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Found 115 results

  1. hi all, got good recommendation of good and realiable wheel alignment workshop? thanks
  2. Hi all. I just went my regular ws (Autobac) in JB for a service n 4 wheel computerised alignment. Seems now they only do the Side-Slip(Toe-in/Toe-out) adjustment for the usual RM30-45. If u wan to adjust the camber they charge extra. Looks like those JB WS r thinking of ways to increase the charges to us. If they wan to charge extra for the camber adjustment just walk away. :angry: There r still many places that do the side-slip n camber adjustments for RM30-45 as b4. Anyway I wil not b going to Autobac anymore cos their charges n prices seem to have increased since they shifted to their new place further down the road.
  3. some time back was doing alignment for the old car, was talking to the alignment guy and he said some new cars (certain models/brands) alignment is off... wonder if its true
  4. Spken1976

    Do I need to do alignment?

    Hi all, need your advices. Had changed my 4 tyres recently, do I need to get my alignment done also?? Had done the rotation during changing. My steering wheel was tilted a bit now.
  5. Ommph

    Wheel Alignment at AESOP

    Hi, My wheels need alignment work to be done badly. Anyone does theirs at AESOP Motor recently? I cannot go to Kenny as I cannot wait for another few more days. Any other recommendation will be great if previous experience at AESOP is not up to expectations. TIA
  6. Tyre Noob here. Trawled through the forum, it seems different tyre shop has different practice. What is your normal SOP and what are the charges like?
  7. Dear all, Wanted to share my experience with Pure Drive located at Harvest at Woodlands. Messaged one of the chaps regarding pricing for a 4 wheel alignment but no reply,so I proceeded to call and ask. Voice on the other line said SGD80, and will take about half an hour to complete. So I went down, since I am around that area that day. When I was there, the technician ramped up my car, did some checks, and when my car was up there, he the proceeded to tell me that he has to 'charge extra SGD40 because I requested to change caster. SGD80 is adjustment for toe only'. Also claimed that his price is one of the lowest around, standard pricing. Since I was there and was out of touch with alignment prices (last alignment was done 3 years ago), I agreed. Workmanship was ok (I mean, what do you expect, it's a standard Hunter machine - a dummy can operate that user-friendly interface). However technician had a lot to say about how difficult it might be to get an exact alignment - because the 'alignment bushing might be worn'. In the end technician managed to adjust the three STANDARD alignment settings - took about an hour from start to finish. After alignment done, out of curiosity I googled alignment prices, and found Kenny's number. I then remembered that Kenny was the expert in alignment around here, and HE was the one who did my alignment 3 years back. But prices posted online were around SGD 50 to 80. I then sms-ed Kenny to just enquire how much he charges for 4 wheel alignment. Reply came back 5 mins later: SGD80. So in summary folks: Do your research BEFORE you commit to any workshop. When it comes to alignment, very hard to beat Kenny's price (and expertise).
  8. Hi, is it a must to do wheel alignments if changing 4 new tyres? I am planning to change all 4 tyres soon . But not sure about whether to do wheel alignments or not ? Does it come free if change all 4 tyres or I need to pay for it ?? Appreciate your advise
  9. So I had a wheel alignment issue where the car was drifting to the left. Decided to send it in for wheel alignment and all was well after that. But noticed a new issue where I was travelling at speeds of about 95 to 100kmh where the steering wheel was vibrating rather strongly. It starts to vibrate at speeds from about 80 onwards. Vibration is most strongly felt at about 100kmh where I can see my watch vibrating. Proceeded to do high speed wheel balancing where all 4 wheels/tires were done but seems like no difference. Any idea what else is wrong? Didn't get any vibration before wheel alignment.
  10. Obscurest

    Balancing Or Wheel Allignment

    Hi Folks, I have done a lot of wheel alignment, balancing and even so call high speed balancing. Even done check on my wheels and rims to see if is uneven worn or warp rim.. My car just love to move to one side.. I really have spend a lot of money on it and I really need a good recommendations to solve this once and for all. The moving to one side always cause uneven wear and tear on my tyre.. .
  11. Dear forumners, Recently I have just changed my 4 tyres. After changing, I realized that the car will drift slightly to the left in a short moment. Previously it wasn't like that, I could go straight for as long as I wanted without even literally touching the steering wheel. A week later I went to do a wheel alignment and the person gave me a paper saying "L -0.41 , R -1.12". After alignment, the car was still drifting to the left without much improvement. I asked the mechanic what was the problem, and he showed me that the front left tyre is nearer to the door than the front right tyre. May I know what causes this, and what can I ask the next mechanic to check on? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  12. Hi folks:; I did a wheel alignment after changing tyres last thursday. On thing I notice after the whole process is that when driving a straight road in order to drive straight my steering wheel need to be tilted to abit left. So is it the wheel alignment did not do properly ? So is it normal? What is the real problem
  13. Hi, I just hit a curb at high speed! tyre punture and rim bent. had replaced the rim and tyre. At the same time I did alignment. However the person asked me to change my camber bolt as my car camber cannot adjust. Did not do it, just adjust toe only. If my camber is off, do I need to purchase the camber nut to adjust camber? Anything is that the wheel that hit the curb, it was nearer to the back fender now. should be castor off. anyway to fit it to the original position? Thanks in advance! oh ya, I am driving a honda jazz GD 1.
  14. Kippei

    Rear camber alignment

    Hyundai Avante. Went to Kenny and was told my left camber -1.4 my right camber -2.1. Any solution beside changing the entire upper arm.
  15. By posting your setting may help other owner to quickly & correctly set the optimal time alignment setting Car model : HU model : FL : FR : RL : RR :
  16. Hey guys, i have a strange knocking noise when i full lock. It usually happens when reversing to parking lot. I noticed this after i did my wheel alignment with camber bolt installation on the driver side. The following week i went back to the workshop and they cant seems to find anything that causes the knocking. I just changed my LCA not long ago so i dont think it is related to balljoint right? Any idea what could be the issue? Thanks.
  17. Hi folks, I really desperately need help on my wheel alignment. I have done 3 times on the wheel alignment and all workshop fail to align for me. The last workshop tells me that spore road is slanted so bound to shift left or right. I know this is BS. But is really so tiring getting it solved so can't bother to argue anymore. Is there anything that I can do? From normal workshop to using hi tech computerized machine to align. Somemore say is latest technology and is the best and few workshop in spore has this all ended up the same issue - can't solve. Appreciate your help.
  18. Went for 2nd tire rotation after 20k Inner wall all "eaten" up. Suggest to go alignment Went and done... Results as shown. Question: why after alignment still got Red for camber? Seriously I wonder why I didn't take note when he pass the results to me after I asked for it...
  19. Hi Everybody, Just want to check if you do your wheel alignment every 10 000km. I went komocco for my 10 000km servicing and they recommend me to do a wheel alignment. They told me that it is necessary to do this every 10 000km. Is this true? When i ask him about the necessity of wheel alignment, they told me that fuel consumption might increase if the wheels are out of alignment. But i was wondering how much additional fuel might be incurred. The cost of wheel alignment at komocco was $120.
  20. Newdrive

    Wheel alignment in JB?

    hi guys, any of you go to JB to do wheel alignment, care to recommend? i happen to be going in this sat, so thought of doing wheel alignment at the same time. before the mod come in say i never search. i did. below is the result: http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...alignment*++jb* - NO REPLY Both thread nearly 10 years ago so not relevant anymore to me http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...alignment*++jb* http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...alignment*++jb*
  21. Creative_tec

    Wheel Alignment Shop in AMK

    Hi Guys, My front 2 tyres are worn out by the sides due to too much "cornering" but my back 2 tyres are still looking good. So i need to change the back 2 tyres to the front and i will need to do alignment. Is there any shop in AMK that can do alignment fast as i have allocated an hour (3-4pm) to do this before i rush back to office. Thanks
  22. I currently have a situation whereby my steering wheel in neutral position is slightly to the left obviously my vehicle will veer left slightly but if the steering wheel is straighten then it does not have any veering movement. How to know the steering wheel is straight? I see my car logo on the steering wheel.. Does it means the alignment is out or the steering wheel need to be corrected?
  23. Just a check if any cheap rotation + alignment check? Asked around a few like $40-$60. No time to go malaysia due to reservist. It cost only about RM50~RM60 over at truely asia.
  24. Anyone got lobang to align wheels and balancing tyre in JB? Good n cheap . laser alignment. pls hlp.