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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all guru, i am driving a honda stream 1.8x 2009 model. Just purchase this car from close family member. He is a careful driver thus i believe that the car has no previous problem. But recently i realise that my car has slight longer time (1second more) to start engine when i turn on the key. SPark plug was removed to check and is in good condition. Also, i experienced loss of power when going from 2000 rpm and above..specially when im trying to change lane and speed up. The car behave like "a buffalo", cant accelerate as fast and car from behind already came near me!! And sometime i tried to rev the rpm to 5-7rpm, i feel that the car is "free gear" ...i feel that the engine just keep turning at high speed but it feels that it nt engaged in any gear **(hard to explain this feeling. the car seems to be at free gear which i cant really control the speed but to let go accelerator then the accelerator seems to be engaged into the gear for me to control the speed) I tried to top up full and drive slowly. Full tank is about 470-480km. But the consumption sometime still state 9.9-10.2km/l I heard from my close family he used to get 11-12. Would like to check if anyone has this problem for high fuel consumption loss of power when overtaking (*seriously mus solve this problem) thanks in advane!!
  2. Kelvingoh45

    Toyota Wish or Honda Stream

    I want to purchase either of them.2006 or 2007. Which is better and what are the things to look out for.
  3. Rm2s

    Honda Stream

    Looking at used Honda Stream (2008 - 2009 models). Anyone with ownership experience to advise what to look out for? Thanks in advance.
  4. hi all , need some advise here on steering wheel issue. like all other cars I've driven, the steering wheel will move itself back to center position either after making a turn or when I released my hands from steering wheel. I notice the steering wheel stays in the "turned" position , does not self center when I test drive(30-40km/h) a 2007 stream today. Have not tried making U-turn though. Mechanic told me there is nothing wrong because stream uses electronic power steering unlike hydraulics type. Maybe its really due to EPS but I still find it very weird to handle car like this. Any stream owners have the same issue?
  5. Just curious. My ride is 2007. I got 10.5-11.5 km/L. 10% high way.
  6. Jerrygsr

    Which mid size MPV?

    As my family is getting bigger, I need a mid size MPV for weekends. My family size now consist my wife, 2 kids, my helper and occasionally with my mum. I'm considering the Honda Stream or the Mazda 5. I like Honda Stream is because its a Honda and it is has the RSZ version I like the Mazda 5 because of its a more practical car and its sliding door. So which will u choose? And any drivers own these cars can share their views? Fuel consumption, Drive, maintainence?
  7. StreamRSZ

    Internal headlight restore

    Hi bros, We always say about restoring headlights. but restoring the headlight is usually exterior. how about internal? Mine headlight inner is cloudy due to HID usage. Anyone has any idea whether we can DIY to restore the inner side of the cover to make it look nice and new again?
  8. Chisiang

    My Honda Stream

    Can't seems to find my previous post... anyway... repost again.
  9. Zvicki

    Engine mounting

    Dear All, workshop told me that I need to change engine mounting. and quota 1100SGD. Is that reasonable? Mechanics said it can be done by next service (dec'14). However the car is already 7 y/o, i would rather do it soooner than later if I have to do it eventually before 10 years Any suggestion? thank you
  10. Obscurest

    Balancing Or Wheel Allignment

    Hi Folks, I have done a lot of wheel alignment, balancing and even so call high speed balancing. Even done check on my wheels and rims to see if is uneven worn or warp rim.. My car just love to move to one side.. I really have spend a lot of money on it and I really need a good recommendations to solve this once and for all. The moving to one side always cause uneven wear and tear on my tyre.. .
  11. Obscurest

    Help - HID Light Turning Purplish

    Hi all, This morning, I realized that one of my HID light becomes purplish in color. Any idea what is wrong with the bulb? Does that means is time to change? If yes, any idea where can I get them and how much it cost? My is Honda Stream and wondering what are the maximum legalized brightness level that I can go? Thanks.
  12. Hi folks, I really desperately need help on my wheel alignment. I have done 3 times on the wheel alignment and all workshop fail to align for me. The last workshop tells me that spore road is slanted so bound to shift left or right. I know this is BS. But is really so tiring getting it solved so can't bother to argue anymore. Is there anything that I can do? From normal workshop to using hi tech computerized machine to align. Somemore say is latest technology and is the best and few workshop in spore has this all ended up the same issue - can't solve. Appreciate your help.
  13. today, when I drove back home, I suddenly found that the D indicator was blinking. i am not sure when it started. but I am pretty sure it was not blinking this morning. When I change to other gear, it went off, but when I engage D, it blinks again. When I drove back to carpark, I switch off the car and on again, it does not blink anymore. scary, what is the problem?
  14. Just bought a pre-owner Honda Stream mileage 87Km Dealer did service/maintenance before handing over the car to me (with invoice, changing oil, gasket and so on..). I drive around 2 weeks so far w/o problem. However, I think it would be better to do a full service and check at professional workshop to get a peace of mind. What is your recommendation? shall I do it now or wait a little bit (ie. until 90K)