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Found 44 results

  1. Previous thread is too biggg https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2714850-private-property-pricesstill-up-or-down-part-ii/page-533 Please continue below
  2. Hi guys, My 2009 Fielder's cooling coil is leaking. So I'm looking around for resources and some info. Probably will check with a few shops on monday but was thinking of asking if anyone with the above models have had similar issues and how much was the cost of repair? I've called 2 shops which are opened today and found that this model is more expensive than Toyota Altis which is around $330-$350. I'm probably also going to call up a few stockist to see if I can buy the coil directly but sometimes for such aircon parts it's difficult cos if it's leaking then everyone will be pushing the blame around. so probably will still go to 1 shop and get it all done.
  3. Ok tiko guys... This is a serious political topic concerning the future of our freedom of speech, human rights and all that good stuffs.
  4. This should be a sticky. Any mods with powers here can do it. Prepare thyself! 1. Distilled water. Lots of it. Maybe 20-30L if you are anal. If not, tap water will do. 2. Soft Nylon brushes. 3. Readily available tap and hose. 4. Low bucket. 5. Wear a long-sleeved workshirt or if you can, have a special heat resistant gloves that extend up to the entire length of your lower arm. Cleaning the radiator system 1. With the hose connected to a tap, spray water onto the radiator and the fans. Don't worry the system can be wet. Some dead bugs and stones might be stuck on it. Remove them with the soft nylon brushes. 2. You might like to use a bucket of soapy water. Engine bay degreaser might help too. Draining the system 1. Firstly locate the petc0ck. Some are the most difficult positions to reach. Make sure you are wearing long-sleeved T-shirt or something. Your arms don't need Shaolin temple dragon scars. 2. Open the radiator pressure cap. For some cars, the pressure cap is the expansion tank cap. 3. Place a low bucket that can fit under the petc0ck position. Open it and let the coolant leak out. Dispose the coolant down a toilet bowl. Do not pour it down any drain. 4. Remove the expansion tank and empty it of coolant. Wash it and reinstall it back to the system. Rinsing the radiator 1. Close the petc0ck. Fill the radiator with water. Distilled or tap depends on your anality. 2. Once filled. Place the low bucket under the petc0ck position. Open the petc0ck and drain. Discard this waste down the toilet bowl as above. 3. Repeat the above steps 3 more times. You can let the waste be dumped into the drain this time. Rinsing the engine block 1. Close the petc0ck. Fill the radiator with water. Again, distilled or tap depends on your anality. Leave the radiator pressure cap off. 2. Start the engine to bleed the system. Let it run until it reaches operating temperature (when fan kicks in). 3. Turn on your heater and set temperature control to hot. This will circulate the water to the heater core. 4. You will notice that the coolant level has dropped. Don't worry about this. Stop the engine. 5. Place low bucket below the petc0ck position. Drain and discard down the toilet bowl. 6. Repeat the above steps 3 more times. You can let the waste be dumped into the drain this time. Filling and bleeding the system 1. After the last drain from the engine block rinse, close the petc0ck and fill the system with 1/2 the total volume with 100% antifreeze. 2. Start the engine to bleed the system. Let it run until it reaches operating temperature (when fan kicks in). 3. Turn on your heater and set temperature control to hot. This will circulate the water to the heater core. 4. You will notice that the coolant level has dropped. This means the air has bled out of the system. New cars have self-bleeding cooling systems. Fill with water until full. 5. Replace the pressure cap tightly.
  5. Confirmed that my BMW (316 96model) cooling coil is leaking. After topping up gas, the aircon is cold. After few day, when I on the aircon, smoky particles was blown out and afterthat, not cold anymore. The workshop recommended to use OEM copper coil which is cheaper ~$400+ and more durable (at least 4-5 year no problem) rather the original coil which is aluminium, more ex. ~$1,100, though faster cooling but may leak again in just 2-3 year time. The whole repair work cost ard $750 which inclusive labour + materials (copper type cooling coil, dryer, expansion valve) + 6 month warranty. Is the cost reasonable? Anyone can recommend a good repair workshop and price reasonable?
  6. Thaiyotakamli

    New property cooling measure!

    New property cooling measure, restriction on exec condo size, higher LTV which mean buyer now need to fork out min 25% instead of 10% Huat ah!!!!! Lets see people still go showflat or not Source from strait times
  7. As subject. when i went to hyundai stockist, i am surprised they never carry oem coolant. Now using prestone, but i prefer something more for asian cars.
  8. Hi my car air con gas has been leaking and today finally decided to repair it once and for all. I went to a air con work shop at circuit road and was quoted $1200 to replace both the cooling coil and condenser. It is my first time repairing aircon and I was shocked by the price quoted. May I know if this is the industry market place or am I overly paying over the odds? My drive is a Peugeot 308. Look forward to more inputs and sharing of the repair cost by fellow bros. Thanks
  9. Hi guys Warning and beware of this company, L1 Cooling Airconditioning & Engineering, believed this is a one man show company, Johnny 林 is the person. Engaged this company to do basic cleaning of the aircon through groupon. Based on the groupon deal, call 81166269 to Made appt. Agreed on date n time, then did not turn up on actual day. Wasted my leave. Then schedule again, agreed to come in the morning, turn up late by more than 1hr. Aircon leaked the next day, called him to fix a schedule to fix the issue since got 95 days warranty if due to leakage. Came few days later, give me crap reasons etc etc, use a duct tape to seal the leakage. Ask my mum to boil lots of water so that he can pour into the fan coil tray to clear the choke as he claimed. Seems the leakage stopped so he left, the leakage came back again that night. Again fix a schedule to come n fix the issue, agreed on a date n time (abt 2 weeks later), appt date came, no show from him again, wasted mybleave again. Called him n he blamed the schedule was fixed by his admin, his admin screwed up c'mon his admin is he himself. He said he can only comes down 1 week later. Told him aircon has been leaking all the while. He said he will fixed an appt again. Then disapeear, numerous calls and SMS to him but no response. Trying to shirk his responsibility and accountabiltiy, so inform groupon for possible actions now. So if anyone of you engage this company or him to service aircon, pls think twice. Dun want you guys to go thru the same agony.
  10. The widely expected rise in interest rates for car buyers has materialised, since measures to restrict the amount and tenure of loans were introduced in March to cool the market. As of yesterday, DBS Bank remained the only bank sticking to the old rate of 1.88 per cent per annum. All the others have raised interest rates almost uniformly to 2.68 per cent since the first mover - believed to be Citibank - revised its rate upwards in March. The higher charges came after the Government announced measures in late February to cool the motor market, including restricting the loan amount to no more than 60 per cent of a car's purchase price, to be repaid in no more than five years. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...-rates-20130523
  11. Mydestiny

    Aircon Cooling Coil

    was quote $420 to change the cooling coil, reasonable?
  12. i already gave warning...post things lidis in the 3 main threads....discuss there...better coverage...wtf u think u hero? closed
  13. I'm just wondering about our car air con cooling fins. http://www.circletrack.com/enginetech/ctrp...e/photo_02.html i know normally we will have to change the cooling fins if it is spolit or dirty. Now, my question is how do we tell that it is spoilt? And if it is dirty, can we just wash it and re-used it again? Do we really need to change to new one?

    A gift on Cooling Off Day!!

    I wonder what is LTY was talking about in the last pic.. Source: http://kirstenhan.me/2012/05/25/some-epic-...ghten-your-day/ and HWZ PS: Don flame me hor, just find this interesting
  15. Faster buy before you kena more buyer's duties
  16. too much politics no good. here's something to cool you down on cooling day. wonder anyone heard about the much hype korean A & B class actress scandal videos circulating around internet? there are a total 32 videos featuring several a class and b class actresses offering s3x favours in hotel room. as i dun watch korean drama so i dun really know who they are. apparently its shoudl be real cos my friend's gf claimed she knew some of the actress. got video got proof.. disclaimer: watch in your office at ur own risk.. pm me for link...
  17. Early morning's super heavy rain is really a good start for the designated cooling off day. All the heated debates/arguments and rhetorics from the various candidates will be a think of the past now for this PE 2011. So we just have to gather our thoughts and think about the shown capabilities and electoral promises each claim they will deliver once elected to be ready to vote for the right Tan come Saturday. May the best Tan wins...
  18. Did she infringe on the cooling day rules? Screenshot was taken at 1:45 pm 6th May 2011
  19. See how the japanese do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIGLuWqVW7M...embedded#at=106
  20. Will try this tomorrow to see if it's really effective. Will also use the left rear window with the driver door to see if it works for the whole car too.
  21. in the name of grassroots. Don't let them get away with this.
  22. Abstract from Nicole FB NSP lodged 3 complaint against TPL for breach of Cooling Day . Election Department can ignore 1 queries.. but it cannot ignore 1million queries. please do your part and call 1800 818 0088| Email: elections@eld.gov.sg to SEEK OFFICIAL RESPONSE ON THIS MATTER http://theonlinecitizen.com/2011/05/toc-br...cebook-posting/
  23. Parkingidiot

    6 May 2011 - COOLING OFF DAY is here!

    Well.. Time has come to cool off! Give everyone a Tiger!
  24. with interview of george yeo....can ma?