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Found 102 results

  1. Robo

    Brake Pads..

    last week when i went for my 50k servicing, mechanic advise that my brake pads almost gone liao. by next servicing have to change already... I'm wondering which pads are good for aveo5.. i hoping to find those low brake dust ones. i know song yi is selling original ones at $50 bucks and one aftermarket ones that i tink cost the same.they look exactly the same too.. question is should i just back originals or please recommend 1 set of good pads that aint so dusty... also.. i have read in webbies that when change pads u have to skim e rotors and change fluid... i'm wondering whether i have to do it anot... please advise...
  2. Franwilliam

    Brake Pads

    Hi guys, Anyone can recommend where can I change my front brake pads? I believe they need to be replaced. My car is Honda Civic FD4. And my tyres are producing sounds when I drive at higher speed. Normally the sounds will come out when I drive above 80/90km/h. Is it because it needed to do tyre rotation or alignment? Please share the info if you know. Thank you so much
  3. Hi guys.... got this Wilwood Dynalite caliper on my front brake, anyone knws if i can buy after market brake pad...or need to got fr Wilwood? Also where to buy these brake pads? TQVM
  4. Hi all, anyone here using the above mentioned? Any review to contribute? Good or bad reviews all welcome, thanks
  5. Hi all, Just curious since I am still inexperience in all these. On Singapore roads given that my ride is front and back brake disc, just how often are the brake pads changed. Cause I realized that driving on local road uses the brakes a lot due to constant traffic light stoppages, though I understand that how often it is changed depends on individual driving style, so hope everyone can share your experience with me so i have a rough idea. Thanks
  6. Thinking of changing my brake pads to improve braking.. Anyone head of Icer before? Are they good? Or any recommendations?? http://www.icerbrakes.com/ http://clubhyundai.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=29484
  7. Hi Any workshop near NUS (Clementi)? Think pads gone Liao but will be there tomorrow for some stuff. Please post the labour prices if you know also. Thanks
  8. Extremelydrift

    EBC Brake Pads.

    Hi Guys... I'm a newbie here .... Any idea where I can get EBC Green stuff brake pads ? Thanks man...
  9. for mid size toyota cars? any workshop to recommend? looking to change pads and maybe rotors. any brands of pads to recommend? want something grippy, Noise, dust, fast wear is ok. Had wanted to order from overseas but cannot be sure that it would fit.
  10. Is $400 reasonable for a pair of new brake pads plus rotor skimming due to uneven wear ?
  11. Need to change brake pads for my Altis soon. Normally go to Riverview in AMK for servicing, but am staying in Bt Batok. Don't feel like travelling all the way to AMK to change brake pads. Any workshop in the West area to recommend ? Am looking for original Toyota brake pads. Thanks in advanced.
  12. Anyone knows which workshop does this service and how much does it cost? The screeching is damn irritating.
  13. What brake pad can I change to on a 05 or 06 Vios. Left two yeas left but need to change coz I tried the car recently and the stopping is terrible. Will not vbe doing braided hose as that would be too much effort. Fluid have been changed a few times. I am suspecting brake pads, I have sprayed brake cleaner with no improvement. What pads can I buy? I hope to get some better pads and brake dust or rotor wear is fine.
  14. Try_conti

    Sand-paper brake pads ????

    went to servo for my 22.5k oil change this morning. Brought my own c*rlube and paid for the filter + labour $42. The mech also top-up radiator coolant (with water, of course) and power-steering fluid ..... foc ...... Actually I was looking for Dennis also but he went out. So ended up speaking to Philip. Told him about my brake squealing @ low speed ~ 15kmh. Anyone encountered this b4 ? He told me that it would cost $60 labour charge for that service which include removing all 4 wheels. That's fine with me but what he said next ...... he'll sand-paper the brake pads ..... Thought sand-paper of brake pads and disc is a no-no .... ? any comments anyone ?
  15. as above , where can i buy ?
  16. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1169304/1/.html I'm rather amazed why the enforcement officers can discover this... Just because it's a pirated taxi? What was the trigger to check the pads?
  17. My car is nearly 3 yrs 7 mths and have covered 115k. My car is serviced by agent from day 1 and they never said I need to change brake pads. Is there a time limit to change? My last servicing was early Jan. They tested my battery and the result was bad (something like 64%???) and was told to change. Till date I have not changed and nothing happened though there is sign that starting was not that strong as before. How long more can I tong?
  18. Feeling my brakes a soft nowadays. I wonder where I can change the brake pads? Do normal workshops change brake pads also? Last of all, how much to change the pads? Front are disk brakes and rear are drum brakes. Thanks!!!
  19. So on my E60 523i, I changed new brake pads recently but left the old rotors on, as they still had lots of life left. The problem was the squeal when driving slowly (not braking). I read up on this phenomenon and it appeared that the new pads were not sitting on the backing very well, because of dirt and dust over the years. And while this does not cause friction against the rotors, it is the vibration of the brake pads and the backing that causes harmonics and hence, these squeals. One of the methods recommended was to drive till 80 or 100 kmh and then brake violently till stop. Do it 5 times (or so they said) and the squeal will be gone cuz the new pads will be seated properly then. I tried it and it worked! No more squeal. There are other methods which require taking out the pads again, cleaning the back of the pads and the backing, and then greasing the back of the pads and putting duct tape on them etc but they were a waste of time I thought. This was the easiest and fastest way, but do it somewhere safe.
  20. As per topic.. Anyone using this type of brake pads for their ride?
  21. Hi guys, was searching around and found the below website. LC Pads: http://www.detailogy.com/polisher-accessories.html PakShak Towels: http://www.detailogy.com/ultraplush.html They have a few varieties of towels available.
  22. Any bros Out here can recommend me brake pads? Currently I am using stock size cross drilled rotor for my rides. Any suggestion. Ur help is deeply appreciated..
  23. Just like to share a good experience on change of brake pad, my car is a 2009 Isis, one of the headaches i face is that it's supposed to be a WISH but it's not really a WISH since some parts are different and since its not too common, i do worry about getting the right parts. Anyways been going regularly to the same workshop in the north for some time, last 2 visits at 40K & 50K been getting asked to change pads and skim rotors. I kind of dragged my feet on this and actually dreading it..with the cost of it and how change of ATF, spark plugs etc coincided.. At 70K, i went to another workshop nearer my house (Pasir Ris) same story change pad and skim Price quoted very similar = $230- $250 for brake pad Skimming =$70-$120 I decided to do more research on the internet....more confused and worried...ISIS vs WISH which brake pad...and in terms of rotors more. Discovered some good toyota stockist. Eventually went with Ric -Tat at Owen road...very nice experience there. Confident with price of purchase and also correctness of part!!... Brake pad= $65 Rotors =$210 for a pair Surfed around internet and read about Seng Long at Bukit Merah Lane 3...called and spoke to the boss Alan. Agreed on a price..went down. Was well pleased when i got there no big crowd on a saturday afternoon...his mechanic Ah Wing worked on my car. He worked with focus on my car. I asked them to inform him if i needed to replace rotors, he touched them look carefully and said my rotors were in good shape!! he even told me my rotors were not possible to do a skim...too thin my model. Was impressed by the honesty Brakes pads were fitted, all the old dust from the old pads cleaned up. Later he checked once both sides changed My brake pads according to the mechanic could go a little more, he showed me the part(like a clip spring) that would cause noise once worn down!! anyways, he said it was a good time to change but my rotors could wait longer. I was just happy to get the job done by honest no nonsense honest workshop and look forward to doing more jobs with them! guess..with all the push to skim rotors and change pads at 40K made me bit disappointed with the regular place...i doubt they even open up my tyre to check...after fitting the new pads Ah wing cleaned a lot of old dust from my brakes!! Anyways just to share my saving experience...i have set of spare rotors may try to exchange for something else at Ric-tat or just keep since with the current COE...my car will surely get thru the current rotors