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Found 13 results

  1. Previous thread is too biggg https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2714850-private-property-pricesstill-up-or-down-part-ii/page-533 Please continue below
  2. Golf7roy

    Any groomer measures top coat ?

    from my noob knowledge, if u want a nice finish, you need to cut/polish away the imperfect surface of the top coat/clear coat to reveal a nice smooth layer. but that means some places may over polish and reduce your top coat thickness. so is there any groomers that focus on top coat measurements so as to minimize the cutting depth?
  3. The widely expected rise in interest rates for car buyers has materialised, since measures to restrict the amount and tenure of loans were introduced in March to cool the market. As of yesterday, DBS Bank remained the only bank sticking to the old rate of 1.88 per cent per annum. All the others have raised interest rates almost uniformly to 2.68 per cent since the first mover - believed to be Citibank - revised its rate upwards in March. The higher charges came after the Government announced measures in late February to cool the motor market, including restricting the loan amount to no more than 60 per cent of a car's purchase price, to be repaid in no more than five years. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...-rates-20130523
  4. (Karachi, Dec 27)
  5. Faster buy before you kena more buyer's duties
  6. Let's discuss how we can reduce our expenditure in this impending recession. 1) change cars less often 2) eat out less often 3) multi task per trip to reduce multiple trips 4) travel less, if have to, to nearby places etc.. bros and sis...got any inputs...let's share together
  7. Parkingidiot

    60% support all Budget measures

    http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_644649.html It seems that it's very easy to satisfy Singaporeans... just bribe them with a few hundred bucks, and you can buy their consensus for anything. I don't know whether it's because they are so pliant and money faced... or is it because they are so desperately hungry, even $600-800 is like a fortune to them.
  8. By Khalil Adis (courtesy of PropertyGuru) The Singapore government has followed in the footsteps of China and Hong Kong to cool down its property market, specifically for public flats. The latest measures appear to be aimed at speculators who are partly blamed for driving Housing Development Board (HDB) resale prices upwards. In case you don
  9. There are a few measures which i am disappointed . Firstly, i will comment on the new MOM foreign rule...... Yes, it may result more Singaporeans to be employed but however, more problems will be resulted: Problem 1: As stricter and tighter rules which result lesser foreign workers are able to work in Singapore.....Thus imagine a workload of carrying a table which may requires 4 person will have a lesser person which is 3 person carrying a table. Thus more workload will be placed onto those workers....... Problem 2: The salary of the job scope is usually not attractive and also people doesn't want to do type....As a result, companies will have to rely on foreign workers as a result. With lesser foreign workers available, how are these companies able to survive with limited workers? Problem 3: Yes, lesser worker may result in more output by each individual as they are given more tasks to do. But with limited workers around, how are the companies going to cope when the workers are sick, leave or other reasons,etc? Doesn't this create unnecessary problems for the companies? Secondly, i will comment on the ruling of the HDB measure...... Most of the Singaporeans are living in HDB........ Problem 1: With parents working and also the children whom had grown up and entered workforce.......It is most likely that the combined household will exceed the cap..... Problem 2: In the area of new flats which are built ( mostly Sengkang, that area).....Accessibility is a major problem.....How on earth are they heading to town or CBD areas for work/leisure,etc? So most people are still unwillingly to move over there . Problem 3: HDB are allowing many PRs to buy flats....As a result, many of these people have bought a HDB apartment and continue working for the next 3 years.....When they have earned enough, they sold away the flats for profit and eventually left Singapore with a huge sum of money...... ( i strongly feel that PRs should only allowed to rent flats/apartments within the first 3 years of their stay, thereafter living in Singapore for at least 3 years, they are then allowed to buy) Thirdly, i will comment on the transport system in Singapore..... Yes, it may seem to be a world-class system Problem 1: With government's "efforts" of forcing people to disown cars, many have turn into public transport as a result. With millions of commuters everyday......And with limited services , can you imagine how packed is the train/ bus? Problem 2: The transport system in Singapore is still lacking of accessibility..... How are people going over Sengkang from the West/East through MRT? I strongly feel that MRT lines should be fully integrated where there will be interchange in the north and north east. Problem 3: Jurong East interchange are forever packed.......Especially the peak hours where i am rushing to meet someone, i missed three trains due to overwhelming crowds( i am not exaggerating) . Problem 4: Buses are always not on schedule and late. Furthermore, they are very slow and had to stop almost every single stops due to many people boarding....... Problem 5: MRT also had to stop almost every single stops.....I seriously hope that there will be an interchange over the North, North East which are linked over the West, East and also the South and the Central.....By this, there will be a larger Circle line and allowed people to move over to the other side of Singapore faster and more efficiently..... Fourthly, I will like to comment over the COE prices Problem 1: Please think of people whom really need to use the cars....There are deliveryman, store man ( checking stocks around the branches), sales, managers,etc.......They really need to use cars urgently....They cant just use the slow public transport....... Problem 2: I refer that the government should look into the people who use cars on the road instead of having how many cars in total....There are people who owned cars and do not use them.....example, OPC cars...... Problem 3: With high expenses over on the road tax, insurance, ERP, petrol......I dont see why the government is doing anything to help people whom really needs to use cars and letting families owning at least a car for a family outing,etc...... Problem 4: Causing unnecessary problems for dealers.....I can already tell that they will most likely not be earning alot compared to a few years ago.....I hope that the government understands that with no Sales, it means no profit.......And no profit, dealers are making a huge loss with high expenses being not enough to covered......Many people will be losing jobs due to this......( Ranging for dealers to spare parts, accessories, tyres/battery services,etc.......) Fifth, I would like to comment on the Citizenship of Singaporeans/ PRs.... With government 's aim to push the whole population to a few more millions, thus more people will be "welcomed" in...... Problem 1: There are people who actually took advantage of some of these measures and actually benefited them.....They are actually not willingly to stay over here over a permanent move,etc...... Problem 2: With a small size and already expecting overcrowding problems. I dont see why there should be an increase of the populations instead? Problem 3: With government's effort to increasing more population through granting the Singapore citizenship, PRS ......The government actually forgotten about encouraging more babies to boast and increase the fertility rate of Singapore...... Sixth, Singapore has a lack talents over in sports like table tennis, football,etc..... Problem 1: More foreign talents are been exploited as a result.....I am not trying to say this will actually not help to raise the standards of the team but actually we will be over-relying on them Problem 2: Singapore has a lacked of infrastructure for youth development.....Most players don't even had the basics right and had already been trained on a higher level.....The real problem is, if you dont know how to walk properly.....No matter how hard/fast you try running, most likely you will fall........Thus, more efforts should be groom onto the youth whom are as young as 7 years old...... Problem 3: Most foreigners are actually unwillingly to play for Singapore.....Alot of foreign players had left the national team and moved else where.....If they dont have the heart to play for Singapore, i dont think any sports of Singapore will go any further....... Lastly, I would like to comment on the Pay -TV plan I think government should set a standard marking where channels are actually available on both Starhub and Singtel........ Pardon me if you dont understand what i am trying to explain.....Ok , i shall use an analogy to explain this..... SMRT and SBS are two different bus/Mrt/Lrt companies......However, we do not need to have two individual cards to actually board and alight the buses and the MRT/LRTs.... So i am trying to say that there should be a standard platform for both companies....... It doesnt matter which platforms whichever companies used, because , were you charged over a higher rate of bus-tickets when you board a new bus from SBS ? Or a lower rate if you board a older buses from SMRT?.......No, it doesnt make sense, isn't it? Note to all: I am trying to be neutral and trying to provide good feedback and comments by some measures....I am no supporters of any "anti-government" groups nor parties.......I am not trying to condemn what government had done but how each measures should actually be looked into more deeply.....
  10. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-...00909115376037 'Jobs For The Brits' As Demo Hits Plant 11:07am UK, Monday September 07, 2009 Many people from outside Europe will find it harder to get jobs in the UK under a series of measures designed to favour "home-grown" workers. British firms will be required to advertise for a month in UK Jobcentres before posting the same vacancy overseas. The new rules will also double to a year the qualification period for skilled foreign workers to join multi-national companies. But key public service workers or those with a masters degree will still be encouraged. The measures, being introduced by Home Secretary Alan Johnson, are among 16 proposals put forward by the Migration Advisory Committee. --- SOLI AH NOT IN SG!
  11. I dont work in town, but if i do, i would seriously consider park and ride. I was in town just for about 2 hours the other day. If i took the my "normal" route home, I calculated it would cost be about $20 (inclusive of parking)... just to go there for a short while and get out. So I took another route, wasted 30 to 40 mins in a mini jam but save like $4? best way is to stay away from town?
  12. Our expressways seems to exhibit more potholes and uneven surface nowadays, especially after the rainy season. Can't remember a day where I didn't hit a rough patch. Was there cost-cutting measures to use inferior asphalt on our roads ?
  13. Mitsubishi to slash vehicle platforms Monday, September 4, 2006 (Tokyo): Troubled Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors Corp. plans to reduce its number of structural templates for the vehicles it produces to six from the current level of 14 in a move to cut costs. "Each of these templates, called a platform, billions of yen to develop, and the reduction also was expected to shorten the time needed to role out new models," the Nihon Keizai business daily said. Mitsubishi Motors, Japan's fourth-largest automaker, currently uses four separate platforms for its mini-vehicle lineup alone, and plans to consolidate that into one platform, the newspaper said. The Tokyo-based company is racing to cut costs as it fights years of red ink brought on by a recall scandal several years ago. Last month, Mitsubishi Motors said it narrowed its losses for the April-June quarter to 15.1 billion yen for the first fiscal quarter, an improvement from the 21.6 billion yen loss racked up the previous year. Mitsubishi Motors, which has booked three straight fiscal years of red ink, kept unchanged its forecast to return to profitability for the full fiscal year ending March 2007, at an 8 billion yen profit. Money-losing Mitsubishi Motors is the exception among Japanese automakers, with Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co., reporting stellar results. (AP) http://www.ndtvprofit.com/homepage/storybu...2010:40:31%20AM looks like they r desperate to push for positive results by december/ 2007. 1st - is union pay cut in II USA plant. I suppose WRC 2007 is off too. so will they finally roll out something in 2007? will they close down the aussie plant.