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Found 62 results

  1. Posted by the people of SG Road Vigilante are photos of some bikes parked along the pavement of Ang Mo Kio Ave 9, near the Yio Chu Kang Sport Complex. The photos, which showed quite a few bikes on the pavement, were taken on the 20th of July and captured the bikes all parked neatly on the side of the pavement. Despite the many available parking lots in the carpark which the bikes were already in, the owners of the bikes were said to have parked it on the pavement instead as they wanted their bikes to be in the shade. A quick glance at the comments saw many netizens flaming and taunting SG Road Vigilante as the bikes parked there actually belonged to police officers who worked at the nearby AMK police HQ. Interestingly, SG Road Vigilante retaliated and filed a complaint with the OneService platform. We hope they update everyone on whether these bike owners will get any form of punishment...
  2. Really enjoy watching his video. Our MDA already quite jialat, but over there, the chinese got it more worst with censorship. Special appearance by Steven Lim at the end, :D
  3. Wow... that's a lot https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/study-finds-1379-a-month-needed-to-meet-basic-living-standard-for-single-elderly
  4. swiss standard of living is the best swiss is going to poll on may 18 to vote for 2,500 francs per month to everyone ... no job also got money is spore still aiming for swiss standard of living? Swiss To Pay Basic Income 2,500 Francs Per Month To Every Adult http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McQgQ_NYrGM
  5. Just want to confirm this myth once and for all. There are TOO much confusion over this issue till today for car. Let's not talk about motorcycle plate, as that is really going to messed up the LTA Vs Inspectors opinion further. Lets keep to car plate in this thread. Is sticker type licence plate legal and can pass LTA inspection or the overly enthusiastic inspectors at test centers? Background. The stickers wordings size and thickness and spacing strictly follows LTA standards. Instead of pasting it on a metal plate and frame, it is directly pasted onto the same location where the licence plate is design to be by car manufacturer. That means the sticker is pasted onto the front plastic bumper where the usual metal licence plates are expected to be, same for the rear metal boot licence plate placement location. What is your opinion? All along I believe it is fully legal. Untill I read this article on sgcarmart. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/writeup.php?AID=339 3. Don't put yourself in a sticky situation The LTA does not allow vehicle owners to attach sticker-type car plates to their vehicles in place of the standard ones made out of aluminium or acrylic. Anyone from LTA can once and for all confirm this matter?
  6. Picnic06-Biante15

    Swiss Standard Of Living ?

    Hur..... they reject minimum wage increase .... Yahoo news: Swiss voters reject world's highest minimum wage, block fighter jets ZURICH (Reuters) - Swiss voters on Sunday rejected proposals to introduce the world's highest minimum wage and spend $3.5 billion buying new Gripen fighter jets from Saab. About 76 percent of voters in the wealthy nation dismissed the proposal made by Swiss union SGB and backed by the Socialist and Green parties for a minimum wage of 22 Swiss francs ($25) per hour, final results showed. Meanwhile, some 53 percent blocked a government plan to free up funds to replace Switzerland's aging fleet of fighter jets with 22 Gripen jets from Saab. Just over 55 percent of those eligible voted, the government said. The clear rejection of the proposed minimum wage - which corresponds to a monthly paycheck of 4,000 francs (about $4,500) - brings relief to business leaders worried the measure would have hurt competitiveness and damaged the Swiss workplace. "If the initiative had been accepted, without doubt that would have led to job cuts, particularly in remote and structurally weaker regions," Swiss Economy Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann said at a news conference. Sunday's vote is the latest in a slew of initiatives being put to voters to try to address the widening income gap in the generally egalitarian country. Voters overwhelmingly backed a referendum last year to give shareholders a binding say over executive pay, but turned down a proposal to cap the salaries of top executives at 12 times that of a company's lowest wage. Supporters of the minimum wage had argued the proposed measure would have helped smooth out salary inequality and ensure a person working full-time can live decently. Despite the resounding "no", Daniel Lampart, chief economist at SGB, said the debate around the measure in the run-up to the vote had prompted many firms to introduce a minimum wage of more than 4,000 francs. Discounter Lidl raised minimum Swiss salaries to 4,000 francs last year and retailer H&M has vowed to follow suit next year, although employers do not acknowledge a direct link to the proposal. Swiss voters have a history of voting against proposals they feel could hurt the country's economic success story or threaten competitiveness. Yet the public unexpectedly voted by a razor thin majority in February to curb immigration from the European Union and last year backed a proposal to give shareholders a binding say over executive pay - both times ignoring warnings from business groups. more of the stories: link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/swiss-voters-reject-worlds-highest-minimum-wage-projection-115625943--finance.html
  7. Dear friends, been reading quite a lot of not-so-pleasant experiances with the service/expertise about some car agents. From salesman to technician, from new car that doesn't work to un-ability to fix something that have gone wrong. I can go on... seems like life's been good for them, particularly so as Singaporean loves their rides... we pay such "premium" for certain make of cars and are tied-down on the warranty to pay even more for some ridiculous labour charges etc, only to be told " why don't you come back if the problem comes back again" like as if we have all the time in the world to go back to them as and when we feel like it. Or " we can't find thing wrong with ... " . Again I can go on... I've had some sub-standard service before from KM, nothing too big to kick up a storm. But it seemed to me that the whole transaction is kind of one-sided the moment you sign on the paper. Do you guys..., and girls think it will work, if we as end-consumers write to the manufacturer to feedback on the service ( or the +#%%$$*% lack of it !!! )we are getting from their so-called agent. Do you think it will work ? Would you take the time and effort to write ? What do you guys think ? Thanks
  8. http://www.autoblog.com/2015/09/11/ten-automakers-agree-automatic-braking-standard/ "Ten major automakers pledged Friday they would soon make crash-prevention technologies like automatic emergency braking available on all new vehicles built. Details are still being ironed out, and a timeline will be established in the months ahead. In a written release, the Department of Transportation said the agreement will be implemented "as soon as possible." The ten automakers are Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Toyota,Volkswagen, and Volvo..."
  9. MIC car now is stronger than Volvo safety standards, it crashed and fall in one piece, all the wheels is still intact http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFMyfJReGhc
  10. www.emmanueldaniel.com/standard-chartered-banks-franchise-slayer/ www.forbes.com/sites/chriswright/2014/06/26/is-the-standard-chartered-model-broken/
  11. Baal

    We achieved

    http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/02/21/we-achieved-swiss-standard-of-living-in-2000/ We achieved ‘Swiss standard of living’ in 2000? February 21st, 2014 | Author: Contributions I refer to the article “ST Editor says we’ve hit Swiss standard of living 13 years ago?” (TR Emeritus, Feb 12). “Swiss standard of living” was achieved 13 years ago? It states that “Could some well educated and informed TRE readers look into the economic data and statistics and tell us whether we really had achieved the Swiss standard of living in 2000″. So, first let me quote from the article at issue – “Big lessons from a little Swiss Alpine resort” (Sunday Times, Feb 2) – “It was not so long ago that Singapore dreamed of attaining the Swiss standard of living, not the other way round. That was in 1984. To keep things real, government leaders set their sights only on reaching the levels the Swiss enjoyed at that time, and to do so by 1999. But the Asian financial crisis got in the way, the target slipped by a year, and it was only in 2000 that we managed to hit the mark. By then, the Swiss had moved further ahead, of course”. No need to do any statistical analysis? I normally try to use statistics wherever possible or appropriate as the “reasonable basis” for my articles. However, for the subject issue it may be arguably “so simple and obvious”, that for a change – I shall not be doing any statistical analysis at all. “Basis” in deriving the conclusion? But, to get back to the basics – what is reasonable “basis”? According to the dictionary.com - “basis” is the bottom or base of anything; the part on which something stands or rests … anything upon which something is based; fundamental principle; groundwork … basic fact, amount, standard, etc., used in making computations, reaching conclusions, or the like No “basis”? So, what is the “basis” for the conclusion and statement that “it was only in 2000 that we managed to hit the mark (Swiss standard of living)? Absolutely nothing – not a single word in the entire article to even give a hint as to how this conclusion was derived? If anyone can find anything in the article – please let me know. Was it news to you too? Also, if we had achieved the Swiss standard of living in 2000, why is it that we have never been told of such a great achievement in the media? If anyone can find any mention of this before the subject article in the Sunday Times – I would be grateful if you could let me know, as I’m sure that Singaporeans may be very interested in this matter. “Swiss standard of living” in Parliament? Oh! By the way – here’s what MP Inderjit Singh said in Parliament – “We can safely say that we have failed to achieve the goal set by the then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, of a Swiss standard of living for most Singaporeans, except for the higher income Singaporeans including foreigners who just recently decided to make Singapore their home. So I call for a breather in this quest of growing the population and focus on improving the lives of Singaporeans and achieve that promised Swiss Standard of living for most Singaporeans first before we plan our next growth trajectory” - just in case you bring up what one of our former Prime Ministers said in 1999, about achieving the Swiss standard of living? “Standard of living” defined? Let us not forget the fundamental definition of “standard of living” is not just “GDP per capita in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms” using the 1984 data as the basis of achievement in 1999! – kind of like conveniently forgetting about 15 years of inflation and growth! - It is about “The standard of living includes factors such as income, quality and availability of employment, class disparity, poverty rate, quality and affordability of housing, hours of work required to purchase necessities, gross domestic product, inflation rate, number of vacation days per year, affordable (or free) access to quality healthcare, quality and availability of education, life expectancy, incidence of disease,cost of goods and services, infrastructure, national economic growth, economic and political stability, political and religious freedom, environmental quality, climate and safety. The standard of living is closely related to quality of life” (Source: investopedia). Uniquely Singapore! Leong Sze Hian Leong Sze Hian is the Past President of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, an alumnus of Harvard University, Wharton Fellow, SEACeM Fellow and an author of 4 books. He is frequently quoted in the media. He has also been invited to speak more than 100 times in 25 countries on 5 continents. He has served as Honorary Consul of Jamaica, Chairman of the Institute of Administrative Management, and founding advisor to the Financial Planning Associations of Brunei and Indonesia. He has 3 Masters, 2 Bachelors degrees and 13 professional qualifications. He blogs at www.leongszehian.com.
  12. Hi, I did a drain and fill thrice (at 60k, 70k and 76k) even though manual says its good for 100k miles (lifetime). Reason is slight sluggishness during gear shifts at 60k and during change fluid is milky dark brown. Even during the 3rd change at 76k, saw that the fluid is still milky darkbrown (though the sluggishness disappeared since the 1st change) Mechanic suggest a transmission flush through the fluid cooler lines (he has done it for the older 4 speed model but not this 6 speed). I was a bit surprised coz when I did my first change, was told that this transmission cannot be flush. This mechanic says the Cruze cannot be flushed (same transmission) but he *thinks* the Epica can as the cooler lines are different. What's the risk if I go ahead and attempt to flush as the milky look does not seems to be getting better ? Will I end up with a bigger problem (the net has conflicting advice to flush or not to flush) Or should I just be patient and continue to drain and fill at every 10k ? Am I throwing away my money ? (The whole transmission including the cooler uses about 10L and each drain and fill can only change 5L which part of the old oil will always be there though getting diluted by the new oil.)
  13. Duckduck

    Carson Block Says He

  14. How true is it? If it is true...damn..we are really in a pile of s--t if we can't afford to pay the HDB loan. And I'm sure it will happen to many people once the retrenchment starts ________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ About 6 years ago, my wife and I were out of jobs and we could not afford to pay our monthly instalments to HDB (it was about $500 per month). As a result, we had an outstanding debt of $11K to HDB. One day we received a letter that said HDB wants to force us to sell our 3 room flat to pay back our money owing. We went to the local MP to seek help and they wrote a letter to HDB on our behalf. We then received a letter from HDB to go down to AMK branch office in order to meet their officer, Mr Chua. At the end of the session he still insisted we pay another $200 on top of the previous $500 per month!! We went in to ask for help to work out a solution to our financial situation and instead they suggested that we should now pay $700 a month! Is this help?!?!? We gave up realising HDB would not help us. We decided to borrow from wherever we can to pay every month until we can both manage to get a job! Since then, we have been paying $700/mth as agreed with the officer earlier, but they still called us every month trying to force us to pay additional CASH payments on top of the $700 we already paid using CPF! Luckily for us, everything went quite smoothly and we are able to pay off most of the outstanding amount. Today, the outstanding balance is only about $1700+. Recently however, during January 2013, we received a letter from HDB saying that they wanted to force us to sell off our flat again!!! Back then, the outstanding amount was only about $5500. So we went down to HDB again and asked what happened? What happened to the agreement that was made earlier? They just said that as long as we have an outstanding debt totalling more than 3 months of the monthly instalment amount, they had the right to force us to sell our flat! Offcourse we need our flat, or where else will we live? So we paid another $2500 from our CPF, then in Feb 2013 they called again saying we hadn
  15. my finevu thread locked and the itb100hd not? I talked about pricing of AD and it got locked. How come itb100hd feedback thread discussion seems fine to them...
  16. What's singapore's standard after you smoke another car to tell them they lost and you win? I mean say I smoke a forte from a stop light and after showing him I won how do I signal that? I came from the states and over there we switch on the hazard lights to tell them they lost and the race is off.... In Singapore what is the SOP?
  17. So bad now as what this chap had described? Rampant cheating in tests and exams some more? Admit those days we had our fair share of "heavily-accented" lecturers but it was not too bad as we could still understand what they were trying to say. Besides we all relied on the lecture notes so not attending lectures were no big deal then. Still, if the situation has deteriorated until so bad like what he said then they ought to buck up & rectify the situation. Not nice to hear about such things of your alma mater... [shakehead] From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._standards.html Posted on 31 May 2012 NTU student says uni does not meet world-class standards An NTU student is disappointed with the standard of education in NTU, and says that it does not meet the standards of a world-class university. The Nanyang Business School (NBS) undergraduate said that some of the lecturers in the university lack enthusiasm and their thick accent makes it difficult for students to understand them. He said: "As a fee-paying student, I expect at least a decent level of teaching by tutors and lecturers alike. "Do not get me wrong, the majority of professors are able to spark students' interest when they teach. But a handful of them cannot do that. "There are some classes in which it is incredibly difficult for students to understand what the tutors are trying to say, especially those taught by heavily accented PhD students. "In one particular case, the situation was worsened by the tutor's lack of enthusiasm, with no effort on his part to improve his teaching methodology. As a result, many students skipped his lessons and had to study for the module themselves. He then suggests that these tutors should be provided with basic training prior to teaching. Despite the presence of invigilators, more and more students are cheating in tests and examinations as well. Students get to sit next to each other in the lecture theatres which makes discussion easy. He has even seen a student used his iPhone during a test before. He also faced a situation where an examination question was repeated due to the setter's oversight. STOMPer emoclefairy wrote: "I think there is a severe lack of qualified tutors in local universities. The student-tutor ratio is too high. "Our school fees are increasing, but do we really see a rise in the quality of education we are receiving? "It's no surprise that so many of my friends are considering to get their education overseas instead."
  18. Hi All, Want to ask the expert bros here, i also see this Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3 and now Euro 4. May i know what is the euro standards all about? Also i have done some read up on the web, but still cannot fully understand. My car is registered in 2008 so which Euro standard is my car catergory in? Any advise from the expert bros here?
  19. Despite all the bad publicity about FT and so on we do have some horrible locals too Woman visits dentist, ends up swallowing 3cm long needle Monday, Feb 13, 2012 YourHealth, AsiaOne Suffering from a toothache, a 23-year-old hotel employee went to a dentist, only to narrowly escape death from accidentally swallowing a 3cm long needle which almost punctured her small intestine. Ms Yang told Chinese daily Wanbao that she visited a dentist for a toothache in her left jaw. As the dentist said the decayed tooth could not be extracted immediately, the dentist used a 3cm long needle to clean the roots of her teeth. According to her, the dentist, who was not named, kept spraying medicated water into her mouth, which caused her to choke. She then sat up coughing, not realising the needle was still in her mouth. As a result, she swallowed the needle. Ms Yang said she strangely did not feel any pain at that time or any sensation of the needle stabbing her throat. She claims that the dentist did not take action to remedy the situation immediately, and only told her what had happened after a five minute discussion with his assistant. Shocked, she questioned whether there would be any danger to her life. The dentist then assured her that if the needle is naturally excreted, there would be no problem. However, he later advised her to get an X-ray. That night, she said she started to experience a sharp pain in her abdomen. Feeling uneasy, she went to the clinic the next day to complain. Accompanied by the clinic assistants, she went to a hospital for an X-ray, where they confirmed the presence of the needle in her small intestine. The hospital staff added that if the needle were to be allowed to be naturally excreted, it would pose the danger of puncturing the small intestine. Forever traumatised She was immediately sent for an emergency operation. She was hospitalised for three days and later took two weeks of medical leave. She spent a total of $4,000 in medical bills, borne by the clinic. Ms Yang from China claims the events left her traumatised and suffering from depression. "I only dared to tell my parents what had happened after the operation. Every time I think that I am still young, and uncertain whether there will be future side effects, my emotions will become unstable and I will become depressed," she said. She said she has been dealt such a blow that she keeps crying. Having loss her appetite, she also has lost 4kg and now only weighs 44kg. The surgery has also left her with three scars, with the largest being 7cm long. She has asked for $10,000 in compensation from the clinic. However, as the clinic is only willing to pay $8,000, the two sides are still negotiating. Ms Yang said she earns a basic salary of $600, and has to work overtime to hit a thousand dollars, the majority of which she sends home. Although she did not have to pay for her medical expenses, she wants compensation for the time taken for her recovery, as she could not earn overtime pay. She said she has asked for $10,000 as compensation for both her economic loss and mental trauma. The clinic at first offered to compensate $5,000, but later upped the amount to $8,000.
  20. This bank used to providing attractive rebate for their customers but now everything cut :( (1) XtraSaver CashBack Monthly cap on NETS CashBack used to be $50 per month, now cut to $15 *Please note that with effect from 1 October 2011, monthly cap on NETS CashBack will be revised from S$50 to S$15. http://www.standardchartered.com.sg/person...s/xtrasaver/en/ (2) MANHATTAN Credit Card Total spending reflected in your monthly statement CashBack earned monthly $1 - $999 0.5% $1,000 - $2,999 1% (Used to be 2%) $3,000 and above 5% CashBack cap amount per quarter is $200 (used to be $300) Not attractive anymore !
  21. Hello Guy !! Like to inform all to standard some warming to other motorists !! Light flashing on road - Beware of TP/speed trap opposite direction. Honking - 3 sound - Beep Beep Beep following by 2 sec break..then Beep Beep Beep..break 2 sec..continue if u can... Auntie or LTA enforcer on the road issueing fine n summon.. if u heard the honk ... pls run to your car..!! I was at Yishun Industrial ave 7 near the hindu temple and resturant.. !! the LTA enforcer was issuing summon.. starting the honking.. and luckily some of the guys in the resturant and temple came out in time to take a look !! save them some $$ another one at the CarPark !! hehe.. help us save some $$ !! our pay is not increasing but the country VIP is..!!!
  22. Can we achieve the quietness in a conti car by sound proofing normal car? If so, what do you think will be the cost like?
  23. HOME > ST FORUM > ONLINE STORY Apr 13, 2011 Glad Singapore's frugal rather than profligate NOT only are our taxes low as Mr Byran Goh pointed out ("Forget pay size, this govt's value for money"; last Saturday) but also our Government has made very good use of our money - giving Singaporeans a standard of living that is higher than that in an average Western country. For example, the World Health Organisation ranked our health-care system the sixth best in the world. According to Newsweek, our education system is the fourth best in the world. We also enjoy low unemployment, strong economic growth and a strong dollar, earning us Newsweek's accolade as the world's most dynamic economy. Our per capita income (based on purchasing power parity), according to the International Monetary Fund, is around $57,000, making us the third richest country in the world. The majority of Western democracies tax their people more than Singapore does and spend even more money, resulting in massive borrowings. Yet, the performance of the average Western democracy is worse than ours in terms of education, health care, job creation and general prosperity. Their citizens pay more taxes than we do and get less of a return from their governments. Despite the exorbitant taxes, the governments have to borrow money. So while Singapore was accumulating budget surpluses over the past 40 years, which it invested in stocks and bonds, they accumulated a portfolio of debt. Tan Keng Soon
  24. Do you still remember that? Old farts should know la. Now I end up with Swiss Cost of Living...................... How ah?
  25. Jujitsuka

    Poor English Standard Of PRs

    In my line of wk, i would recieve many applicants of foreigners and local PRs. I've came to notice many of the PRs here are able to hold a proper conversation in English but when it comes to writing (we have a sec 2 eng test prior to the interview) most of them cannot make it. My coy adverts have alot of Myanmmar, Pinoy & Indian/Pakistani/Bangla nationalities calling in... Guess its the start of a new yr many foreigner looking to change job. alot of PRs too from these few nations come down from interviews too. The better ones are the Burmese fellas, able to speak and write fairly well. Pinoys also not bad... Worst of the lot are usually the pakis or banglas most can speak but cannot write! Ah Tiongs usually wun call in to our ads since we advertise excl in English papers. But sometimes will have the odd one or two who are able to read n and write fairly well. We take em too. Msians both foreigner and PRs are by far the largest group which we take in. But funnily alot of msian chinese guys like to wk in Zi Char Stalls wif low pay or in mechanical wkshops and factories. They dun seem to have much ambition compared to their femaile counterparts. Same also for th e Malaysian Indians the girls would be more proactive in upgrading of skills and looking for better prospects. Maybe because of the industry i'm in thats why i tend to observe and see such happenings... Any bros would like to share about their own experiences in their company? Seems like a lot of PRs are also facing alot of difficulties finding jobs with the exception of Msians... Tink we will see alot of exodus of the FTs back to their home countires in the face of raising inflations!!