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  1. Spica

    Which food court is the best?

    what look like on weekend? very quite?
  2. in term variety and price, can share which food court you most prefer? so far, i like most yishun, northpoint foodcourt at basement 3. second is amk hub foodcourt at level 3 or 4 (i forget)
  3. forget to add, for that cause, as a gentlemen, i agree 100%, the rest of 15 days( given another 8 days to them) is still scientific proof?
  4. Spica

    Tokio Marine Insurance

    what i know, it is use a lot for a taxi. if you r a careful driver, just use the cheapest one, aviva :)
  5. more and more woman claim, said moody for them is a normal, always happen, beyond their control and nothing can be done. but they (woman) claim, it is not normal, happen with purpose , in their control and something can be done for moody from man can give your opinion about this? for me, it is hard to believe. it is all about whether they want or do not want to control the mood.
  6. Spica

    Kana hi-beam for nothing

    why? that why search function is for right?
  7. Spica

    Free travel on mrt

    actually i think more about the kid that will be the victim. if the free ride program success, for sure childcare/ kindergarten will adjust their operation time that mean increase their fee (more profit). if the kid go early, return early it is fine. what i sad is go early but return same time. at this time, i saw many kids went to childcare 30-45 minutes early before the class start. instead they can rest at home, because of the parent work schedule, they have to wait 30-45 minutes early before the class start. if the childcare change the operation hour to 1 to 1.30 hour early, mean the children ....
  8. Spica

    Malaysia : Avillion port dickson

    so in avillion, children can play sand just like at east cost(singapore)?
  9. Spica

    Good seafood restaurants

    aiyo why need private room? want to eat or want talk p n c? if want talk loud, no worries, more and more people eat and talk as loud as they think the restaurant is belong to them. if that person all in 20's i understand. but many of them like already 40's or 50's still eat with talk very loud. example in jumbo east cost, distant is more then 3 tables still can clear hear what they talked about.
  10. i ever google about how bad is instant noodle. many said, the noodle it self is fine, only the ingredient is over dose for each package. some suggestion is boil 3 pack of instant noodle with use only 1 pack ingredient. and that what i did all the time. some people might think it will tasteless, but for me still ok and i like it.
  11. Spica

    Noisy Colleague!!

    that's why i don't like open space concept in office. of course all the high level same room so never/ seldom experience , hear clear and loud people talk on phone while it is about 20-25 meter away.
  12. Spica

    New 2013 Hyundai model- Santa Fe IX45

    so what model KMC wants to spec for Singapore market?
  13. today newspaper, someone complaint about order pizza need full detail of cc. i believe this is not first time happen. so nothing can be done until something happen?
  14. Spica

    Singtel MUST share EPL

    i keep wish that sport channel can be ala carta. as this moment, singtel and starhub dictionary of sport channel is football/ soccer. really sad about this. people love watch tennis, need pay football price :( people love watch racing, need pay football price :( people love watch athletic, need pay football price :( people love watch other sport then football, need pay football price :(