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  1. Looking forward to more freebie announcements this year!
  2. Mitsubhi just launch another budget car From review, its another plastic car and engine should be the same as attrage. Price only $2k higher than attrage
  3. https://www.independent.co.uk/space/chandrayaan-3-budget-india-interstellar-b2399203.html Some houses cost less than Indian space agency spent on getting to the Moon India has successfully landed on the Moon – for less than the cost of the film Interstellar. The Indian space agency announced on Wednesday that it had completed a “soft landing” on the lunar surface, near its southern pole. It becomes the first ever to land there, and just the fourth country to successfully send a mission to the Moon at all. And it did so on a very restrictive budget. The Chandrayaan-3 cost was sent to the Moon at a cost of about 6.15 billion rupees, or $75 million, according to Reuters. That is less than the cost of most blockbuster space films. Gravity cost $100 million, The Martian cost $108 million – and it was less than half the cost of Interstellar, which was filmed on a budget of $165 million. It even costs less than some houses. The UK’s most expensive house, for instance, went on sale at £200 million, or nearly three-and-a-half missions to the Moon. The budget is even less than India allocated to Chandrayaan-2, the previous attempt to land on the Moon in 2019, which ended in failure when the lander crashed. That cost around 8 billion rupees, or about 30 per cent more than the latest successful mission, though engineers have made clear that many of the learnings from that earlier launch had been integrated into the latest one. India has looked to build a reputation for cost-effective but still successful missions to space. It comes as the country encourages investment in the private space industry and businesses focused on satellites. The price of the whole Indian mission is similar to that charged by SpaceX for one Falcon 9 launch. That is charged at $67 million, according to its website.
  4. New BudgetMealGoWhere portal to help residents find cheaper meals in HDB coffee shops A new website to help residents find cheaper meals in the neighbourhood was launched by HDB and GovTech on May 19 Named BudgetMealGoWhere, about 40 participating coffee shops are listed for a start Coffee shops and the available budget meal options will start with those located within 2km of the postal code entered HDB said that budget meals will progressively be offered at all 374 HDB rental coffee shops by 2026 Patrons and stall owners interviewed generally welcomed the new initiative and made some suggestions on what they would like to see SINGAPORE — A new portal has been launched to help consumers easily locate Housing and Development Board (HDB) coffee shops offering budget meals. HDB and the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) said in a joint statement on Friday (May 19) that the new “BudgetMealGoWhere” website will allow the public to search for HDB coffee shops offering budget meals near their location and view the budget meals and drinks available at these places. This can be done by entering a postal code in the website’s search box. A list of the coffee shops and the available budget meal options will appear, starting with those located within 2km of the postal code. The portal will also be accessible through the LifeSG mobile application and website. Budget meal options refer to lunch or dinner meals that are priced affordably compared to the average price of meals sold at nearby eating establishments. These budget meals must be full meals, and not side dishes, snacks, children's meal or half-portion meals. Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State for National Development, announced in Parliament in March that all coffee shops leased from HDB have to offer budget meal options upon their tenancy renewal starting May. As a start, all older coffee shops leased from HDB that are due for renewal will need to provide four budget meals and two budget drinks across two or more different stalls as a condition of their tenancy renewal. Two of the budget meals must be rice-based and one must be halal. These coffee shops must also offer at least two budget drinks, which are black coffee (kopi-o) and black tea (teh-o). "The budget meal and drink prices will be benchmarked against economically priced food-and-beverage offerings in nearby neighbourhood coffee shops," Ms Sim said at the time. Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State for National Development, announced in Parliament in March that all coffee shops leased from HDB have to offer budget meal options upon their tenancy renewal starting May. As a start, all older coffee shops leased from HDB that are due for renewal will need to provide four budget meals and two budget drinks across two or more different stalls as a condition of their tenancy renewal. Two of the budget meals must be rice-based and one must be halal. These coffee shops must also offer at least two budget drinks, which are black coffee (kopi-o) and black tea (teh-o). "The budget meal and drink prices will be benchmarked against economically priced food-and-beverage offerings in nearby neighbourhood coffee shops," Ms Sim said at the time. There are a total of 776 coffee shops in Singapore, of which 374 are under HDB and 402 are privately owned. On the new BudgetMealGoWhere website, about 40 coffee shops are listed, with more being progressively added. “HDB will work with GovTech to continually improve the website’s functionality and listing to make it more useful for Singaporeans, and members of the public can also provide feedback on the budget meals,” the two agencies said. To help customers in identifying budget meals more easily, participating stalls will display the budget meal decal stickers on their food display signage, indicating the budget meals on offer. HDB has completed 37 new coffee shops in the last five years as part of efforts to ensure that residents have access to affordable cooked food, the two agencies added. "Another 34 coffee shops are slated for completion in the next five years, to meet the needs of residents." WHAT PATRONS, FOOD SELLERS SAY Commenting on the new initiative, customers and food stall owners who spoke to TODAY generally welcomed it and suggested how it can be improved. TODAY visited three coffee shops, all of which were among the 40 participating coffee shops listed on the website. Most patrons could see themselves using the site, but some mentioned how it might present problems for older users. Madam Sissi Lin, a scientist who did not want to reveal her age, said: “I think it’s quite comprehensive. I’m just concerned because I believe there will be some older people who might want to use it. Maybe the font size of the text can be bigger (for those who find it hard to reading small print).” One suggested that photographs can accompany the meals being listed. Mr Jason Lim, a 22-year-old engineer, said: “It would be nice if there are pictures of the food or reviews. Maybe it’s cheap but the portion is small. If there are pictures or reviews, people will know.” Madam Noradila Affandi, 37, who works in the digital security field, suggested having pictures of the coffee shops for people to recognise them easily. Civil servant Benjamin Tan, 31, said: “They show some coffee shops that are way too far. There are a few coffee shops in Clementi but they are probably not listed yet." Stall owners generally believed that the new website will help to bring in more customers. Mr Kelvin Lee, 26, who runs an economical rice stall at a coffee shop in Bukit Batok, said that he had seen about 30 more customers than usual who have bought the budget meal, which is a rice with meat and two kinds of vegetables at S$3. The BudgetMealGoWhere website is at https://www.gowhere.gov.sg/budgetmeal/. https://www.gowhere.gov.sg/budgetmeal/ https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/new-budgetmealgowhere-portal-help-residents-find-cheaper-meals-hdb-coffee-shops-2175151 only 40 coffee shops are on BudgetMealGoWhere at present. hopefully more will come on for this initiative to gain traction and awareness.
  5. Blk 140 Corporation Drive, here I come. I will save this photo in my phone and show it to the stall owner if I don't get the same portion as her. 🤣 $3 with whole curry chicken thigh with potatoes, for real? Or was it because she is a minister?🤐 In an effort to dispel criticism and doubt, the Senior Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Development, Ms Sim Ann, shared images of the menus showing prices of budget meals offered at the stalls where she dined on Monday. This came after her earlier post about her budget dinner of mixed rice and kopi-O, costing S$3.00 and S$0.70, respectively, received negative comments from netizens who expressed disbelief that such low-priced meals were available in Singapore. It is worth noting that the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) has published a study titled “The Cost of Eating Out: Findings from the Makan Index 2.0”, which examined the costs of eating out in Singapore’s hawker centres, food courts and kopitiams. The study found that the average cost of a mixed rice (2 vegetables 1 meat) at Jurong West, where Ms Sim dined, is S$3.50, and the lower end of the meal is priced at S$3.20. Ms Sim’s Facebook post on Monday, which described her budget meal of S$3.70, drew a lot of attention from netizens who questioned the authenticity of her claims. They suggested that her meal might have been subsidised due to her status, and some expressed disbelief that such affordable options were available in Singapore. Scali like McDonald's triple cheese burger. 🤭
  6. Hi friends As above. I'm considering a BMW 740i 3-litre or a Porsche Panamera 3-litre. Any comments? I also welcome any other suggestions. Thank you in advance.
  7. Lai Lai Lai! That time of year standby 16Feb2021, 1500hrs https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/budget-2021-delivered-feb-16-3pm-heng-swee-keat-mof-14136910
  8. Recently just got a second phone for work. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G. Got it from Circles @ $329 w/o plan, and because there is a 3rd year anniversary bonus from Circles, it's another $100 off the phone. So essentially I only paid $229 with free Xiaomi Wireless Earbuds. If you're out in the market for a budget phone, I think this is decent. Built quality good, design good, interface good. For the budget price I paid, pretty impressive. Total damage: Phone $229, Tempered glass $10, MyRepublic Lite $10/month.
  9. If I have a budget of $80,000 and I would like to buy a used car still left 6 years and above. What would you guys recommend? I will travel quite a bit for my work so will prefer something that is fuel efficient. Preferably a Sedan or a SUV. Need to put a stroller inside the car. I am considering a Toyota prius, But I never driven a hybrid before so I dunno about the maintenance and the upkeeping. https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=1004028&DL=2469 Anyone have a better recommendation?
  10. S’porean Shares Tips On How To Budget, Claims He Can Save $15,000 A Year source: https://mustsharenews.com/budget-tips/ S’porean Shares Tips On How To Budget, Now Has Extra To Spend With Savings For many young people, goals such as buying a BTO flat or going on faraway holidays mean saving up on hard-earned cash. Arguably, much of our savings can be attributed to our spending habits. A Singaporean shared tips on Facebook for how to save $15,000 a year. Beware though, there are some luxuries that are hard to sacrifice — for example, if you’re a frequent bubble tea drinker, you might find this post difficult to read. Bye bye Starbucks and Koi In a Facebook post, a Singaporean shared that his weekday meals used to cost about $10, but was able to halve his meal costs by keeping them to $5. He did this especially by not ordering drinks or sides, and skipped upsize meals. This is reasonable enough. After all, a plate of cai fan rarely exceeds $3.50 if you order more veggies and keep the meat dishes to a minimum. If you feel like treating yourself, a McDonald’s burger – ala carte, without drinks or sides – still fits the bill. However, the real killers are high-end beverages like Koi or Starbucks, which can cost north of $7.50 for a venti-sized beverage. Instead, the man says kopi or teh peng should be your new best friend to beat the heat as they cost around $1.50. Making such tweaks to his weekday spending allowed this Singaporean to save about $120 per month. It also helps that you’ll cut down on that sugar if you choose to do the same. Savings per year: $120 X 12 = $1,440 Skip dining out and the theatre for budget tips In the age of Netflix, watching movies has become more affordable than ever. The netizen said 2 weekend movie tickets for both him and his girlfriend costs $27 in total. Instead, the duo chose to subscribe to Netflix at $16 per month. Another money hack — cooking at home instead of dining out, he shares. By doing so, you can watch movies and dine from the comfort of your home. Sounds like a cosy weekend to us. In total, this Singaporean was able to save about $612 per month just by skipping the cinemas and restaurants. Savings per year: $612 X 12 = $7,344 Miscellaneous savings included in budget tips With the convenience of private hire car services, one may be tempted to take a Grab car instead of taking the bus. This netizen said he was able to save about $100 per month by opting for public transport. Similarly, food deliveries cost more than tabao-ing your own meals, with each delivery costing about $3. By going back to pre-GrabCar/Food times, and cutting away unused subscriptions, the OP was able to save $82 per month. Savings per year: $82 X 12 = $984 Splurging occasionally is fine If one tries a similar budgeting plan, about $9,768 can be saved. The Singaporean said his yearly savings amounted to about $15,000 when budgeting is kept in mind. With these savings, he says he didn’t have to feel guilty about splurging on the occasional Grab ride, Starbucks drink or dine out for special occasions. Budgeting for a better future or rainy day While these budgeting tips may not apply for everyone as we all lead different lifestyles, they do serve as inspiration for making subtle – or not so subtle – tweaks to our spending habits. Some of these expenses also add up over time, and we can definitely pay more attention to what we use our money on if there are savings to be made. We don’t have to completely push out life’s little luxuries, but sometimes, it wouldn’t kill to skip out on that venti Frappuccino.
  11. Hi members, I got the cheapest quote from Budget Direct and likely will be buying from them. $700+ vs $1,000+ from NTUC!! Anyone got Buddy Id to share ? extra 5% and voucher for referral. Thanks Note: Did a search for Budget Direct and nothing found. Please help redirect if there's an existing thread.
  12. Ah heng delivering now https://www.facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia/videos/625168848330278/ in principle approval given by Halimah now details
  13. Hi , a newbie to this forum , mind i ask wat kind of car is gd for one hu havent have any experience in owning a car before but needed to rn as im expecting a newborn child soon and on a tight budget due to the economic. If this would help , my budget is ard 5xk.
  14. Hey guys, What's the cheapest range of android auto HU currently available and the approx cost of it? Thanks
  15. RadX

    Budget 2020

    Gathering feedback now lai lai....watch this thread if there are any goodies. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/singapore-government-seeking-public-feedback-ahead-of-budget-2020-071207073.html
  16. For a budget daily driver, is Proton or Perodua better? Interested criteria would be running costs, maintenance and overall reliability. Is there any unspoken consensus here or across the causeway which brand is preferred? Also, Proton is no longer selling in Singapore?
  17. Hyundai Accent? Mitsubishi Attrage base model? Honda Shuttle? Honda Fit 1.3? Mazda 2 base model? Toyota axio base model? Bezza Base model? Axis base model? Nissan note base model? Honda grace? Kia K3 base model? Toyota Vios base model? Hyundai Elantra base model
  18. Budget about $30K Depri about $5K I30 vs Avante vs Cerato Any thoughts on these or any other recommendations?
  19. Treecom

    Chuwi Aerobook

    Hi all, Have you guys heard of the Chuwi Aerobook? https://igg.me/at/chuwi-aerobook/x/20499809 What are your views on this budget laptop for just light office work and some web browsing?
  20. RadX

    Budget 2019!

    Watch this space Budget to be on Feb18. Yay or nay? Seeing elections round corner maybe yay https://www.facebook.com/groups/seedlyfinance/permalink/2030452010579488/
  21. I just transfer my Ice to my new car. The installer mention that my Dego speakers going to up lorry soon. Any recommendation of speakers ? Should I go 3 way active ? Currently is 2 way active with 8850 HU. Steg 4 channel and Rockford 2 ch amp . Using Alpine sound processor and with varadium rainbow sub.soundproof both front and back door . Rear door with coxial speakers Thinking of either upgrade to 3 way and change sub to active sub or just change a better 2 way component speakers. Any recommendation ? If change to 3 way , budget for speakers and active sub about 1k Or change 2 way comp speaker budget at $500
  22. Does anyone have any recommendations for a budget upgrade for my Mazda 3SP 08? I am willing to pay about 250-300 for the speakers
  23. Anyone knows what happened to Chevrolet? It's cheap and safe. Not many budget cars are as safe as Chevrolet. Will they come back?
  24. Lai Lai.....time of that year again....I see as no go COE to be tightened, ERP huat ah, etc etc hahhaha Budget 2018 to be delivered on Feb 19 Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat at Parliament House on Monday (Feb 20) to deliver Budget 2017. (Photo: Xabryna Kek) SINGAPORE: Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat will deliver Singapore’s 2018 Budget Statement in Parliament on Feb 19. In a press release on Monday (Jan 1), the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said there will be live television and radio coverage of the Budget Statement. A live webcast will also be available on the ministry’s Singapore Budget website. The Budget Statement will be uploaded on the Singapore Budget website after the speech has been delivered, MOF added. Real-time updates of key announcements from the Budget Statement will be posted on the MOF Facebook page and the MOF Twitter account. A Pre-Budget Facebook Q&A session will be held on Thursday (Jan 4) from 8.00pm to 9.00pm, according to the release. Members of the public have been encouraged to join the ‘live’ Q&A session on REACH’s Facebook page. Singaporeans can also share their views and suggestions in person on Budget 2018 at the REACH Pre-Budget Listening Points that are easily accessible, open booths for Singaporeans to share their feedback. The ongoing feedback exercise will close on Friday (Jan 12 Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/budget-2018-to-be-delivered-on-feb-19-9824316 http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/budget-2018-to-be-delivered-on-feb-19-9824316
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