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  1. isnt that dishonest.. if they cant do it why say can claim.. mine is under authorised ntuc workshop..
  2. the workshop start work & repair the vehicle for me..
  3. my vehicle was direct front to back hit by a Msia Vehicle 6 mths ago... Police & orange Force arrived ( i am on ntuc insurance) , & i went to do a 3rd party claim one of ntuc authorized workshop say they will do the claim for me & proceed to do the repair work for me.. Now they called me saying they cannot find the msia insurance company & want me to do the following 1) Find the msia driver myself & take the money from them 2) Pay for my own damages for the repair which they had already completed. 3) Claim my own insurances. is it the right way to do it ?
  4. Whywhy68

    De-register Car vs Sell my car to Dealer

    you mean for example the paper value is 15k sgd based on the onemotoring website.. dealer will offer me only 16 to 17k ? is it 100% dealer will buy my car or case by case basis
  5. my COE is ending in March 2016.. So shld i de-register my car or sell my car to dealer? Which one is more worth ? Current paper value : $15k if i sell my car to dealer, will they buy back at the paper value or higher than that ? Please help advice as this is my time first changing to another car..
  6. same for me.. that time its rain heavily & my car go pass a pool of water then the alarm sound no more.. till even the auto warning hazard light when open the door also no more.. who know what happen ?
  7. how to toggle the sound ON/OFF
  8. repair need how much? who knows?
  9. repair need how much? who knows?
  10. or small scratch etc.. but on diff area of the area.. roughly hw much?
  11. Whywhy68

    Cost to change a Vios Headlight Switch

    find RW tend to overcharge things.. nt really tat nice , find them kinda cunning, keep ask u to change this & tat
  12. Whywhy68

    Cost to change a Vios Headlight Switch

    wher u change it ? can advice ? any place to do it cheaper?
  13. Whywhy68

    Is my car Suspension Spoil ?

    any workshop to check this issue for Free ? roughly how much it cost to change a Vios suspension like this...
  14. mine is a 2nd hand car so dono abt the previous owner .. but whenever i sit inside the car or ppl sit at the back seat of the car.. jus after they sat down or got off the car , it will have a "tek" sound .. does that mean my suspension is spoil ? can it be repair ? how much it cost ?