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Found 17 results

  1. Neutrino

    Foam mattress

    I'm looking to buy a 15cm to 20cm thick foam mattress. Saw one on the internet but it won't be delivered for nearly two weeks. I see Lazada have some - none exactly what I want. Any local shops selling them. My local shop only has 7.5cm thick. I could use two of these but that's the last resort.
  2. Hey guys most would know i recentley bought a lexus gs450h (2010 model) After changing the hybrid battery, most were good, till we heard some stuttering on the front door speakers at higher bass parts of the sound track. From what ive read online, ive read that this is a very very common problem for all lexus cars from that time period and it is possible to just repair the foam itself on the speakers without needing to replace the pair of speakers. Any opinions and experiences will help, as i rather repair than change to a lousier speaker in my car.. Thanks as always
  3. Hi bros..any recommendation or advic e for wheel arches/fender soundproofing? Using foam type material.
  4. My car came with an after market air filter. This resulted in the ECU not being mounted properly due to the "missing" bracket that it mounts on in the original air filter. As such, the ECU vibration can be heard within the cabin. any recommendation of foam that i can use to muffle the vibration?
  5. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...d_in_girls.html anyone was there to witness this?
  6. Found this video on youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KYtQZefqLM
  7. can advise where to get my seat new foam/cushion as it has sagged over e years. its giving me backache thks how much roughly
  8. Anyone know where to find that spray can that can emit foam to fill gaps for soundproofing purpose? Don't know how to describe it, it seems like something when you spray, a thick foam will form. Thank you. Regards,
  9. Rliewky

    Foam Gun

    anyone here used Foam Gun for washing? where did you get it, locally or oversea?
  10. Discoburg

    Re-foam the car seats

    Has anyone here re-foam their car seats? The driver seat has been getting too soft as its being sat on for a few hrs a day. Need to get back that full feeling. Wonder what is the cost like?
  11. Dopod78

    Foam or padding

    need to check with u guys...where can i get those foam or padding that they use to stuff inside the sub boxes?
  12. Hello all gurus and experts ..... Is there anyone using polyurethane foam to improve your vehicle chassis rigidity dynamically? I'm thinking if the chemicals can be bought off shelves and DIY instead? Hope someone can enlighten me. http://www.junauto.co.jp/products/reinforc...t/index.html?en
  13. Hi , This morning went down to Autobac , saw some Black color Foam tape selling in roll form , was told that used for sound proofing on door , any one have use them before ?? thks
  14. Ic3ncok3

    Dettol Shower Foam?

    this might sound silly but has any1 tried using dettol shower foam to wash their cars? reasoning behind my asking comes from trying to wash my empty soft99 authentic wax can. i noticed that the dettol shower foam could not wash away the carnauba wax. but the lux shower foam could. i believe dettol shower foam is pretty effective in washing off stuff like shoe polish and SAF camou (the stick type, not the water based type) but it doesnt seem to be able to do anything to carnauba wax. soooooo, maybe we could use it to wash our cars and not harm the carnauba?
  15. Garlic

    How to maintain foam pads?

    Hi guys, How do you guys maintain your foam pads? Do you wash them? The video @ Meguiar's website strongly advise against washing the pads. Instead, it is best to place them in the orginal plastic bag and then, lightly hit it several times before using them again. Just purchased two Meguiar's foam pads, want to know the right way to maintain them as they don't come cheap.
  16. Hi, Anyone got lobang to get foam type air filter & window visor for Liana? Thks!