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Found 28 results

  1. i call all the famous ones and the freelancers one, all of them will not remove the tyre from the rim to respray. neither will they remove the calipers to spray. i was wondering if anyone has a contact to a professional who can spray paint in that manner.
  2. Hi guys.... got this Wilwood Dynalite caliper on my front brake, anyone knws if i can buy after market brake pad...or need to got fr Wilwood? Also where to buy these brake pads? TQVM
  3. Slowpoke

    Caliper respray

    The paint on my Brembo calipers are chipped and faded. Any recommendations for respraying the Brembo calipers? Inclusive of the Brembo decals and clear lacquer to protect the decals. I already bought the caliper rebuild kit to replace the pistol seals after the respray.
  4. Heard about this fella, Yas in the VAG forum.... dozens of them there engaged him to respray their rims / calipers and all came out very happy with the effects. I just made contact with him... am considering whether to go for a respray job on my rims filled with lots of scratches. Anyone here tried him before? Feedback?
  5. w/o an accompanying "simulated" brake caliper it just looks fake as hell. only can con some kiddies...
  6. Heavenspirit

    Advise on cleaning brake caliper

    Any idea what can we use, to clean the brembo brake caliper, as some stubborn stain cant be removed.
  7. Hi, my neighbour's 6 pot brake calipers having slight brake fluid leak from the piston area. Most likely due to damage rubber O ring seal within. Anybody got contact or know of any wkshop that can repair brake caliper or hardware store that sell various/custom size rubber O ring. Thank you in advance. Regards,
  8. Hi all, Just like to share a very good & cheap lobang with all of you. I've had a real hard time locating caliper painter for the job. In the market I've only managed to get a few of them right now. However, many of them charges much higher as it involve taking out of wheel and spraying the caliper. There is actually no different for the finishing of our stock calipers by spray or paint as out caliper's surface is uneven and rough. Thus, I have decided to go for the cheaper alternative of painting. Below is a few of the choices. Please do not flame me as I hope this will benefit all the bros here looking for this service, as I had a real hard time locating them in the car market. 1)Name : SOH Brother-shop Service : Spraying Appointment : Only weekday with appointment Price : 2/5 Website : nil 2)Name : Nightz Concepts-shop( Look for dave ) Service : Spraying Appointment : Everyday with appointment Price : 1/5 Website : just google nightzconcepts 3)Name : streetcalipers-freelancer Service : painting. Appointment : Weekend only Price : 5/5 website : www.streetcalipers.blogspot.com I've chose streetcaliper to do this job. Pros: 1)Very good price 2)Did not take out rim as he said he was afraid alignment etc will not be right after wheel being taken out. 3)Very nice finishing, imo same as spraying 4)Very clean job, no stains etc on rim and any other where else. Cons: 1)Long working hours, he did about 4 hours for my ride but I guess it should be about the same with other shops? 2)Need to leave car keys with him because I want to have my lunch at the nearby area, but I did jot down his IC and took a photo of him. He also passed me his student card in exchanged. For pricing, i think it is not advisable to post it here, do pm me I'll tell you the pricing they quoted me fro all 3 company. Cheers, P/s: Please do not flame me, this is purely for the benefit for those who are looking for this service, as I really had a hard, hard time finding.
  9. hiz guys, encounter something which caught my attention. as refer to the pic attached below, tis area is the connection between your brake hose to the caliper itself. the chip off area is around/outside the threaded part. From wad i know, tis is a 2nd hand brake kits. 2nd user only use for daily street driving & no tracking. I would like to ask the bros/sis here: 1) anybody knows wad causes the damage, due to- a) hard braking b) normal wear & tear issue due to long usage c) OR any others reasons? Until now it still puzzled me. [confused] Perhaps other bros have met tis kinda of cases b4, can kindly enlighten me. many thanks in advance for all the input. chip off pieces damaged area
  10. Thinking of changing my stock rotor & caliper to those 4pot performance caliper for my ride but some mechanic told me it will slower down my pickup. But saw some swift (1.3) no those sport type install it, still going around with it. Any Bro had try it on their allion/premio, can please advise. Thanks
  11. Hi bros, Want to paint my brake calipers black. As my rims is ADVAN RG2, the space in between the spokes allows me to paint it without taking out the wheel. That's a good thing, if not it's gonna be real hard to remove those nuts! Thus, I would like to do a DIY job, but without any knowledge and experience. Hopefully from experience bro here please advise me on the following questions. 1) What kind and brand of paint and where can I get them? 2) Equipment needed to paint. 3) The procedures and ways of painting it. 4) Result of painting vs spraying. Please do share and comment on what I should look out for during this DIY. Cheers, Jon.
  12. Hi all, Decided to do a DIY on my brake calipers. However I'm not into the spraying kind, instead I'm going for the paint with paint brush kind. I've did some research and found this brand, any of you know where to get this paint? Does it comes in paint brush kind or only spraying can kinds? Please advise... Regards, Jon.
  13. Have anyone try to install this ''Brembo caliper cover (front)'' and if there is will this require to drill anyhole and will it affect the warranty and saftely ?
  14. anyone know where to get paint to paint caliper using brush type. dont want spray type as lazy to take out wheel
  15. Any recommendations as to which workshop(s) does such installation? Roughly how much would it cost to fix up on all 4 calipers and how long will the process take? Inputs appreciated.
  16. i have been searching on this post but i see that all the reply were a few years back. Where can i spray or paint my brake caliper? i do not wish to diy.as i am lazy =x i have tried a shop near sin ming, they told me it cos about $100+ for me to paint my 4 caliper. It that the real cost? Cos i though its only $50
  17. Escahmo

    Caliper cover

    anyone know where to install caliper cover and roughly how much???? I did call up one shop, they quote me $65 for installation.
  18. Ivan323

    Spraying caliper

    Hi guys, i need advise on spray paint on my brake caliper. I just brought a brake setup from 1 of the bro here but i want to remove existing paint on it abd to make it looks stock. How do i remove the paint and by spraying the colour i want? I tried sanding it off but very difficult. Or can i actually add a layer of paint tat i wan w/o sanding it off? Where can i buy those spray paint? I remember i saw someone posting regardin spraying of caliper need to buy those high temp paint. If not, it won't last. Or do u guys have any workshop to recommend for spraying of caliper at a good prices? I need to do it asap since the brake still not yet install on my ride, at least i can save for labour in future if i wan to re-spray.. Anyone?
  19. Virus

    Brembo Caliper cover

    Saw this in the auction, anyone interested?? Should be cheaper if we can organized a group buy. Starting at $80/pair. http://page.auctions.shopping.yahoo.com/sg...81?aucview=0x30 [inline caliper-cover1.jpg] [inline caliper-cover2.jpg] [inline caliper-cover3.jpg]
  20. Anyone read Sunday's New Paper? Seems like there's a wipespread of thefts against Motorbikes. Thieves are stealing BRAKE CALIPERS from Italian branded bikes. Man... this sounds so dangerous. Just wondering will this happen to cars soon.
  21. Garis

    What colour caliper ro spray?

    Toying with the idea of spraying my 4 calipers. Wonder what colour to spray or should I just keep it as it is? Any feedback most appreciated! Below are pics of my ride...
  22. Rev_zone

    Brembo Caliper Cover

    Anyone saw this design Brembo cover selling in any workshop or accessories shop ?
  23. Darkness

    Caliper Colour for Silver Car

    Hi guys would like ur opinion on the above...thanks
  24. Dear Aveo5 DIY pple. I have bought this $43 Japanese product & is for 2 pairs of Caliper from Autobac ,but don't know understand Japanese instruction on use. I am offering any Aveo owner Free Paint for yr pair of Caliper & a Car wash. In return U paint my Caliper for me. It is a Win - Win deal. Will supply Degreaser, Brush, Car Shampoo, Pail + Water & Coffee etc. Location: Condo @ Flora Road. Just opp Blk 149 Pasir Ris or next to Loyang Flyover. Covered Carpark. Day: Any Wed morning between 7am - 11am. PM me if U r agreeable & u r good in DIY. All product pic & my Wheels for painting attached.
  25. I would like to upgrade my brake system in my new Civic when i get it mid of feb... Thing i would like to do is to change the brake line into steel braided one n change to larger rotor with red colour four pot caliper... Will it affect my car warranty?? any suggestion or feedback on the workshop which does this n recommended brake system?