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  1. Sabian

    Environmental friendly or over done?

    When the world runs out of oil, that's when the environment vs plastic issue will be put to rest.
  2. Sabian

    Let's talk about airport lounges

    If you have the brown one, check if they have 6 entries per annum.
  3. Sabian

    Let's talk about airport lounges

    Yeah, I don't know Chongster's SES so I gave him a range of options and specified Asia Treasures.
  4. Sabian

    Let's talk about airport lounges

    If you need to bring in your entourage, forget about the usual free 2 times per annum versions (eg dbs altitude, citi PremierMiles etc) Get the SCB Priority Banking Visa Infinite (Blue version. Not brown) If you have less than 200k (including home loan), you get 4 visits. >200k,you get 24 visits. Alternatively, you and your spouse apply for the citi PremierMiles and you'll have access for 4 per annum. And if you both apply for dbs Altitude as well, that's access for 4 on another flight. For unlimited entries for 2 (with hefty annual fees $500+), get the hsbc visa infinite or citi prestige Mastercard. Citi Prestige unlimited entry allows to sign in one guest. Hsbc vi is slightly different, it issues your supp card a priority pass card for unlimited entries. Alternatively, open an account with dbs Asia Treasure, you get lounge and airport transfer. You'll have to work out the combination that suits you and then go float that boat. My 2 cts, conserve your priority pass access overseas where your access will really count as the airport options can be dire or if you're stuck at an airport due to flight delays. Changi has excellent alternatives to priority pass lounges unless your flight ticket is in the forward cabin where airline lounge access is a given.
  5. Sabian


    From which retailer?
  6. Sabian

    PAP New Cabinet 2015! Reshuffle 2017/2018

  7. Yeah but when the employer start taking things for granted...employees (with a fcuk you fund) will throw letter, sometimes at the worst possible timing,then you see the HOD scrambling to put out a fire that he cluld have prevented with lesser effort.
  8. Yah man. Last year, kenna assigned another role to clear crap. Told myself to tahan for 1 year and see how, nothing changed, threw letter and got another role.
  9. 250 to 500??? Taken to task...? Next year will be 1000 on the watch list?
  10. Sabian

    Used 7 seater MPV - Best to get?

    Simi boss? I shd be calling you boss...wa bo 800k cash tucked under the mattress
  11. Sabian

    Used 7 seater MPV - Best to get?

    85% HW. If mostly urban, probably 12km/l.
  12. Sabian

    Used 7 seater MPV - Best to get?

    I'm getting 14km/l in non eco mode and 19km/l in eco mode in my Hybrid Voxy.
  13. Sabian

    MyRepublic Vs Whizzcomms

    Been with Myrepublic for a few years. No complaints. Stable wired speed when downloading stuff. Also using their free voip landline.
  14. Sabian

    Used 7 seater MPV - Best to get?

    Out of curiosity. Your budget is strictly 110k and below? Only AD mpvs?
  15. Sabian

    Where To Enjoy A Good "Affordable" Steak?

    missed your post. which stall was it?