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Found 102 results

  1. alfakidz85

    does it matter?

    Will a rs work out if there is nth in common? Referrin to polar opposite, opposite end of the spectrum type of nth in common May not exactly be referrin to myself but just wanna know ur thoughts How do u keep a rs/marriage work when u have nth in common? Personalities, likes, dislikes, interests, Its ok to have differences bt u need to share the same core values in life to make it work at least? TIA
  2. I would like to ask the bro/sis here. Given a a choice. Would you prefer to work in a job you have more interest in it, knowledge but the boss is more micro manage and demanding OR a job with less interest, less knowledge in it but a reasonable and not so demanding boss. Assuming both job pay and benefit is the same. Which one u will choose and why?
  3. Carbon82

    MCF Members Introduction

    Hi all, In most forums I have visited, there are usually a thread for member to get know to each other. There used to be one here, created back in 2002, but most pages were TCSS, well almost. So here come a fresh one, and I shall start first. @Carbon82 Nick(s): Carbon82 (aka 8559 / numberman in AsiaOne Forum) Gender: F (for father) Age: Old enough to recognize cars from the '60s Marital Status: Happily married with 2 kids Occupation (official): HSE / EHS & Business Continuity Professional Occupation (unofficial): Teller, driver, cook, baker, maid, handyman, motivational speaker, tutor... basically bao gao liao Car(s) owned: 2016 VW Sharan 380TSI (Current), 2012 Skoda Superb 2.0TSI, 2008 Honda Crossroad 1.8 i-VTEC, 2004 Honda Stream 2.0 i-VTEC, 2001 ES8 Honda Civic 1.5 VTi, 1996 Subaru Vivio Dream Car(s): Mercedes-Benz GLS 63 AMG, VW Kombi T1 Favorite Pastimes: Anything related to cars, surfing the web, cooking / baking, makan, photography (non-professional level), blaming the G (well I am Singaporean you know?) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alphabetical order... A @altisowner Here's my introduction. Nick(s): Altisowner (present) I've registered a nick before in 2006 but can't remember the password and was not so active then. Gender: Male (an old man) Age: just reached 65 Marital Status: Happy married with 3 adult children and a Grandfather of 5 Occupation (official): Forestry and Agricultural Machinery Consultant (now semi-retired) Occupation (unofficial): None Car(s) owned: Present cars Lexus ES250 (just 2 weeks ago), Altis already pass on to my wife (her car just expired). My very first car was a Datsun 120Y, Ford Lancer, Mazda6, BMW320, Subaru Legacy, Camry2.2, Altis1.8. Dream Car(s): Never have any dream car Favorite Pastimes: surfing the net, watching TV, walk with my pet dog, washing car over the weekend as exercise, enjoy wine every other night at home or with friends. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B @babyblade Nick(s): (The One and Only) BabyBlade Gender: F Age: Twenties! Marital Status: Single Occupation (unofficial): Dreamer, Sleeper, Lao Sai Queen Car(s) owned: I drive but I don't own. Thank you sgCarMart. Dream Car(s): Audi TT, Nissan GTR Bike(s) owned: Honda NSR150SP, Honda MSX125 Grom, Yamaha Spark 135 (Current), Honda CBR400RR (Current), Ducati 899 Panigale (Current) Current Dream Bike: Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Can't Do Without: Bikes, Piano, Music, Traveling Favorite Quote: "I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @beanoyip Nick(s): beano Gender: Male obviously.. Age: mid 30s? Marital Status: Married Occupation (official): Enginner Occupation (unofficial): Don't have Car(s) owned: Skoda Octavia, Skoda Superb, VW Golf R, Audi RS3 (current) Dream Car(s): Mclaren 570S Favorite Pastimes: Gaming, sports, mountain biking, playing around with tech --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @benarsenal Might as well join in the fun too. Haha Nick(s): Benarsenal Gender: Male Age: Not young and not old Marital Status: Let's just say I can go into Tiko thread without worries. Occupation (official): Developer Occupation (unofficial): Bao ka liao Car(s) owned: Currently no car. Before that, Toyota Prius and Mitsubishi Lancer Dream Car(s): VW Golf GTI, Honda NSX, Mazda MX-5 (original with pop up headlights) Favorite Pastimes: Jiak zua at MCF, watch football (guess my favourite team. Should be obvious haha), travel --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C @carloverguy2017 Wonder what kind of Intro I need to expose myself here... I'm not a young chap here, that's for sure, just by counting my cars I've owned would be suffice to determine my age group. Here goes, Daihatsu Charade Honda Civic esi Hyundai Accent Hyundai Getz Hyundai Avante Subaru WRX Hyundai Accent Next car, no plan, because no money. The only car that I didn't modified or played, is WRX, because it has all the power I wanted. I took it to the track once to experience the trill. I lost to all the Malaysian trackies. They were cheap and fast. A full time Engineer who studied the wrong course regretfully and went into a wrong industry, I prefer arts and robotics. So I love to tinker much just about anything, from broken toys to breaking toys when I am young, to photography and on recent many years ago I started to ditch the still pictures and move on to motion pictures ( filming ) as my long term passion. I approached several car magazines and Facebook pages to "beg" for a part time job and hopefully the small income can fund my passion and moving forward to be able to see if I can work on something in the video filming genre to gain more recognition. In person, I am very open minded and straight forward. I can be very blunt and honest in my opinion too. Due to my star sign. LOL. So my post sometimes carries a hate mail .. haha. I give my intro 10/10. Swee ! As to my nickname and logo..that's a twist .. Car Lover Guy or Carl Over Guy , you decide. T4 is the acronym for my Youtube channel which means The Terrible Terri Talks, four tees , thus T4 As for the nickname, It''s suppose to be the former, I not gay. LOL --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @chaosmyth Looking to start a topic but I'm short of posts so I thought why not. Nick(s): ChaosMyth My username is from a song by ONE OK ROCK - a Japanese rock band formed in 2005. One of their most popular singles goes to "Wherever You Are". I like them for their alternative rock and pop rock songs. And most notably the vocals of lead singer Takahiro Moriuchi. Not to mention he is cute. Haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IGmFM40A1Y Gender: F Age: Does it matter? Age is just a number. Haha. Mid twenties. Marital Status: Single Occupation (official): I'm in the maritime industry Car(s) owned: Honda Accord euroR (First, and only one for now) Dream Car(s): Don't really have one. I'm all for practicality but if I have to choose, maybe a Porsche Boxster. Favorite Pastimes: Mahjong for sure And if you're wondering why I'm on the forum, I just bought the euroR off sgcarmart so I'm here to fish for some info. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @chryst hi~ am new here! Nick(s): chryst Gender: female Age: need to scroll year selection at least twice during sign up Marital Status: not married Occupation (official): content creator and decision influencer Occupation (unofficial): maid, clown, ATM, purveyor of unnecessary leather goods Car(s) owned: 2004 WRX STI, 2006 Sonata, Lancer, Fit, Altis, Chevy Optra (Current) Dream Car(s): Another rex, the new brz, forester, bugatti veyron Favorite Pastimes: my furkid, bimbo stuff, buying bags, read/write (for real even though i sound like a primary school kid), eating, discovering hacks, blackmailing people nice to meet all of you --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E @enye since my bff TS complained i make fun of him...i also better support his thread by introducing myself Nick(s): Enye Gender: Sensitive information Age: Sensitive information Marital Status: Sensitive information Occupation (official): Storeman/Caretaker/Office boy Occupation (unofficial): None Car(s) owned: Peasant cars but now bus mrt and walk Dream Car(s): Cannot afford any dreams Favorite Pastimes: No time no money --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F @fitvip Nick(s): fitvip (the one and only) Gender: Man. Age: 2 digits only, can't buy 4-D. Marital Status: Happily married. Was penalised for having the third child. Occupation (official): Eatwestnorthwind Occupation (unofficial): Househusband, people/nature watching. Car(s) owned: Honda CB350Four, Daihatsu Charade XG, Nissan Sunny VIP, Honda Fit GD, Honda FIT GE. Going to drive as long as it is FIT and contribute extra $ to feed monkeys. Dream Car(s): Never dreamt of cars! Favorite Pastimes: Visit mcf, etc, visiting the parks, getting sea view, putting 2 two-cm strokes on an A5 paper once every few years to keep them in check! Favorite Quote: Respect has to be earned! When tired, retire! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- H @hoseyboh Nick(s): Hoseyboh Gender: Another old man Age: Next year collecting cpf Marital Status: DINK Occupation (official): Going to be jobless soon.... Occupation (unofficial): sgcarmart stalker Car(s) owned: Vitara, Odyssey, 330i, X3, XC90, X5, WRX STI, Golf GTI, A1(Wife), Forester 2.0XT (Wife), S class (current) Dream Car(s): Occasional wet dream Favorite Pastimes: sucker for whiskey.... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- K @kdash Nick(s): kdash Gender: Male Age: 30s Marital Status: Married. Occupation (official): Engineer Occupation (unofficial): Bao Ga Liao Car(s) owned: Toyota Sienta Dream Car(s): DeLorean DMC-12 Favorite Pastimes: no pastime cos need to take care of young kids... 请多多指教! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @kobayashigt Someone in the forum asked me to participate too. Nick: KobayashiGT Gender: M (Masculine) Age: reaching 30 Marital Status: Not yet married. Occupation (Official): Conman. Some fools buy, some fools sell. Occupation (Unofficial): bathroom singer, trying-to-be-homer-Simpson, professional-drinking-buddy and Grabhitch-Mei-Mei-Driver. Car(s) owned: Suzuki Carry, Suzuki Every, Honda Accord. Dream car(s): Porsche 911 GT3, Toyota 86 and Nissan GTR R32. Favourite Pastimes: Netflix-ing, youtube-ing and trying to annoy my dog and see if she will bite me a not. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P @pchou Nick(s): Pchou Gender: Female (i forgive those that always call me bro :p) Age: Sensitive information Marital Status: Sensitive information Occupation (official): MCF Fulltime Staff Occupation (unofficial): Don't have Car(s) owned: Not driving Dream Car(s): Mini Cooper Favorite Pastimes: Makan, cycling, badminton, running, SHOPPING! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @philipkee Those who met me I have already introduced myself and also in this forum also. 1) my nick is my real name 2) I roughly introduced myself in the health forum "I'm a nurse. Ask me anything about nursing." My photo also in this forum but thread might be gone liao. 3) drove an avante and now a manual hyundai accent. 4) single and available. Any young pretty mcfer can pm me. No problem. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Picnic06-biante15 OK just joined in to waste time (15 minutes more) whilst waiting to 'pang kang' Nick(s): Picnic06-Biante15 Gender: M (all rounder some say balloon) Age: born in the late 50's Marital Status: Married Occupation (official): Cho Sai Kang aka everything under the sun Occupation (unofficial): cho lang tulang Car(s) owned: two wheelers to 4 wheelers - Eagle, Rally, Shimano, Honda Cub, Vespa, Suzuki Kartana, Yamaha V-Max, Datsun FII, Nissan Sunny, Ford Laser, Kia Mentor, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Picnic and Mazda Biante Dream Car(s):Volvo XC90, Mazda CX8, Jaguar XJ, Audi Q7 Favorite Pastimes: Food --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S @sotong07 Sorry that I did not browse enough to realise this thread from the day I joined which was couple of months ago. <paiseh hor> hope all seniors 多多包涵, Nick: Sotong07 (becos my friends say i damn blur one) Gender: M Age: late 40's Marital status: married with 2 kids. Occupation (official): 1 leg kick Occupation (unofficial) : something trendy and interesting Cars owned: 1st car was swift, 2nd car GLXi, now 3rd car K3. Before 1st car rode bike for 10+ years. Dream cars: dare not to dream now. after retired got time then dream. kekeke. Favorite pastimes: candycrush level 26&&, surfing net, sleep, housework. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @SUNNy Nick: Sunny Sex: As much as i can get Age: above 40 liao Marital status: married with 2 kids. Occupation: bao ka liao Cars owned: 1st car was nissan sunny (that's why this nick) Dream cars: many till dont dare dream due to no budget..... wet dreams r better Favorite pastimes: candycrush, disturb Enye the elite, sleep (related to above 2nd line sentence) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T @terrylmt Nick(s): terrylmt Gender: 公 Age: Aged Marital Status: Delisted Occupation (official): Sales Operations Management by working day; son, father, husband, and brother at all times Occupation (unofficial): Domestic helper, defacto food consumer, ATM, piggyback-piggy Car(s) owned: Subaru Legacy, Nissan Bluebird, BMW E36, Hyundai Accent LC2, Hyundai Getz, Toyota Vios, Toyota Altis, Fiat Bravo 198, BMW F10 Dream Car(s): Was the BMW E36, then Fiat Bravo 198, now BMW M5 and Maserati GranCabrio Favorite Pastimes: Too many to list... plus too lazy... so i guess, being lazy ba! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @thaiyotakamli Nick(s): thaiyotakamli Gender: Male in the day Age: forever young Look: about the same as my DP Occupation (official): jobless Occupation (unofficial): driver, bellboy, maid, cleaner, slave Car(s) owned: camry 2.0, e250, a8, rx450, e200, f10, f02, now back to toyota hairy Dream Car(s): merc GLS, RR sport Hobby: watch movie, sleep, eat, watch movie, sleep, eat and travel also swim abit to lose some weight --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @theoldjaffa Nick(s): theoldjaffa Gender: Same as the capital of Maldives Age: Gen X Marital Status: Married. Occupation (official): salesman Occupation (unofficial): semi retired table wiper, data entry clerk Car(s) owned: Kia Sephia 1.5, Nissan Sunny N16 1.5, Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 1.6, Honda Crossroad 1.8, Alfa Romeo 159 2.2, Alfa Romeo GT 3.2V6, Volvo S60 2.0t, Lexus IS200t Dream Car(s): Used to be the 159. Now, Porsche 911 (base 991 will do)
  4. Jetabout777

    Johor Bahru Places of Interest

    Hi all, I believe some of our bros here frequent JB quite often, be it for work or pleasure. I will be planning to head up north for a short shopping trip in JB with my family when time permits. Would appreciate if all could share some of your excellent 'lobangs' in JB! (best if can indicate on JB streetdirectory http://www.streetdirectory.com/malaysia/johor/ or GPS coordinates.) Thanks!
  5. Would like to seek the opinion and advise from knowledgeable expert here. Planning to get new car from a AD. The SE offered me a good deal but on the condition that I will have to take up a private car loan from Hitachi at interest of 2.78% rather than the in house loan of 2.5% interest from UOB. The SE promise that he will compensate the 0.28% of extra interest that I have to pay in term of cheque. With that it seems like I'm not losing out from anything since the extra interest from Hitachi will be compensated back to me. Am I missing out on anything? Is there something I have to look out for? Are there any risk in doing so? Would appreciate is people can provide some feedbacks and advice. Thanks!
  6. 2 elderly parents caring for their girl who was strickened with brain cancer. Very touching, brought a tear to my eye. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/defying-odds-brain-cancer-dancer-gbm-glioblastoma-9821022
  7. Thot is start this thread n not corrupt the Amazon thread Learn How Easy it is to up the HDD to SSD as that is king. Chip in here for further knowledge sharing This hybrid is interestinG but still ...
  8. Gauging interest in folks interested in doing a drive trip to Hua Hin. It'll proabably be a week long trip (8 day utilising weekends at each end. Why not 9 days.....1 day for rest lah). Why 8 days..... 1.5 days drive up, 1.5 days drive back. You'll essentially be spending 5 nights there. The 2 missing nights are either in Penang or Hatyai for the stop-over. (no I'm not young enough to do a direct drive for those who prefer so) All costs on your own. All arrangements for lodgings on your own too (can recommend you booking sites like asiawebdirect, etc if you need info). Costs of lodgings aside...... estimated expenditure for the trip is like SGD1800 for a couple. (includes petrol, tolls, insurances, food and sight-seeing). This is only an estimate... you can do your sums should you prefer 5 star dining for every meal, buy loads of stuff, etc. Cost for tolls , petrol & insurance is ~ SGD900 for me. (my car is thirsty) Anyone interested?
  9. Hi Bro, Any way for better use of our money in the bank that earn so little interest? Pls share your idea to increase our money!!!
  10. Flameice85

    Car Loan Interest Rate

    Hi all, Anyone knows what is the car loan interest rate nowadays? Is it going up? Some PI tends to offer very attractive price but the interest rate like very high.
  11. Came across this link in my facebook. https://moolahsense.com/running-campaign.php?company=Beauty Clicked, and woots... a bond that promises 21% returns per year. And already raised 82% of its required capital?? My first thoughts... why does the company raising the funds want to give 21% interest? Loan sharks is only 24% afterall!! 2nd thoughts. Deal sounds too good to be true for the investors. Damn bloody risky. But with just a simple video and wall of text, they can get $200K? S'poreans money very easy to take.
  12. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/review.php?AID=46 New clio, but lukewarm interest so far..anyone bought liao?
  13. OK, so I guess most people already know how a car loan of 2% HP rate equals to easily over 5% APR over a few years. But for mortgage loans in Singapore, the rate which the bank advertises, is the 'nominal' APR and not the effective APR correct? e.g. I understand most banks use the 'daily rest' method to compound mortgages? (correct me if I am wrong, which banks here use monthly rest?). So for a loan at nominal 5% APR but with daily compounding, it would say work out to about 5.13% effective APR. Am I right to say the APR quoted by the banks here for mortgages is the nominal and not the effective APR? Is there any MAS rules that says we can ask for the effective APR from the banks?
  14. I guess it's a matter of time. How much higher do you think it will go? I do not recall it being higher than 3% though but I am referring to AD rates.
  15. can consider switching over now since early bird promotion is only valid till 31 Oct. can get 6-month bonus interest of 1% p.a. on top of the base CDA interest rate. got more info here www.posb.com.sg/cda
  16. Dear fellow bros, I would like to find out wat r the must visits in kaoshiung and Izit possible to do a 2day one night over there? Many thanks
  17. this is the trend. land alone already cost smelly smelly $500+ psf after build up + landscape + profit + this&that ... no $1,000+ psf no talk simi curb also no use la ... http://www.todayonline.com/business/tampin...pite-loan-curbs
  18. SINGAPORE: Interest rates in the US and in turn, Singapore, are likely to pick up over the next one to two years, said DBS CEO Piyush Gupta. This means now could be a particularly good time for borrowers to lock in loans at current interest rates. Borrowers can look at switching from floating to fixed rate loans, added Mr Gupta. But that is a hard appeal to make to Asian investors, who prefer not to fix their interest rates. "In Asia, pardon me, but most of us tend to be punters...Anecdotally, the easiest way to think about this - We go to the US, the most popular mortgage in the US is the 30-year fixed rate mortgage. In Asia, we at DBS tried pushing two years ago a 5-year fixed rate mortgage...almost no takers. So Asians don't like fixing, Asians don't like hedging," said Mr Gupta. "However, given where we are in terms of our view in the world and the fact that there's likely to be a steepening bias over 12, 24 months, I would suggest it might be worthwhile to think about it." Speaking at an event for his private bank clients, Mr Gupta also warned of risks brought about by over-borrowing in the Chinese economy. Total borrowing in the economy currently makes up 214% of GDP, up from 170% of GDP in the 2000s. Mr Gupta said: "It is not impossible that some small state-owned enterprises, some small regional banks go into an element of restructuring. "They won't let it go bankrupt but the restructuring might mean bail-in, might mean some creditors. And I think that will be part of this restructuring of the system over the next couple of years. "So my thoughts on China is - I don't think it will fall off a cliff, but since there will be winners and losers, you'd better be very thoughtful and careful about your selection of counterparties...who do you really do business with." Overall, Mr Gupta sees a "slow bias" in the economy in Asia. This is largely due to a restructuring in the Chinese economy, as policymakers opt for quality growth over high growth. "If China runs at 7 or 7.5% (full year GDP growth), I think it always spills over into our part of the world. There will be some volatility and up and down - Singapore surprised with the latest GDP number - but overall I really see a slow bias in the economy in this part of the world," said Mr Gupta. - CNA/ir http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/busine...ent/745500.html
  19. The widely expected rise in interest rates for car buyers has materialised, since measures to restrict the amount and tenure of loans were introduced in March to cool the market. As of yesterday, DBS Bank remained the only bank sticking to the old rate of 1.88 per cent per annum. All the others have raised interest rates almost uniformly to 2.68 per cent since the first mover - believed to be Citibank - revised its rate upwards in March. The higher charges came after the Government announced measures in late February to cool the motor market, including restricting the loan amount to no more than 60 per cent of a car's purchase price, to be repaid in no more than five years. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...-rates-20130523
  20. Is it true? Heard it will rise to 3.45% this Friday?
  21. Kelvingoh45

    Interest rate to increase

    Most bank is going to increase the interest rate to 2.28% by September. Forr those going to buy car better act fast.
  22. Hi guys, Somehow contemplating getting a brand new Defender by the end of this year. OTR price as for now is 148K. What i heard is 2.88% interest p.a and a maximum of 7 years loan? I calculated with a 20K down payment, monthly is 1.85K....foooo Is it true? If so, any guys out there know where i can get defender for 10 yrs loan? Btw, it needed a company registration. Another question, do you actually need to be employed by the company when you submit the company certificate of registration to the dealer?
  23. I have registered this morning. Any bro register? It is indeed worth waiting for it from the excellent review of note 2.