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Found 129 results

  1. Dear friends I have recently come into possession of some koi and large gold fish, and I am hoping to get some advice: - how do I clean the tank? - change the filter? - anyone I can hire for some professional advice or is there a bro here who is an enthusiast who does not mind coming to have a look? (will cook or provide super kopi and a big meal!) Thanks bros I have put aside some put in the balcony for this effort, this was something I did in my dad's old place and I am hoping to do something like that in future: Some advice on some solar powered lights to accompany this will be much appreciated too, thanks!
  2. Vega

    Leopard 2 tank upgrade

    Look good and promising for our MBT.
  3. Tjkbeluga

    Fish tank

    Hi guys, Any place to recommend where I can buy a 3 feet fish tank with cabinet at a decent price? Not sure if a budget of 300 is enough. My existing tank was given by a friend and now the cabinet a bit pong kong after we found that the water pump was not properly placed and causing the fater to overflow into the cabinet. Thinking of getting a whole set. PS: Sorry guy, I wasn't referring to the ones at geylang...
  4. Lethingochan

    What car has the largest fuel tank?

    is it toyota prado? 87L
  5. As above, the honda civic 1.8 fuel tank capacity how much ah?? Thanks!
  6. Just to share. Recently my coolant leaks and I brought my car to Autosaver. Was asked to replace the whole radiator tank. Parts and labour (incl coolant and new thermostat) cost me close to $700. Now monitoring and hope the problem is solve...
  7. As above , let’s share your experience
  8. SINGAPORE: Singapore Customs said the number of people who violated the three-quarter-tank rule doubled last year. It said the figure went up to about 4,000 compared to that the year before. The rule, which has been in place since 1991, requires all motorists travelling north out of Singapore, to fill their petrol tanks to at least three-quarter full. One driver said: "The (petrol) prices are pretty high right now. If I'm going to Malaysia, I will go with a three-quarter tank, and top up to a full tank before returning to Singapore. "I think that's the norm -- a lot of people do that". Another said: "Most of the time, I go in with three-quarter tank or more than three quarters, depending on the situation. I mean, since I'm going to Malaysia, I might as well top up there". In Singapore, petrol costs about two dollars per litre, while in Malaysia, it's about RM1.90 or about 80 Singapore cents. The price difference is why Singapore motorists are heading north to fill up their tanks. Singapore Customs said the number of people violating the three-quarter-tank rule has been on the rise between 2008 and 2010. Offenders face a maximum fine of S$500. Some motorists go even further by tampering with their fuel meter. Last year, 23 car owners were charged with that offence, down from 24 in 2009. In 2008, there were only four such cases. Offenders who tamper with their fuel meter face a S$5,000 fine or a year's jail. - CNA
  9. Mr Goh does not seem to understand it is always has been about dollars and cents on this 3/4 tank rule. Although I am all for srapping this %^&*$!!!, the authorities will never agree to it because this means losing rich source of revenue from petrol duties. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_816291.html Time for three-quarter tank rule to go Published on Jun 29, 2012 DRIVERS of Singapore- registered vehicles have not been allowed to purchase the RON95 grade of petrol in Malaysia since August 2010. This petrol grade, which is subsidised by the Malaysian government, costs RM1.90 (76 Singapore cents) per litre currently, and is available only to Malaysia-registered vehicles. Singapore-registered vehicles can be filled only with RON97 petrol, which is no longer subsidised by the Malaysian government, and its price is subject to market forces. Currently, this grade of petrol costs RM2.90 per litre. Thus, the savings from filling our vehicles with petrol in Malaysia is no longer as attractive as it used to be. Also, the new Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex has not helped to resolve the traffic jams associated with the old facility. The main problem lies with the narrow two-lane road leading to the new CIQ facility from Singapore, which is used by both buses and cars. The congestion affects vehicles leaving as well as entering Singapore. This infrastructural constraint is unlikely to be resolved any time soon, and the congestion could deter Singaporeans from going regularly to Malaysia to purchase petrol. Given the above-mentioned developments, the three-quarter fuel tank rule would appear to be redundant and should be scrapped. Goh Kian Huat
  10. used to drive a concerto (fuel injection), when i pump to the brim, it will give me 500over km. if i do some hard driving also got 400plus. Car was more than 15yrs old. i could do a century sprint in 10sec with a good launch in dry conditions. no fuel enhancer, just a good 100% synthetic oil and engine treatment. open pod stainless steel. straight through exhaust. spark enhancer. NOBODY believed me... (cars in the 90s had great improvments with juz an open pod and straight through exhaust, cant say the same for modern cars now) so i checked my car specs... oil tank was 50L... most model cars now are 40L? and my rims were 16inch 45s... but not sure if original was 14inch 65s... so maybe my tyres were to big hence the extra reading in my distance... hmmmm.. dont know leh... cause i had a friend who drove an EG 2-dr and he clocked 500km on his full tank too (note that i am NOT referring to highway figures) but he had 2 carbon seats, carbon doors, boot bonnet.. used 15inch 55s. hmmmmm........ is 500km really not possible on a full tank of petrol in petrol driven cars? i thought that the city n jazz DSI versions also were very furl efficent?
  11. Keithchue

    Average per tank mileage

    guys, just want to poll, what is per tank mileage for VW jetta sport achieved. I was averaging 610-660 per tank, after my 60K sevrvicing, im doing 550 per tank of 50 L 60% normal roads, 40% highway
  12. Peqasus

    Fish tank where buy?

    hi guys, i'm looking for a brand new 3ft x 3ft fish tank. any idea where is a good place to see and buy? seems like aquarium hard to find and limited. qianhu have?
  13. Hi, Would appreciate some advice here. Mine is a 2007 BMW 523i. A few days ago the warning light came on with "engine oil level too low" so on Sunday I topped up about 2L (maybe a bit more) of Shell Helix 5w40. Today when my wife drove it home the car started to shake badly, and after parking there was a lot of yellow/brownish liquid on the floor. I opened the bonnet and saw what appears to be coolant oozing out of the expansion tank. The tank cap still looked intact, though. The tank is a genuine BMW one and was replaced a few months ago only. As the car was still hot I didn't dare to open the expansion tank cap. Could this be due to engine oil overfill? But why would that cause coolant overflowing? Or the expansion tank or somewhere in the cooling system leaked (it seemed to be slowly leaking so I topped up with distilled water some time ago)? Could that cause the car to shake? No engine overheat warning came up, though. Any advice will be appreciated!
  14. Just a caution for brothers trying to enter with less than 3/4 tank. Noticed recently they've been checking cars entering. Went in twice for supper (after 11pm~2am timing).....once on weekday and once on weekend. Once i was asked to stop for a quick peek probably at my fuel meter (weekend) and another time the car in front of me was asked to stop for a sec probably to check. Not too sure if they checked randomly but just a word of caution for those whom tries.
  15. Boringchap

    Fire on Jurong Island Oil Tank

    The footage is very scary. Look at the intensity of the fire. I know some people working on Jurong Island. I hope they are ok. Media reports that it may have been caused by a lightning strike.
  16. Wishcumstrue

    I test drove a new ride today....

    ABS, VSC, sharp turns, point spin, high speed drifting and quick reverse. No problem
  17. is this true? the manual says if go lower, there is small chance of engine faults and other problems. is this a general guideline? fuel tank cannot be too empty?
  18. Today i notice only one of the fans are working when down to the workshop to check. mechanic say one of the fan motor spoiled and ask me to change 2 motors as the other one will spoiled soon.i told him to just changed the one that is spoiled . was quoted 180 for a aftermarket motor. strange the other one not spoil ask me change also. while changing it they also removed the radiator pipe connect to the engine. after changing, they top up abit of toyota premixed coolant into the radiator and reserve tank . i saw the radiator and tank was filled to the brim. after 1 hrs drive back home due to traffic jam. i pop the bonnet to check on the fans if they are working. I noticed the radiator reserve tank was empty!!! i wanted to check my radiator but the engine was still hot and dangerous to open . so i decided tomorrow morning when it is cold i will check my radiator. 1st question : can i top up my reserve tank with tap water? 2nd question: i wonder how come the radiator was full and the mechanic top up abit of premised coolant but when i reached home the reserve tank empty. any advice bros
  19. New_Atlantis

    How Much to Sign 1206 for a tank?

    Some joker abandoned a loaded tank! another joker found the red button!
  20. A leak was discovered in one of the fuel tanks within the Shell retail petrol station in Sembawang. The leak appeared to be an isolated case which has now been contained. No one was injured during the incident. The station will be closed indefinitely until the area is cleaned up and the cause of the leak investigated. A Shell spokesperson said: "We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Safety remains a key priority in our operations." Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...bawang-20130528
  21. Hi all, Has everyone has any rate of petrol evaporation in ur car's tank? I dont drive to office so i mostly use my car night time or weekend. Last week due to one reason or another, i dont use my car at all. Then today i realised that the level of my petrol went down. Not a lot, but it is noticeable. With a full tank, does anyone know how much differences between using ur car everyday and using it only during weekend?
  22. Psfong

    Leaking water storage tank

    My 5 years old storage tank above my false ceiling suddenly decides to leak today. I called the plumber and he suggests changing the whole tank. I am thinking that since this is going to happen, I might also get a rain shower at the same time. Anyone know of a good place to get them?
  23. Owen_fan

    Underwater lights for fish tank

    As above, any bros know where to get it from? I have tried aquarium shops in Tampines area, but none of them selling it.
  24. Luckily the sharks were mostly small reef sharks
  25. Jeff49er

    Portable fuel tank

    Hello Bro n Sis Has anyone got a portable fuel tank? I read that Autobacs are selling portable fuel tanks in sizes of 5L, 10L and even 20L. What is the ruling bringing fuel tank to JB and back ? Thanks for you opinion