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  1. I understand that not all drivers and cyclists get along, but isn't it better to give way than to endanger the lives of others when you're in the wrong? https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=271869238455173 On Saturday (March 12) night, two or three cyclists and the cam car driver were cruising down a road in Yishun when they encountered the reckless driver. As the group went by a petrol station, they spotted the Toyota Altis turning out. After failing to give way to the cyclists and the cam car, the Altis immediately brakes after it turns out. This scares the cy
  2. As of January 1st, all cyclists in Singapore have to maintain a maximum length of 5 bicycles per group on the roads. Failure to heed this new regulation will result in a whopping $150 fine for errant cyclists. While most have kept to this new regulation, this group of cycling enthusiasts attempts to defy the rules by tackling the roads (and the drivers) late at night. In the wee hours of 9th Jan, a driver was travelling near Keong Saik Road when he chanced upon the large group of cyclists. After stopping to let them pass, he tagged behind the group as he needed
  3. Legend has it that the reptile has yet to cross the road. In this video, a stuck lizard tries to cross a busy road. Terrified by the loud noises and fast vehicles, the reptile pauses in the middle and engages in an intense stare-down with a driver. Realising that the animal would not move, a bus driver alights from his bus and tries to shoo the lizard away gently. Noticing the commotion, two cyclists join in by clapping their hands loudly to guide the reptile to a safer spot. Their efforts prove to be successful as the lizard starts to shuffle slowly to the b
  4. An unamused driver catches a large school of over 50 cyclists hogging the roads during the early morning hours. The video starts with footage of the cam car driving alongside the large group on Clementi Road, accompanied by funky TikTok music. While most of the cyclists kept to the left lane, there were a few outliers on the main road. Frustrated, the driver repeatedly honks at the outlying cyclists as he overtakes the group and switches into the left lane. The rest of the video shows the driver tagging behind two cyclists at the very front of the
  5. This is easily the most ridiculous video I am about to cover in my blog post. Watch this cyclist go around Serangoon Garden's roundabout, again and again, to vent his frustration by harassing other road users: Caught In The Act This Ang moh cyclist was spotted cycling around the roundabout at Serangoon Gardens, shouting indistinctly and hitting cars as they drove past him. Furthermore, this was not a once-off incident — In fact, he was caught on camera going multiple times around the roundabout performing this circus act of his. The cyclist's unruly behaviou
  6. The age-old, pressing issue of Motorists vs Cyclists never seem to cease. The influx of interest in cycling resulted in many people adopting cycling as a mode of transport. Coupled with the lack of awareness and education of road safety, and knowledge, potential issues among cyclists themselves will inevitably arise. Take a look at this short clip: What Happened? This incident happened at Punggol Central. Although it was a red light signal for pedestrians, two cyclists flout traffic rules and blatantly cycle across a pedestrian crossing. Despite knowing
  7. Thought it is interesting to note that there are laws for cycling in Singapore. Not sure if cyclist are aware of them as I often see "professional" looking cyclists riding in 2 or 3 abreast or weaving in and out of heavy traffic. Hopefully more drivers and cyclists can be aware of these relatively simple laws so that the roads can be a more pleasant environment. :) Extracted from: http://www.ntu.edu.sg/ohs/safetyforeveryon...n%20Cycling.pdf http://www.pedal.sg/pedal/Singapore_Laws.html 1. These Rules may be cited as the Road Traffic (Bicycles) Rules. Definitions. 2
  8. An impatient Mercedes taxi driver repeatedly honks aggressively at cyclists and recklessly drives like a 10/10 a**hole. On Monday (Aug 9), a group of cyclists were cycling along the junction of Thomson Road and Balestier Road at seven in the morning when they encountered a rude taxi driver. The Mercedes taxi driver could be seen tailgating the cyclists as they turned right at the junction in the video. He aggressively honked at them despite not being in the same lane as the cyclists. Towards the end, the taxi suddenly sped up and cut in front of the group. The tax
  9. With the National Day Parade being postponed to Aug 21, cyclists are coming up with creative ways to celebrate the country's 56th birthday. Cyclist transforms himself into a bright display The first video shows a cyclist decked out in flashing lights and blasting patriotic music through his speakers as he cycles through a neighbourhood. The sight of this adorable cyclist reminds me of the time when a previous NDP performance featured several similar well-lit bicycles and motorcycles during the parade. It's really heartwarming to watch this cyclist spread joy a
  10. Within the past 24 hours, two unrelated cases of vehicles knocking over cyclists have surfaced on Facebook. The only thing constant in the equation? Both cyclists disregarded the red man and cycled across the road anyway. Both incidents took place yesterday (July 5), with the first one being at Choa Chu Kang and the second one at Sembawang. In the first video, a female driver was driving straight ahead across a road junction along Choa Chu Kang Dr after noticing that the light had turned green. However, she noticed that a cyclist had dashed out as she was accelerating, which led to h
  11. Here we have two cyclists caught dashing across red light, at a junction near JCube along Jurong Gateway Road (Uploaded by SG Road Vigilante) From the footage, looks like these cyclists are not wearing helmets. The video is also accompanied with some strong language by the camcar driver: Camcar Driver (in Mandarin): 这两个XX来的。人家在过马路,#$%@[email protected]。这个是XX来的这种人!! (Rough translation in English): These two people are XX!! Other people crossing the road! #$%@[email protected] These two people are XX, these kind of people! Are cyclists exempt from traffic rules? Obvi
  12. If you don't like road cyclists, your blood confirm boil after this. According to SG Road Vigilante, these young cyclists caused a big hoo-hah in the middle of cross street road. From their body language, seems like they were buaysong (read: unhappy) with the Comfort Delgro Taxi. This took place on 14th January 8:21PM. While we don't know what happened, these cyclists had the audacity to gang up and trash it out on the roads. Some people really never die before, literally. 😑 Naturally, many Facebook users were enraged with the cyclists' behaviour: What's
  13. We wonder if these group of cyclists are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing when they ride in such a large group.. Posted by the people from SG Road Vigilante on 7th of Aug 2020 is a video of a large group of cyclist riding together seriously before a crash causes a chain collision of bicycles. Some of us might find the accident funny while some would be shocked at how dangerous riding on the road could be. We just hope that everyone recovers well from their fall. Of course, such a post will put netizens into a commenting frenzy where everyone will be slamming the
  14. Bad idea to let cyclists ride into mallSources: https://www.straitstimes.com/forum/letters-in-print/bad-idea-to-let-cyclists-ride-into-mall The new Funan mall will feature a 200m cycling path that runs through and around it.ST PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI I read with shock and dismay about how the new Funan mall will allow cyclists to cycle in the mall (New Funan mall lets cyclists ride through it, May 22). This is a very dangerous idea as customers shopping at the mall will be at risk of injury. Who will monitor the cyclists so they do not speed or ride recklessly? It is bad enough
  15. Should cyclists be banned/fined on the road given that the Park Connector is just beside the road? So many millions have been spent on Park Connectors to bring safety to cyclists and yet some still cycle on the road.
  16. Was searching for a suitable thread to post this but found threads about cyclist accidents on specific roads or in the complaints section about cyclist. So here goes...timing is quite tragic. http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore-news/woman-killed-cement-mixer-while-cycling-yishun?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#link_time=1463443842 Three women were cycling across a pedestrian crossing in Yishun when tragedy struck. A cement mixer turned into their path and collided with the woman in the middle. It then ran over the same woman, Madam Lin Shui Yu, 5
  17. In my daily drives, I have encountered many instances of cyclist speeding up and trying to beat the "flashing green man" at pedestrian crossings, resulting in near-misses for both drivers and even fellow pedestrians. Just yesterday, I witnessed this SBS feeder bus making a left turn. After the pedestrians had finished crossing, the bus started to move off and all of a sudden, the driver had to brake hard when a cyclist suddenly appeared from the left-side of the half-turned bus and cut in front of the turning bus. The bus stopped inches from the cyclist but instead of being thankful for no
  18. I have to increase my running mileage to be the handsomest guy. But my wife complain I run too much already, can't she see the change in my looks, supported by scientific study. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2551952/Study-Tour-France-cyclists-finds-good-looking-men-did-better.html http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/06/sports/cycling/cycling-study-says-hearts-race-with-the-riders.html?_r=0
  19. Twice spotted 2 cyclists on the road shoulder of AYE towards Jurong.in the mornings around 0715hrs. Best of all, they are cycling from Clementi Rd exit towards NUH ... yup, against traffic. And not to mention, they are side by side and have a nice conversation by the looks of it. Was really surprised. Will post some pictures or videos next time.
  20. ho boy. Here we go again http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/think-youve-seen-it-all-cyclists-kena-saman-for-illegal-cycling Think you've seen it all? Cyclists 'kena saman' for illegal cycling Posted on 22 August 2014 | 8,417 views | 24 comments More Sharing Services PHOTO: East Coast Town Council Facebook page Some cyclists were caught by the for illegal cycling in the town centre, according to a Facebook post of the East Coast Town Council. Although it is unclear where the raid took place, many Facebook users have speculated that the ev
  21. Video: http://www.razor.tv/video/535694 You have heard of dashboard cameras in cars. Now, it is the turn of the bicycle-cam. Bikes fitted with video-recording devices are becoming an increasingly common sight on Singapore's roads. Riders use them to gather evidence if they get into an accident
  22. One of Singapore's leading general insurance providers said today (Aug 29) that the number of motor accident claims involving cyclists that they have received doubled from 2010 to 2012. AIG Asia Pacific Insurance (AIG) also said that the number of bodily injury claims made by cyclists doubled in that same period. "We've seen a significant increase in bodily injury claims involving motorists and cyclists over the past year," said Ms Wong Siew Lee, AIG Singapore Vice-President who heads the auto insurance business. The number of cyclist-related motor accidents in the first half of
  23. The total number of accidents involving cyclists has gone down by 17 per cent between 2008 and last year. But every fatality is still one too many, said Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, as he revealed these numbers in response to MPs' questions. With this in mind, the Transport Ministry is undertaking a number of initiatives to make it safer for cyclists, he said. New dedicated cycling paths are being built in seven neighbourhoods to separate cyclists from motorists and pedestrians, and the ministry is looking to link these intra-town cycling paths
  24. Today saw many angmo cyclists on Thomson wearing leotards with asses sticking out. One stream turning left and didn't give way to angmo kana scolded
  25. It looks like Police, LTA and Town councils are going all out to warn cyclists about cycling on pavements. Yesterday evening I saw a group of them along the road side... thinking that they are setting up a road block but in fact they are catching people who cycle on pavement. NO fine is given- only warning though! A TP will ask for particulars and record onto the hand-held equip. Because I'm among those being warned!!! The Traffic Police said that it
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