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Found 50 results

  1. Hi All, Like to check with you guys. Should you park your car in a condo car park and a light drops from the ceiling and damages the car, the condo management should be responsible and compensate for damages right? Initially the condo management said they would compensate and then proceeded to make claim with their insurer. But here is the twist, insurer contacted me saying that the condo management has done their due diligence to do regular checks to make sure the light fittings are all in good condition and so the condo management nor the insurance company is not liable. This makes totally no sense to me. Can anyone advise on this please? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience with rim protectors, something like RimPro-Tec, and do they work? I am wondering if they can really protect larger rims with low profile tyres, or whether the protection they offer is insignificant. https://www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=6399 Thanks in advance. Naresh.
  3. My buddy car got damaged by the workshop A. It got reported to police, police advice him to go to another workshop for the repair. However, now workshop A doesnt want to pay the bill even though they promise him. The worst thing is he nv ask for private settlement signing. But he got audio recording with ID mentioning the workshop etc.etc Need advice
  4. Hi Need advise. 1st time hack wall for my new home. Quite extensive hacking.. total about 3 pieces of wall gone liao... my neighbour a few units away (not immediate left or right or below), complained due to the vibration effects of the wall hacking, his wall tiles in his kitchen has damaged. I saw the damage and a small crack. I am wondering whether such things can happen? the owner happen to be ID so he has explaining that this is quite common... I am just concerned whether i am being ripped... anyone has such similar experience?
  5. anyone experience...wheel clamp mechanisms will it damage the rims & car paintworks ..scratch the paint ???
  6. Hi, looking for a service (some top coat?) on car paint works to try to prevent Scratches, Discoloration of Paint from hot sun on a daily basis (exposed carpark). I have been looking at those 2nd hand cars thats being groomed by car dealers but from far, looks shiny n bling but upon close inspection, can see lots of swirl marks on the material. I think the basic coat of the car paint has already been damaged because of this polishing or whatever u called. So i'm looking for a service that dont create this problem. In the long run, hope that the extra $ fork out on the protection of paint = less time spend taking care of the car n if need to sell off later, hopefully can command higher price because of extra care taken to protect the paint Any recommendation? Thank you
  7. Hi. Would like to find out which shop sells TOYO tyres and has proper equipments that changes the tyres without damaging rims. Did a tyre change at a popular tyre shop at AMK(can't mention name) and all 4 rims got scratched. Boss still argue that the damage was by my driving. Do not want the same to happen again. Please advise.
  8. Hi Guys, The previous shop i went over tighten my lug nut. Currently its broken and 1/4 of it is stuck inside the rim. Currently unable to remove the rim to change tire or brake pad. Any shops to recommend which has the specialize tools? There are 2 nuts that are broken and i was quoted $150 per nut and require to leave car for about 2 days. I tried googling and there are some shops with special tools that can cut down the timing and cost. Anyone got any experience to share? Do let me know the price range and shop. Thx in advance.
  9. Hi, Need some advice from the bros here. Car recently mounted curb and these are the damages to my rims. Should I change rims or just carry on using the current one? Would appreciate all advice! Damages as the pics:
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miA5qj5ergM
  11. Hi everyone Need some advise. My car scratch against carpark column n damage is superfical with some dents n paint peel. If i claim own dmg fm insurance, apart fm losing the ncd protector for this yr, will there be any extra loading for subsequent yr? For own dmg claim, will is there a min req sum that needs to be met b4 insurance will cover? Thanks Picture:
  12. Dear Friends, i was involved in an accident with an FT who banged into my rear section. To prepare for the case, I am wondering if anyone has sustained similar damages to the rear section as shown in the picture. Please do private message me as I will need your help in understanding the nature of such damages. Hope someone could help a fellow Singaporean. Thank you. Cheers
  13. In this post, I would like to highlight a potential dent-inflicting situation in multi-storey car parks. The thing is that you may not notice the source of the problem until the damage is done. It is very common to find water piping running along the pillars of multi-storey car parks. They serve to drain away rain water as well as water from car wash. Sometimes, these pipings can become detached from the pillars and additional reinforcement is required in the form of bolts and nuts. In the situation that I encountered, the bolt and nut system was installed somewhere below the beltline of a normal sedan. Hence, a driver opening the door from inside would not be able to notice it. Fortunately, I did not open the door too widely and missed the bolt narrowly. A bolt has a pointed end. This would greatly increase the chance of a dent and the paintwork might chip off too. If you
  14. FaezClutchless

    Red cars attract the most bird droppings

    All car owners reckon that one of the worst things that could happen when they park their cars in an open-air car park is to find bird droppings on their car. If these droppings are not cleaned immediately, they could damage the car's body paint and it could be rather expensive for the owners to repair the damaged paint work. A new research has revealed that the colour of your car could attract more of these birds to relief themselves on your car. Yeah, I know it sounds a little ludicrous but it is just a study that records the frequency of bird droppings based on the colour of the car. Let us see what this study has revealed. United Kingdom online retailer, Halfords, has conducted a research on the above mentioned subject. The sample included 1,140 cars in Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol, although there's no indication as to the total number of each car colour in the group. Bright red cars attract more bird droppings than vehicles of any other colour; green cars were found to suffer the least, followed by silver, while white vehicles escaped more often than black. During the study, drivers were also asked how quickly they removed droppings from their cars. Only 17 per cent, one in six, said they wiped off deposits immediately when they saw them, 20 per cent said they took action "within a couple of days" while 55 per cent waited until the next car wash. The remaining 8 per cent never washed their cars or left it to others to organise. As well as being unsightly, insurance industry figures show bird droppings on vehicles can be an expensive problem and estimate the damage caused by bird-poop-stained paintwork costs motorists
  15. Can claim or not? STOMPer BlueMoon caught sight of a Lamborghini that was wheel-clamped for two hours. Said BlueMoon: "Lamborghini kena wheel-clamped. "I was on vacation with my family when I saw a white Lamborghini get wheel-clamped for about 2 hours. "I suppose that rich people do not care about the wheel-clamp fees nowadays." http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...eelclamped.html
  16. Apparently the engine fuel injection may have over exceed the fuel volume injected but fail to cut out resulting in engine over run . The out of balance rotating force may have caused one of the con-rod to crash against the engine block crankcase.
  17. Hello all, Was hoping anyone can advice on the email address for Mazda corporate HQ or contact. My dad's Mazda 2 under went routine servicing with the agent 3 days ago. While on the road, the car suddenly stalled and water gushed out from under bonnet. After the car cooled, we have noticed that the cooler cap is missing. The car was unable to start thereafter, and had been towed back to the agent. We were quoted 5k for a complete engine overhaul. Obviously, we we highlighted that servicing had just been done hence how could the car gotten into such a state out of sudden. Unfortunately, the agent is unable to give a good explanation and shrug off as wear and tear :( Anyone has such experience and what actions been taken? It is really unfair that the responsibility is thrown back to us while we had diligently sent for servicing etc. If anyone has the email address for Madza public relation etc, do feel free to share too as I would like to write and share with them on my experience and the service (the lack of it actually) provided by it's agent. Thanks!
  18. my friend was driving to work on monday morning on the highway and was travelling on the fast lane (rightmost). there was this truck transporting sand and rocks which was travelling on the leftmost lane, just infront of my friend's car by a bit. by a stroke of fate, a huge rock fell off from the truck and rolled 3 lanes to the right and so "zhun" ended up infront of my friend's car when he was still going straight and my friend's car rocked as it went over the rock and then stalled after about another 20-30 meters !! by that time, the truck had already gone and my friend was unable to get anything to identify the truck. called for a tow-truck and then pulled the car to the workshop. bill for repairs : $1600. (own pocket). yesterday, then ask me "where to get a reasonably priced and effective car-cam" ?
  19. I've a pair of damaged headlights from previous accident, is it possible to sell it to a scrapyard or they wouldn't take it at all?
  20. Kueijie

    Damage access

    Hi bro out there, This morning when I'm rushing to work, i accidentally kiss a bro in his ass. I already brake quite a distance away, yet it still kissed. Haizz... nevertheless, i need a quick gauge of what's my damage gonna be like. So i can be mentally prepare the $ i need to fork out. Pls give me the min to the max amount needed. Thanks... sorry now not really in the mood to beautified my wording...haizzz... Below are some pictures: *edit: to remove photo contain car plate
  21. Expensive "abrasion"... From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...r_accident.html Posted on 16 Dec 2011 It's $7,000 to fix this damage after minor accident STOMPer Confuse was surprised to learn that $7,000 has been claimed from his insurance company to fix what seemed to be minor damages on a car he was involved in an accident with. Said the STOMPer: "This is the picture of the damage to a vehicle. "A third party company claimed $7,000 from my insurance company for the damage. "How can the claim be result to $7,000?"
  22. SYF77

    Too close for comfort

    [extract] Some of the readers may recall that I blogged about a Toyota Camry which was parked in such a way that the bonnet was sticking out of its designated parking lot by a fair bit. Recently, I saw a BMW 5 series which was the complete opposite of the Camry
  23. Hi bro, My car wind screen was damaged, although not entire broken, but there is a visible line crack at about 1 ft long, just wonder if I goign to claim for replacement by my insurance, will the insurer accept it sicne it is not broken? iever heard that soem insurer may not allow since it is not broken. is this true? How you can share your experience and view. thanks in advance.
  24. David

    Terrible Damage

    Came across this accident at junction of Bishan Place and Bishan St 14 towards Bishan Road. VW was in Lane 1, another car further down the road in Lane 2. What was perculiar about it was the VW frt rt wheel was straight while the frt lt wheel was turn left. Did not see if there was any damage to the VW frt lt side though. My inclination is the VW travelling along BS14 and encountered the other car coming out from BP onto BS14. Sorry no pic.
  25. hiz guys, encounter something which caught my attention. as refer to the pic attached below, tis area is the connection between your brake hose to the caliper itself. the chip off area is around/outside the threaded part. From wad i know, tis is a 2nd hand brake kits. 2nd user only use for daily street driving & no tracking. I would like to ask the bros/sis here: 1) anybody knows wad causes the damage, due to- a) hard braking b) normal wear & tear issue due to long usage c) OR any others reasons? Until now it still puzzled me. [confused] Perhaps other bros have met tis kinda of cases b4, can kindly enlighten me. many thanks in advance for all the input. chip off pieces damaged area