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Found 365 results

  1. Lester

    Some pics from Houston

    Hi to all Some pics of vehicles from Houston. There are Chevy ford F350--- Awesome!!!!!! Mustang with license TOXIC2 Nissan Altuma Ford van Coors' truck rear of a Humvee, I missed the front. Regards Lester
  2. For all those who like Euro plate, small plate, chrome plate, SMLJ plate....You will get caught: http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...626-150974.html Hundreds caught with illegal plates Over 700 motorists hauled up in first four months of this year alone. -myp Fri, Jun 26, 2009 my paper [top: A 7 series BMW that spotted the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) disapproved Euro car plates at Bencoolen Street. More car owners are using Euro car plates which are considered illegal as their font size and colour do not conform to the LTA's vehicle licence plate requirements.] By DARYLL NANAYAKARA THEY are bright, stylish - and illegal. And they are hot, so much so that some car owners are willing to risk a jail term of up to three months just so they could have number plates that look good even though they do not conform with Land Transport Authority (LTA) stipulations, such as European Union-style ones. The LTA told my paper that 726 drivers were caught in the first four months this year for such offences. For the whole of last year, only 2,039 were caught. Car workshops told my paper that such licence plates are still flying off the shelves despite the severe penalty. On the average, the workshops said they each receive between 35 and 50 requests per month from drivers wanting to switch to the illegal licence plates - which can cost between $40 and $65 each, depending on the size and design. Mr S. L. Teo, 32, from Autozone Motoring, said: "There will always be a demand for the nicer ones that are illegal. "The approved ones have too many restrictions in terms of how they should look and how big they should be." Another workshop operator, Deck Carcraft's Jackson Kang, 27, said: "Customers are willing to take the risk even after we tell them the plates are not approved ones. "To them, how their car looks is more important." Another reason smaller plates appeal to drivers is to avoid detection by the authorities. Illegal plates that use reflective fonts and contain ornamental marks alongside the vehicle's registration number may make it difficult to read the car's licence number when the vehicle is moving, for example, when it is involved in a hit-and-run accident. A staff member of a workshop, who declined to be named, said: "The majority of the drivers come with heavily modified cars they use in illegal races and the smaller the plates, the harder it would be for the Traffic Police to read them." According to LTA guidelines on the One.Motoring website, approved licence plates should have letters and figures that are 70mm high, 50mm wide and 10mm broad. However, illegal plates usually have fonts that are between 10mm and 15mm smaller than stipulated by the LTA. A spokesman for LTA said drivers caught with plates that do not conform to requirements face a fine of up to $1,000 or a jail term of up to three months. In addition, the drivers would have to have the defective plates made good within seven days or risk facing a maximum fine of $2,000 or six months' jail - the penalty for repeat offenders. darylldj@sph.com.sg
  3. i got a shock when my car exhaust pipe 'shoot' out water yesterday night when i retrieve it after work. den look carefully at the floor mat and realize that they are all flooded. Chk wif someone nearby n they told me my lot was flooded juz now. Knn, recently si beh suay, last week car kana a reckless rider bang its ka chng, this week got flooded. Tink need to go churchs, temples and mosques
  4. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...228-330623.html Motoring @ AsiaOne 'Some years' before new satellite-based ERP is ready: Minister Tests are still ongoing and if the system is found to be technically feasible, there are still some years to go before launch. -AsiaOne Tue, Feb 28, 2012 AsiaOne The development of the new satellite-tracked Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system is still in its "early stages", Minister of State for Transport Josephine Teo said in response to questions in Parliament on Tuesday. Tests are still ongoing to make sure that the system is technically feasible and reliable in a built-up city like Singapore, she said. And if the system is technically feasible, it is still "some years" before the system is ready to be launched and implemented, Mrs Teo added. Satellite signals may bounce off tall buildings in built-up areas like Singapore, resulting in patchy accuracy, earlier reports said. When the technology is proven, the Government will then study how to use the new system to influence motorists' usage of vehicles. A tender for the project was awarded to four parties last year to conduct a system evaluation test for the next-generation ERP system. According to The Straits Times, the four are Kapsch TrafficCom; MHI Engine System Asia & NCS; ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) & IBM Singapore; and Watchdata Technologies & Beijing Watchdata System. Each party will receive $1 million in seed funding "to design, develop and demonstrate technological solutions". The new system may charge motorists according to where they go and how much distances they clock. tonyng@sph.com.sg
  5. I was picking up my kid from a renowned child care centre whom my kid just enrolled in. Upon entering the place I saw a care giver cum teacher reprimanding a young boy of 3 years + demanding an answer why he did such a thing..she kept repeating her questions in commanding tone..I was like thinking if I was one of the parents of the boy my heart would sink.
  6. Race Course Road to Adam road. besides going by PIE and exiting at sims ave to u turn back in the other direction of PIE, any other ways? time is aorund 645pm
  7. I always wanted to learn to play the piano ever since i was young but wasnt able to afford it then. Always dream of playing november rain like axl rose of guns and roses. Now i can afford it, and i think it's time to put my dreams into action Some questions to check with bros here.... 1) Where is a good place to learn? Any recommendation? I'm looking for a music school but there are just too many choices 2) Dumb question...but is it too late? I'm in mid 20s and everyone has been telling me that i'm too old to start. 3) Should i get a piano first then go for lessons or vice versa? I'm looking at those digital pianos first before getting the real mccoy... Please kindly share your experiences or advices!! Thanks
  8. RadX

    Some names for my company

    ..I used to want 'From the Womb to the Tomb' as my company name but there is 1 better The husband of a pregnant wife was thinking of buying insurance for his unborn baby. So he asked Great Western and the agent said, "don't worry man, we'll provide insurance right FROM THE BASKET TO THE CASKET". The man was impressed but thought that he should probably seek another opinion. He then approached Frudential and the agent replied, "Oh, we have a new insurance policy which can protect your unborn child FROM THE WOMB RIGHT UP TO THE TOMB". The man was stunned but thought that maybe all salesmen like to b-------t and decided to see the agent from BIB. He told the BIB agent what Frudential and Great Western had to offer. The BIB agent thought for a while and then said, "Tell you something, we have one that is even better than Frudential and Great Western. We'll insure your child FROM ERECTION TO RESURRECTION".
  9. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...mp;product=3128 $55 for the VS! thats less than 1/3 the price of what is sold in SG..... Sounds too good to be true? I don't know, just saw the address that its in JB. I know there are many chiong stuffs there. Wonder if this is one of them.....
  10. Hmm, Ah Lui is a very efficient minister who has already concluded that the above red and blue suggestions are unfeasible. PS: Those who post "tuck yew... tuck yew", you know he's watching hor.
  11. 2 questions. 1) Which company allows the use of our own routers/switches etc. (no need to use their own gateways/routers of any sort) the typical setup i want ONT----> MY OWN ROUTER----> MY OWN SWITCH-----> MY COMPUTERS. 2) Which company allows self installation of the ONT so i dont need to pay the $128. I am NOT a computer idoit.
  12. Have an old Core 2 Duo 13" Acer laptop. Battery not working very well (only needs cheap and simple replacing) oredi but everything in good condition. Was wondering where to offload it for at least a few hundred bucks, and the best place to get the price. Any guys with experience of doing the same? Any referrals or recommendations? Not too sure whether I should be going Sim Lim to get rid of it. Have a feeling I may get chopped or go home without having gotten a reasonable offer. I'm kinda expecting somewhere between $400-500. Is that reasonable from your experience?
  13. ----- Subject: Puzzle Three men went to a hotel to share a room. The clerk asked for $300. Each man paid $100, making up the $300. The hotelkeeper then decided to allow a discount for the day, charging only $250 for the room. He told the clerk to return $50 to the three men. The clerk pocketed $20 for himself. He gave the remaining $30 back to the three men. Each man took back $10. Therefore, each man paid $100 - $10 = $90 for the night. $90 x 3 = $270 + the clerk's $20 = $290. Question: Where has the remaining $10 gone?
  14. Mach

    Some people are so evil !

    How can someone be so cruel ? http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/viewPost6517.aspx
  15. Ahtong

    Some LOL pics

    By "catBre" at EDMW
  16. Any opinion if some good and expensive($100 plus) bicycle locks are need or just waste money? example: u shape steel (from trek bicycle shop) + double big chain with hardest yale lock is enough to secure 1.5k bicycle at some mrt bicycle slot near city area.
  17. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/general-...ey-3940136.html [rolleyes]
  18. LOUIS VUITTON PULLS OUT OF SINGAPORE STREET DOG FUNDRAISER BECAUSE DOGS ARE TOO LOW CLASS Post date: 14 Nov 2013 - 2:15pm Source : http://therealsingapore.com/content/louis-vuitton-pulls-out-singapore-street-dog-fundraiser-because-dogs-are-too-low-class The road to saving stray dogs is an uphill one, filled with set backs & difficulties. Esquire Magazine asked me yesterday why, I, an aesthetics doctor who people will view as being living in glamour & driving a nice car, decided to dedicate my life to doing this. I replied that before I started saving street dogs, I was indeed one of such people- chasing the "Singapore dream". But embarking on such a journey changes you profoundly. At the beginning, people thought I was doing this to get attention, waiting for me to give up. My colleagues, parents and loved ones were dead against it, telling me to spend my time and money doing better things. But compassion is a universal language. We may all have different views, but at our core, everyone speaks the same simple language of kindness - not only to humans, but to animals as well. That is what unites us in saving Singapore's street dogs. My interview with the good people at Esquire Magazine yesterday was supposed to be for a charity fundraiser with Louis Vuitton . LV donated some items which would be auctioned, and the proceeds donated to Save Our Street Dogs. But in a dramatic turn of events, they pulled out during the photoshoot despite initially agreeing to be part of it - because LV felt that dogs, MONGRELS,, stray dogs, in particular, are too LOW CLASS for their brand image. It is an difficult road we have chosen to take, because many corporations and people are still blinded only with superficial glitter & bright lights, falsely holding onto the belief that the make-belief world of "luxury" they have crafted for themselves is the real one. To these corporations and people, "charity" is merely a means of making their brand look better, or making themselves look good - not for altruism. These people have forgotten the most important language of all - the language of compassion. Hawk Cut Weis Founder of SaveOurStreetDogs.com
  19. Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates will be reduced by $1 or 50 cents during certain time periods at 12 gantries for the June school holidays. The revised rates will apply from June 1 to June 29. The ERP rates will revert to pre-school holiday charges from July 1, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in a news release on Monday. The 12 gantries include one on the southbound Central Expressway before Braddell Road, and two along Dunearn Road. Rates for other gantries remain unchanged. The LTA monitors traffic speeds on all roads and found that traffic flow at these 12 gantries during the last June holidays was smooth enough to warrant a reduction of ERP rates this year. In addition, vehicle entry permit operating hours will end earlier at noon on weekdays for June 1 to June 30. Drivers of foreign-registered cars and motorcycles do not have to pay permit fees for the day if they drive into Singapore after 12pm and leave by 2am the following day on weekdays during this period. The LTA said this is part of an ongoing initiative to attract foreign visitors to Singapore, especially during the local school holiday period. For normal weekdays outside of Singapore's June and December school holidays, vehicle entry permit fees are charged from 2am to 5pm daily except on weekends and public holidays. The existing vehicle entry permit fee is $20 a day for cars and $4 a day for motorcycles. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...mit-hours-june-
  20. Swingarm

    Need some advice...

    Hi Forumers, My wife and I have applied for a BTO flat somewhere in 2010, during that time, the supply was low and the demand was huge. So they came out a scheme called MCPS (married child parents scheme). Before this scheme, I have tried about 10x to get a successful Q no. I decided to bring my parents along as I'm the sole contributor to their expenses. They are staying in a rental flat. During the application I have voiced out that the rental flat will be returned to hdb when the BTO flat is ready to move in and they agree. 3yrs pass and finally I'm going to get my own flat. When I told them that I'm about to collect the key, my step-father said that he is too attached to the current house and wishes to stay there. In respect to his decision, I called hdb and ask if I can remove my parents from the occupier name but was told that if i did not include their name in the first place, I would not get a Q number. So I decided to meet the MP and at the same time try my very best to persuade my step-father to move in with us. The appeal through MP did not go through and my step-father is still firm in his decision of not moving. Please note that me and my parents are in good terms and I have been paying for their expenses and accomodation. I'm now staying with my in-laws 4-room flat for 6yrs and we are cramp in 1 room as I have a child and expecting another end of this year. So the flat really meant alot to us. I have ask HDB to reconsider my appeal and pray for the best. MP has proposed that we applied for a new BTO, but that means we have to wait for 2-3yrs more. Open market is not a good choice as we do not have the luxury of spending large amount of cash. What are my options? I'm thinking of writing to khaw boon wan or even the press but since its my parents that caused this problem, I holding back.
  21. Carmaniac

    Pronouncing some words

    How do you pronounce this words? 1) Enkei 2) Autobach
  22. http://www.carbodydesign.com/news/2005-07-...-fiat-stilo.php After the Fiat and GM divorce, the Italian industry is planning to create a network of subsidiaries and sub-contractors. In this perspective, the new Fiat Stilo, which will be presented by the end of 2005 and will go on sale within 2006, should be produced in partnership with the Austrian contractor Magna Steyr, that will engineer the design of some parts. This is the first time the automaker has hired a non-Italian contractor to develop a new model. This choice was taken to reduce the development times, as Sergio Marchionne (Fiat) said. In the meantime the current prototype did not convince Fiat vertices, so a new design is likely to be introduced for official presentation. This prototype of the 2007 Fiat Stilo, designed by Centro Stile Fiat under the direction of Flavio Manzoni, did not convince Fiat managers and could be modified (Source: autoblog.nl) Topless panda , FIAT500 etc....are here : http://www.mitoalfaromeo.com/gruppofiat/futuro.html
  23. A beautiful one! Gd wet wknd all!
  24. Vivant511

    Suggest some authentic detailers

    Hi all, My family need to get a few of our cars groomed, but as I'm working overseas I can't help them. Can you please help recommend some true high end car groomers? And I mean ones that use two bucket wash with lambs wool or microfibre mitt, air dry or by microfibre towel, mask trim edging for paint corection. take paint measurements, etc. I am yet to see one who will put on their website a car they've corrected in direct sunlight for a photo. As you know, if not finished well, you will see holograms in the paint especially on dark coloured cars. Thanks for your suggestions
  25. is this posted before? Times are bad......many dealers chut pattern........... is this the same company that 1 of the forumer dad had encounter? =================================== http://ride.asiaone.com/news/general/story...eaving-some-fix Christopher Tan | The Straits Times | Monday, Apr 8, 2013 SINGAPORE - At least four motorists have been left in the lurch after used-car trader Galaxy Carz closed down recently. The Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) received four complaints last month against the trader in Turf City. Case executive director Seah Seng Choon said the complaints pertained mainly to consumers not getting their cars despite having made payments. Mr Tan Meng Wee, 46, is one of those affected. He got his car after paying for it in cash in mid- January. But the fund manager got a rude shock when his Volkswagen Passat was repossessed last week. "I thought it was an early April Fool's joke." Apparently, Galaxy Carz had not transferred ownership of the car to Mr Tan. It was still under the ownership of another dealer, which repossessed the car. In another case, 3-D designer Doreen Wong, 31, sold her Honda Civic to Galaxy Carz last October. The car carried an outstanding loan with Maybank. Galaxy Carz resold it to logistics executive Peter Tan, 49, without settling the bank loan. The bank is expected to repossess the car from Mr Tan soon. All three parties have been trying to reach Galaxy Carz, but to no avail. Its unit at Turf City is closed. Calls made by The Straits Times to its director Cheong Wai Keong went unanswered. The Land Transport Authority said it is investigating the cases with the police, who confirmed reports have been made against Galaxy Carz. Both Mr Tan Meng Wee and Ms Wong have also engaged legal counsel. Singapore Vehicle Traders Association secretary Raymond Tang said it was aware that Galaxy Carz had closed, along with a couple of other used-car dealers since the Government's curbs on car loans kicked in on Feb 26. But Mr Tang said: "We are not sure if they are affected by the loan curbs, or are using that as an excuse to quit." The curbs limit car loans to no more than 60 per cent of the purchase price, and the tenure to no more than five years. The restrictions sent demand diving for cars, as fewer buyers could afford the heftier down payments. This, in turn, brought certificate of entitlement (COE) premiums down. Used-car dealers bore the brunt of the curbs as stocks acquired before the cooling measures were devalued overnight in tandem with lower new car rates. The Monetary Authority of Singapore on Friday granted used- car traders a 60-day reprieve on the financing curbs to help them sell their stock. But industry players said most will still have to bear substantial losses because car prices will remain depressed.