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Found 30 results

  1. WE PROVIDE QUANLITY & GREAT FINISHING FOR YOUR AUTOMOBILE WE ONLY USE DUPONT PAINTS SPRAY PAINTING BODYKIT BODY TOUCH UP/SCRATCHES/ACCIDENTS/REFURBISH PANEL BEATING RIMS TOUCH UP/REPAIR/REFURBISH CARBON REFURBISH 3RD PARTY INSURANCE CLAIM/CONSULT RESPRAY SAME OR CHANGE COLOUR SPECIAL EFFECT PAINT TOWING SERVICE CONTACT US @ 98520107 ah poh ah_poh20@hotmail.com 68 kaki bukit ave 6 ark@kb #04-11 (417896) IN-HOUSE COMPUTERISE FORMULA PAINT FOR ALL CARS OF MODEL. WE ARE USING DUPONT PAINT GET SICK OF STANDARD NORMAL COLOUR? WE BRING IN NEW PAINT FROM OVERSEA fFOR YOUR AUTOMOBILE ..... BLACK MIRROR EFFECT (PIANO BLACK) SPECIAL EFFECT DIAMOND EFFECT PEARLY EFFECT SUPER PEARL EFFECT SUPER DIAMOND EFFECT RAINBOW EFFECT MULTI-TONE EFFECT COME DOWN TO OUR WORKSHOP TO VIEW FOR YOURSELF THE COLOUR & GET A NEW OUTLOOK FOR YOUR CAR..... We accept Nets & Credit card & AMEX 0% interest free instalment for UOB 6/12/24/36 MONTHS 0% interest free instalment for HSBC 6/12 MONTHS NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR ALL CREDIT CARD WITH MINIMUM $500 We carry wide vairety of bodykit BELOW ARE SOME OF OUR WORK PCS PLS ENJOY 😉 BMW F10 RESPRAY & INSTALL W-DESIGN KIT[/size ] E-CLASS RESPRAY BACK TO SAME COLOUR C-CLASS W204 RESPRAY BACK TO SAME COLOUR C-CLASS W204 RESPRAY WITH CHANGE C63 BODYKIT PORSCHE 911 GT RESPRAY CLS CHANGE COLOUR FROM BLACK TO (SPECIAL EFFECT) SLIVER WHITE & INSTALL WALD FENDER BLACK MIRROR EFFECT http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/ah_poh20/DSC08372.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/ah_poh20/DSC08367.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/ah_poh20/DSC08373.jpg GMS CARWERKZ Call or sms or whats app us for a fast qoute or any enquiry We are glad to serve you 😉 Mon to Sat including P.holiday 10.30am to 7pm Hp : 98520107 (24hrs/365days) Email : ah_poh20@hotmail.com HSBC credit card 0% interest instalment free 6/12 mths UOB credit card 0% interest instalment free 6/12/24/36 months No extra surcharge or interest with minimum $500 Specialise in special effect paint Spray painting Bodykit Panel beating Rims repair Airbrush Towing Insurance claim Customise paint & bodykit
  2. It has been quite some time since I had an encounter with the need to re-spray some parts of the car. Now there is a need again, and I want to find out what's the estimated / fair price for re-spraying one rear door, half a rear bumper, and one piece panel which is just above the rear wheel. Nissan Sunny. How much is fair? I got one quote so far, which I'm sure is way off...
  3. Sgspurs

    Paint spraying workshop

    have some scratches at the door and the portion above the wheel after hitting a pillar. Afraid it will rust. (Actually what happens if it rusts ?) Thus like to spray paint the affected area. Any 'trusted' workshop that can do a good job and don't overquote to recommend ? Got a quote from dealer and it was like 400+ before GST..... Thanks !
  4. I am sending my second hand Lexus IS250 for a respray to same color which is Pearl White, now i am contemplating whether to spray the roof Black or not, just like to seek the views of people here. Do you think it's nice or rice?
  5. or small scratch etc.. but on diff area of the area.. roughly hw much?
  6. hi all, Any recommended shop that don wash car without jet spraying in the east? getting quite lazy to wash myself... interior and exterior... reasonable price too
  7. Ah Beng has a stupid question. Has anyone witha TC car sprayed their aluminium intercooler from aluminium colour to matt black or dull black? Does it hinder the efficiency of the intercooler if the paint was very thin?
  8. Hi Guys, I recently went to panel beat a door and respray. But i found the glossy/shine of that particular door appear to be more dull than other parts of the body. What could be the reason? is it the paintwork not done well? or the "shine" material didnt apply enough?
  9. No accidents except dings and dents; about 4 dents on roof from falling branches and two
  10. Genew

    Bodykit Spraying

    Anyone know where is a reliable and cheap place where i can spraypaint my bodykit ? What is the average price for spraying ?
  11. Chrissng

    Help needed on paint spraying

    Hi bros and sis.... need recommendations here... had scratches on my 05 colt and tried to cover with touch up paint. but the result is atrocious. so no choice... have to go for spraying of the bonnet. anyone with recommendations for spraying for 05 colt and what is the damage? colour code is E026. Thanks.... sad......
  12. Hi there, due to budget and practicality, we are not planning to change car in the near future. And to keep the new car feeling, we are planning to give the car a new paint job next year. Also, car resale value will drop if color is not original, what is the percentage of the lost? And the subject question is, any recommendation for those high grade/quality workshop for re-spraying conti cars? Thank you in advance, Vincent
  13. Ivan323

    Spraying caliper

    Hi guys, i need advise on spray paint on my brake caliper. I just brought a brake setup from 1 of the bro here but i want to remove existing paint on it abd to make it looks stock. How do i remove the paint and by spraying the colour i want? I tried sanding it off but very difficult. Or can i actually add a layer of paint tat i wan w/o sanding it off? Where can i buy those spray paint? I remember i saw someone posting regardin spraying of caliper need to buy those high temp paint. If not, it won't last. Or do u guys have any workshop to recommend for spraying of caliper at a good prices? I need to do it asap since the brake still not yet install on my ride, at least i can save for labour in future if i wan to re-spray.. Anyone?
  14. Stinkray

    Spraying Shop

    Hello Comrades, Anyone can advise any good workmanship & reliable spraying shop to recommend ??? Thanks.
  15. Imamiah

    Head lamp spraying service

    found this head lamp spraying service. can gv e head lamps a smoked look. any bro tried? will water leak into e re-sealed headlamps? http://www.kereta.sg/Detail.php?ProductID=...3FCategory%3D25
  16. Mr_biscuit

    Spraying of headlamps

    Hi all, Any places to recommend to spray the internals of my Rio headlamps to black (Smoke type),juz like those originally found on Lancer Sports,Mazda3 etc..? Pls advise on the pricing & venue.. Thx in advance..
  17. Danieltan07

    Cost of spraying paint for spoiler???

    anyone know how much does it cost to spray paint for spoiler? thinking to get a 2nd hand spoiler. my ride is honda city
  18. Knightskid

    DIY spraying color on dashboard

    If i would like to DIY spraying color on my car interior like dashboard, side-door panel, a-pillar etc....what are the stuffs need to get other then primer and paint? And where can i get those stuffs?
  19. Frost98

    Spraying of rims/wheels

    anyone know any workshop which charge less than $100 to spray whole set of rims? Thanks.
  20. Wolverine

    Car Body spraying? for Impreza

    Any Lobang - cheap cheap Quoted by car beauty centre Body kit + Spray paint + ding repairs = $1800
  21. Dreamzguyz

    Rims Filing & Spraying...

    anywher to recommend?? include wheel alignment too... cheerz mates
  22. I'm looking to change the colour of my rims as the normal silver colour is getting boring. Many guys here recommend Yew Lip. I shld be going there to get mine done, as well as the spraying of my calipers. My question is: has anyone spray their rims to a different colour and is very satisifed? Any pictures to show? I'm thinking of metallic bronze and similar colour along that line... No white, as regular maintenance is needed. My ride is black, therefore wrx gold will not look nice. Anyone pls? comments required as well!!
  23. has any 1 try spraying their car headlight interior to look like those mazda3 & 6 ??where can do it cheap or diy??? here the picture http://community.webshots.com/photo/143179...182007275nvwcwv