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Found 44 results

  1. Hi guys, My 2009 Fielder's cooling coil is leaking. So I'm looking around for resources and some info. Probably will check with a few shops on monday but was thinking of asking if anyone with the above models have had similar issues and how much was the cost of repair? I've called 2 shops which are opened today and found that this model is more expensive than Toyota Altis which is around $330-$350. I'm probably also going to call up a few stockist to see if I can buy the coil directly but sometimes for such aircon parts it's difficult cos if it's leaking then everyone will be pushing the blame around. so probably will still go to 1 shop and get it all done.
  2. @count-bracula ur cousin ah https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/personal-information-of-over-800000-blood-donors-exposed-online-hsa?xtor=CS3-17&utm_source=STSmartphone&utm_medium=share&utm_term=2019-03-15+20%3A01%3A19
  3. My car is 6years+ old .Just a few weeks ago detected that the aircon is not as cold before - it's ok when the car is moving and not when it's idle .I can hear the 'hissing' sound whenever the car is stationary . I check the fan - it's running fine and the compressor cuts in regularly . The temperature control knobs works fine . So last week went to my usual wksp to diagnose and they suspect it's the cooling coil that is leaking and they top up the refrigerant and ask me to monitor .However as the days passes , i can feel that the aircon is not as cold as the first day when the refrigerant was being top up , so i decided to go to Tomika in alexander village to check. I describe the symptom and finding to the boss and he quoted $880 all in for replacement of the coil and it's a 2 days job.(citing they have to remove the dashboard to get to the cooling coil)As i needed the car daily , I just ask them to top up the refrigerant and I left . Is the price reasonable ? Any recommendation will be greatly appreciated !
  4. Folks need to seek your advice. Recently, my neighbour from one storey below mine informed me that water from my bathroom floor leaks through their ceiling. Some work might be needed to resolve the issue. As we are staying in old HDB flat, what is the best way to address the issue? 1. Contact HDB and get HDB appointed contractor to do the work. 2. Get an independent contractor to do the repair work. Would there be any subsidy from HDB for the repair work? How should the payment be split? 50-50 with neighbour, or 100% on me? Many thanks.
  5. Ysc3

    Oil leak report to who ?

    this afternoon was going out with my mom to supermarket. once the lift door opened, there was a very strong petroleum smell in the air. as i walked to the car park to my car, i passed by the motor cycle parking lots and was shocked to see a motor bike was leaking petrol from its fuel tank ! the ground below the bike was already wet with a pool of pinkish petrol and still flowing .... question :
  6. I started smelling fuel outside of my car after a full tank refill. The smell is strongest at the wheel arch on the passenger side. THe smell would go away after the fuel levels goes below 3/4. I thought this was an isolated issue but doing a google search, people in the US are filing a class action suit to get MB to issue a recall. Has anyone in Singapore had this problem and has MB fixed it? The repair cost in the US is around the region of $2000 USD. Not sure of the price in Singapore but I shall be going to the dealer very soon. Check out the websites. If we can get more publicity then perhaps MB singapore will assist. http://jalopnik.com/...-from-customers http://www.prweb.com...rweb9725192.htm http://www.sandiego-...complaint.shtml Forum discussion: http://mbworld.org/f...11-e-class.html
  7. Sharing this lobang while surfing, i tried their service before and its not bad. They had this DBS deal awhile back and it was a good deal but I missed it. Now just found out they have some deal coming up, looks like leaked or some do-do bird turn on and forgot about it, They are some local online company, seems to be growing quite fast, launch in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan i think, honestbee.com interesting story, love local start ups and I always support they can go out to put Singapore on the map. They have NTUC, so I like...and MMMM! and Pet Lovers' (i have a cat, so easier to order things) Back to the Lobang, found on HWZ - http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/chill-out-hangout-den-234/good-lobang-%2410-off-free-delivery-groceries-5254298.html Took me sometime to figure out the link problem, the actual link - http://district.honestbee.com If I read correct, $50 min spend - $10 = $40 and free delivery...not bad. The Free delivery part excites me every time, no more queueing and carrying heavy stuff, just order and delivery service. - That is the best! Friends always say I don't share lobang, ok, I shared. - peace. -> If you gave lobang will you share? or keep to yourself?
  8. I wonder who are the famous people implicated ?
  9. WML888

    W211 Engine Oil Leak ?

    Need help here. Is this normally caused by faulty Supercharger ? If not, what need to be fixed ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Confirmed that my BMW (316 96model) cooling coil is leaking. After topping up gas, the aircon is cold. After few day, when I on the aircon, smoky particles was blown out and afterthat, not cold anymore. The workshop recommended to use OEM copper coil which is cheaper ~$400+ and more durable (at least 4-5 year no problem) rather the original coil which is aluminium, more ex. ~$1,100, though faster cooling but may leak again in just 2-3 year time. The whole repair work cost ard $750 which inclusive labour + materials (copper type cooling coil, dryer, expansion valve) + 6 month warranty. Is the cost reasonable? Anyone can recommend a good repair workshop and price reasonable?
  11. Fellow bros, I'm current driving an avante. Just went for servicing on sat n I did the following. Basic servicing(engine oil and filter changed) Coolant changed Brake oil changed Spark plug replaced Atf oil changed After the servicing, drove out wif family to spend our weekend. Sun went JB n as usual stuck in the jam as well. Mon when I checked the car, found out that the coolant in the secondary tank dropped closed to half. Opened up the radiator and found the coolant level Oso dropped. So I top up wif water for both side and drove off... For the next 2 days, the level at the radiator dropped but the level at the secondary tank remains the same. So I drove bk to the ws today. They tested and jacked up the car n no leakage was found. They came to a conclusion that during the time when they topped up the coolant, it's actually not full yet so the level will tends to drop and it will stablised once the coolant is really full.... I've decided to take a few more days to monitor, but is there any truth in wat they said? Considering the fact that during the weekend I've drove a lot and the coolant shld haf stablised till then...
  12. Anyone know which workshop service stock shock absorbers for subaru legacy
  13. Ronleech

    Droplet of oil drip

    Discovered last few week. oil drip on exhaust joint. Changed seals of crank, sump and side cover. Still got little trace of drip. Car left 9mths to go. Will it catch fire when i am driving long distance ie to genting/KL? my friend advice is just to keep a liter of EO in the car and is necessary top up. And also when car is parked overnite, when accelerating got a very fine squeeking sound, but after 5 mins of driving it went off totally. Only when accelerating...wat is that? My main concern is will it catch fire...safety come 1st mah.
  14. very sim tia seeing water flowing like that, what is a bucket of ALS challenge
  15. A leak was discovered in one of the fuel tanks within the Shell retail petrol station in Sembawang. The leak appeared to be an isolated case which has now been contained. No one was injured during the incident. The station will be closed indefinitely until the area is cleaned up and the cause of the leak investigated. A Shell spokesperson said: "We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Safety remains a key priority in our operations." Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...bawang-20130528
  16. Naughty9795

    Red Angel Stop Leak

    Hi, has anyone try the Red Angel stop leak for aircon? It also comes with One Shot which is easy to use. I wanted to try it but the shipping is expensive. http://www.gobluedevil.com/oneshotr134astopleak.html
  17. My transmission is leaking. 5yo Mit Grandis. Mech said need to spend few thousand dollars to replace seal cos need to remove the transmission. After searching the net, found this AT 205 re-seal that may be able to stop leak by conditioning the rubber seals. Anyone tried it? where to get it locally? Amazon sells but will not ship here. Review at Amazon seems good. Any input? cos if i spend thousands replacing seals what if the trans fail in one or two yr time? auto trans usually breakdown in 7 to 8 yrs as ive experience. Hv already spent thousands recently in this car and seems that the wear n tear problem keep coming.
  18. Hi I just took over an almost 6 year old cefiro. 1 week to realise that its leaking power steering fluid. Did STA inspection but didn't say got problem. D Now need to temporary top up first with some fluid but do not know whether old stuff is mineral or synthetic dexron III. Does anyone know whether can mix? Also where to fix leak without getting carrot head? Thanks
  19. WML888

    W211 Engine Oil Leak ?

    Need help here. Is this normally caused by faulty Supercharger ? If not, what need to be fixed ? Thanks in advance.
  20. Geeez, thought only car owners kena this type of situation Typical scenario: You just found out that your 5 yo ride's a/c seemed to go have gone AWOL and after asking around you decided to go to a "recommended" ws since the AD's warranty was up. First the "experienced" mechanic claimed there was insufficient refrigerant so he topped up the gas but still the car interior felt warmed. Then he said oh the piping hardened liao & got cracks so needed a new one so he changed it but still the oven feeling was felt. So he proposed next to flush the entire a/c system but you swear there was still no improvement at all after that. He then scratched his head & suggested the compressor might be faulty so you reluctantly agreed to a re-con one. But the re-con compressor quit on you on day two so you drove back to the ws to seek redress and the fella now tells you look I think its better you buy a new one... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_769539.html Agony over efforts to plug a leak Published on Feb 23, 2012
  21. Hi all, Im driving a Apr 06 1.8manual civic FD1. I went to do my 70k servicing at Spark Car Care at Braddell on 29mar tuesday. They said there's a minor leak at the bottom of my Crank Shaft Oil Seal & it will cost $214 & about 5-6 hrs to repair/replace. The service advisor say it usually happens when the car reaches around 100k or >100k is is fair or normal to charge $214 for Crank Shaft Oil Seal minor leak to repair/replace? Any cheaper & reliable workshop to repair/replace? tks for all your help
  22. Chogokin

    Front B8 leak ....

    Hi All, Could like to enquire ... My Bilstern B8 front right discover got leak . Workshop say still can tahan abit. Now abit cash flow problem . Was thinking ordering in March and waiting time is ard 3 mths. Means ard May then can change . meanwhile will it cause any problem eg. like causing brake problem or will affect any parts failure ? Thanks Chogokin
  23. SINGAPORE : The next general election is not due till February 2012, but Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo said it could be in the second quarter of this year. Mr Yeo, who is in Bangkok for the Civil Service Exchange Programme, was speaking at a dinner organised by the Singapore Club and the Singapore