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Found 11 results

  1. SINGAPORE: Several measures will be put in place to reduce vehicular speed and improve pedestrian safety at the roundabout in Marine Parade where a fatal accident took place in March. Announcing the measures on Monday (May 20), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it will implement tighter turning angles that lower motorists' speeds before entering the roundabout. "To slow down motorists as they turn into Silversea condominium, the turning radius will also be tightened," LTA added. SINGAPORE: Several measures will be put in place to reduce vehicular speed and improve pedestrian safety at the roundabout in Marine Parade where a fatal accident took place in March. Announcing the measures on Monday (May 20), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it will implement tighter turning angles that lower motorists' speeds before entering the roundabout. "To slow down motorists as they turn into Silversea condominium, the turning radius will also be tightened," LTA added. The crossing point for pedestrians will be moved to allow them to cross further away from the main flow of traffic at the roundabout, said LTA. These measures are in addition to the road warning signs and speed regulating strips announced in the wake of the accident, which killed an 82-year-old pedestrian. Residents of Marine Parade had called for more safety measures, saying they have seen motorists drive dangerously at the roundabout, and that the pavement on the perimeter of the roundabout is too narrow. The two-lane roundabout has three exits that lead to Marine Parade Road, Amber Road and the Silversea condominium. According to residents, the roundabout is heavily used by drivers to get to the city via Mountbatten Road or towards Parkway Parade on Marine Parade Road. never thought of this road as dangerous in particular. in fact i treat all roundabouts in sg as dangerous becuz we dun use it often enough to be very familiar with how a roundabout works. if want to compare which more dangerous im looking at newton circus. u see cars doing last min exits from inner lanes etc.... drivers not familiar with roundabouts, jus go slower, signal ur intentions, check b4 u exit. if its not safe to exit, just go another round. its a roundabout u can go on and on and on w/o obstructing anyone.
  2. Hi Guys,Got into an accident this morning at Newton Circus Roundabout,Would like some advice if whether I am in the wrong or I had the right of way? Thanks Guys 1st Video(Before I entered the roundabout): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZJinuDgRgg 2nd Video(Full video of the accident): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_vfQ7YywNo
  3. Detach8

    Roundabout Rules

    It seems a lot of people here don't know how to drive around a roundabout. Almost kena hit by a cockernarden at International Business Park, and the joker still think it's his right of way. Let me set this straight: If you are in the LEFT lane, you are supposed to exit at the immediate next exit or go straight (depend on the number of the entry lanes and roundabout lanes). These rules are INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN. There's no special rule for Singapore. When a driver sees a car in the LEFT lane passing 2 exits, it is assumed he is clear to come into the roundabout with the knowledge that the other driver will be exiting. AND... signal your intent to exit the roundabout (left signal) or continue going around (right signal). Same rules actually apply for the roundabout at Suntec but most drivers here are too cock so it's seems to be a unspoken rule to change lane to the left before you exit.
  4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/japan/11074135/Japans-first-ever-roundabouts-confuse-drivers.html
  5. Traffic rule : when at the 2 lane roundabout, who has the right of way? the car in the inner lane or outer lane? what if a car in the inner lane was turning left,trying to exit the 2 lane roundabout, and hit a car who is traveling straight in the outer lane, which car is at fault?
  6. - article start - "I found out that NTUC Income don't understand certain Highway Code rules during our exchange of emails regarding a disputed accident claim. NTUC Income then put 100% liability on my side when infact the other driver was in the wrong. This matter was then referred to Fidrec for adjudication which, to my surprise, also favoured NTUC Income's decision 100% I checked with LTA regarding the Highway code rules and confirmed NTUC Income's interpretation was different. NTUC Income said they will still stand firm on their assessment and had already compensated the other party and closed the case as it was already adjudicated by Fidrec. This is what happened: Last year, 7th Aug 2012, my wife was involved in a minor side-collision accident in Pandan Circle. Ref to above diagram 3.18 as an illustration of the roundabout. My car (shown in red) wanted to exit from the right-lane to the 2nd exit (Jurong Town Hall road). The other car (shown in blue) should also exit base on the general rule, but he (blue car) wanted to continue to the 3rd exit (West Coast road). Therefore this accident happened. The other driver blames her for the accident and does not believe there are roundabout rules. Saying all vehicles must exit from the left lane, vehicles on the left lane can proceed all the way in the roundabout. I told him he needed to keep-right lane when approaching roundabout in order to turn right (3rd exit) base on general rules of roundabout. As we could not agree, we decided to report to insurer for 3rd party claim. Both are insured with NTUC INCOME. The whole incident was captured in my car's camera system. The dispute mainly boils down to the rules of the road. I submitted the footage to NTUC Income. To my surprise, NTUC Income informed me liability at my side. I then requested for their detail report as a claim was made into my policy. They rejected my request as I know they are wrong in their assessment. I wrote to MAS and was told they cannot do anything as it was NTUC Income's commercial decision and Fidrec already gone through it. This story is quite lengthy but I have uploaded more photos, letters and the video to my blog at: http://jkhan999.blogspot.sg/ My experience tells me this : "Never go to Fidrec for motor accident dispute. NTUC Income will tell them not to listen". Ntuc Income have changed some of our traffic rules. Mr. Han JK" Source: http://therealsingapore.com/content/ntuc-i...asic-road-rules Blog with more explanations: http://jkhan999.blogspot.sg/ - article end - Keeping left to go 3rd or 4th exit is just wrong isn't it? That means if NTUC is right, cars on the right lanes must filter left in round about to exit?
  7. Just want to ask bros ur view. I was driving at night at the marine parade roundabout. I was at the outder lane. I had NO INTENTION of filtering out at the next available exit and I did not signal my intention to do so. While passing by one of the exits, a car from the inner lane suddenly swerved out and hit the front of my car. It can be argued that my frint hit his side. Anyway, my point is that the marine parade roundabout has no lane markings so there is no obligation for me to exit even on outer lane and even if one were to argue otherwise, the car from the inner lane should not have cut out suddenly. My question here is, will I lose my NCD? What proportion of blame will be awarded to me by insurers in such a situation? Just opinions or if you have facts, please say so. I now waiting to hear from insurers.
  8. Just want to clarify, the pioneer Circus is a big round having 3 lane entrance from most direction. Depends on which exit, if I'm exiting 3rd one I will normally enter the roundabout from the inner most lane. We all know when we travel shorter distance at inner circle. If The car that enters the roundabout at the same time as me using center lane he will be slower than me and end up at my back by the 3rd exit. My question here is, as the roundabout does not have lane marking and I am signaling and inching out after the 2nd exit to the 3rd exit as I'm heading into the third lane of pioneer road north, the same car behind me at about 1 car length starts to pick up speed and horn his way to get out of the way. Would like to know am I in the wrong or I should exit into the 2nd lane of pioneer road north since he speed up.
  9. Becks2307

    Roundabout issues

    What a way to start my day just now by facing such s--t when i'm going out from my house. Sorry I'm just ranting some my anger here about this morning incident at my house. It started at my area during peak hrs, everyone's getting their ass out of their home to make some $$$ for their family, all the cars at my area are directed to a roundabout which led to the main road by the first exit. There are a lot of cars coming from the 2nd entrance followed by 3rd and mine was at the 4th. Most of the cars are coming from the 2nd entrance because there are more houses along that stretch of road. There's a traffic light in front of the first exit leading to the main road. So when it's green, most of the cars move out to the main road. I just waited for my chance to enter, however everyone just came out from the 2nd entrance and accelerated quite fast. What makes matter worst is that when the light turns red everyone from the 2nd entrance just occupy the whole bloody roundabout, and more cars slowly start piling up again at the 2nd entrance. So the same whole cycle just goes on and on. So in order to enter the roundabout, I just move forward during the red light side by side with one with one car driven by some dude that are no different from almost the rest of the people who accelerated and thinks that "YA I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY SO F*** OFF KID", i just wind down the window because he was not happy that i came in and he did so too, we exchange a few heated words and i just mention about some courtesy and tell him off and ignore him. I know cars in the roundabout have the right of way over cars attempting to enter. But given in this situation there's no chance to enter at all, probably i should just enjoy the few songs in my car to play finish first?! And cars from the 2nd entrance can just freaking go to the main road even though they came in later? i just came across such incident today, normally there are cars that move slowly giving me some gap to enter. Today was just rubbish. Come to think of it, s--t like this do happen aroudn you and daily. e.g Drivers tries to accelerate to prevent someone who gives signal from changing lane. Hogging the right side of the escalator or overtaking lane. Shows that there are a lot of selfish, bad manners ppl out there. sorry it might be long and boring, just some food for thought. I may be wrong though.
  10. From my personal observations, it seems to me many motorist also doesn't know how to negotiate a roundabout. Well, it's my everyday observations cause I need to face one of these merry-go-round upon leaving my home, Marine P. Rd/ Amber Rd roundabout. Most motorist like to take outer most lane when doing a full-round turn, those who using inner lane and turning into Amber Road 1st lane will usually have to e-brake when they see the car/lorry/buses who is on the outer lane are suppose to turn into Amber rd lane 2, but instead they r doing a full round turn.
  11. My relative's car met with an accident at the roundabout near Tuas Flover. Before turning into it, there were 3 lanes. He was at the CENTRE LANE and there were 2 Lorries, one on his LEFT & the other on his RIGHT. When it was clear to go, both Lorries turn into the Roundabout crushed his car's bonnet (RIGHT Lorry cut LEFT, LEFT Lorry cut RIGHT). Who has the right of way since there are no lane markings in the roundabout and who's at fault? I have asked many people and all got different answers. Exact location: CLICK HERE