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Found 20 results

  1. Previous thread is too biggg https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2714850-private-property-pricesstill-up-or-down-part-ii/page-533 Please continue below
  2. Do you know roughly how much mileage dealer will adjust to deceive buyers? It is not 20% or 30%. They adjust as low as you will believe. My friend sold his Honda jazz to a dealer, mileage was at more than 250K. The car was full of problems when mileage was from 150+km onwards. The dealer adjusted it to 120km when advertising it for sale. They will choose a mileage to “match” the car condition in a way that you will believe. They know if adjusted to say less than 100KM, it’s too obvious and buyers will not believe. Maybe I should track down the buyer and inform him so that he can take necessary recourse / compensation / refund / legal actions against the dealer, whichever he chooses. You want insider? My car dealer friend told me ALL his cars are mileage adjusted. This is “Industry Practice”.
  3. My current car is having manual seat adjustment. Due to size difference between me and my wife I have to make major adjustments just to be able to get into the car. My wife sits very close to the steering but I need to sit all the way back because of my height. So far I tested cars with electric seat adjustment, they seem quite slow to adjust and have so many adjustment points. Looks like memory function will be very useful. Unfortunately most of the models need to top up to a higher spec or larger engine to get the memory function. Is it worth it? Maybe I should aim for cars with manual adjustment instead?
  4. Hi! I took over a Fiat Grande Punto recently and found out that the previous owner had changed the shocks to Koni Sport 8741. Not sure about the springs though.. I find that the ride is a little too stiff and wanted to make it softer. Understand that I'd need a white coloured knob to turn the top axle to tune it. It wasn't included with the car when I purchase it from the dealer though.. It cost $50 from ebay. Hence, trying my luck here to see if any brother/sister out there has one to lend it to me for a day or two?
  5. Dear Bros, Now with the stupid additional tax on petrol, shouldn't be the mileage claim from one's employer be adjusted as well? The question here is how much is then consider reasonable?
  6. can the headlight beam angle be adjusted (lower or higher), as i noticed mine is "shooting" very low to the ground. noticed there is a screw, with teeths around its edge, on the headlight unit, is this for adjusting the angle? btw, i'm driving a AE111. thanks.
  7. Joemit7850

    Body kit adjustment

    hi all where can i do some repair or re-fit my front body kit as the kit are loose. someone told me to look for panel beating ppl, who are there? thanks.
  8. hi guys, just changed to another set of coilovers, does it matter of i do the alignment first or height adjustment first? thanksss
  9. For the major part of last week due to stock markets not doing well, oil price has been falling. I think the difference is 9-10 USD from the point Cowtech raised its price of say Ron 95 to 2.08 per litre on 13 July til now. Despite the 9-10 USD drop, the price of petrol has still remained unchanged. Are there any watch dogs out there? :angry:
  10. Anakusop

    Coilover Adjustment

    How much roughly does a wkshp charge to adjust the height and dampening of coilovers? Dont wan to kena chop.. Thnx..
  11. Kerwen

    Tappet adjustment?

    My car has a clattering or rattling sound in the engine when moving off from stand still. It happens when low rpm but if high rpm, there is no sound. I send to WS to check and they deduce 1 of the piston might need to do tappet adjustment. And to do that, the job is tedious and need long hours as they said need to align all 4 pistons timing. Nothing will happen except some performance loss if I don't wish to rectify it. However, lately the sound is getting louder. Will the engine get damaged if I continue to ignore the sound? Anyone with similar encounters care to share some comment? Thanks
  12. I am just wondering why the public are interviewed on TV and radio whenever there is a public transport fare adjustment, but not so when there is a petrol price change. Imagine if people are really interviewed for their views on petrol price....hmmm...
  13. hey guys... my frd is cosidering buying the jdm CTR... the only hold back is the stiff rear suspension... i understand that its a coil spring so asking any pros on whether it can be adjusted anot?? thks in advance
  14. Hi have anyone try to adjust the idle rpm before? now all car have ecu how to adjust? car : Lancer 04 cs3 manual transmission
  15. Lightspeed

    Octy Side Mirror Adjustment Knob

    Damn thing broke... Anybody knows if Xinzhong has the parts? Servo? Euro? CA? Whole switch needs to be replaced? Any idea of the costs? [inline mirrorKnob.jpg]
  16. Soya

    Wastegate adjustment?

    Any tweaked theirs b4 or hv links to it?
  17. Andrewkb

    Tappet adjustment???

    How often do we need to adjust our tappets ? The tech spec says 110,000km for my model, but I seems to hear this tick tick tick sounds during idle ... am I just over suspicious ?
  18. Aspri

    Toe Adjustment Needed?

    I recently swopped out my OEM tires (175/70 R14) to G3s (185/65 R14). Yeah the cornering is better now but my wheel alignment seems to have gone out. I think the car seems to drift right. My girlfriend is pretty sure the alignment is gone too but she seems to think it's the other direction. The question: is it possible for the wheels to go off alignment after swopping to a wider tyre? Do I need toe adjustments? Also, does anyone know any shop that can do a good job (and not expensive)? Thanks!