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  1. The power monopoly announces that electricity tariff will go up next month (later this week to be exact) due to increases in oil / fuel prices? Question: Aren't our electricity generated by use of natural gas? The trend of natural gas prices have been going downhill since a year back. http://www.wtrg.com/daily/gasprice.html So is this the same old kind of reason we given to accept??? ** Most likely the announcement will be published in a small obscured section in the papers. Of course, there will be promises of credits / rebates etc etc to help those in dire need. Terms and conditions will apply of course.
  2. As above. I know Leong Seng carries them but their response is.... well.... Reommendations please. Thanks!
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    New forum look cheapsakate?

    Old one better. Period.
  4. From ST today: Mah: "Town councils must be accountable to their residents for what they do with the money they collect from them..." ie. Not the government's problem but the junior staff's (Remember the MSK case?) Further down... Mah: "The Govt stipulates that 20-25 percent of money collected from monthly service and conservancy charges must go to a sinking fund." Therefore, it means that (1) The govt is ultimately the one at fault (2) We are over-charged by AT LEAST 25% for our monthly conservancy charges. Why? Did we approve them to use our money for this purpose???!!! What other things are they hiding from us???
  5. Most likely will implement a stamp duty or GST on organ trading. How can don't get any $$$ with money transacting before your eyes...????
  6. I read the article today 3 times over to comprehend his level of intelligence. Day in night out he kept highlighting subsidy subsidy subsidy in a self-entertaining profound way. A national spectacle some more as the headline. These are the people whose constituency I will shift house to in order to vote against in elections.
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    Car number with 8s...

    How about SD* 8198* got value? Some told me this number "got head got tail"...
  8. I think the reason given is quite sound. The effect will kick in quickly for the culprit in terms of revenue for that month. This will serve as a warning to those who chooses to be in the frontline first. I'm boycotting Caltex first and will encourage my other friends to do so as well.
  9. Great idea from another thread... to boycott whichever company raises petrol prices first for at least a month. We should send messages to drivers we know and spread the word around. I read that this hike was started by Caltex... so should we start with Caltex first? Comments?
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    Why so crazy about fireworks?

    Whose money going up in smoke?
  11. The 146th has said that there is "space constraint" with this publication. Let's see...
  12. Dear Ms Tan, Thank you for your reply dated 29 Dec 2006. Based on your explanation, I have a few questions that need your comments: 1. MDA seems to imply that there are only 2 categories of radio licence - vehicle and residential (ie. anywhere else outside of the vehicle). Does residential radio licence blatantly also include industrial, commercial, educational premises and the like? 2. If (1) is indeed true, then to put things in another perspective that with the launch of islandwide wireless broadband network, does it mean that ISPs should also practise dual subscriptions for vehicle owners ie. one for use of internet in the vehicle and another for internet access outside of the vehicle? Will this appear to be reasonable? 3. You have mention some PSB programmes that are subsidised by the general public and again further supported by vehicle owners in your reply. While the objectives of the PSB programmes remain deeply lucid and essentially vital to our society, however, these are but TV and not radio programmes of which the latter is the subject of this discussion. I believe funds collected from the additional car radio licence are sensibly not channeled into PSB programmes. In this aspect, could you also list some recent PSB radio programmes? 4. Germany and Switzerland are 2 countries which you have highlighted that are collecting "TV/Radio licence fee (singularly as a TV or Radio Licence (for residential and vehicle) or as a combined dual TV and Radio Licence)". I have authenticated the information and discovered that both countries actually practise the collection of a combined TV and radio licence fee. Could you possibly list other examples of countries that are collecting 2 licences - a single TV and radio licence as well as a separate vehicle radio licence which is tantamount to 1 TV and 2 radio licences. I look forward to your favourable reply to the above concerns. Thank you.
  13. New reply from MDA. According to MDA, Singapore consists of only 2 different and distinct premises - in the car and outside of the car. That is why 2 same radio licences fees are required. Another senseless reply. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We refer to your email of 26 December 2006 and thank you for giving us the opportunity to clarify the matter. We would like to share with you that for any premises in Singapore that has an apparatus that is able to receive TV/Radio broadcast signal, eg. TV sets, TV-enabled computers etc, the owner/occupant of these premises are required to take up a Residential TV Licence from the MDA. Likewise, for Singapore registered vehicles that has a permanently installed apparatus that is able to receive broadcast signal, the vehicle owners are required to take up a Vehicle Radio Licence from the MDA. Presently, portable devices are deemed to be covered by the household TV licence. A separate licence is required for homes and vehicles as the devices are installed in different premises. As mentioned in my earlier reply, the funds collected are used to commission Public Service Broadcast (PSB) TV/Radio programmes to meet the diverse racial mix in Singapore. Unlike foreign programmes that can be bought "off the shelf", the PSB programmes cater to Singapore's multi-cultural/racial needs and at the same time not commercially viable.These local programmes are costly to produce but are needed to keep Singaporeans informed about issues of relevance to our society, promote better appreciation of social issues and strengthen community bonding. It also ensures that there is continuity in our local heritage and values for the future generation of Singapore to follow. Some examples of the PSB funded programmes are info-educational programmes, news programmes (in the various languages), The Million Makers 2, Get Real, Detik (on Suria), Salaigal (on Vasantham), Front Line (on Channel 8), etc. The collection of the TV/Radio licence fees to fund PSB programmes are not unique to Singapore only. The collection of the TV/Radio licence fee (singularly as a TV or Radio Licence (for residential and vehicle) or as a combined dual TV and Radio Licence) is common in other countries of the world like Germany and Switzerland. The licence fee collected by other countries range from an equivalent of S$245 to S$627 for both Residential TV and Vehicle Radio Licences. We hope that the information provided above has answered your further queries on Public Service Broadcast as well as the Radio and TV Licensing requirements in Singapore. Yours sincerely Tan Jennie (Ms) Customer Service Officer for Director Customer & Licensing Services
  14. I have written in asking for more explanation to the explanations.... Let us see the response.