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Found 148 results

  1. Genie47

    A new tire size calculator

    My recommendation to be stickied with the top post. http://ejelta.com/tiresize/index.html It is very flexible. For example, I will use the Aveo as an example: The stock 13" tires on the Aveo are 155/80-13. So to link the page to someone so that he can decide what tires to use on the Aveo will be: http://ejelta.com/tiresize/index.html?tiresize=155/80-13 For more information on how to link see here: http://ejelta.com/tiresize/linking.html
  2. my car front tires 195/50/R15, rear tires 195/55/R15 is it any effective in term of FC, performance?
  3. LemuelWong

    Tyre size 195/50r16

    Can anyone recommend any tyre shop that carries this size? its pretty hard to find it. been calling a few shops and they dont really carry this size. Thanks in advance! looking at michelin or bridgestone. or if theres any recommendations! thanks!
  4. Jerrygsr

    Which mid size MPV?

    As my family is getting bigger, I need a mid size MPV for weekends. My family size now consist my wife, 2 kids, my helper and occasionally with my mum. I'm considering the Honda Stream or the Mazda 5. I like Honda Stream is because its a Honda and it is has the RSZ version I like the Mazda 5 because of its a more practical car and its sliding door. So which will u choose? And any drivers own these cars can share their views? Fuel consumption, Drive, maintainence?
  5. Hi, I'm driving a Toyota Altis Elegance 2008 model ZRE141R with Dual VVTI. I have been having acceleration issue since I bought my car around a year ago. Found out that my car rims were 17 inch {225/45/17}. Went to Borneo Motors to try to resolve it and seems like they found my car in good condition. They recommended me to downgrade back to original rims which is 15 inch. I noticed the acceleration issue occurred after I changed from PS3 tire to Yokohama Blue Earth AE50. I have already tried decarbonizing, engine cleaning and throttle valve cleaning but seems the issue resurface after a while again. This issue was slightly improved after filling 2 tanks of V power consecutively but I think in the long run it wouldnt solve this problem. I am thinking of a few options. 1) Downgrade back to 15 inch tires which mostly likely restore some power back to the car. 2) Downgrade back to 16 inch. 3) Keep my 17 inch rims, instead change tires to Michelin PS4S Or Primacy to improve pickup 4) Do ECU Reflashing to try change and tune the engine to correct the problem. The previous owner installed a voltage stabiliser which I am not sure why, so I'm not sure if this is related. Any advices from my experienced Bros?
  6. Just want to pose the above question to all the drivers out there, feedback is appreciated. Before I start, let me give some info on my current car. Driving a SUV now. Stock wheels were 235/65 R17. A few months back, the tyres were getting bald and needs a change. I have long been a fan of huge chrome deepdish rims. Since it needed a tyre change, I reckon I will go for the full package. After asking around, most of my friends or shop owners will say that 'your FC is going to be super jialat, furthermore with such big rims'. I thought, what the heck, it is not everytime I get to have a car to be able to be fitted with big rims. I went ahead and got a R22 rims with 265/35. The overall diameter is still withn 1% of my stock wheels. I must say, I did not regret my decision. Full chrome with a 3" lips. Before changing wheels, FC was approx 7.8 - 8 km / L. After changing rims, I monitored for 2 months and most of the time, it is quite constant. Many who have seen my rims were WOW, your FC must be crazy. I just told them it is ok, still acceptable to me. Question to the bros and sis here, be it either you have experience with rims upsizing or you hearsay from others, what do you think my FC is currently. I did not purposely change my driving style before or after, style and attitude still remained the same.
  7. Jiayong

    Tyre size changing.

    hi guys. My old tyres were 195/50/15 and i downgraded my rims to 14 inch. What size tyres should I use? I used the convertor and thought that 185/60/14 should be ok. But now the tyre rubs whenever i do a full lock or a sharp turn. Can someone please help me out? Cos the famous tyre shop that I bought from was so helpful when selling me the tyre but totally f*** care me and give half hearted answers when I question him about the problem. Somemore I wasnt even demanding a exchange, I mad eit clear I was just enquiring about the correct size so I can trade in mine and top up for the correct ones. But he simply just doesnt believe in after sales. I should have listened to the bros here and not got that shop.
  8. Fcw75

    Penis size around the world

    Taken from swiftclubsg. Anyone from Congo? Pity those from Korea.
  9. Same car (Golf GTI), same tyre model (Goodyear Eagle F1A3), same tyre width (225/45R17, 225/40R18, 225/35R19) Dry Handling: 19" Wet Handling: 17" Comfort: 17" Quietest: 18"
  10. I planning to upgrade my rim size to 19" ( frm 18 ) kana sot by the vossen cv3 chrome rim, getting the replica 1 as only replica avail in 19 and original 1 shld be kan pua expensive lol. Any recommended tyres for street driving with good wet grip? My prev car on 15/16" so popular tyres for me was toyo t1r etc, but fren told me big tyres mostly another level ( price also another level ) Was thinking to do "staggered" as car is RWD so behind put wider. heard mark X very prone to fishtail even when driving normal speed so hoping wider tyres can grip well.
  11. Anyone knows or have tried fitting 205/45 or 225/45 tyres to the stock Forte 17" rims? thinking of changing the Solus tyre to Eagle F1 Asym but there's no 215/45
  12. Gilahonda

    Civic Upgraded Tyre Size

    Hi peeps! Anyone here can advise whats the correct tyre size if lets say I want to upsize my rims to 18 inchers? Currently driving civic fd 1.8 with 16inch stock rims and tyres. Thanks!
  13. Bluepica

    Size does matters!

    The Star 7May2010 http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?f...&sec=nation A MAN who wanted to en-large his penis ended up in a lot of pain
  14. Wanna check with the experts.. Currently driving a company rented 2006 vios.. Brought the car back to the car rental company as back tyre sidewall got cracks and leaking air. Checked by a tyre shop and proceeded to change to 2 recon tires for the back. Problem now, Before that, all 4 tires were Falken 185/55R16. After, front 2 Falken 185/55R16, back 2 Nexen 205/50R16. When i asked the tire shop, they told me it is ok. Most BMW are doing the same. I have never ever heard of this before. Won't different tire profile and size for the front and back affect the car stability? Need advise from the experts
  15. just bought a multi-function headunit from aliexpress ... told the seller the dimension of my current HU and he told me can fit. got the package yesterday and went down to fix it this morning ... but once i took the new HU and placed in in front of my current HU, can see that the new HU is about 5mm longer and can't possibly fit the current faceplate. anyone face this problem before ? tried to search online but these things cost more than to send it back to the seller for a refund and since my car is old model ... dunno have or not also. any other work around other than to spend more at a shop?
  16. Hi, Bought from fantasy water bed few years back. Reason for giving away is because the tenant requests to have Spring mattress. So, am replacing for them. Water bed is good for back support because it's 100% supporting a person back. Need to buy bottle of condition To fill into the water once every 3 years. Not expensive. must collect from tampines before 26th Dec. PM if interested
  17. Fredo

    Usable Queen size bed frame

    Hi, I have a used queen size bed frame with cushioned headboard storage. Dim 66"x86". It is a waste to dispose off as it is still very usable. If you known of anyone who needs it, please let me know. Thank you.
  18. Trusty

    King size bed frames

    anyone has lobang to share? cheap and good leather ones about $500 or any place that sells hotels used?
  19. Hi all bros... I want to upgrade my rim size from 17" to 18". Regretted buying this rim just 1 month ago from ArrowTyre which cost me about $1,000 for the rims... It is nice and I like it, but I want a better fitment of tyre to body. Car cannot go lower anymore due to low bodykit.. If any bros interested can whatsapp me your rim pic at 97100809. Below is my rim.
  20. Albeniz

    Where to print A0 size poster?

    Folks, I urgently need to print an A0 size poster for conference. Do you know of any place in the west side of S
  21. Vextan

    Single size storage bed

    Any one knows where to buy from ? Thx.
  22. Hi all, There is this scenario of upsizing a default stock tyre size from 195/60R15: The info gathered http://www.1010tires.com/tiresizecalculator.asp is this: For 195/60R15, the speed is 100Km/h For 205/55R16, the speed is about 97.3Km/h (2.726% slower) For 225/55R16, the speed is about 95.6Km/h (4.538% slower) But when I compare with another site at: http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/tirecalc.php , the result is different: For 195/60R15, the speed is 104.61Km/h For 205/55R16, the speed is about 107.48Km/h For 225/55R16, the speed is about 109.35Km/h So who is correct? or I did it wrongly? Thank you. Regards,
  23. Hi Bros As above.. was planning to rent a van and move house myself as nothing much to move so do not want to hire movers.. but i forgot about my mattress... Appreciate your advice!
  24. Optoms

    Tires size

    Hi all. I'm going to change the shoes for my car soon. But still deciding on the size for it. Currently she is wearing 215/50/17. If I change the size to 215/45/17, will the car be lowered but the gap between the fender and the wheel be larger? How about 225/45/17? Is it having the same effect? Currently the car felt higher in the front than the back and the gap in the front is about 2.5 finger apart while the back is only about 1.5 fingers wide. So can I use 215/45/17 in front and 225/45/17 at the back? Any expertise comment? Thanks
  25. Dear Experts here, I have 2 questions hopefully someone can help clarify. Say as our tyre size gets smaller due to wear and tear : 1. Will the speedo meter show higher or lower speed compared to when tyre is new ? 2. Will the milage meter shows more or less km travelled than the car actually travelled ? Thks