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Found 80 results

  1. Kia Forte owner brought his ride for Triple Carbon Clean today. What are the improvements? You will notice the difference especially if your car is more than 3 years old or has a mileage of more than 30000km. You will almost certainly notice that the throttle response of the car is noticeably better without hesitation, and the idle will be as smooth as it was when the car was brand new. Contact us to schedule your appointment ***8123-0543
  2. TTT

    KIA K3 Owners check-in!

    K3 owners-to-be, we are all looking forward to the delivery of our cars let's consolidate an owners' list here! let me start the ball rolling: 1. TTT - Golden Beat 2. ER-3682 - Bright Silver 3. Firedemon15 - Glittering Metal 4. Vyeron - Snow White Pearl 5. Aurorablack - Aurora Black
  3. Friendstar

    Forte's puzzling FC figures

    Last Feb09, I mentioned to forumers here that i recommended my uncle (prev Sunny) and colleague (prev Vios) to the Forte. Now's a year on, I was at my Uncle's place for CNY visitation. We spoke about cars, and i was lamenting to him about my 9-10km/litre FC for my mz3 1.6SP. He shocked me with his 7km/litre figure for his manual 1.6 forte! i nearly fell off my chair, and for one moment again, agreed that Korean cars still have lots of catching up to do in FC aspect. He also pointed out that he should have gotten a FC friendly altis instead. I regretted introducing this car to him... The puzzling thing he mentioned about his forte is that it prefers hard revving to achieve good FC, while gentle driving hurts FC tremendously. To cut the story short, i went down with him to have a go at his forte, and it's when he showed me the FC trip display. 6.8L/100km We had a good laugh together.
  4. Hi Guys I'm looking to get a 2nd hand car once my COE is up in 2 months time. Looking for a car that has another 1-2years left. Narrowed it down to these few models: 1. Toyota Altis 2. Honda Jazz 3. Kia Forte Would prefer the car to be easier and cheaper to maintain. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
  5. Sport? This week we test drove 2020 Kia Forte5 GT. It has 1.6 turbo mated to 7 DCT and it has 5 doors. Would this be faster than Hyundai Elantra Sports? It made me smile. So let’s meet 2020 Kia Forte5 GT. -1.6 Turbo Gasoline 204hp | 27kg.m (1,500~4,500) - 7 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission Competition: Hyundai Elantra GT, Honda Civic Type-R, Volkswagen GTi https://youtu.be/gHkC4YL_Mm4
  6. Hi bros, fellow colleague wants to choose between the 3 cars....even though they may not be of the exact price range. Any bros who have experience in these 3 cars can feedback the goods and bads of each one? hehe
  7. Review of Kia Forte 2019. Today i wanted to test drive 2019 Kia Forte, so i could compared to Hyundai Elantra 2019. Let us know which you like better Kia Forte 2019 or Hyundai Elantra 2019. Thank you. 4,640x1,800x1,440x2,700 (LengthxWidthxHeightxWheelbase) 1.6 Smart Stream 123hp 6,300rpm / 15.7kg.m (4,500) 0-100km/h (10 seconds) tested 100km/h-0 (39.8 meter) 3.2 seconds Competition Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3, Honda Civic https://youtu.be/2iEa8mtUXAE
  8. Dear All.. I would like to seek advise from all of u on regards of these 2 cars. Thanx very much!1
  9. ricleosg

    New 2017 Kia Forte K3

    link: http://www.autoblog.com/photos/2017-kia-k3-forte-sedan-kdm/#slide-3721614
  10. Anyone scrapping 2010 kia forte with EPS please let me know. Thanks.
  11. Anyone knows or have tried fitting 205/45 or 225/45 tyres to the stock Forte 17" rims? thinking of changing the Solus tyre to Eagle F1 Asym but there's no 215/45
  12. ok. the last time i drove an Avante, it was rented and that was like > 3 years ago. i now got a new ride, an 09 forte. i find the mirrors a tad narrow as compared to my old ride. i was wondering, if any brudders here ever replace their side view mirrors for their Forte before. ever wondered if the Avante side view can be used on the Forte?
  13. hi all, i was viewing a kia forte 2011 model but the rear power windows don't go down all the way. They seem like stuck when they are 3/4 on both rear windows. Is this normal?
  14. Spring

    KIA Cerato Forte (K3)

    Anyone has more info on the new K3? Heard it will arrive in our shores by Mid Year. Will it be better than the current Elantra? What's your guess on the price? Same as the Elantra? Discuss n any info on the engine, chassis is most welcomed.
  15. Tennis_ball

    KYB oil-a-just

    hi, i was quoted KYB OIL-a-just in a workshop. is it the same as the GAS-a-just? went to KYB website, but didn't find any oil-a-just product. thanks.
  16. Toyota recently launched their 11th generation Corolla Altis and it is a pretty well-resolved car. Since this 1.6-litre sedan category is such a hotly-contested segment, we thought it would be nice to have a second opinion of the Corolla Altis comparing with some of its closest rivals… Kia Forte K3 1.6 First up, our recent Sedan of the Year winner, the Forte K3. Despite being launched last year, the car still looks pretty darn fresh. No surprises given that the Koreans have been producing cars that are almost guaranteed to look good without burning a big hole in your wallet. At press time, it is almost 10 grand lesser than the rest while being the most well equipped. It also felt like it had the most room among the others. However, all is not that well when you start driving. Steering, while being the sharpest and most direct, feels slightly artificial. I wasn't too sure I liked the variable steering weight system also as I found myself changing between ‘Normal’ and ‘Sport’ every now and then. I couldn't find fault with the ride and grip level were as good as the rest. Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI DSG Personally, I have always found the Jetta to be a handsome car. So it took me by surprise when I thought it didn’t look as sharp as it had always been to me when we parked the cars side by side. Having sampled the Jetta over quite a few miles couple of years ago, it felt good to be back behind the wheel of one. The chassis feels stable, steering reassuring and engine strong. Just like how I remembered. However, unlike then, age has ruthlessly caught up and the interior is starting to feel a little bland as compared to the other two. Not having much equipment on board hurts its scorecard too. Glad to report interior space is more than adequate and overall, the car feels a notch better in quality than the rest. Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 The Corolla Altis. I’m sure most people should have driven or sat in one at least once in their lifetime. I spent most of my teenage years in one and not once did it break down. It was never the fastest nor the best-looking but it was loyal and dependable. Coming to the latest one, I must say Toyota has definitely upped its game and gave it a great looking face. I would even go as far as saying the Toyota is the most handsome one here. Moving inside, the car has grown quite abit and build quality is much improved. Equipment levels are acceptable too. On the move, the Toyota is the quietest and feels lively. Comfort level is definitely on par or better compared with the rest in this segment. Its new Super Continuously Variable Transmission with Intelligence is also worth commending for not being like most whiny CVTs in lesser cars. If you have yet to read our comparison story between the Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 and its rivals, click here.
  17. Geniuspear

    Fastest forte in SG :O

    Self proclaim to be fastest forte in singapore.... anyone know him? 0-100 in less than 7 sec... wtf lol
  18. HanoiGirl

    T/C-ing Forte, pls recommend WS

    can any1 recommend which WS in S'pore for T/C-ing Forte (since warranty is expiring soon). tks!
  19. Kia's Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, has been promoted to president from his current executive vice president position. This makes the German the first non-Korean president in the Korean automaker. In addition to Schreyer, there are two other presidents in the company. Schreyer jumped ship from Volkswagen AG to Kia in 2006 when Kia decided to focus on the European market, identifying design as its core growth engine. With Schreyer on board, Kia introduced a new corporate grille known as the 'Tiger Nose' to create a recognisable 'face' for the brand. The first Kia vehicle to bear Schreyer's styling direction is the first generation Kia Forte. Since then, the new corporate grille has been featured from the humble Picanto to the top-of-the-range Quoris luxury saloon. The second generation Forte carries the 'Tiger nose' as well but in a more aggressive form. The 'Tiger nose' grille is now as recognisable to a Kia as the 'Double Kidney' grille is to a BMW. "The promotion shows Kia's key focus areas shifting from production and cost efficiency, which were traditionally considered more important, to design and research and development," said Shin Chung Kwan, an analyst at KB Investment & Securities Co. in Seoul. The second generation Kia Forte
  20. Ken1898

    Avante or Forte

    Been looking around these two model for past 2 weeks. Till now can't decide which to go for. Looking at Year 2009 model for both. Avante price is cheaper and simple, Forte is nicer and more features. Which is more reliable and durable? Plan to drive 4-5 years or even scrap.
  21. Kerwen

    I30 or Forte Hatch?

    Putting aside COE, which one you will choose? Photos grep from sgcarmart review front: back: interior: i30 cost 20k more but more features - 7 airbags compared to 2 only - rain sense wiper - cruise control - sun roof - driver electric seat - integrated reverse camera
  22. Was driving to work on 10th August 2012 at 0750 Encountered this madman in a Kia Cerato Forte cutting in and out of traffic in Hillview Ave area, which is a residential area Had two near-misses with a silver VW Golf and then caused a multi-car horning session at a junction Video below for your entertainment
  23. COE going to 10 years, 2nd hand car market also quite ex even if COE sky high now, but still can find some affordable models in new car market, narrow down to above mentioned 3 models, doing some homework prior to negotiation my major concern as: 1. Power 2. FC 3. Price 4. interior space regardless: Make, exterior look etc kindly advise
  24. Revolc81

    Test drived Kia Forte Koup

    Was at the showroom at alexandra yesterday to test drive. Waited one hour to finally drive the 1.6. Overall experience quite ok with the car. Superb interior and exterior design but lacking of power as expected. Comes with red leather seats if top up additonal money. For that kind of price, I cannot believe it comes with sports rims, sun roof and 5yrs unlimited warrantly! Really good deal in my opinion. Too bad the SE told me for manual 1.6 he only left one white and one lime green only. The next shipment is next yr Jan. Any bros went yesterday also?