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Found 75 results

  1. Dog owners beware! A dog was found dead, hanging from its leash, after its owner entered a lift without realising that the dog was still outside. STOMPer Victor, a lift rescue personnel, said the incident took place at around 6.30am this morning (Jan 15) at Bukit Batok. In a phone conversation with STOMP, the STOMPer said: "I'm part of a lift rescue team and witnessed this tragic accident this morning (Jan 15) at about 6.30am. "A dog owner was heading back to her flat at Bukit Batok Block 621 after walking her dog. "She, however, entered the lift first while holding on to her dog's leash. "The lift doors were closing but the dog still outside the lift at that time. "It all happened very fast, and she had no time to react. "The lift then travelled up to level 3 of the block with the lady still holding on to the dog leash. "A few minutes later, the civil defence team and the lift rescue personnel arrived but it was too late. "The dog was found dead, hanging to its leash, at the lift lobby. "The owner was distraught and was seen crying. "I just want to warn dog owners out there to be more careful in situations like this."
  2. In one week there was several tragic deaths on the road 1) NUS student take Taxi at Commonwealth - Killed taking Taxi http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/teen-who-died-in-clementi-crash-was-an-only-child-said-to-be-very-close-to-her-parents 2) Lady at Bukit Timah - Killed in a Mercedes http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/23-year-old-woman-killed-2-others-injured-in-collision-between-car-and-smrt-bus-at-bukit 3) Pedestrians at YCK - Killed walking http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/lorry-driver-arrested-after-3-pedestrians-killed-in-accident-near-yio-chu-kang-mrt-station Take Taxi die, Drive Car Die, Walk also Die... It has been disturbing me all weekend, what do you think is the root cause Is it a road design issue in general, or are drivers here in Singapore become more callous and careless? Or is everyone so tired, stressed/over worked that rushing around with no concentration while driving?
  3. https://www.iihs.org/iihs/news/desktopnews/gm-front-crash-prevention-systems-cut-police-reported-crashes
  4. State the road name, direction and location.
  5. Was searching for a suitable thread to post this but found threads about cyclist accidents on specific roads or in the complaints section about cyclist. So here goes...timing is quite tragic. http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore-news/woman-killed-cement-mixer-while-cycling-yishun?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#link_time=1463443842 Three women were cycling across a pedestrian crossing in Yishun when tragedy struck. A cement mixer turned into their path and collided with the woman in the middle. It then ran over the same woman, Madam Lin Shui Yu, 59, killing her on the spot. Madam Lin was on her way home with her two friends when the accident happened at the T-junction of Yishun Avenue 9 and Yishun Central, her family members told the media. The Singapore Civil Defence Force was alerted to the accident at 11.25am, and pronounced her dead at the scene. DISTRAUGHT Madam Lin's family members who were at the scene were distraught. They said she was taking care of her grandchildren and had celebrated her birthday last weekend with her grandson. A female relative knelt at the spot where Madam Lin was hit and wailed: "Why did you have to go?" She had to be supported and moved away by other family members when the pedestrian light turned red and vehicles started turning into the junction. Madam Lin's daughter, who declined to be named, said she wanted justice to be served. "I just want to know why the driver did not stop. He should have been able to see my mother," she said. The driver of the cement mixer, a 50-year-old male, was arrested by the police. A reader who wanted to be known only as Ms Ho, 34, called The New Paper hotline when she saw the blue tent along the road. Police are investigating.
  6. No 1 hotspot at PIE, near exit to Eng Neo No 2 and 3 are at PIE (near Jalan Eunos) and SLE (near TPE exit) by LTA Twitter
  7. http://news.omy.sg/News/Local-News/story20141020-300024 Nearly three in four motorcyclists here have had an accident before, and most admit that the mishaps were of their own doing. Poor judgment calls - from tailgating to cutting off other vehicles - were the leading reason why they lost control of their motorbikes, a recent survey has found. But in accidents involving external factors, other vehicles were blamed as the leading culprit, the findings revealed. Many riders also said that they have experienced aggressive behaviour from other motorists. The survey on motorcycle safety, commissioned by local automaker Alife Air Automobiles, was conducted between July and last month, and polled 472 riders online and through face-to-face interviews. Among the respondents who said they had been in an accident before, 30 per cent cited decision-making errors as the reason, 18 per cent said it was because they violated road rules such as by speeding, and another 13 per cent attributed it to fatigue. In total, reasons related to the motorcyclist's own actions accounted for 71 per cent of accidents, the study indicated. Gerard Pereira, operations manager at the Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC), said it was good that motorcyclists were aware of their actions in causing the accidents. Still, he often sees riders squeezing between other vehicles and going too fast. The way some motorcyclists negotiate turns at traffic lights can be problematic too. Sulaiman Ahmad, an SSDC instructor with 13 years of teaching experience, said: "The bikes often do not form up (to turn), like the cars do. Some come from the left and heavy vehicles will not be able to see them - it's quite dangerous." While the riders polled readily admitted their shortcomings, the study also found that 29 per cent of the accidents were caused by external factors, including other vehicles (15 per cent), motorcycle defects (6 per cent) and weather conditions (5 per cent). Close to half of all respondents said they have, in the past year, experienced "hostile actions" from other motorists - defined in the study as verbal, visual and physical abuse - or from motorists using their vehicles in an aggressive fashion towards the riders. Tan Zong Ren, 29, a broker who rides to work daily, said drivers need to "start treating motorcycles like cars". "Many a time, drivers do not move fully into the next lane to overtake. They will move just enough past the motorcyclists, who risk being sideswiped," Mr Tan added. Devan Nair, chairman and group chief executive of Alife Air Automobiles, feels that motorcyclists could do with a better understanding of how their vehicles perform in different circumstances. "Sometimes, riders don't understand the aerodynamic design of the motorbike and when they take a corner, they lose control," he said. In April, his company launched the A-Service Centre, now located at Enterprise Hub, which offers professional diagnostic advice and servicing for motorbikes. Through this facility, he hopes to better educate riders about their machines. "The motorcycle is a precision tool, not just about fancy design," he added. adrianl@sph.com.sg - See more at: http://news.omy.sg/News/Local-News/story20141020-300024#sthash.HzFLHIYM.dpuf
  8. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/lta-probes-unintended-acceleration-in-hyundai-cars are the recent sonata taxi accidents really due to SUA?
  9. More accidents occur on Singapore roads on stormy days and with the monsoon season in full swing, road safety experts are advising motorists to take extra care. About 30 accidents take place typically on days of thunderstorms, according to traffic updates given by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). Most of them were on expressways. But on days of moderate to heavy showers, the number of accidents were between 14 and 26. This pattern was derived from the LTA's Twitter feed for the past 10 days. One of the highest numbers of accidents logged was on Monday when there were heavy showers and flash floods in parts of Singapore. At least 30 accidents were on LTA's Twitter feed. Last Monday, when heavy rain fell across the island, at least 28 accidents were logged. Most happened on expressways such as the Pan-Island Expressway, Ayer Rajah Expressway and Seletar Expressway. Accidents were also logged along the East Coast Parkway and Bras Basah Road. Poor visibility is inevitable during a storm. An added risk is slippery roads, said Singapore Road Safety Council vice-chairman Gopinath Menon. This is especially so "when you have rain after a dry period as grime, dust and oil from the roads can make them slippery, especially for motorcyclists". Singapore's north-east monsoon season wet phase typically takes place between mid-November and January. In the inter-monsoon season from October to November, the thunderstorms usually lash Singapore in the afternoons and early evenings. During these times, Prof Menon, an adjunct associate professor at Nanyang Technological University, advised motorists to keep their headlights on and maintain a greater distance from vehicles in front. The Automobile Association of Singapore also urged motorists to ensure their vehicles are well-maintained to cope with the weather. Dirty windscreen and faulty wipers, for example, can hinder visibility when it rains. Its online advisory also said to travel slower as vehicles take longer to stop on slippery roads. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/more-road-accidents-days-thunderstorms-20131107
  10. Amazing Car Crash Compilation | Car Accidents Caught On Dashcam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1jsXj4Zeh8&list=PL03HdcZ6E4JmPKSUV16D8GkqEUWnAXefm
  11. A compilation thread for posting FB videos from Singapore Reckless Drivers Facebook account instead of starting new threads for each addition. "The dangerous decision made by the P-plate driver doing abrupt lane changing (fail to signal and check for safety) attempting to make an exit by crossing over the chevron marking. If you drive like this as a new driver, please get out of the road. http://youtu.be/MwSUvu-T2w8"
  12. Hi Bros & Sis. My Malaysia friends pulled me into their malaysia road wechat grp recently which i think is quite a good thing... everyone in the grp actually post updated road status to inform each other whenever they see any malaysia police having spot checks or any accidents in jb area... thus I am thinking to open a sg traffic wechat grp to inform ourself about any spot checks, accidents to prevent us from kana unnecessary summons, stupid fines or stupid frustrating jams... but dun know if this will work out well.... (cause need everyone to help inform everyone whenever they spot any cheeky tp hiding anywhere..) if u all welcome the idea, shall we revert all yr wechat nick here so i will start adding. think max grp size is 500 people... let us siam all summons and travel safe!! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cheers!
  13. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/nearly-half-of-car/2465350.html?cid=fbsg
  14. Dear Bros & Sis, Came across this infographics by ROADS.SG regarding how to claim against foreign motorist if there is an accident with them and several threads asking what to do when involved with an accident with foreign motorists. Hope this helps!!
  15. Hi everyone Need some advise. My car scratch against carpark column n damage is superfical with some dents n paint peel. If i claim own dmg fm insurance, apart fm losing the ncd protector for this yr, will there be any extra loading for subsequent yr? For own dmg claim, will is there a min req sum that needs to be met b4 insurance will cover? Thanks Picture:
  16. http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/229670/russian-boob-billboards-caused-500-traffic-accidents-in-a-day/ An advertising company in Moscow was trying to convince business to invest in mobile billboards, so they hired 30 billboard vans to drive around for the day, displaying a large ad with a woman cupping her naked breasts, with the text, “They attract.” Unfortunately, the ads worked a little too well, and caused a bunch of distracted drivers to crash their cars. Reportedly, over 500 accidents occurred in roughly a day As this all happened in Russia, there are likely 500 dashcam videos recording the various accidents. (Unfortunately, none have been uploaded to weird video streaming sites … yet …) “I was on my way to a business meeting when I saw this truck with a huge photo of breasts on its side go by,” said one driver, Ildar Yuriev. “Then I was hit by the car behind who said he had been distracted by the truck.” So many drivers complained the police had to go on patrols specifically to ban the vans from the road. A spokesperson for the Sarafan Advertising Agency was apologetic for the accidents and promised that they’d help compensate drivers for the damage caused by the enormous boob vans. “We wanted to draw attention to this new format with this campaign,” he said. “In all cases of accidents, the car owners will receive compensation costs from us that aren’t covered by their insurance.” don't think we will get to see this type of ads here......
  17. Driving from West to East and jams on PIE. Drove past three accidents and the last one near kallang saw a rider laying motionless on the floor with his bike at least 10m away and blood oozing out from his mouth...no report found...wonder how he is doing although to be chance of surviving is almost nil.... bless him, drive and ride with care, no money or time can buy back life...
  18. Is this a record ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POtnqaTv5Q4&feature=youtu.be
  19. Like this one! In future, i stop, give him my 'services' card <_<
  20. In Jan, I reversed into a 5-series while doing a 3-pt turn. I was slowly doing reversing while he chiong and try to squeeze through. bang into 3 panels. two doors and last panel. anyway, say so much also no use. i reverse sure i lose right? so after negotiating, almost settle with him 1.5k cash. Last minute did not materialise and he went PM to repair. 6 moths later, still no update from my insurer and this morning called them, guy said case closed long ago 6k. wah lao.. i tot supposed to inform me if any claims made against my policy? made me worry for so many months that it will be a giant claims. he went back PM and changed 3 panels and est 5 days loss of use. 6k quite ok rite? never tock me i think. juz do good his car. I just curious next round what is the increase in premiums like? I heard under 10k claims the increase should be minimal rite? vis-a-vis paying 1.5k to private settlement, i should be "earn" rite?
  21. There were fewer road traffic accidents, including those involving fatalities, recorded last year despite the recent spotlight on serious cases of accidents here. Statistics released this morning by the Traffic Police show that there was a total of 7,168 accidents on the roads last year, which was 9.6 per cent lower than the 7,926 cases recorded in 2011. Fatal accidents also decreased from 195 to 169 or about 13 per cent over the same period. The number of traffic violations, however, was up about 4 per cent, from 316,214 to 327,503 cases. This means that about 900 people commit traffic offences everyday here. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...d-2012-20130201
  22. I was googling for safe SUVs on the Internet and came across this blog. Please do not click if you have just had a meal, some of the accident pictures are revolting. Please keep yourself and your family safe on the road. http://faraviteza.wordpress.com/