and concern for your employee! Remember, they are not robots! They are made of flesh and blood! #6. Future When distributing work, give them a perspective on how this will help in their career advancement. Don’t just simply shove them work and give them deadline! #7. Let them pursue other interests! Google normally gives out 20% of an employee’s worktime to let them pursue their own interest, and this should be of beneficial value to the company. It is vital as employees will enter a FLOW mentality. It is one that allows employees to enjoy their work, and expand their capability. #8. Make the workplace interesting If employees can’t enjoy sticking around a workplace, the company really got to start thinking. Ever heard of the saying, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? Go Google HQ find out, look into their HQ, see how fun it is to work there! To sum it up, a good company shouldn’t be sending out terse notices all the time. They should learn to mix heavy work with great fun. That is the ultimate recipe to a conducive work environment.
  9. Sign taken from Sydney NSW. I think its a lot cheaper in our town.
  10. I have been thinking for awhile now but still don't understand how this works. I always see pple saying that when COE crash (I don't know how low is consider crash) those pple with high COE (how high is high? 90k 80k 70k?) can change car as it's more "worth" it. But then we can only get back the unused COE half of the OMV (less CEVS if applicable). am I missing something else? So if I change car after 3 yrs my depreciation will be very high like 15-20k per year? so how is it worth changing? Pls enlighten me lol...
  11. Just a caution for brothers trying to enter with less than 3/4 tank. Noticed recently they've been checking cars entering. Went in twice for supper (after 11pm~2am timing).....once on weekday and once on weekend. Once i was asked to stop for a quick peek probably at my fuel meter (weekend) and another time the car in front of me was asked to stop for a sec probably to check. Not too sure if they checked randomly but just a word of caution for those whom tries.
  12. This is the perfect solution if you need convenience and added carrying capacity: http://handirackuk.com/ Very nice and well designed. Selling for USD59.90 in some online stores and GBP49.95 in UK online stores.
  13. Hi all, i would like to use this thread to share information when you are looking to trade in your cars to dealers. By making use of this information here, we can provide the trade in price that the dealers are offering for your current car, then the people who browse this thread can also offer you a price that is above what the dealer quotes you. WIN WIN for both sellers and buyers. Sellers can to sell their cars at prices higher than what dealers offer, buyers can buy used car at a much more reasonable price. Hope that i can start this thread to make buying/selling prices more reasonable, more transparent. format as shows. Make: Model Colour COE Mileage OMV Handover date Dealer $$$
  14. keep away from lane 1 if you not confident of keeping you vehicle in lane. I know there is a concrete barrier on the right side. Stop driving in between lane 1 and 2, you are hogging 2 lanes at the same time!
  15. I read from the websites that parking offences seem to be under the purview of HDB and URA. So how does the traffic police fit into the picture? Apologies if this question is too stupid...
  16. Every now and than we get ppl posting all over the shop asking for help to locate lost car.......lost driver ................lost dog.............lost cat...............lost virgin.........lost whatever............... Start this "LOST N FOUND".........so please please please..................those want to post asking for help to locate whatever.................please dont go hijack other threads and spam all over the place................come and post here................gives those want to help a easier life also lah............. MODS...............is it possible to pin this thread so that it does not get lost also..............otherwise "LOST N FOUND" also lost............laugh the hell out of everyone.................
  17. Not perfect but sure sextisfy you
  18. Some companies only give 500 to1k for transport allowance, can you afford to buy a car just for the sales job? Or u may switch line? Currently got offered a sales job with 1k transport allowance. After calculation I think it need at least 1.5k in order to own a car now. Now really don't know what t do
  19. . . . please feedback to MDA at http://www.mda.gov.sg/AboutMDA/NewsReleasesSpeechesAndAnnouncements/Pages/NewsDetail.aspx?news=640.
  20. Maybe this should go into Feedback & Suggestions, but I believe posting in Lite & Easy gets more attention. Ever since all those drama 2.5 years back, I decided to take a back seat and be a silent reader, but cannot hold back anymore to write something. The system has migrated from a Moderators govern to a more members govern by the means of the "Praise" and "Dislike" function. How many members understand and are actually doing this? People seem to be going after the praises, and getting mad at dislikes ( maybe most dislikes are personal). What I see is really hypocritical. After the admin came forward and made an announcement, people started to come in and agree this agree that, why did they not do anything about it earlier? There was a thread earlier before the admin spoke, how many actually went it to support? Surprising those who supported the all black avatar did not comment much or if any at all, they did it by "action". My respect to these members. Why is there a need for such a drama in the first place? yellow cards fly freely and "banned" was common 2.5 years ago, "banned" is still common now as I see it. Gearoil, 5052 posts, banned Darryn, 12817 posts, banned picanto, 12441 posts, banned comegetme, 258 posts, banned beside Gearoil, the rest were banned within the last month, how serious were their offends compare to those sex discussions? In my opinion, it seem like a case of, 'you are banned because I don't like you, and you are safe to do whatever you want as long as you are with me." Oh well, this may be my last post before I cannot log in anymore, so be it. lol Still, I want to do my part, and therefore I am going to continue with the "ALL BLACK AVATAR" here, leave the other thread out because the title did not spell as clearly. so it goes. Those who are for a cleaner MCF, change your avatar to an empty black image."
  21. Hi Anyone? 3M or any brand also can
  22. Picnic06-Biante15

    Educate Those Pedestrains .....

    Can something be done to those pedestrains who are crossing the junction when the 'blinking seconds' read only 6 seconds left and they are still only reaching the junction. Before you now, they double up their steps and as a driver, had to wait for him/her to cross. Surely, the pedestrain should know that they could not make it accross the road in 6 seconds. Certain junction have a very fast signal and the moment the 'red man appear', its turn amber and 'Red' light immediately and only 1 vehilce able to make the right turn. Wonder how many drivers get caught like me and get inside. This happen to me at the 'T' junction of TP Lor 6 and Braddell Road. Pedestrains would just walk even the 'blinking second' showing only 6 sec left and those turning right to Bradell Road would get caught and wait fot the next traffic signal. Only 1 car able to turn and traffic light turn 'Green' for Bradell Road cars and they are coming in fast, turning right to Lor 4 TP.
  23. recently an article caught my attention. this man by the name of "David Yuen" who advertised frequently in the newspapers advising people to follow his lucurative footsteps. he is said to own more than 100 properties generating 400m in rental each month. are these people really real? or just waiting to be uncovered like "Clement Chiang" who was a self professed options trading expert and then turned out to be false? does anyone have any real life experience to share?
  24. by default, family car is Auto transmission, normally driving AT represent luxurious and rich, so many manual car lovers have to switch to auto to avoid to be looked down by others, how do you guys think ?