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Found 11 results

  1. Changing lanes can be a risky manoeuvre, especially with oncoming traffic behind you - That is why: (1) Our vehicles come with side mirrors; and (2) We must check our blind spots before performing a lane change. However, a BMW 520i driver does the unthinkable despite oncoming traffic approaching from behind: What Happened? After exiting the infamous Newton Circus Roundabout, a BMW 520i found himself stuck behind a Mercedes-Benz B-Class in a "go straight or right turn" lane. At that point, the traffic light signal for going straight was green, while the
  2. This has to be one of the most unique, one-of-a-kind accident you would have ever seen before. The aftermath of the accident might even be meme-worthy. Watch it here: What Happened? The accident occurred at around 7am, at Hougang Avenue 1. As the morning traffic started forming at a red light, a BMW 520i driver decided to perform an abrupt lane change from lane 1 (go straight/turn right lane) to lane 2 (go straight-only lane). Despite an oncoming Toyota Corolla approaching, the BMW driver insisted on squeezing through and changing lanes. Unfortunat
  3. Just got back from their showroom, asking 148k . . . i think if negotiate till the cow comes home, can get below 145k !!!
  4. hi, my friend has a 520i bought 2 years already. since day 1, the car will vibrate when stop at traffic light in Drive mode. this is of course with the engine still running, idling at traffic lights. can feel the whole car vibrate from the feet and whole seat. every passenger can feel it. It happens the whole day even after warming up. the worst part is that his mechanic at PML says it is normal for this model. they even let my friend test sit the demo car to prove that their demo car has the same vibration. i help my friend search on BMW forums but no one complain of this permanent vi
  5. The price difference between a 520i and 528i is $17k. The sales consult pointed out only 2 differences: 1) 17" vs 18" rims 2) 184hp vs 245hp (same engine, different state of tune) Question is: can the 520i be simply tuned to offer 528i performance. If so, where can this be reliably done?
  6. BMW has been on a roll in the recent years by coming up with many different models meant to cater to each and everyone. So that set us thinking... What if someone tried to gather some of BMW's more significant models in one location... Yup, we managed to gather them here for your viewing pleasure. You can read more about the feature here. Meanwhile, here are some behind-the-scene photos from the shoot. Of course, there is more of the lovely 850i too. Some of the cars arriving on the trailer... 850i touches down first and gets shot immediately. The rest of the cars arrive..
  7. Dear Sifu, need your advices on BMW 320i and 520i in 2008 model. Q1. How to identify a PI and AD model for 320 and 520? Q2. There are models with 320i, 320i XL and 520i and 520i XL. What does XL stand for? Q3. Will 520i underpower due to same engine as 320i as 156bhp for its weight? I saw the pricing difference no much for 320 and 520 but 5 series have larger sapce and features like i-Drive and eagle Xenon light. I read the review 320i gives 9.8 sec (1475KG); FC 12.3km/l and 520i give 10.6 sec (1490KG); FC 8km/l. Q4. It seems that there is a different engine to provide 170HP for 520i. This is
  8. I'm letting go my 2008 520i for long term at $2000 per month. Black car with black interior (whole car in stock condition) Please contact me at 82012515 for more details. 2 months deposit needed.
  9. I'm letting go my 2008 520i for long term at $2000 per month. Black car with black interior (whole car in stock condition) Please contact me at 82012515 for more details. 2 months deposit needed.
  10. i going for the noon session on sat tomorrow 15th... any mcf-er also going? can meet up chat chat...
  11. http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/General_C1...ANOT_P1593742-2 Ref to post #39 ... Apparently It Can, as claimed!!!
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