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Found 45 results

  1. Imagine you are the driver [sweatdrop] But got that tinkling feeling that this particular case seemed to be staged.... Anyway there are all sorts of characters on the roads so just watch out & not only be safe, play safe also. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...ore_is_bad.html Posted on 02 Apr 2012 Bizarre road rage in Poland: Biker threatens driver with axe If you thought road rage in Singapore is bad, you would be shocked by what happens in Poland. This guy chases people who honk at him, with an axe! This video has been gaining popularity online. It shows a biker waiting at the traffic light. Despite the fact that the light turned green, he remains stationary. The vehicle behind honks at him. On the second honk, the biker takes out an axe and chases the other driver, who reverses to avoid getting chopped. Said STOMPer Rai: "That was scary. "And I thought people who shouted at each other were unreasonable. "Who goes around with an axe anyway?"
  2. https://mothership.sg/2018/10/tharman-tommy-koh-social-mobility-inequality-ips-30th-anniversary-transcript/ out-of-context screengrab from DPM Tharman
  3. Development charge rates raised by an average of 9.8% for non-landed residential land use https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/real-estate/development-charge-rates-raised-by-an-average-of-98-for-non-landed-residential-land-use?xtor=CS3-25 New private homes to cost up to S$2,900 psf on average by 2030: DBS report https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/new-private-homes-could-cost-s2900-psf-2030-dbs-report
  4. Households to see average rise of about 22% in electricity bills from Oct By Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 29 September 2008 1035 hrs SINGAPORE: Higher oil prices have pushed up electricity prices for this quarter by about a fifth. SP Services said on Monday households will see an average increase of 21.46 per cent in electricity bills, when average electricity tariffs go up by 5.38 cents per kilowatt-hour. On average, all SP Services customers will face a 21.89 per cent increase. For the period from October 1 to December 31, tariffs have been pegged to a higher "forward fuel oil price" of S$155.14 per barrel. This price is 38.06 per cent higher than the S$112.35 per barrel in this current quarter. The electricity tariff is reviewed quarterly and adjusted in line with fluctuations in the cost of electricity, and approved by the Energy Market Authority. At a news conference on Monday, the Authority's chief executive Khoo Chin Hean said that the increase is the highest so far this year. So much so for the increase by the gov on the U-Rebate thing...LPPL...as mentioned tariffs have been pegged to a higher "forward fuel oil price" of S$155.14 per barrel." what if the oil price drop during this period, r they going to refund us??? KNN trying to recoup the URebate through forecast oil price, might as well become a fortune teller...
  5. Any one know? how much is the market rate for monetary per month to be justifiable for a engineer working in SA?
  6. ClassiCars

    Average Insurance For a 2005 WRX

    Hi guys, I was just wondering approx how much would the premium for a 2005 WRX be if the driver is 21 years old and just pass TP? For example the WRX below.. Thanks! http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=392578&DL=2015
  7. https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/much-earn-above-singapore-average-000031337.html How much do you need to earn to be above Singapore’s “average”? Forbes has named Singapore as the third richest country in the world. This wealth is measured using the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita. Simplistically, it adds up everyone’s income for the year – to obtain GDP – before dividing it by the country’s population. So how much should the “average” Singaporean be making based on this calculation? Read More: Singapore, world’s richest. At what cost? The golden number is $5,943! At end-2014, Singapore’s GDP was recorded at SGD390.1 billion with population size of 5.47 million (Singapore residents + foreign talents). Table 1: National Accounts and Population in Singapore FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 GDP(SGD mils) SGD 346,354 SGD 362,333 SGD 378,200 SGD 390,089 Population (mils) 5.18 5.31 5.40 5.47 GDP per Person SGD 66,816 SGD 68,205 SGD 70,048 SGD 71,318 Income per month SGD 5,568 SGD 5,684 SGD 5,837 SGD 5,943 Source: Singapore Department of Statistics Since simplistic GDP means adding up everyone’s income for the year, we will also assume that CPF contributions are included into this number. Add your gross salary (take home salary + CPF contribution) to your employer’s CPF contribution. If this number is not greater than SGD5,943, you are below the average amongst our population. Is $5,943 the correct number as the average wage? As mentioned, GDP per capita is a simple method to define how rich a country is by understanding how much everyone in the population earns per annum. However, using the entire population is not a good gauge, as children, students and retirees are not working, and hence should be excluded from the calculation. Table 2: National Accounts and Labour Force in Singapore FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 GDP (SGD mils) SGD 346,354 SGD 362,333 SGD 378,200 SGD 390,089 Labour Force (mils) 3.24 3.36 3.44 3.53 GDP per Worker SGD 106,995 SGD 107,779 SGD 109,824 SGD 110,482 Income per month SGD 8,916 SGD 8,982 SGD 9,152 SGD 9,207 Note: The labour force comprises of people who are working or seeking work Source: Comprehensive Labour Force Survey, Ministry of Manpower Using labour force instead of total population will be more accurate since we are basing our calculation only on those who are working. In this case, average wages inclusive of CPF contribution would be SGD9,207 per month per person. So what are your numbers telling me? If you are like us, then this number may appear exceedingly high to you, perhaps even unattainable. Do not worry, you’re not alone. The median salary in Singapore is SGD3,770. That means the majority of us are not earning the average. This is normal, as wages are usually skewed towards the higher income earners and thus medium hardly ever equates to mean. What you should make out of this number is that you have the potential to increase your wages. Unlike poorer countries, where your future growth in earnings would be easily capped by the low potential in the country, we do not lack this in Singapore. There is money to be made, somewhere and somehow, in Singapore. You just need to figure our where and how. If you require upgrading and improvements, do check out skillsfuture to see how can our government help you achieve better productivity and higher wage growth.
  8. Keithchue

    Average per tank mileage

    guys, just want to poll, what is per tank mileage for VW jetta sport achieved. I was averaging 610-660 per tank, after my 60K sevrvicing, im doing 550 per tank of 50 L 60% normal roads, 40% highway
  9. As there is a lot of talk about Singaporeans being rich...... Just wondering how much cash does average MCFer have for allocation into residential property. (Include CPF) on a husband and wife basis. $500k to $600k $600k to $750k $750k to $1mil $1mil to $1.25mil $1.25mil to $1.5mil $1.5mil to $2mil $2mil to $2.5mil $2.5mil to $3.5mil $3.5mil to $5mil $5mil up Thank you for contributing to this exercise. It can help everyone gauge if they should buy properties or not. No fool proof, so use information at your own risk, hor....heh
  10. am i right that it was later changed to 3 months average due to the extremely low successful bidding price during the mid to late 2000s? so is 3 months average an advantage for car owner or 12 months average better with lower premium to pay for extending COE? Why is it that the LTA is not reverting the changes after the COE price went back up to the peak like now?
  11. err.... survey conduct by one bank base on amount deposit can be conclusive meh? how much are you getting (if you are still a kid) or your kids are getting in this CNY?
  12. My trip computer says 24km/h!......Ahhhhh, the joys of a world-class road system.
  13. Hi all, What is the average price of front pair of camber bolt? One WS quote me SGD$100 for one pair of camber bolt. My front camber or toe was out of alignment.
  14. if you have 4 adults in your household, congratulations you are a US$ millionaire household. Also average singaporean household only have little debt despite high COE and property prices. But i have a question, what is the definition of non financial asset? FROM BT THE average household wealth per adult here jumped 129 per cent from US$112,800 (S$138,654) in 2000 to US$258,117 in the middle of this year. Credit Suisse Research Institute, announcing the figures on Wednesday, said this made for an average increase of 7.1 per cent a year. In its latest annual Global Wealth Report 2012, it said Singapore's average wealth per adult puts the country as the third wealthiest nation in the Asia-Pacific, and eighth globally. Here, more than 80 per cent of the population have assets above US$10,000; 48 per cent have assets above US$100,000. Household total assets here are divided roughly equally into financial assets (48 per cent) and non-financial assets (52 per cent). The average household debt of US$45,600 is moderate for a high-income country, equating to 18 per cent of net wealth; the average is 20 to 30 per cent of wealth in advanced economies. As a nation, Singapore's total wealth shrank by US$25 billion or 2.5 per cent to US$1 trillion in the past year, mainly due to reduction in household financial assets measured in USD. Globally, aggregate global household wealth fell 5.2 per cent or by US$12.3 trillion in current dollar terms to US$223 trillion between mid-2011 and the middle of this year, due to the Eurozone debt crisis and the global economic slowdown. The report also noted that the Asia-Pacific overtook Europe as the world's largest wealth holding region in current dollar terms by the middle of this year, after Europe lost household wealth of US$10.9 trillion
  15. I am way below average Singapore women have been ranked the fifth most unfaithful in the world, according to a survey by condom maker Durex. The objective of the study was to find out who the most unfaithful lovers in the world are. The survey polled 29,000 women in 36 countries, and the women of Ghana came out tops. Sixty-two per cent of them admitted that they often cheated on their boyfriends and husbands. In second place were Thai women (59 per cent), while Malaysian women were third (39 per cent). In fourth and fifth place were Russian (33 per cent) and Singapore (19 per cent) women respectively. Results from the same survey showed that men from Singapore and Hong Kong are the most promiscuous in Asia, with an average of 16 bed partners in their lifetime. Malaysian men apparently have sexual relations with an average of three women on a casual basis in their lifetime.
  16. My wife and i are in our early 30s with a young baby. We dont have much savings and we are both grads working decent jobs. I think we only have like 50k savings combined (excluding insurances, CPF). Is this normal? I have to add that we are not spendthrifts. What is the normal savings for average people in my age group leh?
  17. Once again, i see too many complaints against our govt which i think is unwarranted. Personally, as some of you may already know, i believe in our PAP and they have my support. So what are the expectations of an average Singaporean? 1) Cheap food - We have very very affordable food in Singapore. - I can get my coffee and $1. - I can get my economy rice at $2.50 2) Employment - Comparing to other countries, we have got a low unemployment rate - All of my friends and relatives have got a job - Those of my friends who were looking for a job previously found 1 in less than 4 months 3) Cheap and good public transportation - Yes, our transportation has met with some problems of late. All of this happened in the past 1 year. There wasnt such problems in the 10 years prior to this. - And they are taking good measures to rectify this. - It is cheap as you can get to anywhere in Singapore in less than $3. - You can get to almost anywere in less than 1.5 hours 4) Affordable medical cost - With adequate insurances, your medical cost can be very low. - I broke my arm last year - A&E was $70. After insurance, in all i paid less than $100. - You can see a GP for around $30 5) Taxes - We have got 1 of the lowest income tax 6) Public housing - This i agree is expensive if you have no job - But if you have a job, your CPF can really get you a roof (2 bedroom) over your head 7) Law and order - Crime rate is low - i feel safe walking around singapore at night So what do you all expect? - Economy rice at $1.00? - Getting to anywhere in Singapore in under 30min? - Getting to anywhere in Singapore for less than $1.00? - No or negligible income tax? - See GP for $10? - Zero crime rate?
  18. A told me that among her , they prefer average looking BFs. The rationale is that a super handsome one is more likely to hanky panky. True or False??
  19. After 100,000km plus, with additional cost like changing wear and tear items, avg ard $300 total per trip to workshop. Like this tio chop carrot or normal? What's your average?
  20. Look at my monthly bill, it's about $220 - $270. Is it on the high side or average? How about the rest?
  21. Hmm saw the other thread about graduates salary. I think this one more relevant for the "average" Singaporeans since grads only form about 30% of working population. Seen this report about the latest salary in Singapore that our median salary is around $2,700 and average salary is about $4,100 this year. Well, glad to report that my salary is ABOVE the median, but not at average leh... Hope this year will go higher than can start planning for a car. What about everyone else?
  22. Nutsack

    Is this pay high/average/low?

    Before u say anything, this isn't me. It's a cousin of mine who asked me the same qns (he got a few offers) and is considering one. The pay he's offered is: $3900 My cousin's bkgrd: - Good AU Bachelors and Masters in Marketing and Economics, respectively. Not distance learning. - Pretty good results: Average 3.5/4 GPA, but no honors cos AU deg no straight to honors. - Less than 1 year working experience - Age: 30 Job is in public sector. One grade above entry level. But I can't rem wat grade exactly he told me. I can ask him again if it's impt for u to make judgement. Is this considered a good or bad offer judging from what he has to offer the org? I told him it shld be avg, but am unsure cos I'm doing business hence not familiar with wage expectations. So told him I'm not 100% certain. What do u guys think?
  23. Hi all, Since recently got a lot of topics asking about their pay scale especially from manufacturing sector. I am interested to know the average income for retail staffs as It is often associated with long hours and low pay with low education?.. Maybe I can start off: highest qualification; bscBM Post: Snr manager Remuneration: >$6000 depends on sale. Feel free to comment especially if u r working in retail as me.
  24. Hi all, after One and half months i decided to post my average consumtion hope it is in par with the rest .