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Found 50 results

  1. Come across this advertisement in my Facebook , for those who wish to earn while driving , this maybe be a great opportunity.
  2. Hi all taxi uncles or aunties, i am in need (desperately) for advice on how to make a little bit more using taxi share under smrt? Last time i can earn about $12 per hr after deducted rental and fuel. I started to drive again as i kenna fired by company again. Averagely i earn around 6 to 7 dollars per hour. Yesterday was the worst, i earned only $15 for the 10 hours booking. Not much calls from smrt call booking. like 10 hours 1 call. When about to accept after checking how to go, people take already. So i do only street hires. Anyhow Drive for 10km to 20km round ans round the estate only 1 passenger go to short trip $4.58. Not sure Want to laugh or cry. Din install grab because taxi share always different car plate number. Any master here? I like to meet you and buy you coffee hope you can share with me some advice. I am not giving up yet. I only set a very low expectation As long as can breakeven i am fine. Smrt per hour rental was very high. I hope other taxi company can come.out this flexi scheme too. I am a very hard working driver. I usually eat bread inside car to beat time. I only step out to go toilet only. No time to lose. Thank you.
  3. Hi Bro, Any way for better use of our money in the bank that earn so little interest? Pls share your idea to increase our money!!!
  4. SINGAPORE — SBS Transit bus captains who are Singaporeans or permanent residents (PRs) will be able to earn about S$3,460 a month under a new salary package, about 15 per cent more than before, the public transport operator and National Transport Workers’ Union (NTWU) announced on Thursday (June 1). Under the new salary scheme, new Singaporean and PR bus captains will start with a monthly basic salary of S$1,950, higher than the current S$1,775. Together with a new reliability incentive, overtime and other perks, the drivers can hit a gross monthly salary of about S$3,460. Male drivers will have two weeks of paternity leave and all drivers will get free travel on all trains and basic bus services, free annual health screening and S$500 of flexi-benefits. SBS Transit’s revised salary package will benefit close to 10,000 employees, of whom 6,500 are bus captains. The company hopes to attract more Singaporeans and permanent residents. NTWU executive secretary Melvin Yong said the revised employment terms are timely and sets a good example in the fast-growing industry, which on Sunday saw the new bus contracting model begin operations. Under the new model, the Government pays fees to bus operators operate bus services, while it retains the fare revenue and owns the buses, depots and fleet management system. Two overseas operators, Tower Transit and Go-Ahead, clinched tenders for the first two bus packages and Tower Transit began the first phase of its rollout on Sunday, taking over nine services from SMRT. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/sbs-transit-announces-higher-pay-sporean-pr-bus-captains Anyone interested??
  5. missmarigold

    Breed cockroach can earn some money

    https://www.facebook.com/566772970107369/videos/869743456476984/ Nah wikihow to breed crockroach http://www.wikihow.com/Breed-Feeder-Roaches
  6. A friend sent this to me, knowing I am YOLO at heart, sounds really good actually, if I was not doing anything for the month of Jan 2016, I will surely try. Passing this on to those whom are adventurous and don't mind earning US$10K for one month contract...sounds cool, sorry forgot to mention, all expense paid trip to Niseko Japan. Got try got chance, no try no chance! www.worldscoolestjob.com
  7. lai lai!!! http://www.razor.tv/video/789066/playerwidget.html?appAlias[android]=RTVAndroidWeb&appAlias=RTVFlashEmbed&appAlias[iphone]=RTViPhoneWebEmbed&appAlias[ipad]=RTViPadWebEmbed&movideo_m=789066
  8. Newdrive

    How to earn money from your ride?

    any bros here doing that? like placing ads, do errand runs, etc? just curious.
  9. look at HERE CAT A COE: S$73,100, This car price: S$70,988 Car dealer will pay back to buyer 73100-70899=S$2112 Hurry up!!! don't miss the earning money opportunity
  10. RadX

    Earn $7k as a cabbie!

    Donut, ai mai? We take licence together? Today's sunday times had a full page article that some are earning $6-7k, and sunday still off. Hmmm. another retirement option for me nia.... [laugh]
  11. http://media.omy.sg/OMYMEDIA/vodcast/News/...h-minister3.mp4
  12. What happen to this luxury segment?? Trying to squeeze more profits?? Is still worth the money?? Luxury cars failed crush test
  13. CPF, Medisave minimum sum to be increased Published on May 30, 2012 CPF members, who turn 55 between July 1 and June 30 next year will have to set aside a minimum sum of $139,000, up from $131,000 last year. -- ST PHOTO: CAROLINE CHIA CPF members, who turn 55 between July 1 and June 30 next year will have to set aside a minimum sum of $139,000, up from $131,000 last year. The amount was adjusted over the years to account for inflation, longer life expectancies and Singaporeans' rising expectations of their quality of life post-retirement. From July 1, the Medisave minimum sum (MMS) will also be raised to $38,500 from $36,000, a 7 per cent increase. Members will be able to withdraw their Medisave savings in excess of the amount at, or after, the age of 55. The maximum balance a member may have in his Medisave Account, known as the Medisave contribution ceiling (MCC), is set at $5,000 above the minimum sum, which means it would be increased correspondingly to $43,500, from $41,000 previously.
  14. Every time I see people driving nice cars, I wonder how much they earn to afford such nice machines? Let's say Mr Driver drives a $400k car, most likely he has more than one car, his other car may worth say another $180k. At the same time, being able to afford the cars, he is unlikely to live in a 2-room HDB flat, more likely at least a place worth say $1m to be very very conservative. Let's say he has only one property, though unlikely. For the purpose of simplifying the calculation, let's say he manages to arrange full loans for his cars and property, and stretches his loans to max repayment periods, he's likely to be paying about $13k monthly combined installment. (maybe some bros can check / correct this figure to make it as realistic as possible?) ..... Assuming car loans:- 6-yr, housing loan:- 20-yr Let's say he spend about $1k on rdtx, petrol, insur etc per month, another say $3k on daily expenses eg food, cloths, etc etc.... This is quite a tight budget for some singles. Total:- 13 + 1 + 3 = 17 k Assuming he saves 5% of his earning, he will needs to earn $17k x 1.05 = approx $18k per month Is this figure close to what some mcf bros are earning when they are/were single and owning cars + property as Mr Driver?
  15. Sabbie

    How much he earn?

    Got a young friend one year ago he no money, now he wants to buy expensive conti car, realized he is top 300 agent at huttons, how much does a top 300 earns? Now he drive more flashy and more ex car than me
  16. E052798

    Earn $ with van?

    Good day all, question of the day, how do we earn $ with a van? i'm open to all suggestions may it be part time basis or full time etc etc.. share any lobangs or tales u may have heard! cheerios!
  17. In yesterday's ST. Fresh NTU Grads earning up to $10K-20K/mth in their first jobs. Official Singapore statistics for YTD2011 show $3K-4K/mth as the average starting salary for fresh NUS/NTU graduates - excluding the medical and legal professions. (Note: The starting salaries for overseas graduates may differ). In my company, fresh NUS/NTU grads now begin at about $3.2-3.6K/mth (excluding lawyers who are on a separate salary scale when they join our corporate Legal department). The new graduates' pay will be pushed up to 100% of their salary reference within the next 1-2 years ... meaning, it can go up as high as $6K/mth. By the time they reach their 5th year, their salary should reach at least $10K/mth, or higher ... assuming performance at >>50% pecentile. By the 10th year, at least $15K-20K/mth for the first-tier (20%). Although not as high as the $10K-20K/mth in their first year of work, as reported in ST for jobs in private banking and investment consultancy - its a whole new ball game out there! Are YOU happy with your current salary? After how many years? Don't you wish that you are a Gen-Y graduate? You've had it made!
  18. Hi all, I've been reading messages here that many are harbouring the thought to sell their car around (08/09)now to earn a quick buck. I can't undersand how is this going to benefit one if selling his car now and having to buy another car with a higher price tag ? Unless, one totally gives up driving or downgrade all the way to a small car. Not forgetting the 2nd hand dealers who are out there to makan your money when you trying to sell and buy used car. Perhaps, the better policy is to stick to your present car and drive for good 10 years . Afterall car is still a liability here. Regards,
  19. hi all nowadays degree is everywhere. so i would like to heard how much u guys are earning as compare to your education. those earning big money because of parent's start up capital no count. strike toto no count. family business also no count. It does not matter if u earn $1.2k or $12k per month, same for pri 6 to doctorate. Please give true information as this is also one of the factor for me to go back to school and study or not.
  20. Subarugt

    They earn Most of our Income

    Expat income: S'pore tops global list Survey of 25 countries/cities shows it has largest ratio of high earners By Melissa Kok SINGAPORE is home to the largest proportion of high-earning expatriates compared to 24 other countries and cities, a new global survey shows. Nearly half the number of expats - 45 per cent - living and working here are earning more than US$200,000 (S$265,000) annually, compared to the worldwide average of 21 per cent, according to the Expat Explorer Survey conducted by HSBC Bank. According to a paper on household income trends released by the Singapore Department of Statistics last month, the average annual income of the top 10 per cent of employed Singapore households from work was about $265,000. This means that less than 10 per cent of employed Singapore households earn $265,000 or more. The HSBC figure puts expats in Singapore ahead of their counterparts in other countries and cities such as Russia, China, the Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The bank said the annual poll - which interviewed more than 4,217 respondents - is the world's largest survey of expatriates. Last year, in the same survey, Singapore was ranked fourth out of 26 countries and cities when it came to expat income. Mr David Ang, executive director of the Singapore Human Resources Institute (Shri), said Singapore's climb in ranking for expat income could be due to 'the economic recovery and more high-earning expats returning to Singapore'. Mr Phillip Overmyer, chief executive of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC), noted that more expats, especially senior executives and top-end management, came to Singapore after last year's global recession. For firms looking to venture into the Asian markets or expand their operations in the region, Singapore is ideal. He added that factors such as having English as a first language, an efficient transportation system and a safe environment also explain why bosses favour posting such staff to Singapore over other countries. 'It's a good place to send staff here for two to three years, where they can bring their families,' he said. This year's survey quizzed 109 expats in Singapore on their finances, quality of life, and raising children abroad. A good proportion of expats surveyed here work in the finance industry, are male and aged between 35 and 54 years old. Mr Mark Sparrow, managing director of recruitment firm Kelly Services Singapore, said such high-earning expats would include highly skilled talent filling the needs of niche or highly specialised roles in various industries such as IT and oil. Although Singapore ranks high for expat income, it slipped to seventh place when it came to the proportion of expats who have a disposable income of more than US$3,000 (S$3,980) a month. Shri's Mr Ang attributed the dip in ranking for disposable income to inflation and a higher cost of living in Singapore, especially for housing and car ownership. When it came to overall global rankings, which is determined by expat income, disposable income and measure of luxury, Singapore came in fourth place, after Russia, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain
  21. He keep saying we are jealous of him. He thinks he's the only one that owns a 4yr old car. He thinks those with 5k COE cars are worthless now and will lose money like siao if they langar and total loss. He thinks that he won't langar and if he do, he'll earn 12k now. He curse other ppl to langar and then total loss. He thinks alot of us dunno there's a sgcarmart where we can see 2nd hand car prices. He thinks he's smart.
  22. Been using their android application call Shownearby for sometime liao, but never really know much about them. Den I tot its juz those kind of independent developer suka suka do and launch de. Wah, but turns out ah, they juz got 3.5 million in investment from yellow pages leh! NO JOKE! http://www.theedgesingapore.com/the-daily-...companedia.html Also saw their homepage www.shownearby.com looks like a Google for nearby things in Singapore...hahahha good lah...Singapore really got some talent! Hahahaha
  23. Benarsenal

    "Acting doesn't earn much!"

    http://malaysia.news.yahoo.com/xin/2010052...al-3c1b9bc.html Now we know, Mediacorp is so kiam siap....
  24. for every 10k increase in COE price, my odyssey 2.4a is worth ~$4k more in the resale market! very easy to calculate (new odyssey OMV is currently 36k) when COE 26k, a brand new odyssey cost yearly depreciation 10k -> a used 4yr old odyssey 2.4a ~60% of new price = 6k yearly depreciation when COE 36k, a brand new odyssey cost yearly depreciation 11k -> a used 4yr old odyssey 2.4a ~60% of new price = 6.6k yearly depreciation when COE 46k, a brand new odyssey cost yearly depreciation 12k -> a used 4yr old odyssey 2.4a ~60% of new price = 7.2k yearly depreciation so u see every 10k increase in COE price = $600 more depreciation per year for used car -> a 4yr old car with 6yr COE left will cost extra $600*6 = $3,600 i bought my odyssey when COE was 16k => yearly depreciation 5.1k now COE 46k, my gain = 6yr * (7.2 - 5.1) = $12k!! i bought at 45k just 2mth+ ago, and now i can sell it for 57k comparing a brand new odyssey selling close to $138k now, i think $57k is a very good price for a 4yr old car right? (dont tell me about selling high and buying high... i am happy to hold the extra paper value for now, but if COE breach $80k, i will consider selling)
  25. Was going thru sgforum sometime earlier...came across this post where a guy claimed that one needs to earn 20K and above to drive a BMW 3 series!! Absurb man!! Where got so expensive!! Here's the exact post... "ya i do agree tat u got to earn a minimum of 5k before u can afford a small car in sg....as for those 100k++ car like bmw, lexus...etc....u need a salary of at least 20k and above....coz i am driving the new bmw 3 series.....and i know wat it meant to maintain such cars...." They were discussing how much the salary should be before considering car ownership....