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Found 38 results

  1. Am sharing some ICE tuning experiences here for general discussion. Comments are welcomed. 1. Amp gain matching not optimized to harness the full potential of the source, amp and drivers. The advent of advanced DSP today allows users more flexibility and control in sound reproduction. However, poor understanding of and the reliance on instruments to achieve balance and tonality, short of human ears to fine-tune, often leads to boring sound reproduction. In one use case, the Helix DSP source (volume) was maximised but there was utter lack of dynamics and resolution. It turned out that the gains on amplifiers were very conservatively tuned and did not match the source output. 2. Not optimizing the crossover points and the slopes to maximize the full potential of the drivers. The academic and conservative use of crossover points and slopes very often reproduce defined sound stage and neat presentation. However, such practices also generally produce less engaging music. While the overall presentation is neat, it became less realistic and doesn’t engage the listener over a period of time. Do use tech spec of the speakers as reference and in doing so, attempt to fully exploit the bandwidth in which the drivers are capable of reproducing. This allows the full potential of the sound system to be presented. 3. Generally, the presentation of soundstage in some cars is confined BETWEEN the speakers rather than OUTSIDE the speakers. This may sound normal to some of us, especially when most tuning today is geared towards achieving certain competition guidelines as benchmark. However, the overall spirit of sound reproduction becomes artificial and confined to a certain space. The goal of sound reproduction should be that of achieving as wide a sound stage as possible without losing the focus. Sound should appear to come from everywhere other than the speakers themselves. Best is that we can tune the soundstage to the extent that the speakers are “transparent”. In my opinion, soundstage should never be defined or limited by the size of the car windscreen and the depth of the car bonnet. The objective is to make your car cabin THE space in which the recording is made.
  2. Hi guys, my Audi 1.8TFSI was on MTM staged 1 tune. I did an engine overhaul with new sets of Wossner pistons recently. Would it be recommended to go for a re-tune of the ECU?
  3. Siewss

    520i tune to 528i performance

    The price difference between a 520i and 528i is $17k. The sales consult pointed out only 2 differences: 1) 17" vs 18" rims 2) 184hp vs 245hp (same engine, different state of tune) Question is: can the 520i be simply tuned to offer 528i performance. If so, where can this be reliably done?
  4. Accentrix

    Power Tune Electricity Saver

    Anyone using or heard of his product. Claims to reduce monthly electricity bill up to 30%. Simply plug into a 3 pin wall socket. Being sold door to door for abour $280.
  5. Nic_low

    When things turn ugly

    The new F12berlinetta is provocative. The sensual styling will likely appeal and tempt those who are into wheeled art. Not to mention by bearing the highly praised badge on its bonnet, it must be good. Then, things could have been very different. Mansory, a luxury car modification firm based in Brand, Germany, showcased its take on the F12 at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show. Called the 'La Revoluzione', the GT has now been cloaked in maroon carbon fibre, which looks highly exotic, but less pleasing to our eyes. We reckon the firm could have been more creative with the moniker too (likely to have been inspired by Ferrari's halo car - LaFerrari). It seems to be a case of 'too many cooks spoil the soup'. In our humble opinion, the people at Maranello did a good job with the F12. But Mansory - not so. Other than the unique carbon fibre body, we thought the fixed wing broke the svelte, graceful silhouette of the stock car. From the front, it seems that Mansory has eradicated the clever active cooling duct for the brakes. Gone too are the aero bridges behind the front wheel arches. The fixed wing looks fine from this angle, though, and if there's one thing Mansory did right to the aesthetics, we reckon it would be the exhaust tips. The German tuner has upped figures from the 6.3-litre V12 to above 1,200bhp, which enables the La Revoluzione to complete the century sprint in 2.9 seconds - down from 3.1 in the stock car. Before we end this post, we thought we should remind you of how gorgeous the original car was.
  6. Mike1234

    Midnight Maximum Tune 3

    I'm creating this thread for people who play this arcade game... Anyone also play???? I owned an Evo9 in that game [:)]
  7. Any bro know how to do it? I only know the frequency is 76.25Mhz..... Can't seem to tune to it....
  8. Hi all, Been trying to tune best sound from my ICE, but dont know why, my feeling is i still not able to fine tune it. Sony Mex BT5100 (intending to change 2 din) 2 x Soundstream 2 ch & 4 ch (LW1.350 & pca4.400) 1 x Soundstream subwoofer (think is 12") 2 set front & rear component speaker (Helix dark blue & Xplod) Just share how i have tried to tune. 1. set audio volume to 3/4 2. turn off all effects, EQ 3. set Balance & fade to front 4. on the 4 ch amp, adjust the gain, leaving auto HPF & LPF, adjust bass boost to increase the bass 5. set Balance & fade to rear 6. on the 4 ch amp, adjust the gain, leaving auto HPF & LPF, adjust bass boost to increase the bass, volume cannot cover the front speaker 7. set Balance & fade to front 8. on the 2 ch amp, adjust the gain, until the bass boost distorted 9. adjust the xover to make the bass shift to front Why i say myself could not properly tune? Because i use to turn the volume to 1/4, is already very loud, now i have to turn the volume to half, then i can hear it. I am thinking is it because my 2 ch gain too few, thats why the my HU volume now have to turn to half then can hear it. Any advice? Thanks
  9. Wonder how much Mr Mohan is advertising to pay for this job? From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_757592.html Analyse skill sets of jobless to fine-tune intake of foreigners Published on Jan 20, 2012 I DISAGREE with the view that foreign workers are taking jobs away from citizens and suppressing the potential pay of Singaporeans (''Foreign talent policy had effect on income gap''; Tuesday). I have had a business in software services for more than 32 years and I have seen my staffing headcount drop to 15 from 65 because I offshored the work. My company is automated in every conceivable way possible but there is a minimum number of IT skilled staff we need. We advertise regularly for staff and only about 2 per cent of the applicants can pass the skills test that we set, and even then, just barely. In one case, the applicant took a toilet break and did not return for the test. The skill sets of the unemployed should be analysed so we can see which type of person is unable to obtain a job. Once that is established, the foreign worker quotas can be fine-tuned accordingly. The increase in the minimum salary for employment passes has, in certain categories, just increased employers' costs as suitable Singaporeans cannot be found. Harendra Mohan
  10. Sofarsogood

    HELP: What tune is this from?

    Hello all, please take a listen to the background tune played in the clip below. I kinda remembered it from some kids' programme when I was very young. Was it sesame street? http://www.youtube.com/user/BGTClips2011Ch...u/0/dxClpOX5kTE
  11. With the COE prices expected to rise due to the next quota announcement in June, used car dealers have been moving quickly in tune with the COE bidding. This car (see link below) was listed at $72.8K just last week....now it's gone up by $5K! http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...564&DL=1047
  12. Chermin

    B class Tune

    Hi Anyone knows where to tune the Merc B Class (NA) here?
  13. This time, the Bavarian tuning specialist, ABT, concentrated on increasing the power of the German SUV, while keeping the exterior changes to a minimum.
  14. Hi guys, Anyone knows where to tune the neo besides Jmotowerkz? thanks...
  15. Minikong

    Dms tune

    think i will go for the dms tune, for extra 50 hp, and 50 torque. to change my car to stadge 1 u all think my car will die much faster? or got any thing needed to be careful or to change first currently i only changed 1 high pressure bmc cda air intake
  16. Vroomtattat

    How come out of tune leh?

    Yup, I'm referring to the Sea Games victory ceremony . . . the national anthems they play all out of tune. Could it be the music players are hand cranked?
  17. Hi I'm a newbie and I'm interested to know if this stuff really works before jumping into it. Is it worth it? I understand that there are 3 products, Voltage Stabiliser, Spark Enhancer and O2. What does that O2 do? Pls enlighten me. Thx!
  18. guys if you have scv set-up box at home, which channel do you switch to in order to view TCS teletext? i am clueless how to switch to teletext ... thanks
  19. here is the chart. very happy with the ride now The base run will be different from a completely stock engine with stock ECU program as I have previously done a Data-Logging on the road tuning without realising that the stock exhaust header were cracked however, with the increase of 26.7Nm and 10.2bhp, very satisfied liao for a N.A. engine (stock engine internals) with IHE done
  20. Is there such a thing as tuning the stock car engine to get 'more' power? Lets say a normal Suzuki Swift or a Nissan Latio. Since the car always use ron98, although the manual say ron92/95 is sufficient. Is there a setting that the AD can tune(via the OBD plug) to the car engine to make it run optimally only with ron98 petrol.
  21. Thusday went to install unchip Q at chuan lee hin, Follow the turner out wiht my car, damn hard pain to see the way the tuner whack and drive my 1 month old my car mileage 1245km only. Must he red line the car to get the optimum tuning? Initial thought just plug into lap top and do the setting can liao. if i know he redline my car till like that, i will not have installed the unichip Almost new car leh, CVT gear box somemore. Heart pain pain, don't know will my gear box spoil or not?
  22. Hi Would like to seek advise on SAFC2. Heard from frds that there are 2 kinds of tuning. Road tune (some called it lamda tune r something) and dyno tune (thought of doing it in JB speedworks). Between these 2 kinds of tuning, can some bros here advise on the pros and cons? Thanks jem
  23. as above?
  24. Ruzhyo

    Help in tune audio

    Hi Gurus, Need some advice here. I am new to audio set up in cars. I just installed a full Pioneer DVD 5.1 set up in my small car and I need to help to tune. Any advice?
  25. http://www.spdusa.com/engine_modification.htm Apparently they claim that it is unlikely that the stock wrx engine can be taken to 300hp with any reliability. Looking at the number of 1-3year wrx on sale, I wonder how many of them had been "pushed" too hard. even the STI is "only" reliable to <400hp.