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Found 65 results

  1. Just curious....anyone brought their shirts recently? especially those smart casual range? i brought 3 shirts last end of yr and noticed all of them shrink and i feel so tight wearing them. i sent my shirts to G2K and 2 weeks later, they called to tell me cotton material will shrink PERIOD. So there I go .. lan lan. when i told them i can fit in 15.5 at their boutique, she told me because its not yet wash. LOL
  2. i have seen most things go up...taxi fares, food and even tou sa pau. (actually food they quite smart, just give less, la) but that day ultimate... i went bowling... after me and my gf bowled 5 games, we were charged $41! so expensive!!! i didnt even have any skimply dressed gals serving me leh! can someone enlighten me is this the new pricing scheme? last time i remember i bowl only charge like $4.10 per game, now they charge me $4.10 per game for each person! so 1 game will cost us $8! if 1 game can put 10 people then is $42 per game?
  3. Lhttp://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/viral-photos-of-kindergarten-teachers-allegedly-burning-documents-in-bin-sparks#xtor=CS1-10 Look at this stomp post. This one also tio stomp and complain.. If the world continues to operate like this, we will be in a very sad society. Little bit kanna stomp or post in social media. Somemore now got people debate should use stradder and not burn the paper method. There should not have any debate on this in the 1st place as long as the information is cleared off by burning or straddling result will still be the same what. Haiz.. Sometimes what the person think is not right, however if he think more deeply why it happened and if he was in the same shoe what will he do? He may get the answer.
  4. Helping my partner to ask basic and final theory . Just self study will do right?
  5. Hi Brothers. Anyone saw these rims in workshops or forums (pre-owned)? RS-03 with Blue Lining in Chrome or Matt Black. 15" or 16" is okay. PCD 4x100. Am trying to find and seems like a lot of places have no stock and hence would like to look for pre-owned ones..
  6. used to be an honourable thing such as Maldini, Baresi, Puyol, Scholes, Giggs, Gary Neville, Carragher, Le Tissier just this season, Gerrard, Xavi and now Casillas have left their only club after serving for so many years maybe next seasons, remaining legendary one-club men like Totti and John Terry will be dumped too RM is the worst... see how it treated Raul and Guti last time hope Barca will keep Messi and Iniesta until they retire
  7. http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/09/02/ar...-late/#comments Another example of journalist writing for the sake for writing and didnt get his facts right. Only those that make purchase after 30 Augs are affected by the increase in MOP. During the YOG , the report for the horsing riding competition also made a mistake. http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/08/24/sa...es-yog-history/ There is only 1 event.. and it's mixed.. There is no "over at the male event" ..
  8. As above. Having a debate with wife about an resale unit we saw recently.
  9. Little_prince

    Nowadays MV machiam softporn.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8ql3bZ9-m8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfI5DwNj9oc enjoy guys ;)
  10. Hello, not sure if it is just me or everyone felt the same but i realised that nowadays since 2-3months back our train service is getting worse. Morning have to wait for 2-3 trains before manage to squeeze in and then in the evening another rounod of wait for 4-5 trains squeeze like sardines again. Working life in SG sucks without a car!
  11. Ok, whose son is this? Please own up
  12. Do you prefer your own childhood or do you think it is more fun to be young nowadays? The way I see it, kids nowadays definately have more entertainment options and things will only get better. They are also taking longer to grow up and tend to be the centre of attention since nowadays 1-2 children is the norm. However, they are fed into the education grind earlier, don't have as many people to interact with and will enter a world that is even more confusing than ever.
  13. KARTer

    Youngsters nowadays....

    Time/place: Peak hours after work on MRT trains Crowded like sartine pack.... a mother and her toddler girl (just learned how to walk, i figured) stumbled into the train and little girl half walked half 'rolled' looking for a space to stand (let alone a seat). Mother was trying to 'steady' the girl, herself swing like a yoyo... two xmms nearby. one of them imeliatly stood up and offered her seat to mother/toddler. toddler quite short, struggled (with mother's help) just to get up the seat... finally got up, but tumbled again and again... all the while, 2nd xmm kept playing with her two smart phones, as if nothing was going on right next to her.... she just kept going with sms/whatsapps and whatnots... totally immersed and didnt care what's going on, including the tumbling toddler right next to her, on her left!! old man sitting next to smartphone-xmm (on her right) buay ta han, gave up his seat to the mother... but smartphone-xmm still glued to her phones..... now mother and toddler were split by smartph-xmm..... finally, i tss tss loud to this xmm... she looked up at me blankly.... i gestured her "move over, let mother/toddler sit together".... she LL reluctantly shift her butts and followed was she having a big quarrel on the phones with bf? or busy sending valentine msgs using two phones to ALL her bfs??
  14. I realise youngsters nowadays (from Pri to tertiary) do speak with an angmo slang for english and seems that they are struggling very hard to speak their own mother tongue. ie mandrian. Is it because parents nowadays speak english at home and resulting their children becoming mono-lingual ? Occasionally, I could see youngster/school student struggling hard to converse in simple mandrian. ie placing order for mixed rice. BUT.. I dont see our malay and indian youngsters struggle to speak both english and their mother tongue well.
  15. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/20-year-old-kille...ck--report.html skool holiday now better stay home Days after a teen was stabbed by youths, another 20-year-old youth has been attacked and killed, according to Shin Min Daily News. Five youths beat the 20-year-old, Chen Zi Quan, to death in 15 minutes on 3 December, reported the paper. It is not known what sparked this attack, which occurred at the carpark of Central Square Mall, said the paper. Police arrived soon after the incident. It was earlier reported on Saturday that five youths were arrested in connection with an attack on two teenagers at Potong Pasir Avenue 1 on 1 December. One of the two teenagers, Anand Ravindran, 17, was stabbed twice in the back. The two teenagers had been accused by three youths of staring. On 30 October last year, 19-year-old polytechnic student Darren Ng Wei Jie was the victim of a gang attack at Downtown East, and died from his injuries after getting slashed by members of a gang who accused him of staring. Eight youths are being charged with murder. Just a week after that, two separate parang attacks around Bukit Panjang resulted in seven youths getting hurt. Another incident later that same month saw two teenagers getting into a fight at a fast food restaurant, resulting in one of them slashing the other on the right shoulder with a bread knife.
  16. Trio beat boy, stripped him and filmed hour-long ordeal They also tried to extort $800; 2 get reformative training, third to be sentenced next month A 15-year-old boy was beaten, stripped and humiliated by three thugs who filmed his hour-long ordeal and then tried to extort $800 from him. The trio took the boy to a deserted tennis court at the Jurong West Sports and Recreation Centre, where they rained punches and kicks on him before ordering him to strip to his underwear. They made him lie down and took turns standing on a metal drain cover that was placed on his naked chest. The victim was then ordered to take off his briefs and wear them on his head, while shouting 'underwear king' in Mandarin. He was then told to run 20 laps around the tennis court, and was also made to do star jumps.
  17. Hi bros anyone notice recently these past few months buffet prices increase crazily? To give you examples, most buffets in better hotels are in the 70++ region now as compared to 50++ previously. i think quite ridiculous lor Carlton hotel normal hotel only but now also 70+++, Carousel,Melt 70-90++
  18. We see fast MPVs nowadays, but wagons can also be fast:- and Understand that the evo9 wgn was selling in sgp few years ago cheaper than the 4door but engine is almost identical....
  19. Notobmwmerc

    Why so many OP nowadays

    Singaporean finally realize that there is no danger of becoming an opposition party, three cheers!
  20. Recently, for quite a number of times. One morning 7am, AYE towards city. while filtering out from small road to AYE, i saw CAUSEWAY LINK bus on lane 1.. I think that bus must least be travelling ard 120km and the bus was filled with passenger... Another occasion, saw one container vehicle without the container was also on the right lane on PIE...
  21. Kongbapao

    Some bank officers nowadays..

    are so c--k. CSO: Hello, may I speak to Mr so-n-so" Me: Speaking. CSO: Sir, this is so-n-so from so-n-so bank. This is regarding your request for account cancellation. Me: Ok, for my credit acc. CSO: Wait, sir, I need to do some verifications first. CSO: Can I have your DOB and NRIC? Gives info. CSO: Thank you sir. May I... Me: Wait, mdm, can I do some verifications that you are really calling from so-n-so bank? CSO: er... Me: Nevermind. CSO: Sir may I know the reason for cancellation? Me: I don't need it. CSO: Sir, but a lot of customers also don't need it but they still.. Me: I don't need it, just cancel it for me. CSO: Ok sir, but I still need a reason. Abit dulan liao. Me: THE REASON IS I DON'T NEED IT. CSO: Thank you sir, will proceed with your request.
  22. Hi, What is the price of Honda CRV now? think almost 160k, can buy BMW 2 years ago. hmm....which is the 'most worth it' SUV? some threads said forrester but..... anyway see a lot of CRV on the road, think its the most popular SUV. sgcarmart said its SUV car of 2010, why? HELP!!! Rgds.
  23. Aimnfire

    Whats wrong with kids nowadays

    ok the incident is like this i went to cheers punggol just now to get newspaper and drinks then came in 3 youth, i pressume around 15-16 years old, walking like their armpits got thumbtacks underneath 1 of them is in greendale sec uniform when i am paying for my things (newspaper & drinks), the youth just place their drinks beside my things to me its ok since maybe the drinks are too cold that they cannot hold long next 1 of them just throw a $5 note on top of my newspaper this is even before the cashier scan my items i took his $5 note and throw it 1 side the cashier inform me thats these youth are like that cut queue throw their money when comes to make payment then i heard 1 of them question me 'why, why, why' behind my back i ignore them waiting for them to touch me but the touch never came after i made my payment i delibrately brush my elbow to his chest ok its more to a knock than a brush waiting for his respond and walk slowly no respond then i wait outside of the store when the 3 youth came out i just give them a look 1 of them saw me but quickly look elsewhere i am ready for whatever things might come but they just walk away damn these kids nowadays i know punggol is going to be another pasir ris breeding ground cause i already identify the places where their so call headmen set up teritory what i'm worried is for my and other innocents kids growing up around punggol its either the kids will either be recruited or beaten up
  24. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...d_in_girls.html anyone was there to witness this?
  25. SeriousGuy

    Singaporean are crazy nowadays

    After the downtown east incident , there are so many people bringing penknife , chopper and etc outside ? 1st - Downtown east murder 2nd - Bukit panjang slashing 3rd - Rowell slashing 4th - yishun pub slashing 5th - around 3 people caught for bringing knifes outside what next's ? gangster slashing law enforcer ?