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  1. I'm not saying there are supernatural forces behind this incident, but it's not improbable. With the cam car travelling in Lane 1 and the lorry travelling on Lane 2, the video starts with the cam car diagonally behind the heavy vehicle on the PIE. As both vehicles manoeuvre around a bend, the cam car promptly overtakes the lorry. This explains the change in perspective throughout the video. As if something had possessed the vehicle, the lorry suddenly skids to the left. The driver counters the skid by turning the wheel to his right. Luck
  2. This Vin Diesel lookalike takes ‘no chill’ to the next level when he gets honked for driving recklessly. In this video, a driver was on his way to work when he meets a short-tempered and illogical Vin Diesel (SG version). The video starts with the cam car driver making a left turn on Circuit Road. He notices a white Honda CRV cutting across the double white lines as he does so. The white vehicle aims for the right lane (aka the one the cam car driver was already on) as it slides across the road like a seal into the ocean. Not wanting to be hit by th
  3. While we don’t know what type of influence the driver was under in this accident, it definitely was not a good one. At around 8pm on Saturday (Jan 15), a driver spotted a Volkswagen Jetta driving diagonally in its lane on the AYE. Situated on the right lane, the silver car struggles to maintain its position in the middle of the lane. The vehicle veers slightly to the right now and then, with the driver attempting to correct its direction. Seconds later, disaster strikes as the Jetta veers too far to the right, hitting the road divider of the expressway.
  4. An overconfident motorcyclist attempts to enter a corner at a low angle and ends up getting his pride (and his bike) hurt. In the early hours of this morning, a driver was travelling along the PIE when he noticed the dangerous stunt. In the video, a motorcyclist appears from the left of the cam car at high speed as both vehicles enter a bend. The rider maintains his speed as he corners the bend at a shallow angle. Maybe he’s trying to be like the MotoGP champion, Valentino Rossi? As the cam car is about to clear the bend, trouble strikes the overcon
  5. Some would say that he got instant car-ma for disregarding the rules. In a short clip posted on New Year’s Day, an elderly cyclist boldly crosses a traffic junction when the light is still red. The cyclist then gets a nasty surprise when a white Toyota Corolla crashes into his bicycle. Hopefully, the uncle learns his lesson and will heed the traffic rules from now on. Who is at fault if a driver hits a jaywalking pedestrian? According to the Road Traffic Rules, if a pedestrian crosses any place other than a pedestrian crossing, they shall yield
  6. Is the Volvo really 'suey' or is this just karma hitting him? In this video, a cam car tries to turn into a busy main road along Changi. Situated behind him, a white Volvo follows closely behind. The white vehicle creeps closely behind when the cam car driver enters the main road through a yellow turning box. Due to the heavy traffic condition, the cam car cannot entirely turn out and remains in the box while waiting for the green light. Noticing that there is still space in the box, the Volvo driver enters beside the cam car. As the light
  7. Checking for traffic is always a crucial skill to have as a driver! In this video, the cam car travels alongside a blue Honda Fit in the middle lane of the road. As the Fit drives past a bus stop, the vehicle starts sliding to the left lane without turning on its signal lights. At the same time, an SBS bus was attempting to exit the bus lane and merge into the left lane without checking. Assuming that the vehicles on the left lane would give way, the bus enters the road. Upon noticing that the bus captain was not going to let him pass, the Fit driver st
  8. I’m sure there are many people who drive a ‘little’ over the speed limit on expressways, especially if traffic conditions are clear. After all, what's the harm in speeding it up a little? However, this mentality bites us in the butt when unforeseen circumstances occur – such as the sudden appearance of TP officers. These drivers show us why it’s crucial to pay close attention and keep to the speed limit while driving on the expressway. The video starts with the cam car travelling on the PIE along Steven Road. Right behind him, several drivers on the inner lan
  9. A bus driver fails to stay in his lane and swipes the side of a Mitsubishi Eclipse. The video starts with the cam car approaching a traffic junction as he drives down MacPherson road. The driver promptly stops right behind a green SMRT bus in the middle lane. On the right lane, a red Mitsubishi Eclipse patiently waits for the green arrow indicator to light up. As the light turns green, both the bus and Eclipse start to move forward into the junction. The bus then makes its right turn, cutting into the path of the red Eclipse. Upset that he is unabl
  10. There is finally video footage of the recent accident outside the Parliament House. For those who are unfamiliar with the accident, a Honda Vezel ran the red light and ended up getting T-boned by a BMW. This resulted in the Honda flipping on its side and getting wedged onto the road bollards, which shocked the female passenger in the camcar who witnessed the accident. More than a dozen individuals, including the camcar driver, got out of their vehicles to help. They were seen attempting to lift the Honda to an upright position in an attempt to rescue the victims.
  11. While Singaporeans were celebrating Halloween with cute costumes and fancy decorations on the 31st, one man suffered a painful consequence when he decided to cross under the arm of an automated carpark gantry. In this short video, a cam car exits an open-air carpark when he stops to let a pedestrian cross the road. Thinking he could make it, the man hurriedly jogs across and attempts to leave the carpark by going under the automated arm of the carpark gantry. To his dismay, the arm quickly swings down and hits him squarely on the head. Upon wit
  12. Luckily, no passengers suffered serious injuries during this accident. Earlier this morning, an GoAhead bus driver and his passengers found themselves in an unfortunate predicament during the morning rush hour. The video starts with a cam car turning into a junction near Loyang Ave towards Tampines Ave 7. The driver notices a green GoAhead bus travelling straight through the junction as the car slowly inches forward. He then stops in the yellow box as he lets the bus pass through the junction. Out of the blue, another bus appears from the right of
  13. This video is, as the kids say, very 'happening'. For those confused with what had just happened in the video, let me unpack it for you. We start with the camcar (the Volkswagen Roc driver) driving down Yio Chu Kang road. As the black car in front of him starts to speed, the camcar driver revs his engine and chases his 'friend' in a silly speeding game. As both cars speed down the lane, the drivers try their best to avoid crashing into other vehicles. However, to the camcar's dismay, he crashes into a grey car after entering a bend. Luckily for
  14. Only someone as carefree as this cyclist would care about his plastic bags after getting hit by a motorcycle. The video starts with the cam car slowing down at a junction in Jurong West. As his car comes to a stop, he notices a cyclist ignoring the red-light signal and crossing the junction. At the same time, a motorcyclist enters from the right at a high speed. Unable to stop his bike or swerve to avoid him, the motorcyclist knocks over the cyclist and falls to the ground. Unfazed by the accident, the cyclist immediately rises and gathers
  15. A van driver was caught with his mind in the clouds and ends up rear-ending a poor cyclist on the road. Did the driver fall asleep at the wheel or something? The video starts with the Toyota Hiace maintaining a good speed at the first lane of the road as the camcar drives past it. However, the vehicle suddenly starts to veer towards the kerb. . . . . . and charges ahead at full-speed, hitting a cyclist who was cycling on the left of the first lane. The video ends with the van coming to a complete stop after hit, with the accident w
  16. A black Toyota Hiace van speeds and tailgates on Lane 1 of the PIE expressway, which results in a nasty chain collision accident as he hits a motorcyclist. Again, another entitled driver who thinks he owns the road? The video starts with the camcar travelling slightly behind the van on Lane 2, as the Toyota Hiace speeds up on its own lane (aka the lane that is only intended for overtaking or for emergency vehicles). It is also important to know that at this point, there is a motorcyclist travelling in front of the van in the same lane. However, the driver of
  17. Disclaimer: The use of the word 'ruthlessly' in the title refers to the action of the driver running over the stationary rider and not the driver's intention. We do not assume or imply that the driver intended to cause hurt. Last night (Oct 3), a Mercedes C200 driver caused a major accident along Elias Road, resulting in traffic delays. After watching this clip, I was in shock. To think that someone could simply run over another person without even slowing down sends chills down my spine. Furthermore, it was clear that the lights in the junction had just turned re
  18. Karma hits a reckless Audi A5 driver in the form of a car crash after causing a long list of various traffic infringements over the course of 5 days. Timeline Here's an official timeline of all of the incidents featured in the video compilation above. 14th September We start off with the driver performing a reckless lane change along the expressway on the 14th. The video shows the Audi zooming in from the left of the camcar, as the driver speeds up and places himself in the middle lane despite the car's presence. 17th September The second in
  19. Does this truck driver even have a proper license? There seems to be a high influx of road accidents recently, with a majority of victims being motorcyclists. In this baffling video, a motorcyclist appears to properly form up after noticing the stationary camcar at a traffic junction. Riding in front of a large truck, the biker starts to slow down. To his dismay, the truck behind him fails to brake in time and continues travelling at a high speed. This leads to a series of unfortunate events as the truck hits the motorcyclist, flinging him off his bike before crashing
  20. After exiting a tunnel with a right-hand bend, a black Toyota mysteriously starts skidding along the SLE towards the TPE expressway. From the footage, it appears that the Toyota driver had plans to filter towards the left. However, the driver suddenly steers right, which led to it having a 'Tokyo Drift' moment before crashing into the road barrier. What is a fishtail skid? A fishtail skid - or fishtailing - occurs when the rear tires of a car lose traction on the road, which causes the vehicle to slide. While fishtailing is common on icy and snowy roads
  21. Within the past 24 hours, two unrelated cases of vehicles knocking over cyclists have surfaced on Facebook. The only thing constant in the equation? Both cyclists disregarded the red man and cycled across the road anyway. Both incidents took place yesterday (July 5), with the first one being at Choa Chu Kang and the second one at Sembawang. In the first video, a female driver was driving straight ahead across a road junction along Choa Chu Kang Dr after noticing that the light had turned green. However, she noticed that a cyclist had dashed out as she was accelerating, which led to h
  22. A 'chiong sua' driver tries his luck to run a red light and ends up t-boning another vehicle. The incident occurred yesterday (July 26) at a junction along Stamford Road. As the cam car stops at the junction, a silver Toyota Corolla Altis rushes past the vehicle on its left after failing to conform to the red light signal. While the driver managed to avoid hitting the two cyclists at the pedestrian crossing, it ends up T-boning a yellow Toyota C-HR. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a T-bone accident occurs when the front of one vehicle strikes the si
  23. A grey Nissan Sylphy attempted to recklessly overtake an oil tanker, which resulted in a chain collision accident along the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE). In the video, the oil tanker could be seen travelling on the second middle lane while the grey car (concealed by the tanker) was on the outermost left lane. Within seconds, the bonnet of the grey car could be seen as the driver attempts to shift into the second middle lane, despite being so close to the heavy-duty vehicle. As expected, the grey Sylphy ends up in a T-bone collision with the oil tanker, which then led to the
  24. A limousine driver was fined $4,500 in court on Thursday (8 July) for punching and kicking another car that was blocking his way at a yellow-box junction. According to Channel News Asia, the incident occurred in May 2019 near Ion Orchard, when the freelance limousine driver urgently needed to go to the toilet while being stuck in a traffic jam. Due to his tight schedule, the driver needed to be at Beach Road in less than half an hour for another job. Wanting to exit from Orchard Turn into Orchard Boulevard, the driver found himself caught in a slow-moving peak hour traffic.
  25. A discretionary right turn goes wrong and ends up in a collision at Yishun Avenue 2. The incident occurred yesterday (June 22) when a white Honda Civic attempted to perform a discretionary right turn at a junction and collided with a black Hyundai Tucson. The video also showed another van swerving around the Honda Civic after the crash to avoid hitting it again. A pedestrian was also seen lying on the ground at the end of the video. However, it was not specified if the black Hyundai Tucson had hit the pedestrian. A discretionary right turn refers to a junctio
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