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Found 33 results

  1. Any recommended shop that helps to install and link DVB-T2 HD Mobile Digital TV Tuner to existing In-Car entertainment system with LCD screen?
  2. Hi Any bros/sista installed this ? How is the reception Understand this one can now receive all channels like U, okto etc.. My old one can only receive 5,8 and CNA cheers
  3. My ride radio reception suddenly turned poor... mostly static noise... I wonder if the internal electronic antenna got problem. to change it cost how much ah? Don't wanna kena ketuk..... long time never visit any accessories shop... where can I go for east or central area?
  4. Anyone install this in their Honda R18A engine? Need some feedback.
  5. chitchatboy

    BMW 1 Series hatch with a different face.

    Need a premium hatch with good driving dynamics? Chances are you would have bought a BMW 1 Series F20/F21 hatchback. But chances are you also wish it could have a prettier face. Fret not, German aftermarket specialist, Individual Cars Consulting GmbH & Co. KG, has come up with a conversion package that will allow you to swap the 1 Series’s face with the new 2 Series coupe’s face. Costing less than 3,000€ (S$5,222), only the headlights, the front apron including the kidney grille and some other smaller parts under the bonnet need to be replaced for the conversion. Check out their completed demo car which is actually a M135i 3-door hatchback. Even the basic model without the M Sport bumpers looks good!
  6. Nic_low

    When things turn ugly

    The new F12berlinetta is provocative. The sensual styling will likely appeal and tempt those who are into wheeled art. Not to mention by bearing the highly praised badge on its bonnet, it must be good. Then, things could have been very different. Mansory, a luxury car modification firm based in Brand, Germany, showcased its take on the F12 at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show. Called the 'La Revoluzione', the GT has now been cloaked in maroon carbon fibre, which looks highly exotic, but less pleasing to our eyes. We reckon the firm could have been more creative with the moniker too (likely to have been inspired by Ferrari's halo car - LaFerrari). It seems to be a case of 'too many cooks spoil the soup'. In our humble opinion, the people at Maranello did a good job with the F12. But Mansory - not so. Other than the unique carbon fibre body, we thought the fixed wing broke the svelte, graceful silhouette of the stock car. From the front, it seems that Mansory has eradicated the clever active cooling duct for the brakes. Gone too are the aero bridges behind the front wheel arches. The fixed wing looks fine from this angle, though, and if there's one thing Mansory did right to the aesthetics, we reckon it would be the exhaust tips. The German tuner has upped figures from the 6.3-litre V12 to above 1,200bhp, which enables the La Revoluzione to complete the century sprint in 2.9 seconds - down from 3.1 in the stock car. Before we end this post, we thought we should remind you of how gorgeous the original car was.
  7. Ididbobe

    Tuner for Vipec ECU

    Can any Bro recommend a tuner who can tune a Viper V44 ECU on an old car please? Thanks guys
  8. Rev_zone

    Mobile TV Tuner

    Just installed the Kenwood DDX7037 today. Now aiming to install a mobile tv tuner but seems like quite a number of brand in the market thus need to gain true feedback from existing user from various brand.
  9. Can someone advise if I can receive good reception with a GOOD antenna on analog TV tuner? If yes, where can I buy the antenna ? Not keen to invest on a digital tuner .Thanks
  10. Hi, My current car is just a stereo to play radio and music CD. I wanted to change to a unit that i can play DVD and watch free to air TV channels. (I want to meet LTA regulations) Anyone can recommend me a unit with roof mount LCD. models? price? where to get? on TV-tuner, i heard there is digital and analogue. What is the different? any other URL to more details appreciated. Thanks lo.
  11. I would need some recommendation from some of the ICE experts here. I am now driving a Skyline and it has already an inbuilt TV Screen. I have asked my regular shop to connect the Reverse Cam and TV Tuner and they seemed to have messed up a fair bit. They claimed they cant connect the reverse cam and it is now connected to a seperate LCD Screen. They connected the TV Tuner but.... the screen shuts off with the sound still on. Weirdly, when I stepped on my brakes, the screen comes on again. They claimed they dunno which wires to tap on. If any bros out there know of any good shop that knows how to connect teh two gadgets to a stock screen like mine, please let me know. Thanks.
  12. Yaloryalor

    WTB TV tuner

    Anyone selling??
  13. Mllcg

    Microtech Tuner

    Hey everyone, I'm using a microtech ECU and would like to know where to tune it. i have checked many workshops and most only tune unichip.
  14. I have been using the generation of tv tuner pre the digital ones. Was ok when tv mobile was still in existent. Now I receive no channels. My ICE shop advised me to upgrade to the digital ones. If u have one installed, is it any good? I need CNA and occasional channnels 5 n 8........
  15. Hi been reading the reviews of this product.So easy just plug n play and it claims to gained 16% HP and 30% fuel saver.Price retail at $80 including install.Just use a scredriver and insert the swirl like device to your air hose and voila.Hmm looks so easy sia,but is it worth it to try?Any side effect on the air intake system?
  16. Any good brand to intro ? Hope having good reception while on the move.. lol
  17. eh guys this looks like its gonna get interesting http://www.shc-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=179445 did anyone have similar experiences? (with him or any tuner)
  18. Smurfs

    Mobile Tv Tuner...

    For those who have installed the digital tv tuner... does the image become distorted during travelling?? Any brand to recommend?
  19. Dear all, Just would like to find out what are the not bad TV Tuner card that anyone is using here. I found this one on HWZ .... AVerTV Hybrid Volar HX usb tv tuner .... anybody here use this also?
  20. Met my buddies in camp and told me about the digital tuner for car. Quality is good and there's no hissing sound, just use aux out to the digital tuner. Surprisingly as he told me that there are a lot of other radio station which he helped to installed before, e.g. Bollywood station. I'm just curious that if there's anyone install this before. Would like to know more abt it tho.
  21. check out this link .... very long thread in a UK lancer forum, about 60 pages long It's about a spanish guy who DIY and rebuilt his entire engine/turbo/exhaust WRONGLY! Despite numerous prompting and alerts from other forumers..... he still thinks that he is a guru on engine modifications! hahaha lots of pics there showing his "works" http://www.lancerregister.com/showthread.php?t=224101
  22. Kelpie

    MPEG 4 tuner box for LCD TV

    I bought a Korean TV that happened to come with a built-in MPEG tuner box but I don't really know its function. What can I do to optimize its usage? Thank you very much. Regards,
  23. Carlover76

    Recommended TV Tuner?

    I intend to install a TV tuner on my car but not sure which brand of Digital TV Tuners are good? I have heard brands like VAV, Unify etc and there are some china brands selling around $160 without installation. Their feedback is that TV Mobile is very clear even in the move but other channels like CH5,8, Channelnewsasia are not very clear in other areas, only clear in the west. Not sure other brands like VAV will suffer the same problem? Anyone installing the TV Tuners in your car can give me some feedback, thanks.
  24. looking for a tv tuner module to work wif my lcd head unit. Any recommendation?
  25. I was told that can get it at $350 at Sim Lim Tower. But when I went, the shop said not bringing in because they are selling another brand which cost $450 (dunno wat brand also, some new and untested one) Anyone knows where can I get the more reliable $350 Nera TV tuner? thanks!