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Found 47 results

  1. Until a few years ago, i used to rent car for msia trip. Some car rentals (pte owner or those 'company' but operate from HDB flat one) will ask u to pay extra $20 per day, for 'extra insurance' if u declare want to go msia. I never really bothered to check, just pay and go. But got once i asked, but the guy said 'its done online' so cannot show me. Anyone can shed light on this? Am just curious whether its really true got extra insurance coverage, or the rental just wanna get extra money
  2. Dear all, Anyone with the fortune of owning both equipment cares to share his/her experience with both units? Thanks in advance!
  3. Imagine you drove into a petrol station wanting to pump petrol... You see Supreme+. And then beside it, you see EXTRA... Which will you think is ron 98? Obviously I choose the wrong one thinking it had extra in it. Am I the only stupid one?
  4. ShepherdPie

    RI - extra-ordinary school ?

    http://news.asiaone.com/news/edvantage/ri-appoints-new-principal Wah lao.. other school principle changes also never write a full page report but RI priniciples gets. no wonder all the best teachers and principle wants to be there.. you get the most recognition.
  5. The Government will rely on measures outside of the COE system to enhance social equity in car ownership. Fifty Aetos Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs) have undergone in-house training by the Traffic Police (TP) since April this year, the police said today (Sept 30). The deployment of these APOs are part of the TP's initiatives to step up enforcement efforts. At least nine APOs are deployed everyday around the island at various locations to take action against offences such as drivers beating red lights, cyclists riding on the footway or pedestrians jaywalking. From April to August this year, a total of 3,612 summonses have been issued to errant road users, the police said. These summonses include traffic violations such as drivers making unauthorised U-turns and failing to give way to pedestrians. Over this same period, over 2,180 operations have been conducted by the APOs. Source: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/traff...iliary-officers
  6. Picture is self explanatory. Not bad huh? I think Singaporeans still got hope after all. By the way, does anyone know where this hawker is at? I will wear No. 4 go look for him
  7. anybody tries LEVO? It really gives you kilometrico..........................................
  8. My fren kenna liao. Whether you buy 4pcs nugget or 20pcs mcbites, you only get 1 free curry sauce...anything more need to pay...
  9. Nightsky

    Significance of extra $4?!

    I'm just curious, wonder if any of the Seniors here can shed light on this practice. In addition to my regular work, sometimes I do freelance consulting to individuals/families. I have this particular family, whom in addition to my regular billings, always adds an extra $4 in the payroll. Regardless of final billed amount, this family, or rather the wife usually insists on paying in cash and without fail every pay packet will add an additional x2 purple $2 notes. So is it a good omen (even number machiam angbao) or is a bad omen (trying to curse me "死"?! )
  10. ...thing is, will the maid do it for him?? http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...n_who_made.html SAF will take appropriate action against serviceman who made maid carry backpackEnraged26%Shiok!26%LOL!29%So sad4%Sure or not?1%Bochup14%The Singapore Armed Forces says it will investigate the case of a national serviceman who had apparently made his maid carry his backpack, and take the appropriate action. The response came after a photo was posted in STOMP, showing a young man dressed in army fatigues walking in front of a woman carrying what seemed to be his backpack. The story was later picked up by The Straits Times. A Ministry of Defence spokesman said in response to the report in The Straits Times that "the SAF takes a serious view of the conduct of its servicemen in public" and that it will investigate and take the appropriate action. The story had sparked a debate among STOMPers, on whether Gen Y soldiers are too 'soft', 'spoilt' and 'pampered'. There are some, however, who wondered if a shoulder injury had prompted the 'maid' to carry the backpack for the serviceman.
  11. Drumstick

    Take extra precaution when in jb

    Was in Jb yesterday to relax and unwind. But suay suay at night, when parked my car at Jln Austin Height 3 to eat at mobile steamboat shop, my car got broken into. All because i din notice my gf left her handbag in full view on the rear seat. Was parked about 20 lots away and din hear a thing. Only saw the damage on my rear right window smashed when returning to the car and only handbag gone. Damage was a handbag with less than 50sgd, a couple of cards, 2 passport and a broken window. Make police report still need pay myr2. Go to Singapore Consulate Chamber at city sq 35flr still need to pay myr36 per pax with passport size photo just to get a temp pass to return to SIN. As it was first encounter in my life to lose passport overseas, running around and asking around like a headless chicken. Therefore, just to give a quick guide to others who may encounter such problem, 1) Make jb police report. Pay myr2 2) Call Mr Joey from MFA station in JB. Tel: 0797902266 (24/7) 3) Prepare passport size photo and myr36 per pax and proceed to City Sq 35flr office tower to get temp pass to return to SIN. 4) Proceed to jb CIQ custom to get it endorse 5) Proceed to SIN immigration office to handover the temp pass and get acknowledgment letter. 6) Make local (SIN) police report as this involve criminal act. 7) Go down in person to ICA lavander Q up to make new passport. sgd80 for passport + sgd 50 penalty for first offence for lost of passport. Additional Info JB CIQ is starting new procedure soon. After getting the temp pass to enter SIN, need to go to JB immigration office ( Not CIQ ). The place where malaysians do their passport / IC located about 10mins drive away to get exit permit and pay MYR100 per pax (Amt not confirmed yet). After which, then you can go to CIQ and exit back to SIN. Hope this help for those who encounter such situation.
  12. I wonder why does some car owners likes to add extra lighting to the exterior of their car? It's not as if those lighting will give them a clearer view at night. They themselves even can't see the light while driving ... duh.... I'm sure the public will not appreciate with such light decor cos it's very distracting to other road users. Some even decorated their car like some deities procession float!
  13. Fernando Alonso has refused to echo the McLaren drivers' claims that traffic is set to make Monaco a "disaster" and "nightmare" this weekend. With four more cars than in 2009 on the grid this season, and six very uncompetitive runners, it is feared that congestion around the famous barrier-lined 3.3 kilometre street layout will be potentially dangerous. David Coulthard wrote in his latest column for the Telegraph that it is a "serious issue", with the slow cars potentially posing "a risk both to themselves and others". But Alonso said on Tuesday that traffic was "already a problem when we had 20 cars on track". The Spaniard wrote on his Ferrari blog that "we must try and look at this situation as an extra challenge, both for us drivers ... and for the engineers, who will have to work out just the right moment to send us out on track in qualifying". McLaren boss and FOTA chairman Martin Whitmarsh said he advocated splitting the initial Q1 qualifying phase into two parts, but that proposal was voted down in Barcelona last weekend. He predicts a "very difficult" weekend for all. "It has always been difficult but with more cars and a greater performance differential, I think there will be controversy," the Briton told reporters during a teleconference on Tuesday. Source: GMM
  14. Any bro here encounter those ERP parking system charges extra when they left the car park? How do I recover the extra charge?
  15. Read this piece of news at ESPN Soccernet : Fergie slams unfit Wiley Sir Alex Ferguson tonight launched a blistering attack on Alan Wiley, accusing the Staffordshire official of "not being fit enough'' to do his job. Wiley, the fourth official for last month's controversial Manchester derby, was in charge at Old Trafford this afternoon as an injury-time own-goal from Anton Ferdinand gave United a point against Sunderland in a 2-2 draw. Ferguson claimed Wiley had not played the correct amount of added time because he had failed to add on an additional minute to the four already signalled once United scored. "I was disappointed with the referee,'' said the United boss. "He didn't add on any time for the goal. He played four minutes and two seconds. He did not get what he expected like he got it against ManCity and he now slam the poor referee............... Smell something Fishy .........
  16. Alamak , my malaysia friend just sent me this photo while her father is at the petrol station few days ago. I think this owner has kind of over-doing it and there is a possibility that he will damage the rear suspension in long run.
  17. Landlord wants to help his China girl tenants earn extra $$$$ http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=63719
  18. is it only if you pump more than $50 ?? my fit can never fill up so much one..
  19. To those who drive there, do you find it difficult to find the place? Went there last weekend to recky-recky. I parked at JP1 carpark and then tried to find my way there. To my astonishment, there is not clear indicator at all at JP1 on how to go to JP2. Only sign I saw was "NTUC Xtra at level 3 JP2" and I was like, "yea, so where the hell is JP2?". Wanted to go to the info counter to ask but there was long queue to redeem free gift. So I didn't bother. Then went up and down at JP1 and still can't find the entance, bo chup, just went to the info counter to ask the staff and then they said it's right infront of the MRT entrance. WTF... Nevermind, so I went over to the entrance and true enough, it's damn obvious to those who come by MRT will definitely not miss the JP2 extension on the left hand side. So, it says 3rd level but there's only 2 level, here the hell is level 3? As it seems, there's only level 1 and then 3. Upon reaching the level of NTUC Xtra, the arrow sign that points to the place is "diagonal" and again I went to the wrong alley on the left. Finally I found that it was on the dark central cave-like entrance and the mart is on the left side. So damn hidden. I swear I'll never go there ever again... So damn pissed off.
  20. What the heck? Some people never learn I guess... Went back to his old trade. Wonder how much money he got paid the first time... Link to CNA
  21. Last week during the change of Engine Oil. The Machanic top up 5 quarts of Engine oil into my car instead of 4.5 quarts. Is this healthy for a Engine to run on extra Engine oil. When I draw out the measure belt. I can see that the oil is dip pass the "High" level indication. Please advise ... Should I go back or let it be.
  22. anyone read this? i really don't know what to say about this guy. Why pay extra for my Malaysian car? By Desmond Ng FOR the past three months, he has been thinking about retiring in Malaysia. But there is one big road hump - the issue of car-ownership. Retiree Mr Tan Sin Wee, 60, wants to buy a Malaysian-registered car. Not only because it's cheaper there, he explained, but also to reduce the risk of falling prey to criminals. The problem is Mr Tan will have to pay the car's additional registration fee (ARF) - which will come up to tens of thousands - if he wants to drive the car to visit his son in Singapore. Mr Tan, who wrote to us last month, said this fee is on top of the $20 permit fee imposed on foreign-registered cars entering here from 2 am to 5 pm on weekdays. No fees are levied on weekends and public holidays. Questioned Mr Tan: 'Why is there a need to pay the ARF? I think it's an overkill. Isn't it enough that I will be paying the $20 permit fee? Why the double-standards considering that foreigners don't have to pay the ARF?' Mr Tan, who lives in a terrace house in the Aljunied area, thinks the ARF portion should be waived, especially for those who want to retire up north yet keep their ties with their relatives in Singapore. He wants to retire in Malaysia because of the lower cost of living, the less hectic pace and proximity to Singapore. Mr Tan is married with a 24-year-old son. The former oil exploration engineer is thinking of selling his $1 million house here to retire in Johor Baru, that is, if he can work around the ARF issue. What of the option of having two cars, one Malaysian-registered and the other Singapore-registered? 'If I am able to afford two cars,' he said, 'I won't have to think about retiring elsewhere.' LTA said Singaporeans are only allowed to drive foreign-registered vehicles in Singapore if the ARF of the vehicle's open market value (OMV) is paid. Said an LTA spokesman: 'This is to ensure that our car ownership measures, put in place to manage congestion within Singapore, will not be circumvented.' But Singaporeans working and residing in Malaysia who need to make home visits to Singapore occasionally are allowed to drive their Malaysia-registered cars here on a case-by-case basis. Transport economist Mr Michael Li of the Nanyang Business School said that if the policy is removed, it may create a loophole. 'This could create a situation where Singaporeans may just register a car there to take advantage of the cost savings, and then pay the nominal $20 to drive here. It could be a cheaper option,' he said. Mr Li said this loophole would benefit those who purchase luxury cars with higher COE and OMV, where the savings would be in the tens of thousands. For example, a Mercedes C200 would set you back about $151,000 (plus COE) here compared to about $100,000 in Malaysia. Said Mr Li: 'Cars in Malaysia don't expire in 10 years like our COE system. So there's potential for abuse if this policy is removed.' He said that in Mr Tan's case, he can park his Malaysian-registered car near the Causeway, and take a taxi around Singapore. Said Mr Li: 'If a Government policy affects many people and creates hardship, then we've to review it. But in this case, it doesn't. And the small number of people who may be affected by this policy do have choices.' http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/Story...0904-85862.html