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Found 82 results

  1. Neutrino

    Solar panels on HDB roof.

    From my high HDB I can look down on 12 storey HDB. There looks to be some work going on on a group of 12 storey HDB nearby where they appear to be installing solar panels on the roof. Is this correct and have they been installed elsewhere? I think it's a good idea.
  2. Does anyone know if the height of a car + roof rack + bicycle on roof can clear the Causeway and/or Tuas 2nd Link into Malaysia? Many thanks..
  3. JavinAiyo

    SUV’s rear roof spoiler

    Hi guys , created this forum to share this particular part Am driving a suzuki s cross 2019 and it’s hard for me to find much out of local shops . Do share if you guys have lobangs for suv’s rear roof spoiler
  4. can some1 here point out where i can get my car's interior roof lining/cloth to be changed???it has come out from its edges....how much will it cost for a conti??
  5. Hi, started this thread to find out more about Thule racks. Would like to request folks who have used Thule racks before to share their experiences. For me, I am currently exploring the possibility of fixing roof racks + roof box onto my Toyota MPV (Sienta). I have some questions that I hope can find some answers. 1) For cars without roof rails, how are Thule racks fixed onto the roof? Is any drilling of hole on the roof required? Read that cars with screw-holes on their rain gutter can be use to fix racks. Is this also possible for Toyota cars? 2) Besides Pro-RV, any other shops in Singapore that sells Thule racks? 3) Any problems that can result from installing roofracks? Eg, water leaking into car from the roof. 4) Any issues with height for entering MSCP? 5) How badly is FC affected with the empty box on, and also with just the rack without box? 6) Is the installation permanent, and cannot remove easily if we don't want the racks in future? 7) They have so many boxes, hard and soft type. Which model of box have you tried and which is good? I guess too big not good too small also not good. 8) The picture I found at the bottom is RV-INNO rack nd box. Any place selling this RV-INNO brand in Spore? Thanks for any contribution.
  6. How to make a Dummy 370Z Roof for 350Z
  7. Octopus

    How to clean car roof interior?

    My previous car the roof interior is canvas like material, so can be clean easily with wet cloth when I cleaning my car interior. But my current car the roof interior is carpet or fur like material, have not touch it since I got my car more than a year ago... Anyone can advise how you clean/maintain your car roof interior for those carpet/fur like material? I sometime drives with the window down, so worried carbon/soot from vehicle exhaust will cling onto the roof interior... Thanks.
  8. My family & I are planning to drive up to Genting Highlands for the holidays. As we need extra luggagespace, I have installed roof bars & will eventually put roof box/cargo. Anyone have tried to drive to Genting Highlands with roof box? How was the experience, is it generally safe? Along the way (stops on the high-way) as well as on parking at Genting Highlands? Any height clearance I should be aware of? Appreciate your inputs & sharing your experience.
  9. Wpower

    Roof blind

    Anyone tried repairing it before? Which shops specialise at it? The track seems to be out of alignment on mine. It's not moving though it makes grinding sound.
  10. If i want to re-line my roof with a different material, anyone here noes where can i get it done??? or is there any workshop guys here to offer me a quote?? thanks
  11. Chowyunfatt

    Roof Terrace

    Can anyone tell me if it is legal to build a Kitchen on a roof terrace? I've a Private Roof Terrace which is open & I would like to build an open concept Kitchen to do my cooking, so that my indoors would be clean. The area is totally covered & no one is able to look in from the outside. Its a Condo not a Landed, so what are the Legality issues here? Anyone here has the same experience? Thanks.
  12. Jellandross

    Parkour At Eastpoint Mall Roof

    Parkour enthusiast who scaled Eastpoint Mall roof deeply regrets his actions, police report lodged http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/parkour-enthusiast-who-scaled-eastpoint-mall-roof-deeply-regrets-his-actions-police-report?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&xtor=CS1-10#link_time=1504353603 SINGAPORE - The parkour enthusiast who filmed and posted a video of himself and a few others scaling the glass roof of a mall in Simei has said he deeply regrets his actions. A police report has been lodged over the incident. The video shows a group of young people performing various stunts, including climbing onto the glass dome roof of Eastpoint Mall and walking on top of the railings of a Pan-Island Expressway flyover. The video was originally posted on Facebook and YouTube by 23-year-old Koh Chen Pin on Aug 16, The New Paper reported on Saturday. The videos have since been taken down. Mr Koh, who goes by alias Denester and whose Facebook page has more than 42,000 followers and likes, told The Straits Times on Saturday (Sept 2) that he was remorseful. "I'm aware that some activities seen in the video are inappropriate and I deeply regret my actions," he said. The police confirmed with ST on Saturday that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing. The East Coast-Fengshan Town Council had told TNP that it would be filing a police report against the group. A spokesman for Eastpoint Mall told ST that the safety of its shoppers is paramount to them, and they take "a serious view against any acts of mischief that endanger the safety of those involved and others around them". "A police report was made and the incident is under investigation," said the spokesman. "The roof area at Eastpoint Mall is not designed for carrying out any activities and it is strictly out of bounds to the public. We seek the cooperation of all visitors to act responsibly." The mall is reinforcing security measures to prevent other incidents of unauthorised access. "Anyone caught trespassing into out-of-bounds areas will be handed over to the police," said the spokesman. The director of A2 Movements, said to be the first parkour academy in Singapore, told ST that he is well-acquainted with Mr Koh and he thinks it is a lesson to be learnt. Mr Tan Chi Ying, 31, said: "Not all parkour practitioners go to rooftops and not all those who go to rooftops are practising parkour." Mr Tan, who has about 50 students in his academy, said Mr Koh belongs to the second generation of parkour enthusiasts in Singapore, where parkour has flourished for about 10 years. "The first generation is us guys in their 30s. The second generation just crossed adulthood, so most of them are in their early 20s," he said. "I think they are starting to understand responsibilities and how the adult world works. As young people, they tend to be a bit more thrill-seeking." Mr Tan said the second-generation parkour practitioners in Singapore are starting to form a committee to lay down guidelines on the "really reckless things they should avoid". Commenting on the latest incident, he said: "I think it's a bit of trial by fire... doing parkour is not illegal but it is illegal to trespass."' This is the latest in a series of reported risky behaviour. In late August, a Sengkang condominium issued advisories after pictures of students sitting on open ledges on its 16th floor went viral. In February, 17-year-old Jonathan Chow Hua Guang died after falling to his death from the fourth-storey linkway of Orchard Central shopping mall.
  13. as requested. Police cordons off area as concrete sunshade almost comes crashing down at Tampines Blk 201E Posted on 25 September 2016 | 6,266 views | 8 comments FacebookTwitterGoogle Gmail Share
  14. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/roof-collapses-on-hilton/2343448.html# Looks like better not to go Orchard this year. So many incidents.
  15. Luke721

    Lobang for roof rails?

    Bros, Appreciate any recommendation for the rails (cheap and good would be great ) T.I.A.
  16. This is the perfect solution if you need convenience and added carrying capacity: http://handirackuk.com/ Very nice and well designed. Selling for USD59.90 in some online stores and GBP49.95 in UK online stores.
  17. Reuters

    Roof Railings

    Does anyone know where i can install roof railings on the car? How much will it cost roughly?
  18. Discoburg

    Interior roof cleaning

    Any one can recommend me a shop where they can clean up the interior roor fabric?
  19. Civic6656

    Roof dents...

    Can roof dents be repaired without putty and respraying? I've got 2 dents on my roof ...
  20. Anyone letting go their thule roof rack, can pm me price?
  21. I am sending my second hand Lexus IS250 for a respray to same color which is Pearl White, now i am contemplating whether to spray the roof Black or not, just like to seek the views of people here. Do you think it's nice or rice?
  22. Here's one piece of advice I'm sharing with you again, if you own a convertible with a soft top, please refrain from parking it somewhere without any surveillance. Well, it's for your own safety. You see, you might end up being one unfortunate owner whose car roof got slashed. Yes, it happened! The Audi R8 GT Spyder you are about to see in the video no longer has its proper soft top as it used to. It seems that maybe, someone envies the owner of the car for being able to afford such an expensive car while he/she can't. However, it was very unfortunate for the owner as the Audi R8 GT Spyder is the most exclusive R8 in store, there're only 333 examples of it, you know. With that being said, whoever is capable of affording such a car must have an exclusive sense of joy and pride. With the roof slashed now, it seems that there'll no longer be such a sense, or will there? Well, the owner of the car takes things easy, it seems. To fix the slashed roof of his super car, the owner simply counts on tapes and a plastic garbage bag! It seems that all that matters to the owner is that water won't pour into the car when it rains.
  23. Hi fellow MCFers, need some advice / feedback from anyone who has installed car roof boxes if there is any problem / restriction encountered going into multi-storey carparks? Seriously considering installing one but think my vehicle height would end up somewhere between 1.9-2.0m depending on how slim the box is. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  24. My roof mount monitor died but head unit working. Please recommend a basic roof mount monitor (9 inch & up) plus workshop to install. It's better if I can buy and install in the same shop. Basic and cheap as it is only for my kid viewing. Thank you.
  25. Say I have a car camera want to conceal the wire that leads all the way to the charger. What is the name of the thing that you use to stick the cable to windshield? Can't seem to find it. Or anyone tried using blutack before? Does it work? Tried searching but got no result.