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Found 53 results

  1. She is the grandma of my daughter's friend. She was last seen at Queenstown / Dawson area. Kindly contact 9296 5993 if anyone know the whereabout of this elderly. Please also help to share this post and information with your friends and family members. Thanks in advance for the assistance.
  2. Wow... that's a lot https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/study-finds-1379-a-month-needed-to-meet-basic-living-standard-for-single-elderly
  3. RadX

    Tissue paper chopping table

    Orbi good....we should do this more....and let these inconsiderate a$$es learn their lesson This Urban Jungle Posted on 23 Mar, 2009 14:21 "I chope seats with tissue paper but woman and friend take them" STOMPer Choppy alleges that this woman and her male friend took up seats which the STOMPer
  4. Do you believe that a good sales person can sell anything or an excellent product that could sell by itself even without a good sales person? well, my company was looking to upgrade our company phone system. my boss already have something in mind and wanted to know more about this particular brand. at the same time, my boss also wanted to compare other brands in the market. this is natural right? so we started to call the phone sales dept and making appointments for them to meet us in our office. most of the sales person that came to us are sincere with our biz and have a not too bad products too. but too bad, they were not what my boss wanted. so we put them on a KIV file. we still haven't get to meet the sales person from the particular phone company my boss wanted after meeting all the other phone sales person after 3 weeks. we were told that they can't schedule an appointment sooner becos they are too busy. ok, then the sales man came after 3 weeks. a short presentation, blah blah, and he goes. the sales man doesn't seen to be interested with our sales becos of our small office and the products are expensive. but my boss still decided to buy from him. so, do you upgrade yourself to be a good sales person or upgrade the value of your product to close a deal? (can only choose one) juz my thought.
  5. Ironstarz

    Missing Person

    Gents, my friend's ah gong went missing today. Last spotted at CCK , 1100hrs today , wearing long pants and shirt. We do not have info on what color , but we're inclined to guess it shd be black pants and white shirt , those typical ah pek type. Please SMS my friend at 94570145 if you guys happen to spot him.
  6. ----- Subject: Puzzle Three men went to a hotel to share a room. The clerk asked for $300. Each man paid $100, making up the $300. The hotelkeeper then decided to allow a discount for the day, charging only $250 for the room. He told the clerk to return $50 to the three men. The clerk pocketed $20 for himself. He gave the remaining $30 back to the three men. Each man took back $10. Therefore, each man paid $100 - $10 = $90 for the night. $90 x 3 = $270 + the clerk's $20 = $290. Question: Where has the remaining $10 gone?
  7. A Briton, who got into a fight at a Halloween party, was jailed for 11/2 years on Thursday. James Daniel Rhodes, 36, was convicted of causing grievous hurt to Mr Ronald Tan, an Australian. Mr Tan, 34, fractured his skull during the fight and died 14 months later. Rhodes was also ordered to pay $32,000 in compensation to Mr Tan's mother. This is for medical expenses, loss of her son's income and transport expenses. Rhodes, a former bank officer, was also found guilty of punching Mr Kevin Michael Hubbard, 31, an interior designer, at the same party. He is appealing against the conviction and sentence and is out on bail of $25,000. During the trial, Deputy Public Prosecutor Sanjiv Vaswani told the court that Rhodes had been invited by a friend to the party on Oct 23, 2010 at The Spinnaker condominium near Newton. There, Rhodes got into an argument with Mr Tan. The Briton was told to leave but traded blows with one of the hosts in the lift. He was brought back to the apartment to change his bloodied shirt for a fresh one but while being ushered out again, he assaulted Mr Hubbard before punching Mr Tan in the face. Berri cheap, sia.......one country, 2 jurisdiction. where can i bleach myself white
  8. Recently encountered this scenario at a shopping center. There is a loading and unloading area nearest to the supermarket at the entrance linking the supermarket and the carpark. Beside this entrance, as well, there are about 4 lots for shoppers to park. The way the entrance and the lots are position, one has to do a 3 point turn to get out of the loading area most of the time. during this 3 point turn, your car may be facing the lots, or you could be reversing into the direction of the lot, depending on whether you are doing a clockwise or counter-clockwise 3 point turn. I was loading my shopping into the car at the loading area. To get out, i had to do a counter-clockwise 3 point turn, such that the rear of my car will face the parking lots before i can exist the loading area. the lot which my car will be "reversing" towards became free. These two woman walked by, decided they want their family car to be parked there as it is nearer the shopping entrance. so the driver when to get his car, while the two woman stand within the lot to "reserve" the lot. I am fine by that. in fact, i do not really care as i do not need that lot anyway. Then the younger woman decided to sit on the kerb while waiting for the car to arrive. I then return the trolley and tried to turn out of the loading area. Because she is sitting on the kerb, i could not see her in any of my mirrors and was afraid to reverse too much, making my 3 point turn into a multi-point turn. Frustrated, i got out of the car and confronted the woman :" Do you know it is dangerous to sit on the kerb in a high traffic area? what happens if i knocked into you cos i cannot see you?" She retorted:" you got pass your license or not?" boy was i peeved. a few angry words were exchanged, and they hurling insults my way wasn't helping. I drove of, angry at the whole situation, and amazed at the stupidity of these two women. Long story short, what would you have done in a similar situation? would it be your fault if you accidently droved into them because you cannot see them, when they delibrately sit on the kerb knowing that you are gonna be reversing into the direction where they are sitting?
  9. this video was taken today. please ignore the time stamp. will you give way to this kind of idiots if you encounter them?
  10. Any thought on this? Bosch is selling theirs for 999 in all the major appliance stores. It is a made in Germany model. http://www.bosch-home.com.sg/products/dish...SMS50E82EU.html We are cooking everyday. Dishes need to be done. I rather a machine do it. Stuff it in, turn it on after dinner. Next morning just take them out. I don't intend to put it in the kitchen. It will share the service balcony with the washer, gas dryer and gas powered water heater. I have no idea why they are selling it so cheap. 999 is a bargain. It is rated A+, uses only 10L of water. The rest out there are all rated only A. Haven't seen an A+ dishwasher model so far.
  11. this was raised this morning http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2690286 It has created a hell of a ruckus over there At EDMW. Reading the posts, i cannot but help feel that they were a bit nationalistic and targetted the mod apparently. Over here, if you refer to the above, the rules already state so. I accept some things are better said in chinese and google translate is there too I am posting here as i believe MCFers are more civil and can discuss rationally. the day we become like HWZ, I leave MCF....promise! some points i remind: 1. Address the issue, not get personal 2. be civil and contextual at all times 3. No racist remarks. Let's say i were a bangladeshi, and was mod here, what would the ramifications be?? (soya, i know u waiting oni ) Disuss
  12. https://twitter.com/ChannelNewsAsia/status/...858454848135168
  13. Dear all, Anybody know of good caterer that deliver lunch and/or dinner on daily basis ... at a reasonable rates and ok food? Please share.
  14. Dear all, would like to kindly check has anyone here has any experience before on the possibility to check whether a person is in prison i.e. maybe thru Police, calling Prisons hotline etc? Thanks in advance
  15. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...persons_ic.html Posted on 15 Jun 2012 Nanyang JC girl tried to use older person's IC to get into club She wanted to go clubbing but was below the age limit of 18 years so she used another person's identity card (IC) to try to get into St James Power Station in March. A security officer at the entrance of the Powerhouse dance club asked for identification and noticed that the picture on it was not of her. Liu Yifan, 17, admitted borrowing it from a friend and on Thursday the student of Nanyang Junior College pleaded guilty to using someone else's identity card without lawful authority. Because of her age, District Judge Soh Tze Bian called for a report to gauge her suitability for probation. Court documents state that Liu confided in schoolmate Hong Lili, 19, in early March that she wanted to go clubbing. Hong then got the identity card of Tong Wern Ching, 18, who was enrolled in Temasek Polytechnic. On March 23, Liu went to St James Power Station at about 11pm with her boyfriend Eng Ting Fong, 20, a full-time national serviceman. About two hours later, they tried to get into the Powerhouse and she was found out. Security officer Muhammad Iimi Hussain, 24, found Liu's ez-link card on Eng. She had told him to keep it in case her belongings were checked. The cases against Eng, Hong and Tong for abetting in the offence have not heard yet. Liu will be back in court on July 12 for sentencing. Visit the Courtroom for the latest court stories.
  16. Poortraveller

    Sales person @ Fitness First Fusionopolis

    Anybody know if there is any local sales person? Can pass me the contact?
  17. Wat are the traits & skills that make a good sales person ? 1. Good product knowledge. 2. Easy-going and humble attitude, everything-can do mentality 3. Good Service for customers and clientele 4. Most importantly, a sweet talker
  18. All banks should perhaps operate a central webpage/ site with various options: No unsolicited advertisements via: Phone, SMS, Email [choose accordingly]. No circulation of personal details to any other external agency or bank subsidiary. e.g.: [pict source]
  19. I know of a single, highly educated person(call her A) close to forty, who holds a high administrative position in a local university, who treats her parents very shabbily. The things below were recounted to me by the mother herself: Person A: never helps with the household chores, expects the mum who is not working and 65 yrs old to do everything for her. keeps her room in one big mess, but screams at her mum whenever her mum tries to tidy up her room. expects her mum to cook for her every night, but never call in advance if not going home for dinner, then upon reaching home, just throw all the dishes away. does not acknowledge her mum nor speak to her directly. does not flush the toilet after use, just keeps throwing tissue paper down the toilet bowl, until it's choked, and the pump does not work. Repairmen said the problem is too much tissue choking up the toilet bowl, person A does not bother to pay for the repairs after being told of the bill, even though she is the only person using that toilet in the whole house. does not tell her mum about her promotion and raise, does not invite parents to her graduation ceremony upon getting her phd. does not give angbao to parents during CNY. Once when person A just came home, the mother went to warm up the food that was cooked beforehand for her, person A upon hearing that her mum started the stove, went donwstairs to eat without telling her mum, then went straight to her own room upon returning. The next day, the mum found that the food has been thrown away. does not bother asking about the mum who has back pain and has to see doctors regularly. does not give allowance to parents regularly, sometimes just act blur There are other things which I wont include here. This is not a fabrigated story, it is really happening in a household that I know of. The mum wants to end ties with person A, sell the current home and buy another flat to live by themselves and get person A to live by herself, which she can definitely afford coz she has been single almost all her life, and been working for close to 20 yrs. Person A is supposedly a christian, and all christians should know the 5th commandment in the Bible is "Honor thy father and mother...". I will not divulge the identity of person A, just want to know whether what I think of her is in line with the moral standards nowadays.
  20. The Holy Email The other day God was looking down at Earth and saw all of the wicked Behavior going on... He sent one of his angels to earth to look into it. When the angel returned, he told God, "Yes, it is bad on earth; 95% are misbehaving and only 5% are not." God was not pleased so he decided to e-mail the 5% that were good, because he wanted to encourage them and give them a little something to help keep them going... Do you know what the e-mail said? NO? Okay, I was just wondering because I didn't get one either.
  21. Was 20-year-old Chen Zi Xuan killed just because he touched another person's car? A cousin who did not want to be named said the entire incident started from when Mr Chen, along with two friends, was accused of touching someone else's car, evening daily Shin Min reported today. The murder happened at Havelock Road on Dec 3, between 5.30am to 6.14am, according to The Straits Times. The cousin, who heard the story from Mr Chen's friends, recounted that Mr Chen and his friends, one male and a female, were hanging out that night at Club Nana, a nightclub at Central Mall. After drinks, the group decided to meet up with four other friends at Joo Chiat Road for supper. The group was on their way to retrieve their car at the multistorey carpark at Central Square when a car that was heading upwards sailed past the group. Moments later, a group of five appeared and without warning, started beating up Mr Chen and his friends, accusing them of touching their car. The cousin said the group of five did not use any weapons. They also left the female in the group alone. After the fight, the victim was sent home by his cousin. The victim's parents then sent him to hospital. At that time, he was already unconscious. After struggling for a day, the victim was pronounced brain dead due to brain injuries at 5pm on Dec 5. When a Shin Min reporter visited the victim's wake this morning, Mr Chen's father had insisted that his son would never have caused any trouble. THIRD PERSON CHARGED A third man was charged this morning in connection with the murder. Poh Chong Heng, 27, has tattoos on his arms, legs and back. He is alleged to have been with four other men when one or more caused the death of Mr Chen at Havelock Road on Dec 3. Two others, Lee Boon Leong, 22, and Desmond Neo Han Wen, 24, have been charged with the murder of Mr Chen as well. The three are alleged to have been members of an unlawful assembly when they attacked Mr Chen. Two other accomplices are still on the run. If convicted of murder, they face the death penalty. tonyng@sph.com.sg source: http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne+News/C...206-314772.html
  22. hi bros and sis, anyone knows of any good buffet for $20-25/person? please share with us....
  23. Just met my classy classmate for lunch few days ago. She is a savvy investor, wine connoisseur, loves good fine food, buy higher end properties etc. So she says she was driving a new car, oh what car? The Koup...but the 2liter version she quickly adds. Why the duck would she drive a Korean? I thot minimum like a 1 series, VW TSi, Audi 3. What for save so much money? For a grand funeral? Haha b4 kena flamed I would say I dont mind driving the Koup cos I not so atas like her even if Koup owner kena flamed a lot here . Shouldnt the car fit the person?