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Found 67 results

  1. Char

    Toyota VS Nissan

    Here we discuss how durable is your car ...... So far my 9 year old Latio super durable and long lasting and seldom gives me problem . I am the first owner and so far no major issue except replace radiator at year 8.5 , ignition coil at year 7.5 , front and back absorber at year 7 and air-con compressor at year 6.5 . The main problem in Latio is high usage of battery and mine only last less than 1.5 year , and recently I use Amaron seen can last longer ! My mileage now 210,000 km and all these while been servicing by TC . What about yours ?
  2. Hi all, I am contemplating to change to a 2005 cefiro 2.3l. I used to drive my dad's cefiro 99 model. Tiink A32 model. Really miss the creamy smooth v6 engine. Remember the FC was 7-8km/l range. Tried to google ard for more fc info and got different feedbacks. Some got 6-7km/l, others got 9-11km/l. I am ok if it can average ard 8-9km/l. Anything more is bonus. Another concern is the maintenace. With the car ar its 6th yr, are there anything to look out for? The previous A32 was easy to maintain cos its very mechanical still but i dunno abt the 230jm. All inputs welcome..
  3. Hi, I just got my driving license last month and would like to purchase a used car for both family purpose and also gain some practical skills. I stay with wife, a one-year old baby and parents. Hence I believe a big car is necessary but not MPV as it is to big for newbie. As the family is big, I think a 2.0L is a must, thus I have shortlisted Kia Magentis, Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan Cefiro, Mazda 6 and Subaru Legcy. Prefer to buy a car registered in 2016 or 2017 because eventually I may have to buy a MPV when second baby comes. Please share your opinion on these cars: i.e interior space (2 adults and a safety seat in rear row), FC, reliability and cost. Thank You!
  4. Fcw75

    2006 Cefiro J31 2.0

    Anyone here still driving a 2006 Cefiro 2.0L? What are the things to look out for? Thanks!
  5. Here is a cool looking 3.5L Altima. http://www.nissanperformancemag.com/december02/ruben_altima/
  6. Looking for cheap mid-size car with 2-3 years left. Realized that Cefiro, Mz6 and Legacy got lower depreciation. My requirement will be: 1) Reliability to drive till scrap 2) Handling 3) Space for rear passengers 4) 5 seaters Brand, Power or FC not so important for me. Budget around $9k/year depreciation. Or should i get Civic 1.8 for its reliability? Looking to drive till scrap so re-sale value not important
  7. am thinking of getting a used cefiro facelift.. any bros here recently sold your cefiro to dealers? would like to understand the approx price that they take in.. so as to know whether worth it to change or not. or anyone here selling or renting? dun mind rent one for 1-2 weeks to try out.
  8. Spurman

    Sonata NF or Cefiro

    Hi guys, Thinking of changing my current 3yrs ride, Avante 1.6manual.... driven 100,000km++.... Hee... Overall, Avante is good to drive, but maybe I'm getting older, more uncle liao, legs getting tired from too much manual driving.... Thus decided to look into a good reliable 5-6yrs old car...... Test drive both Sonata and Cefiro..... Maybe the 2nd hand unit Cefiro offered by the dealer was nosier, which is a surprise... Louder than my Avante... The Sonata meanwhile is super super quiet, for a 5yrs old, not bad... Any other comparisons btw this 2? 1) FC 2) power for both 2.0 3) Maintenance I actually find Sonata slightly more responsive. But Cefiro more nice in interior and looks good on the outside, and of coz more expensive. Cheers guys
  9. hi all, im selling my July 2006 nissan cefiro 2.3l v6, omv 26k, grey colour, asking 38.8k... WAY BELOW DEALERS ASKING PRICE OF 41.8k... sms me at 92-9999-12 or PM for further details. viewing at east area only.
  10. Dear Bros and Sis, i am thinking of getting a '05-'06 Cefiro 230JM. But i have a few qn, hope you guys can give me some input. - I understand there is a facelift done in '06. What are the changes? i can only tell the bumper is different. - What are the inherent problem with this car if there is any? Thanks a ton guys!
  11. Hi I just took over an almost 6 year old cefiro. 1 week to realise that its leaking power steering fluid. Did STA inspection but didn't say got problem. D Now need to temporary top up first with some fluid but do not know whether old stuff is mineral or synthetic dexron III. Does anyone know whether can mix? Also where to fix leak without getting carrot head? Thanks
  12. [shakehead] From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._motorists.html Posted on 02 May 2012 Drivers taunt each other after disagreement by overtaking and jamming on brakes STOMPer Jay spotted two motorists who endangered the lives of others with their reckless driving on May 1 along the BKE. They were doing this over a minor disagreement they had. Said the STOMPer: "Earlier today at 12.30pm (May1), I was driving along BKE towards Woodlands when I came across the childish and dangerous antics of two drivers. "One drove a white Honda and the other drove an orange Vios, and the incident occurred somewhere after the Bukit Panjang exit. "The driver of the white Honda Civic (XXX 8209L) car was obviously unhappy with the driver of orange VIOS (XXX 6341G), whom the former could have felt was driving too slowly on the first lane. "After he overtook the orange Vios, he began to jam brake several times. "The driver of the Orange Vios tried to overtake the white Honda but was not successful. "Watch the action at the start and end of the 1m42s clip. "The car license plate numbers are clearly visible too." Check out the car cam videos at the end.
  13. Dear all bros, After looking around for a decent executive looking sedan, i am kinda decided on cefiro 2.0 , year 2007-2008,reason being it is decently priced in resale market? and nice interior. I just wanna get some responses from those who own,driven, or hear from friends about this car based on these: Maintenance FC Ride I know that interior is pretty nice though. Thanks!
  14. Jun86

    Cefiro Vs Forte

    Double post. Delete
  15. E3ugene

    Cefiro woes

    Hi all, just gotten myself a MY06 Cefiro J31. 2.3L. the mileage is 100+km, and i wanted to do an major servicing? any place to intro? also, my front shocks are gone, any idea where to get cheap replacement?
  16. As the topic mentioned, how many liters of Engine Oil is require for Nissan Cefiro? 2.3L with V6 Engine, 1996. Thanks all
  17. Hi guys, Highjacking this thread..... http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...718&DL=2080 Looks good value.. Seen the actual milleage ard 80k nia........ so little, a bit skeptical... Any reputation from this company??
  18. anybody care to share what is the insurance premium for a Nissan Cefiro? pls state your rough age and NCD. similar model like camry,Mazda 6,Accord are welcome. i need a rough guide. thanks in advance.
  19. As per title [furious] At the famous carpark of Tampines st23 201e... Was about to move out of the lot came one Altis passing through so car was out around 1 ft... stop and wait...came another car cefiro SF@323@ stop in front of me blocking my way... so thought just wait ...carpark clear...young lady driver with white glove and a young guy passenger beside her chatting still dont move.. Patience still instore thought I can wait...came three young guy from McDonald aboard the car... Ok she waiting for them in my mind...now coming to around 5/10 minutes burning my petrol... Flashes a few times my headlight...was shock to see the front passenger guy show all sorts hands movement... Wind down my window...his words come out landed to my ears and my wifey/kids onboard for being patience 'BELAKANG PUSING'....(#@#@##@why rushing cannot wait is it to come out).... So shock fed up came out and call him out but he just open his door say "wait la wait la"... told him don scold me for waiting and waste my petrol...(raising my voice I admit on this) lady driver say something like ' your car out of lot and dangerous how if I hit you just now' more confusing for being the wrong/bad person and not the patience one....aarrggh.. Wife and kids call me out to just dont go on... told them they were caught on video...the guy say you take the car number and do what you want... So now is writing as he request for... Time at 2145hrs today... Do criticise me Thanks for reading...
  20. Any camry or cefiro owners changed from stock 16 inch to 17 inch? wads e main diff? Gotten the green light and doing 17 inch for the car(: Was hoping to get some comments! Thank you! Those who drive Cefiro and are on 17 inch, please thankyou so much, give some comments! THANK YOU!
  21. Hi all, I am looking at a used 2005 cefiro 230JM but it does not come with a proper hedunit and speakers. Seems that previous owner has taken all away. Can previous owners or anyone advise what is the default headunit that came with the 2005 Cefiro 230JM pls? Also, what type of speakers are provided? I thought I read somewhere saying that they were bose speakers. Lastly, where are the 6 speakers located? 2 in front, 2 in pasenger and the last 2? Thanks alot if you could help answer my queries.
  22. Hi People, I am currently driving a March 2006 cefiro 2.3l. The mileage is around 36k. I am thinking about selling this car ($45k?) and getting a cheap avante to "save" money. Will I actually save money? I am worried about maintaining the old cefiro. Something just died on the ceifro last month and cost me $500 to repair. The 40k servicing is coming up and I think doing with Tan Cheong will cost quite a bomb if there are many parts to be replaced. I don't really drive that often, 3 years only 36k mileage. I am curious, will it be cheaper to drive a 3 year old 2.3l cefiro or a brand new 1.6l avante, taking into consideration the depreciation of the car, the servicing, the insurance, and road tax. My GUESSTIMATE is 2.3 cefiro 1 year depreciation = $5k?? servicing = $1k insurance = $1.6k road tax = $1.6k petrol = $250x12 = $3k parts/repair costs = $1k total = 14.2k 1.6 avante 1 year depreciation (average over the next three years cuz first year depreciation very high) = $5k?? servicing = 0k insurance = $0.8k road tax = $0.7k petrol = $200 x12 = $2.4k parts/repair costs = $0k total = 8.9k Is any of my numbers wrong?
  23. Hi guys. I am preparing for my new ride. I m in the sales and will be on road most of the time, and will fetch clients arounds. Pls advice which car suit me best in luxury sedan. i like cefiro first time, but find out nothing much i can do internally. camry altough its $10-20k extra but the current riders swear its smooth motion.. Pls advice. my concern is fc, and car installment of course. thanks
  24. Which will you choose? 4.5 yr Audi A6 2.4litre or 4 year 2.3 litre cefiro? Any bro knows if driving these 2 cars to the 10th year will still have high maintenance costs if go to outside workshops instead of AD? Need your opinions. Btw, depreciation bet these 2 cars are about the same per year. Of course the Audi will cost a little more. To be exact, about 1.4k more per year. Thanks
  25. Leslielai

    Cefiro 200JK.. how's this car?

    A hello to all Cefiro owners out there.. Mind sharing your model, driving pattern (% city/highway, hard on gas/light footed) and average consumption figures? I'm thinking of getting a 200JK but people around me have been trying their best to convince me of the horrendous FC for the Cefiro so I guess I'll have to find out a little more from actual owners. A sidenote, I do not wish to see any form of replies from the 2 kids in here whose fathers happen to own the Cefiro.