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  1. Soran

    Mazda making a comeback with a RX-8 successor?

    As mentioned, it will be a range extender to a largely electric-hybrid setup
  2. Soran

    Opel Insignia Diesel goes more than 2,100km in a tank

    Actually diesels tend to struggle in cold climate, especially when trying to start in winter. Gasoline doesnt have this issue
  3. Soran

    Chris Evans flamed for working only four hours a day

    JC deserved to be fired for that assault. No amount of fame or skill gives him the right to do that. On the other hand, the new TG crew just dont have the charisma and mojo the Three Idiots had
  4. I think it is great to own a model that is used as a taxi in SG As long as they are running around the street, spares and workshops which can fix them are never an issue
  5. Soran

    Kia K5

    At this price point, some of the cars like Mondeo 2.0 Ecoboost turbo very hard to sell already. For a Korean car i think even harder, that's why they dont bother
  6. Soran

    Ford Mustang is the top-selling muscle car in 2015

    Meanwhile we still no see RHD Mustangs here. Farking Aussies took all the stock to 2017
  7. Soran

    Facelifted Toyota 86 to come soon

    Just turbo the damn thing already. Even with low boost with around 240hp will be a vast improvement for this car
  8. Soran

    Nissan Sylphy Feedbacks Please

    As a Jetta Sport owner, it feels damn depressing to sit in the current Jetta in the showroom. A lot of the options i have are not on the showroom car. Instead it ends up with a puny monochrome screen AV system, there are no paddle shifters and they omitted out the underseat drawers (these are awesome for parking coupons and portable umbrellas) Coming back to topic, has anyone gone and test-driven the 1.6 litre Sylphy with turbo? This seems like a decent car to consider as a replacement in a couple of years time.
  9. Soran

    Nissan Sylphy Feedbacks Please

    They stopped bringing in the 160hp Jetta Sport because it now falls under Cat B Also because its OMV is around 22K so must upfront 50% The current Jetta in the showroom is the 122hp single-turbo model, with alot of options (paddle shifters, big touch-screen AV system etc.) taken out to drop the OMV below 20K
  10. "Though the technology has been utilized and proven on the racetrack for many years, this is the first production car to include it." The Saab 99 Turbo S predates this car by 37 years for water injection http://www.enginebuildermag.com/2015/04/are-water-injection-systems-coming-back-to-production-cars/
  11. German laws on auto mods are even more hiong than LTA IIRC if u just change rims, u still need to send the car for inspection afterwards
  12. Soran

    SGH3456Z you are such a disgrace

    The amount of motorists who dunno how to pump their own gas is too damn high
  13. Soran

    Brand new 2003 Mazda6 still being sold in China

    Drove one as a rental, compared to the 2nd gen M6 i test drove last time, the 1st-gen is much better at the "Zoom-Zoom" aspect
  14. What i heard is that these owners have to apply to MY customs to use the lorry lane, otherwise they get fined
  15. Soran

    Can I buy a new engine in Singapore

    Just try the much cheaper methods first like higher octane fuel or get one of those fuel system cleaners If that doesnt help, then overhaul the engine