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Found 154 results

  1. Hi all, i am looking for your opinion. In recent regular maintenance, my engineer suggested me to change the front absorber and engine mounting which cost about 1.5K inlcuding labor. I can feel the problem while driving and it is getting a little worse in the past 6 months. Howver, I am not sure whether I shall chang them now since the car is due in 3 years and I probably will change another car. what would you do if in my situation? thanks.
  2. Hi all guru, i am driving a honda stream 1.8x 2009 model. Just purchase this car from close family member. He is a careful driver thus i believe that the car has no previous problem. But recently i realise that my car has slight longer time (1second more) to start engine when i turn on the key. SPark plug was removed to check and is in good condition. Also, i experienced loss of power when going from 2000 rpm and above..specially when im trying to change lane and speed up. The car behave like "a buffalo", cant accelerate as fast and car from behind already came near me!! And sometime i tried to rev the rpm to 5-7rpm, i feel that the car is "free gear" ...i feel that the engine just keep turning at high speed but it feels that it nt engaged in any gear **(hard to explain this feeling. the car seems to be at free gear which i cant really control the speed but to let go accelerator then the accelerator seems to be engaged into the gear for me to control the speed) I tried to top up full and drive slowly. Full tank is about 470-480km. But the consumption sometime still state 9.9-10.2km/l I heard from my close family he used to get 11-12. Would like to check if anyone has this problem for high fuel consumption loss of power when overtaking (*seriously mus solve this problem) thanks in advane!!
  3. This accident happened at Changi Village hawker centre carpark. You can watch the full video of the accident below courtesy of Roads.sg (if you haven't already seen it) What’s happening Honda Stream exits the carpark and attempts to make a right turn on a two-way road. The driver seems oblivious to the fact that there's a stop sign and inches the car onto the main road. The Honda Steam driver then jams the brakes and in less than a second, what looks like a BMW 6 Series crashes into it. Hard. Different points of view If you replay the video, you'll notice that even after the crash, there were no cars that went past on the other side of the road. Meaning, the Honda Stream had more than enough time and space to avoid the accident. Jam break for what? The driver also ignored the stop sign and failed to do proper checks before moving off. On the other hand, based on the sheer force of impact, the BMW was going pretty fast too. What the people say This sounds legit. I think it's the Honda Stream driver's fault. The BMW driver sway balls. Also, there's a lesson here people - Stay the #$%& at home.
  4. Kelvingoh45

    Toyota Wish or Honda Stream

    I want to purchase either of them.2006 or 2007. Which is better and what are the things to look out for.
  5. Rm2s

    Honda Stream

    Looking at used Honda Stream (2008 - 2009 models). Anyone with ownership experience to advise what to look out for? Thanks in advance.
  6. hi all , need some advise here on steering wheel issue. like all other cars I've driven, the steering wheel will move itself back to center position either after making a turn or when I released my hands from steering wheel. I notice the steering wheel stays in the "turned" position , does not self center when I test drive(30-40km/h) a 2007 stream today. Have not tried making U-turn though. Mechanic told me there is nothing wrong because stream uses electronic power steering unlike hydraulics type. Maybe its really due to EPS but I still find it very weird to handle car like this. Any stream owners have the same issue?
  7. Just curious. My ride is 2007. I got 10.5-11.5 km/L. 10% high way.
  8. Dear bros/sis, Looking for used car seats for Honda Stream, a y body can help me? Thanks
  9. I am helping @faidzal a new forum member to post this thread as he is urgently looking for a 2nd hand Honda Stream engine. If I am not wrong, it should be the R18A engine. All the best! @faidzal
  10. Chisiang

    My Honda Stream

    Can't seems to find my previous post... anyway... repost again.
  11. This should be fun and interesting.. I am using Airplay for most of my music at home.. https://www.whathifi.com/advice/apple-airplay-2-everything-you-need-to-know From what we saw at Apple’s presentation, AirPlay 2 will offer the ability to stream music wirelessly to, and between, compatible speakers on the same wi-fi network. This is through the Control Centre on iOS devices, an Apple TV box, or iTunes. You can define where in your house the speaker is located, using labels such as ‘Living Room’ or ‘Kitchen’. From there, you can control which speakers are playing music at any time, both invidivually and as a group. As long as the speakers are AirPlay 2-compatible, you’ll be able to connect speakers from different manufacturers together through this system, giving you more versatility regarding the products you want to use when setting up your multi-room system. MORE: Apple Music vs Spotify – which is better? Which Apple products will have AirPlay 2? image: https://images.cdn.whathifi.com/sites/whathifi.com/files/styles/big-image/public/brands/news/2017-June/apple_airplay_all_products.jpg?itok=D2wbjUrv Any Apple device that supports iOS 11 will also get AirPlay 2: iPhone iPhone X iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 8 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 iPhone 6S Plus iPhone 6S iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6 iPhone SE iPhone 5S iPad 12.9in iPad Pro (first generation) 12.9in iPad Pro (second generation) 9.7in iPad Pro 10.5in iPad Pro iPad (fifth generation) iPad Air 2 iPad Air iPad mini 4 iPad mini 3 iPad mini 2 iPod touch iPod touch (6th generation)It’s assumed MacBooks and other Mac computers will also support AirPlay 2 once they are updated to the MacOS High Sierra operating system on 25th September. Read more at https://www.whathifi.com/advice/apple-airplay-2-everything-you-need-to-know#RsZ8W8DzYjwx5S3B.99 http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/141261-apple-airplay-2-what-is-it-how-does-it-work-and-what-devices-are-supported
  12. Hi All, My auto trans 2005 Honda car (not CVT) recently developing a obvious whining engine brake sound. Is this a auto box problem? (I hv always change autobox on time or earlier using Honda Z1 trsnmission fluid). Any bros has experience this in yr ride ? ....... and what the cause and remedy?
  13. Hi all, Looking for 2nd hand ride for the above mention two ride. Which one is better?
  14. from japanese website. no judgements given. see for oneself.
  15. Hi Guys, Need advise for my almost 8 year-old Honda Stream. Recently, I can feel my car shaking when I try to accelerate. This happens especially when I am accelerating up a slope. I dun think it is the engine mount as it was replaced less than 2 yrs ago. What could be the cause?
  16. Hi folks, I really desperately need help on my wheel alignment. I have done 3 times on the wheel alignment and all workshop fail to align for me. The last workshop tells me that spore road is slanted so bound to shift left or right. I know this is BS. But is really so tiring getting it solved so can't bother to argue anymore. Is there anything that I can do? From normal workshop to using hi tech computerized machine to align. Somemore say is latest technology and is the best and few workshop in spore has this all ended up the same issue - can't solve. Appreciate your help.
  17. Anyone install this in their Honda R18A engine? Need some feedback.
  18. today, when I drove back home, I suddenly found that the D indicator was blinking. i am not sure when it started. but I am pretty sure it was not blinking this morning. When I change to other gear, it went off, but when I engage D, it blinks again. When I drove back to carpark, I switch off the car and on again, it does not blink anymore. scary, what is the problem?
  19. Hi guys, i need some help. I am driving a 06 GS300 and saw on youtube that a device can be installed so that i can play songs directly from my iPhone. ANyone know where can i get it fixed and what is the cost?Tried Autobacs and few other shops but they don't have it. The car does not have a Aux point too. Else i can get something directly from apple. It looks like some device that is to be installed into the car so that i can play the music from the car speakers and can control from the steering wheel or from the phone. Thanks
  20. Speedking08

    SKA5194 black honda stream

    Dear drivers and riders Beware of this dangerous driver mention. Along PIE twds changi he dangerously swerve in and out for no reason, finding trouble with all cars on the rd, cut in and out dangerously, jammed brake in front of any cars behind him. Spotted him stopping by the road shoulder along bedok north ave 3 exit waiting for anybody he is not happy. My ride got no camera so if any bros happen to witness the situation pls make a police report. He is a nuisance to other road users. The moment i saw his antics i slowed down to avoid him. Hooligan driver on the rd. Black honda stream SKA5194.
  21. Hope it might be.
  22. Okay here goes, I have a honda stream (2007 model). When I'm driving, everything is smooth. Here's the problem, when at idle or stationary, the car's vibration (slight) is still bearable, but when the aircon compressor kicks in, my RPM would drop to about 600-700 and the entire car would rattle. If it's just a once in awhile thing, I wouldn't mind, but the problem with Honda is that the damn compressor kicks in every other minute. Although it has been like that for quite a while, it hasn't caused any problems but as of late, it has become increasingly irritable and uncomfortable to me. Anyone out there has faced the same problem? Any ideas what might go wrong and how do I go about fixing it? Much thanks.
  23. Honda is to recall 63099 unit of Civic, Civic Hybrid and Stream. Date: 6 September 2007. Total of 3 models, recall from entire production range from production date 17 August 2005 to 10 January 2007 or 63,099 units Complete information is at: http://forums.asiaone.com/showthread.php?t=7066 Contact your Dealer and PI(s) for the exchange of the recall parts.
  24. Ahyoo2002

    Stream and Wish taxi

    Hi guys, Sometime back I read that PI has intention to bring in JDM Stream, Wish and Honda Airwave as taxi. They will first convert it to CNG to enjoy the tax rebate. Here is what I found today: Wish and Stream, with CNG sticker on them. The Wish has finished the conversion while the Stream is still under going some conversion.
  25. Thinking of changing to either Freed or Stream, need advice from owners, pros & cons (mod friendly ), many thanks in advance