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Found 12 results

  1. https://www.todayonline.com/urban-farming-will-be-allowed-rooftops-9-hdb-multi-storey-car-parks The rooftops of nine multi-storey car parks managed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) will soon be made available for urban farmers to rent the space and grow crops, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said. These are car parks located in housing estates such as Chua Chu Kang, Tampines, Sembawang and Jurong West. In a news release on Tuesday (May 12), the agency said it is doing this as part of its strategy to achieve Singapore’s “30-by-30” goal — to produce 30 per cent of the country’s nutritional needs domestically by 2030. Launching the nine sites for rental by public tender, the agency said these will add to the various alternative sites in land-constrained Singapore that are marked out for commercial farming. It added that these rooftop spaces are also in line with HDB’s Green Towns Programme to “intensify greening” in public housing estates. “The sites shall be used to farm vegetables and other food crops, as well as for other related purposes, such as the packing or storage of produce,” SFA said. The single sites available for tender, which SFA said is suitable to testbed ideas, are: Block 513A Choa Chu Kang Street 51 (1,934 sqm) Block 723A Tampines Street 72 (2,526 sqm) Block 946A Hougang Street 92 (1,808 sqm) Block 352A Ang Mo Kio Street 32 (3,171 sqm) Block 260 Kim Keat Avenue (2,317 sqm) There are two cluster sites in Sembawang and Jurong West available for tender. These are meant to enable farms to “derive savings through production at scale”, SFA said. They are at: Block 354 Admiralty Drive (2,551 sqm) and Block 316A Sembawang Vista (1,831 sqm) Block 276 Jurong West Street 25 (2,974 sqm) and Block 273 Jurong West Avenue 3 (3,311 sqm) Successful bidders of a cluster site will be awarded the combined spaces for the site. The agency is working with HDB to launch more rooftop sites for urban farming by public tender in the second half of this year. The details will be released at a later date. Tuesday’s announcement comes slightly over a year after the Citiponics urban vertical farm launched its pilot rooftop plot in February last year. Located on top of Block 700 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, the 1,800-sqm farm was meant to be able to produce about four tonnes of vegetables a month at the height of its production. While the SFA did not state what crops can be grown at the rooftop farms, Citiponics has grown vegetables such as nai bai (baby bok choy), kai lan (Chinese kale) and cai xin (Chinese flowering cabbage). Mr Melvin Chow, senior director of SFA’s Food Supply Resilience Division, said that he was “heartened by the growing interest” from both the industry and the public towards urban farming in community spaces following the launch of the Citiponics farm. “Residents in the area have been able to enjoy fresh produce from the farm at nearby supermarkets, and can witness first-hand the hard work involved in bringing our food from farm-to-fork,” he said. “We hope that consumers will continue to show their appreciation for our local farms by buying their produce.” Urban farmers interviewed by TODAY said that they are looking forward to having more opportunities to cultivate crops. Mr Veera Sekaran, founder of the urban and vertical-greenery firm Greenology, said that it is ideal to make use of any vacant spaces in Singapore for urban farming. “HDB car parks are usually vacant at the top because many people don't want to park their cars in the sun,” he said. Turning them into commercial spaces is a viable way for “serious players” to make a business out of urban farming, he added. Mr Veera, who is considering bidding for one of the newly launched sites, said that he foresees rooftop farms to be high-tech in nature — though it could also involve older residents who have a knack for gardening and are looking for part-time work. Mr Bjorn Low, co-founder of urban farming social enterprise Edible Garden City who has experience running gardens on the rooftops of buildings, said that aside from being under-utilised, car park rooftops have the added benefit of being able to withstand heavy loads. This is unlike older buildings, which would need to have their structures reinforced in order to accommodate soil and “big bodies of water” on the rooftop, he said. Both men agreed that having more space for urban farms would go a long way to ensure Singapore’s food security. Mr Low said that apart from producing food, these farms offer other benefits such as providing work within the community for people in need and serving as a community space for educational purposes. “I think this is a step in the right direction.”
  2. http://www.changiairport.com/en/transport/airport-parking/t1-carpark.html https://youtu.be/QEiVWYwSiws
  3. http://www.changiairport.com/en/passenger-guide/arriving/T1arrivalchanges.html T1 arrival pick-up facility will relocate to Basement 1 of the terminal on 21 February 2018. For those who frequent Changi Airport, go there often to pick up families/relatives/etc, UG drivers, do note the change. Cheers.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWhtf4Xp4IY What are these drivers thinking ! Retards ? What had happened today ... The grey Toyota has overtook both my car and the BMW in front of me, but had caused the red car exiting from his parking lot unable to maneuver out from his place because the red car need to reverse a little aback to make the turn out. Interestingly, the Silver Mark X was also exiting from his parked lot right in front of me. It is obvious that the BMW would already saw there was an empty lot once the red car exited. He could had taken the red car's lot instead of the lot exited by the Silver Mark X (right in front of me ) If only the BMW could just park at where the red car had exited, and I take the Mark X lot, all would be so smooth and fine. Yet the BMW chose to park at the Mark X lot, having me to reach for the further lot where the red was at. What are these drivers thinking ? Seriously !
  5. I like to check with you guys. Anyone experience with car broke down in multi storey car park? I don't know if tow truck is able to tow the car from the car park. My car went in workshop on and off, called tow truck before. Seems like it is going in again. As car was bought recently from used car dealer, I do not want to go any workshop first as previous workshops are their workshop. Car is able to move now but don't know when it will cease. I just like to know if it is possible to tow the car from multistory car park. Don't ask me what happen to my car, a bit sian to recite whole story.
  6. Here are today's footage on SMSA car park rally held at Changi Aviation Park Road Enjoy the footage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JD3E8VBuu9c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8rQaYtW45s Two more videos coming up..
  7. Hi, need your advice:) anyone bro here know whether the car park behind St. John Headquarters at Beach road open to public or only for season parking? If is open to public, what is the rate? Thank you
  8. Hi All, Which car park have the most freuquent check by HDB or URA Officers? I had ever spoke to one of the Wilson Parking Officers & he said every 2 hours conduct check even the car parking it is EPS system. Somehow I believe if we enter a coupon parking car park we should be given at least 10 minutes of free parking. Reason is that EPS parking have 10 minute grace period, coupon parking should be entitled to. This area some how is lacking & should be improve to benefit for all the motorists.
  9. Honest question...lousy driver with longer wheelbase...don't want to scratch bumper or kerb rims. Pan pacific orchard car par is spiral or ramp? Is it tight? Any easier to negotiate car park around that area?
  10. SYF77

    Too close for comfort

    [extract] Some of the readers may recall that I blogged about a Toyota Camry which was parked in such a way that the bonnet was sticking out of its designated parking lot by a fair bit. Recently, I saw a BMW 5 series which was the complete opposite of the Camry
  11. SYF77

    Induced poor parking

    On a fine weekday afternoon, I happened to be looking down from a building onto an open air carpark. What caught my eyes was this white Audi A3, which was parked grossly beyond the marked boundary. This particular carpark's parking lots are considered wide and to park in such a manner is indeed reprehensible. However, when I looked to the left of the Audi, a poorly parked Hyundai Avante was spotted. As evident in the photo above, it has "invaded" into the parking lot of the Audi's. The Audi is probably parked in the way it is to create a reasonable distance from the Hyundai. I think many of us park our cars by taking cues from the position of the car in the next lot. For instance, I like to judge the perpendicularity of my car by making sure it is parallel to the next car. The problem is that if the car beside me is parked slanted, my ride will end up that way too. However, I will ensure that at least my car will not eat into the parking space of the consecutive lot before I shut off the engine. The situation described in the top paragraph is particularly relevant to parallel parking lots. During my weekend runs at the Big Splash, I have occasionally observed a few consecutive cars parked out of their defined space along the row of parallel parking lots. On one of these occasions, I saw a car with a piece of paper on its wiper. The statement on the paper was,