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Found 146 results

  1. Hi Guys, like your opinion on following Qs: 1) How useful is changing to a higher pressure radiator cap? Let's say from 1.1bar to 1.3bar? My brother recently change from stock 0.9bar to 1.1bar and he said that fuel consumption has improved slightly, presumably from lower engine temp (due to increased pressure in radiator). 2) Is there any performance effect from changing to an aftermarket engine oil cap (eg. Mugen, TRD, Silver's) other than aesthetics reasons? I've read adverts that claim due to the reason that the aftermarket engine oil cap is made from aluminium, it has the effect of helping the engine disperse heat faster - lower temp engine runs more efficiently.
  2. Do remember to check the medication your elderly at home are consuming. They are the most vulnerable groups. HSA recalls 3 brands of high blood pressure drugs over potentially harmful impurity SINGAPORE: Three brands of high blood pressure medicine containing the ingredient losartan have been recalled because they contain higher than acceptable levels of a potentially harmful impurity, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) said on Thursday (Mar 28). The drugs contain the active ingredient losartan potassium, which was manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical company Hetero Labs. The affected products are the 50mg and 100mg tablets from the brands Losartas, Losagen and Hyperten and distributed by local suppliers Apotheca Marketing, Medicell Pharmaceutical and Goldplus Universal, respectively. About 137,000 patients in Singapore are using the three recalled brands of losartan medicine, said the Ministry of Health (MOH). Losartas is prescribed in public healthcare institutions, while Losartas, Losagen and Hyperten are prescribed at private healthcare institutions. HSA has advised patients not to stop treatment on their own as there is no immediate health risk and sudden stopping of the drugs can pose greater immediate risk to their health. The recalled products were found to contain trace amounts of a nitrosamine impurity, N-nitro-N-methyl-4-aminobutyric acid (NMBA), which are above internationally accepted levels, HSA said. Exposure to nitrosamines at high quantities over a long-term period may potentially increase the risk of cancer. For example, the added cancer risk from an additional six-month exposure is estimated to be less than 0.0002 per cent. “The risks of trace amounts of NMBA are associated with long term exposure. Sudden stopping of the medicines can pose greater and more immediate risk to patient’s health … We have advised healthcare professionals to review the medicine and treatment plans of their patients,” HSA said. HSA said that several losartan medicines have been recalled overseas since end-February due to the presence of NMBA. It tested all locally marketed losartan products for the presence of the NMBA impurity and in March found the three brands contained trace amounts of NMBA above acceptable levels. The other seven brands of losartan medicines marketed in Singapore are NOT affected by this impurity.
  3. Count-Bracula

    HELP! Any one using pressure cooker?

    Thinking of getting a set of WMF pressure cookers for my wife. That's the only thing that's missing in her arsenal. Care to share your experience? Thanks! Good gravy! I'm still "loginable"
  4. I believe most people are not aware of the relationship between air pressure and load index when replacing their tires. Me too... source: http://www.tirereview.com/?type=art&id=5278& Double Jeopardy by Scott Blair In March 2006 / In Focus: Performance When you sell a set of non-OE tires, do you set the air pressure the same as it was in the OE tires? Do your sales staff, manager and technicians understand the importance of load index? Can they read a load and inflation table? Can they recite, from memory, the inflation rule – that the replacement tire must meet or exceed the OE tire’s load carrying capacity? If the answer’s “no,” you might be taking a big liability risk. Not only do you have to train your staff in these matters, you also have to document that training to be fully protected against potential legal losses. Concerned? You should be. In fact, sit down and hold on; we’re going to hit you right between the eyes. We’re going to show you how you can sell the right tire size but the wrong load index. More Complex Than Ever Times have changed. Five years ago, a specific tire size had only one load index number. Not today. Now, a given tire size may have as many as five different load index numbers molded on the sidewall, making it impossible just to look at the size of a given tire and make the assumption that the load index number is the same just because the tire size is same. These days, you have to look at each tire, along with its complete sizing information, before you can make any fitment decisions. The following case studies will illustrate the importance of the relationship between load index and tire size. Case File: One A customer wants a set of 20-inch tires on his 2003 Lexus LS430. The OE tire is a P225/55R17 95H, standard load (SL) with a load index of 95 and recommended cold inflation pressure of 32 psi front/rear. The overall diameter (OD) is 26.8. You have a stack of P255/35R20 93Hs on the floor with an OD of 27, so you sell him a package deal. “The OD is correct, so it must the right tire,” you think to yourself. Not so fast. Take a look at the load index of that 20-inch tire. Notice that it is 93. The OE tire’s load index was 95. Install that tire, and you just might open the door to a liability suit if that customer gets into a wreck after leaving your shop. “How can this be?” you ask. I’ll show you: The OE P225/55R17 95H tire inflated to the recommended air pressure equates to 1,477 pounds of load capacity. A standard load (SL) P-metric tire reaches its maximum load capacity at 35 psi, regardless of the maximum inflation pressure listed on the sidewall! Looking at the load and inflation table, we see that the load index of 93 on the P255/35R20 93H tire equates to only 1,433 pounds of load capacity at 35 psi. It’s only 44 pounds per tire. “That’s not going to matter,” you argue. Tell that to the judge when he reads a settlement against you for some ridiculous amount of money because “the replacement tire did not meet or exceed the OE tire’s load carrying capacity.” The correct tire for this plus-size application should be a euro-metric (There is a difference!) 255/35R20 97H XL (extra load) tire, which has a load index of 97. Let’s say you installed this tire, which we now know is correct, but you used the OE air pressure of 32 psi. At 32 psi, this tire will only carry 1,290 pounds. If you do the math, you’ll see the following: 1,477-1,290=187 pounds overloaded per tire or 748 pounds totally overloaded. The correct cold inflation pressure should be adjusted to 38 psi front/rear to equal the 1,477 pounds of load capacity specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Case File: Two A customer comes in and wants a set of 20-inch tires on a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Crew Cab RWD truck. The OE tire is a P265/70R17 113R (SL), with a recommended cold inflation pressure of 35 psi front/rear. You have a set of take-offs from another Ram 1500 already mounted with P275/55R20 111S tires. Since they came off of a Ram 1500, they should fit your customer’s truck, right? Sure, they might ‘fit,’ but they won’t be the right tires. The OE tire inflated to 35 psi equates to 2,535 pounds of load capacity. Take a look at the 20-inch tire’s load index: 111 SL. As mentioned earlier, a (SL) P-metric tire reaches its maximum load capacity at 35 psi. Therefore, a lower load index will decrease the maximum load capacity. If you were to install this tire and inflate it to 35 psi, the tire would be overloaded by 132 (2,535-2,403) pounds per tire or 528 pounds totally overloaded. The correct tire would be the optional tire that Dodge uses on its heavier trucks – P275/60R20 114S (SL). The load and inflation table reveals that, with the higher load index, we can adjust air pressure to 33 psi and still meet the OE recommended cold inflation pressure. In this case, however, you should still inflate to 35 psi, which exceeds the minimum recommended load capacity. The load capacity numbers were not technically correct. Can you guess why? Notice that, in Case One, a P-metric tire was installed on a light truck. According to the RMA, the load capacity of a P-metric or euro-metric tire installed on a light truck has to be reduced. Divide the load capacity of the P-metric or euro-metric tire by 1.1 to determine the load capacity for a light truck application. A common example would be a P235/75R15 105S (SL) tire inflated to 35 psi. The load capacity for a passenger car application would be 2,028 pounds. Placing this same tire on a light truck equates to 1,844 (2028
  5. Has anyone used this pressure relief mattress? https://www.qoo10.com/item/BION-ANTI-BEDSORE-MATTRESS-2-5-INCH-4-INCH/489831980 It's the beige coloured one 2.5 inches thick I'm interested in. I'm trying to find out if the air pump is noisy and if the mattress actually works? Also I've guessed how it might relieve pressure but am not sure if my ideas are correct.
  6. Hi, can anyone please help me with how much pressure to pump for my front and for my rear tyres? I can't understand the typre pressure label in the photo. thanks!
  7. Discoburg

    Self induced stress at work

    Being in the sales line and new to the company since Jan 2017, i constantly give myself the pressure to bring in more new accounts. Maybe its due to me being let go by my previous company. Had a tough time looking for job in June 2016 till Aug 2017. Found a job in an Italian company (same trade) but they expect results in eastern malaysia within the 3-4 months i was with them. Luckily my current company, used to be my customer, asked me to join them. Had some result within the first year of joining them but now seems not so smooth. Sigh, guess not everyday is smooth sailing.
  8. Hi all. I have been observing that my HDB flat water pressure has been slowly dropping as the months go by. I suspect the HDB is slowly shutting the water valve controlling the water pressure to save water. Now the pressure has become so bad that if my washing machine is running, someone is using 2 other taps in the house, I got hardly any water for my shower in the Master Bedroom Toilet. I called them ysterday n ty sent a plumber who said his "meter" shows the pressure abt 2.2 bar is "good" n he cannot do anything. He checked my taps n said the filters r clogged n ask me to clean them. I did that but still the pressure is very low unlike when I moved in abt15-20 years ago when the water was spraying like a fire hose. I cud take a quick shower in 10 mins b4. Now takes at least 20 mins.
  9. Where to buy a cheap one? Heard it's no longer avail in mustafa. Anyone got recent updatE?
  10. I've been looking around for the gauge but got confused over the many choices available... Looking for a easy-to-handle, reliable and accurate type, preferably not those made in Taiwan or Korea... Any to recommend? Thanks!
  11. Philipkee

    Low pressure warning

    In Jan this year, my low oil pressure indicator came on. I sent my car for servicing, everything was back to normal. Today, 5000 plus km later, the low oil pressure indicator came on again. I am sure there is nothing wrong with the oil pressure. What could be the cause? The indicator flickers on and off sometimes, not frequently
  12. Philipkee

    Low pressure warning

    In Jan this year, my low oil pressure indicator came on. I sent my car for servicing, everything was back to normal. Today, 5000 plus km later, the low oil pressure indicator came on again. I am sure there is nothing wrong with the oil pressure. What could be the cause? The indicator flickers on and off sometimes, not frequently
  13. Just want to share my strange diet and herbs that I took to bring my BP down naturally. About 8 mths ago when I just turned 40, I went to the GP for some fever and when he checked my BP I was shocked to find out that it was damn high 155/90. He told me perhaps that I was sick that it got so high. He also advised me to consider taking BP pills. After recovering, I then consistently checked my BP and it hovered around 146/88 which was still high. Being overweight and with bad eating habits, I have decided to bring down my BP naturally by changing my diet and through herbal methods. I started exercising, ate modestly during dinner (no carbs after 7pm) and voila after 6 months I lost around 7kg. In addition, I take a combination of these daily: 1) Cod Liver Oil (Omega 3 type) 2) Strong Aged Garlic Pills 3) Hawthon Pills (In Chinese they can it San Zhar-Haw Flakes, the kind you eat as a kid, pink round flat candy) My Blood Pressure is now a modest 130/80! Just my 2cents worth of sharing Health is Wealth!
  14. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-18/w...re-remodel.html
  15. What is the process to check and fill up the tire pressure here in Singapore? Do they have a pressure gauge whereby you can measure the pressure before filling up? Could the attendant helps you to fill up the Tire Pressure? Which location in the Petrol Station are the pressure gauges usually located?
  16. Hi guys, currently driving 2005 vios... original stock rim (14") is recommended at 230psi for front and 215psi for rear. but i have upgraded to an aftermarket rim (15") 195/50 tyre profile ... can i use back this psi or need to increase/decrease?
  17. This is abit strange. Normally tyre air pressure will reduce over time. And I have this normal situation for a long time But lately, i realise my air pressure didn't get reduced. Its the same air pressure for close to 2 months already. Is there something wrong? The front 2 tyres are experiencing the above strange situation. The air pressure is always the same. No lose of pressure. The back 2 tyres are losing air pressure, but at a little rate. Much too little, compared to before. My tyre is 205/45/16
  18. Greetings from a newbie here. Can I check with all the experts here on how to find out the amount of air pressure needed for the tyres? I saw that there are some printings on my tyres but not too sure if that's the correct thing to look for. Eg. for 195/50/R15, does it mean that the air pressure shd be 195 and is the one in mind when pumping air into the tyres. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  19. Dear SG Car forum bros and sis, As of today, i happen to installed the above gauges however, i face some issues as below: Oil temp gauge not reading from the sensor? Reading shows 0 throughout. Air/fuel
  20. Alveron2001

    What Pressure for 235/40R18 95Y ?

    Hi All I have a BMW E46 with 235/40R18 95Y currently on 34PSI Front and 36 PSI Rear. What should be the optimum tire pressure ? Reading around, I see people with 28PSI all around and I see others recommending 40-42PSI. I want to avoid poor FC & drag resulting from under-pressure, and yet I don't want to stress/bald them from over-inflation. Hope friends in here can help clear up my confusion ? Thanks
  21. Any bro using in-car tyre pressure display, and find it useful?
  22. Sorry the brand is AUTOCOS, my mistake on the title (--______--)II Hi any bro here own this portable air compressor? Can share your experience? If not, after reading and looking at the price tag, Is it worth to have one? Thinking of getting it. Can pump air own time own target. http://list.qoo10.com.sg/item/AUTOCOS-PORT...ESSOR/405525585
  23. Skateboard

    Tyre pressure

    Did a tyre rotation today. At the tyre shop, the workman inflated the tyre to 30PSI as per manufacturer guideline, but when the tyre is out of the car. Is this correct? Or should the 30 PSI be set when the tyres are on the car already, bearing the weigh of the car? Or no difference??
  24. I just saw my workshop mechanic use the high pressure water spray to spray the entire engine and engine bay, including all the components inside. Will this cause any engine bay components, joints, wiring, cables, etc to come dislodged? Will water get into engine block and damage engine? Is high pressure water spray ok for ECU? Will radiator tubes and joints be safe from the high pressure spray? Noob here so please forgive me if the above questions are dumb.